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Queen Elizabeth
June, 2013
Principal’s Message
May and the start of June have been a flurry of activity at Queen Elizabeth P.S. it was wonderful to see so
many families out to our Fun Fair on May l6. It was an exciting night of games, food, socializing and fun. A
special thank you goes out to our School Council for organizing this great event and to so many of our staff who
helped out with the evening. The Fun Fair was followed up by a great day of skipping as we hosted our Jump
Rope for Heart event. Two great events all in the same week!
We have had the privilege of seeing so many of our children grow and learn, make new discoveries and gain new
understandings each day cit Queen Elizabeth. Our Grade 3 and 6 students just completed EQAO and we hope
they have taken this as an opportunity to shine! Our Junior Teachers just hosted Personal Best bay which
proved to be an incredible day of physical activity, cooperation and school spirit. It was amazing to see all the
smiles on the faces of our students as so many achieved their personal best in a number of events! It was also
awesome to have so many of our graduates, who are now at Courtland, helping us out for the day. Many of our
students will be representing our school at the upcoming Regional Track Meet on June 20
That same day, our
Primary children will be enjoying Primary Play bay here at our school. Our Kindergarten Teachers hosted our
Kindergarten Information Night which was a great opportunity f or our new JK friends and families to meet our
staff and learn more about Kindergarten and preparing for September. Tuesdays in May turned into CLUB Q.E.
days with more than 100 students enjoying activities after school. Club Q.E. participants learned how to play
new games, honed their drama skills, learned to bake, cook and make awesome crafts. Our Grade I and 2
students just returned from a trip to the African Lion Safari, Scientists in the Classroom have visited many of
our classrooms and many of our classes have year-end field trips planned over the next few weeks Oh what fun
elementary school iI
Mr. Lehmann and I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to spend the year (or n my case four
months) at such a great school, It continues to be a pleasure to spend each day with the staff, students and
parents at Queen Elizabeth P.S To the students and staff who will be moving to new locations in September
2013, we wish you good luck and much happiness in your new schools and new experiences. For those who will be
returning for another exciting year at Queen Elizabeth, we look forward to sharing a year full of special times.
Far now.. best wishes to everyone for a safe, happy and rejuvenating summer holiday
t We look forward to
seeing you on September 3rd, the first day of school for the 2013-2014 school year
Ms R Noonar
Character development continues to
be an important focus at Queen
Elizabeth! buring the month of May
the students worked hard to demonstrate
‘Cooperation’ They learned that cooperation is
everyone working together for the greater good of
all. They had the opportunity to show cooperation
by participating in our Jump Rope for Heart
th we celebrated
On May 30
fundraiser on May 17
our monthly Breakfast of Champions to recognize
one student from each class who made a special
effort to demonstrate Cooperation. The following
students were invited to attend:
Tyier km 4
Lizzy km 3
Treyvon km 6
Heindrick km 5
Chantelte km 8
Kyia km 7
Bethonyc km 12
Aiden km 10
Thai km 15
Oceanna km 14
Kimmy km 19
Queen Elizabeth staff spend a great deal of time
and give much consideration to the organizing of
classes. Class lists for the 2013 2014 school year
will be or9anized and posted on Friday, August
at 4:00 p.m. on the door windows at the
back of the school, This information will not be
shared prior to this date,
Please note that no changes to class lists will be
considered prior to Friday, September 6, 2013.
Farewell Message from Mr. Lehmann
Having been able to serve the Queen Elizabeth
School community over the last year has been a true
pleasure. Although I feel like I am just getting to
know many of you, I must say farewell at the end of
this school year. As some of you already know,
effective September 1, 2013, I will be the Principal
of Country Hills P.S. This has been a personal and
career goal of mine as I entered school
administration, one which I am very thankful to
have accomplished. I leave Queen Elizabeth with
many fond memories...the daily interactions with our
Queen E. Lions, conversations with parents and
guardians, extracurricular activities, Fun Fair,
School Council meetings, looking after scrapes and
bruises, gifts of student art and notes, Personal
Best bay, Me to We team initiatives, Breakfast of
Champions, Terry Fox Run, Jump Rope for Heart,
special assemblies, to name a handful.
5periding a httle bit of time here has enriched my
life and given me some additional experiences which
I will cherish for many years to come. You are all
very fortunate to have your child(ren) educated in
such an amazing school. The staff here truly care
about each and every one of their students. It is my
hope that you will continue to get involved and
provide your support to Ms. Noonan and the Queen
F team Furthermore I encourage you to partner
v th the school so that, together we or ai’
f aracter;
Staff Changes
We will be sad to say good
bye to some of our staff
members this year.
Mr. Lehmann, as
mentioned in his Farewell
Message, will be leaving
us to take on the position of PRINCIPAL at
Country Hills P.S. We congratulate him on this
well-deserved promotion! We will be welcoming
Mr. Wiechers as our new Vice-Principal in
September. Mr. Wiechers comes to us with a
vast amount of experience and was most
recently at Chalmers P.S.
bue to changes in our enrolment Ms. Bird, Ms
Hyde and Mrs. Lowe have accepted teaching
positions at other schools in Waterloo Region.
Mrs. bhindsa, Ms l(illian and Ms. McKillop will
also be leaving us. We are not sure which
schools they will be teaching at in September
but we wish them great success at their new
We will be very sad to see these staff members
leave us as they have made a huge difference in the
lives of the children at Queen Elizabeth.
Mrs. House will be returning from maternity leave
in March so we will be hiring a Long Term Occasional
Teacher to take her place until then. Mrs. Suckert
will also be off on maternity leave starting in
5eptember and we are very pleased to have Mrs.
Puzak, presently the KLIP Tea-her at Queer
Elizabeth, take aver r R ii 6 fo V s Su ker
Queen Elizabeth says...
‘Thank you’ to our Volunteers
We would like to say a HUGE
Thank You to the moms, dads,
grandparents, and other special
volunteers who have helped in so
many ways....from reading,
L making class resources,
supervising on class trips,
serving on School Council, leading our Strong Start
Program, making our school gardens look wonderful,
etc. We’re very fortunate to have individuals
willing to share their time and talents with our
students and staff! We hope that all of our
volunteers know how much we appreciate their time.
energy and willingness to help out in our classrooms,
programs, and special events. The support of our
volunteers contributes to the warm and caring
environment of Queen Elizabeth P.S.!
We encourage each of you to consider how you
might be able to volunteer at our school in the new
year. It is a wonderful way for you to become more
involved in your child’s education. By volunteering
you get to know the staff at the school better and
learn more about the great things that are
happening at Queen Elizabeth!
Join us in September
Please consider Joining Queen
Elizabeth’s School Council during
the 2013-2014 school year! The
first meeting will take place on
September 25
2013. Meetings
for the remainder of the year will
take place on the third Wednesday of most months
beginning at 7:00 p.m. in our school staff room. If
you have any questions or would like to become
involved, please call Ms Noonan at the school
We would also like to extend a HUGE thank you to
all those parents and staff who actively
participated in the School Council this year, This
year’s council consisted of a great group of
motivated parents who showed caring and
commitment to our school. They planned an amazing
Fun Fair, helped to organize furdraisers, assisted
wth our pizza each Thursdo, etc. We appreciate
cii that they cc for our school
Moving at or before the
End of the Year?
If you know for sure that your
child(ren) will not be attending Queen
ElizabethP.S.nextyeardue toan
address change, please inform us as
soon as possible. We attempt to keep
very accurate records of our anticipated enrolment
in hopes that we will not have to re-organize our
school in September. If you know of new families
moving into our neighbourhood, please send them to
register A5AP
Busing Info For
Be sure to go to the STSWR
website (www,stca) anytime
after August 23, 2013 to view
transportation details for the 2013-2014 school
year. To login you will have to enter:
Ontario Education Number- OEN (see report card)
Student’s Birth bate
Street Number
Since JK students do not yet have an OEN, JK
information will be mailed out during the week of
August 19th. JK and 5K students will have the
opportunity to take part in the First Riders Program
on August 25, 2013. Locations and times will be
posted on the STSWR website later in June.
Term Two Report Cards
Term Two Report Cards will be sent
home on Monday, June 24
thank you for your cooperation in
returning the bottom portion of the
page PRIOR to the last day of
school -June 27
Thanks to funding from a few different sources, we
are able to offer a summer camp opportunity to our
Grade I and 2 students this year. The camp is
absolutely FREE and wilt take place over a three
week period beginning on July 8’ and running until
July 25 Thirty-seven children ore already
registered and very excted about this awesome
if vo re nteres
crc re
Grade 6 Graduation
Help Us Monitor Our Playground!
Grade 6 graduation will be held in
the school gym on Wednesday,
from 2:00 3:00. Grade
‘\ June
will be recognized in a
special assembly. Certificates will
be handed out to all graduating students and some
special awards will be given out to a few of our
students. There will be a reception following the
assembly for our Grade 6 students as well as their
parents and guests. Thank you in advance to all who
help make this day a special occasion for our Grade
6 Graduates! Congratulations and good luck Grade 6
If you notice anything unusual or suspicious over the
summer months at our school, please contact the
police immediately and/or call the WRbSB
afterhours service (ESTEL) at 519-749-3838. We
need your help in ensuring that our school remains a
safe and welcoming place for our students.
Primary Play bay
Our Primary Play bay will be held
Students will
on June 20
variety of games
and activities designed for fun and
exercise. Please remember to
dress your child for fun in the sun! Thanks to our
Primary Team for organizing this exciting event!
Jump Rope for Heart
Our Jump Hope for Heart
event, in support of the
Heart and Stroke Foundation,
took place on Friday, May
Jump Rope for Heart is
a unique and fun event that gets our students
physically active and raises funds to support heart
disease, stroke research and health education.
Thank you for helping to make a difference in our
Our First bay Back
on September 3tC 2013
School will begin at 8:40 a.m. and conclude at 3:00
p.m. beginning September 3, 2013, Class lists will
be posted on August 30
(at 4:00 p.m.) so that
students will know what class they are in prior to
the first day.
On our first day, parents are asked to gather with
their children on the tarmac at the back of the
school. Chairs will be out displaying teacher’s names
and grades. Students will be asked to find their
teacher’s “chair” and line up behind the chair. Once
the bell rings, the students will make their way into
the school with their teachers, Parents are asked
to say their good-byes on the tarmac as the
hallways will be very busy with everyone entering at
Please remember that we will provide outdoor
supervision 15 minutes before the start of the day
(8:25 a.m,) and 15 minutes after school is over (3:15
p.m.). Please make sure that you do not send
your child before 8:25 a.m. as it is unsafe to
leave young children unattended. We also ask that
students who return to our playground after 3:15
p.m. are supervised since there is no school
supervision after 3:15 p.m.
Important bates to Remember
June 26
June 28
July 8thJuly 25
September 3
September 18’
September 25
Final School Council Meeting
Final Lunch Lady Lunch
Talent Show
Regional Track Meet for qualifying Junior Students
Primary Play bay
Report Cards Go Home
Grade 6 Graduation (2:00 3:00 p.m.)
Last day of school
P.b. bay No school for students
Camp 5’More
First day of school
Meet the Teacher Night
First School Council Meeting—all are welcome