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Child able to join his family in the Us, even after ‘aging out’
REDWOOD CITY—The Gildore family lived a
simple but happy life in the Philippines. Dad Frisco
was a retired army officer who joined the private
security profession after retirement. Mom Leah
was a government employee. They were able to
provide a comfortable life for their children.
Frisco’s mother filed a petition for him many
years ago. Unfortunately, the Gildore matriarch passed on before she could see the petition
through. Eventually, it was Frisco’s US citizen sister who petitioned for Frisco again. Meanwhile, the
Gildores patiently waited and were in no rush at
all. It was 2010 when they received a notice from
the US Embassy that their immigrant visas were
“current” or available. By this time, they could
no longer bring their two (2) elder children, since
they were over 21 years old. But they hoped that
they could still bring their youngest son who was
turning 21 soon. The reason they waited patiently
for the petition to come through was for them to
be able to provide an opportunity for their children
to live the American Dream. It would not make
any sense for Daddy Frisco and Mommy Leah to
go to the US if none of their children will be able
to migrate with them.
The day before the youngest son’s 21st birthday, Frisco’s sisters consulted with the Law Offices
of Michael Gurfinkel. Fortunately, the Child Status
Protection Act had provisions that could enable
the youngest Gildore to immigrate to the US with
his parents.
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Christie Brinkley to star as Roxie Hart in ‘Chicago’
Pantages Theatre, May 15-27
Chicago, the winner of six 1997 Tony Awards
including Best Musical Revival will return to Los Angeles at the Pantages Theatre for a strictly limited
two-week engagement May 15 – 27, 2012. After her
critically-acclaimed debut as “Roxie Hart” on Broadway and in London’s West End, Christie Brinkley,
one of the world’s most successful supermodels, will
make her highly-anticipated Los Angeles debut this
spring as she reprises her killer role in this six-time
Tony Award-winning musical smash hit when it plays
the Pantages Theatre.
Chicago Producer Barry Weissler said: “We are
thrilled to welcome Christie and her incredible dedication, focus and determination that she exhibits…
I’m excited to share with audiences the stellar performance that she delivers.”
Throughout her phenomenal career as one of the
country’s most successful and recognizable supermodels, Christie Brinkley has appeared on more than
500 magazine covers worldwide. But more than that,
she also excels as an artist, writer, photographer, designer, actress, philanthropist, environmentalist and
political activist. Christie Brinkley recently launched
a line of natural skin care products as part of her new
company, Christie Brinkley Beauty. Combining her
modeling experience with her artistic talents and diverse interests, Christie’s career over the years has
been interesting and dynamic.
A Ford model for over thirty years, Christie was
discovered by a photographer in Paris at the age of
eighteen. Since then, she has become the first model
to ever appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated for
three consecutive years, and appeared in the publication’s annual swimsuit issues and television specials for years to follow.
In 1976, CoverGirl gave Christie her first “big
break” in modeling with a contract, which launched
the start of a 20-year partnership that marks the
longest-running cosmetics contract of any model
in history.
Christie is known for her commitment to health
and fitness. Christie wrote and illustrated a health
and beauty book, Christie Brinkley’s Outdoor Beauty and Fitness Guide which topped The New York
Times bestseller list.
On the big screen, she made her acting debut in
1983 opposite Chevy Chase in the hit feature film
National Lampoon’s Vacation and its 1997 sequel,
Vegas Vacation. She has also famously appeared in
Billy Joel’s classic music videos Uptown Girl, Keeping the Faith and All About Soul, as well as Mick
Jones’ music video “Just Wanna Hold.”
On television, Christie has appeared on NBC’s
Mad About You and hosted Lifetime Television’s InStyle Celebrity Weddings, which became the highest
rated special in Lifetime’s history. She has also been
featured in Vh1’s Pop Culture Icons series. Christie
has been the subject of many documentaries including the HBO program Beautiful Baby, Beautiful,
Lifetime’s Intimate Portrait and Barbara Walters’ Oscar Night Special. Christie is an active member and
dedicated supporter/activist for many organizations
including UNICEF’s Art and Entertainment Support
Committee, Handgun Control, Ovarian Cancer, Susan G. Komen Foundation, the Cousteau Society,
Southern Poverty Law, The Wilderness Society and
stopglobalwarming.org. She currently lives in New
York with two of her three children, Sailor Lee and
Jack Paris. Her daughter, actress/singer Alexa Ray
Joel, lives in New York City.
Tickets for Chicago may be purchased online at
www.BroadwayLA.org or by phone at 1(800) 9822787. Tickets may also be purchased in person at
the Pantages Box Office and all Ticketmaster outlets.
The Pantages Theatre is located at 6233 Hollywood
Boulevard, just east of Vine Street, and the box office
opens daily at 10am.
By the time Leah (2nd from
left) and Frisco (2nd from
right) Gildores’ petition
became current, their
youngest PETN (left) was
about to turn 21, and they
were afraid he would have
to be left behind in the
Philippines. They consulted
with the Law Offices of
Michael Gurfinkel on the
eve of his 21st birthday.
Fortunately, by utilizing the
Child Status Protection Act,
Attorney Gurfinkel (right)
ensured that their son could
join his parents in the US,
even after he turned 21.
Watch another successful
story unfold on a brand new
episode of ‘Citizen Pinoy’—
winner of the Television
Journalism Awards (for a
regular program) in the 1st
Migration Advocacy and
Media Awards -- this Sunday
5:45pm (PST) on TFC.
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