Welcome to Swap For Kids: Children’s New and Consigned Clothing... 7722 Maple Street, New Orleans, LA 70118

Welcome to Swap For Kids: Children’s New and Consigned Clothing Boutique!
7722 Maple Street, New Orleans, LA 70118
Brands in Demand: We specialize in boutique brands and designer children’s
clothing (sizes 0-7), some accessories, and high-end strollers such as:
-Orient Expressed
-Baby Bjorn
-Lily Pulitzer
-3.1 Philip Lim
 We also accept some mainstream brands such as Polo, Ralph Lauren,
Tea Collection, DKNY, Gymboree, etc.
Brands We Cannot Accept: Carters, Old Navy, Exhilaration, Mossimo, Okie
Dokie, Children’s Place, etc.
Seasons: In New Orleans, we typically have two seasons: spring/summer and
winter/fall. We will only accept seasonal items.
Appointments: We ask that you set an appointment to consign. This ensures
that we have a staff member dedicated to you and can answer any questions that
you may have regarding our policy or your items.
Condition/Authenticity: We hand select each item to help create a boutique like
shopping experience for our customers. Please bring clothes in the following
 Items must be new or like new
 Must be current style or a classic piece
 Freshly laundered (preferably in unscented detergent)
 Free of stains, holes, missing buttons, and excessive wear
 Any label, trademark, insignia, logo, design, authenticity information, and
embossment are authentic of the designer it represents.
Pricing: We will price each item 60%-80% of its retail value, considering brand,
condition, style, demand, etc. Some higher-end items may be listed on our online
store to give you the best return possible.
Consignment Period: Clothes will be sold on the floor between 75 and 90 days.
They may be marked down after 30 days, and further reductions may follow after
45 and 60 days. Swap for Kids may also have a sale at anytime in the
consignment period. At the end of the consignment period, we will not return any
unsold items; instead, they will be donated to charity. A donation slip is available
upon request. Any strollers or equipment may be picked up within ten days of
the expiration period. Items not picked up will also be donated.
Payment: Consignors may receive 40% commission on any item sold under
$100, and 50% commission on any item sold over $100. Consignors may also
opt for 50% store credit for every sold item. Store credit can be used at any time.
Commission checks will be cut the first week of every month, only if the amount
owed exceeds $30. If the amount does not exceed $30, the consignor is
welcome to collect cash payment at Swap, or let the amount accrue. If you opt
for commission, you are always welcome to use any money you have on account
as store credit.