World Network of Singing Children News January 2014

World Network of Singing Children
News January 2014
Dear Friends
In this project the children are encouraged to express their innate awareness of unity and peace
through singing.
2012 In the springtime Emma Robens from England asked me if I would sing the peace songs through
Skype with children in a Camp for Sustainable Environmental Living for the Future. I sang with
different groups of children. This was a really great experience. I have now discovered that with
Skype I can reach children all over.
2012 In the autumn Katharina Weber and Bettina Lima invited me to sing with school children in my
neighborhood. Switzerland. 30 children between 7 and 9 years of age learned the songs. In this
great dynamic they learned from each other. Only the children in the third class had begun to learn
English. They liked the songs. I remember one girl dancing on the way home and singing: “Can you
hear me. Can you see me? Can you feel me? Do you know we belong all together?” In February the
school had an “open door” day. The children sang the peace songs. Some parents told me that the
children were singing the songs at home and even younger brothers and sisters sang with them. On
Youtube you can hear the children and see the drawings they did for the songs. Let the love in your heart Can you hear me? Peace be in the whole world Rainbow between all the nations I have a gift for you.
2013 In the autumn I got in contact with two teachers in Croatian. Vesna Marjanovic and
Maja Milek. They are now singing the songs with the school children. I will go there in the spring and
make a film and include it on Youtube.
2013 In the winter I came in contact with Gamip (Global Alliance for Ministries & Infrastructures for
Peace) I sent them the information about the project and people from 4 different countries in Africa
want to join in the project: Kenya, Burundi, Sierra Leone and 2 people from Congo.
2014 We have just uploaded a second YouTube video of Noah Songwa’s Children group from Congo.
They are singing the songs directly from the heart.
! If you are singing the songs with children or if you have had some experience with the project
please let me know. And if you know someone who could be interested in working with the project it
would be a great joy for me to make contact with them.
This project is supported by ZIFF/ CIPP (Center of Integral Peace Promotion)
This letter goes to people singing the songs with Children and People who have been in touch with
the Project in: Brazil, Bulgaria, Burundi, Croatia, Congo, England, Germany, Hawaii, Indian, Ireland,
Israel, Italy, Kenya, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Nigeria, Norway, Portugal, Pakistan, Scotland, Sierra
Leone, South Africa, Switzerland and Uganda.
Imagine children all over the earth singing the same songs of
peace and oneness - what a powerful effect on the world.
Brief Summary:
2004 When children in Beslan were kidnapped children in a school in Dublin, Ireland were
singing one of the peace songs: "Let the love in your heart flow into the world" in a prayer
service for Beslan.
2005 School children in Mumbai, India were singing some of the peace songs in the annual
school celebration. “Each one Teach one”
2006 A school choir in Mulheim Germany sang the peace songs in a concert for UNICEF
2007 A school in Schwerzenbach Switzerland organized a week for training peacemakers. In
one of the workshops we sang the peace songs with the school children.
2008 Event in Bulgaria. Three different Children's Choirs from Sofia sang the peacesongs.
2009 New CD. Children from six different Nations are singing the songs. You are kindly
invited to order a CD.
2009 We visited Kindergarten "Elica" Bulgaria who wanted to join the project.
2010 January: “Sending“ the song: “Rainbow” to Haiti
2010 August: “Sending” the song “Let the love in your heart” to Pakistan
2011 Schoolchildren in Hardau Zürich Switzerland sang the songs. Event in the school
Hardau: Youtube: randicoray peace songs
2013: December: “Sending” the Song “I have a gift for you” to the Philippines. (Not
everybody received the Mail. Some mail- difficulties)
Peace be within you - Peace be around you - Peace be between you - Peace be in the whole world
Best greeting from
Randi Coray