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Page 28 – POST, December 28, 2013
Real estate
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Creasy home: secret’s
nearly out
Tenders closed on December 13
for one of Perth’s most expensive
homes, 2 Chidley Way in Mosman
Park. And the winner is ... yet to be
decided, according to agent William
Porteous, who estimates it could sell
for between $30 million and $40
million. Four people were interested
in the riverfront mansion owned by
Sharon Creasy. Now there is one
serious buyer, Mr Porteous says.
“The person who I thought was
going to come out of the woodwork,
has come out,” Mr Porteous said.
“It’s a matter of getting a price that
One of Perth’s most expensive homes
is still for sale.
is acceptable to the owner. It’s an
iconic home and it will do well.” On
a 4045sq.m site, the home has five
bedrooms, five bathrooms, a tennis
court, sauna and pool. Ms Creasy
bought the home in 1995 and has
decided to downsize to Cottesloe.
Comeuppance for Saatchi
If you can’t get enough of the media
circus surrounding Charles Saatchi
Charles Saatchi reportedly sold his
Belgravia apartment in a fit of pique.
and Nigella Lawson, here’s a real
estate angle: Mr Saatchi hastily sold
his marital home after an argument
with a neighbour. The advertising
mogul and art dealer sold the
Belgravia apartment for $45 million
last year, having advertised it for
$65 million in 2010. A report said
Mr Saatchi could have made more
money on the sale of the threestorey apartment, but he sold it too
quickly, after an outburst against
his neighbours. The developers who
bought the apartment turned it into
two homes and put them up for sale.
A lower flat is under offer for almost
$45 million, while the first-floor
property sold for more than $36
million. The lesson: never make a
real estate decision in a huff.
Last chance for Ocean Mia
The last lots at the Ocean Mia estate
in City Beach are expected to bring
in $25.25 million for Cambridge
council. The sales were due to go
through early next year, visitors
■ A Beverly Hills mansion, above and left, is believed to have sold for $72
to the annual electors’ meeting
were told. Sale of the remaining
25 city-side home blocks and two
group dwelling sites will bring the
profit from the whole estate, off The
Boulevard, to about $43 million. The
money is being spent on a new surf
club, a revitalisation of Bold Park
pool and a hospitality and function
centre at Wembley Golf Course.
Beverly Hills ‘bargain’
A swanky Beverly Hills mansion has
reportedly sold for US$72 million,
after being advertised for US$85
million. Le Belvedere, a Frenchinspired chateau in Bel Air, was
owned by Mohamed Hadid. The
property developer built Ritz-Carlton
hotels in the 1980s and now he
creates billionaire-ready estates.
Le Belvedere has staff quarters,
10 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, 19
fireplaces and a wine cellar for
5000 bottles. The mega-mansion
spreads over 0.9 ha, with parking
for limousines and about 20 cars.
The (lucky) agent was Joyce Rey, of
Coldwell Banker.
temperature remains at 5C or below
during shopping hours. When the
shop is closed at 11pm, it is covered
in canvas and the temperature is
reduced to ensure the ice doesn’t
melt. So the next time you’re in the
fridge-freezer section of your local
supermarket, spare a thought for
the shop assistants who work in this
Romanian supermarket.
So-cool supermarket
It would never take off in Perth but
the world’s first ice supermarket
has been a big hit in the Romanian
capital of Bucharest. The Profi ice
shop, in central George Enescu
Square, built from transparent blocks
of ice. The walls, shelves, displays
and counters have been sculpted out
of ice. They are decorated with wine
bottles, cans and packaged goods,
which are embedded in the ice. The
The world’s first ice supermarket has
opened in Bucharest.
Real Estate Wrap …
Know Your Agent
and agents away or distracted
with other things, but for many
people it’s the perfect opportunity
to take the time to really look
around and find the best property
to meet their needs.”
Genevieve Carrier
Property Consultant
0408 926 681
[email protected]
36 Mayfair Street
Carmen Tutor
Property Consultant
0418 910 893
[email protected]
With a wealth of professional
experience covering management, interior design, strata
management and property
development, it was only a
matter of time and natural
progression before Carmen
entered the real estate industry
many years ago. Her impressive
credentials include an MBA from UWA in 2005 and together
with her genuine passion for property and people, it makes
a winning combination. Carmen enjoys the satisfaction
of meeting and exceeding clients’ expectations and she
guarantees going the extra mile to do so. Always seeking
to have a clear understanding of her clients’ objectives,
Carmen has a total commitment to excellence. Her absolute
attention to detail, negotiation skills, confidence, honesty,
persistence and enthusiasm wins the most discerning clients
who entrust their property to Carmen to sell.
oi By Ope
between properties and therefore
increased competition between
buyers looking to purchase in this
time frame, which could lead to a
better result for the vendor.
Overseas investors also often
chose to visit Perth during the
summer holiday period and
viewed December and January as
the perfect time to view potential
properties with family members
during down time from their work
She said often buyers were
more serious about purchasing at
this time of year, whether it be to
settle children in to a new school
or area, those who have sold
through spring and are looking to
buy again without having to rent
in the interim, or those relocating
or starting new jobs.
“There are some drawbacks,
with a number of buyers, sellers
po By Op
“Although focus tends to shift
this time of year from house
shopping to Christmas shopping
and holidays, there is an upside
to selling at a time when people
are more relaxed and have more
time on their hands,” she said.
“During the holiday season,
people have more time to look
at homes than they would
when adhering to normal work
schedules and therefore may be
in a better head space to make
major decisions.”
“They also tend to be in a
better frame of mind to negotiate,
rather than dealing with the
added stress of work issues on
top of the pressure of trying to
secure a new home at the best
possible price,” she added.
Ms Carrier said that with fewer
homes on the market at this time
of year there was less competition
po By Op
For many of us the last thing
on our minds during the festive
season is buying or selling a
Parties, end of year wind ups
and Christmas shopping are at the
forefront of most people’s minds
at this time of year and many put
buying or selling firmly on the list
for the year that follows.
However there may be some
pluses to persevering or to
marketing your home over the
holidays according to Abel
McGrath property consultant,
Genevieve Carrier.
“Although many people
traditionally tend to wait until mid
to late January of a calendar year
to place their home on the market,
there are some advantages to
selling over the Xmas break that
many people simply may not have
thought about,” Ms Carrier said.
3 Ashbridge Retreat
79 Rosedale Street
Simon McGrath 0418 918 678
Simon McGrath 0418 918 678
Jenna Abel-Iles 0432 648 920