Christian Service Charities represents leading ministries who are

2012 ANNUAL rePorT
Christian Service Charities represents leading ministries who are
transforming the world by following the Great Commission.
2012 board of directors
Greg Dabel, President
Kids for the Kingdom
A Message from the President
Dear Friends,
Charles A. King, Col. (Ret.),
Vice President
Retired, US Army
As a federation in the Combined Federal Campaign, our objectives are straightforward and rather
unglamorous.Yet we recognize the ultimate result of what we do, through our member charities, is
life-changing and eternal.
Ida Tyree Hyche, Secretary
US Army
Christian Service Charities is in the business of promoting workplace giving.We encourage millions of
people in the military, postal service, and federal workplace to participate in charitable giving. Our
bottom-line goal is to increase pledges and to deliver those dollars to our member charities.
Donna Bancroft
Billy Graham Evangelistic Assn.
Deborah Bensen
Operation Blessing International
Royce Bervig
Focus on the Family
Terry Grave
Children’s Hunger Relief Fund
Ron Holechek
The Navigators
Amicitia Maloon-Gibson
MG Center for Excellence
Brenda Matlock CAP
Voice of the Martyrs
Casey Mattox
Alliance Defense Fund
CH (Maj) David W. Meyer
Department of the Army
M Bret Wichert
Capin Crouse LLP
To that end, the Board of Directors of Christian Service Charities consists of a team of individuals who are
charity representatives, federal employees, active military, and private business leaders. In addition to being
committed to raising more support for our member charities, we are dedicated to excellence in message,
fiscal integrity, efficiency, and accountability. In recent years the Board has built internal systems and created
policies to support these principles.The results have been cost savings, low overhead and high return for
our charity members.
Yet, above all these operational principles Christian Service Charities is committed to helping our member
charities to bring the Good News of the Gospel of Christ to a world that hungers and thirsts for
Our member charities are a group of the finest, most respected and fiscally accountable Christian
ministries in the nation.Their focus and tasks are varied - translating the Bible, defending religious freedom,
supporting America’s military and their families, disaster relief, feeding children, alcoholism intervention,
prison outreach, evangelism, and saving lives. Each of our member charities shares a passion to overcome
disease, despair, and deficiency - all in the name of Christ.
The Board of Directors counts it a privilege to serve our Christian charity members and to share in
the fulfillment of their individual missions. As a federation Christian Service Charities represents
member charities in the multifaceted world of workplace giving.We bring the messages of our charity
members to the attention of thousands of potential new donors.We steward all pledged dollars from
donor to member charities.
We look forward to years of growth for all of our members, and for new members.We will work hard
to increase pledges for the charities we serve, and to deliver those resources efficiently to them.We will
remain committed to sound financial principles including the Biblical admonition: ‘We want to avoid any
criticism of the way we administer this liberal gift. For we are taking great pains to do what is right, not only
in the eyes of the Lord but also in the eyes of men’ (2 Corinthians 8:20-21).
Greg Dabel
Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by
so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels
without knowing it. Hebrews 13:2
The mission of Christian Service Charities is to glorify God by facilitating the inclusion
of ‘Christian charities you know and trust’ in charitable giving opportunities and
providing services for the success of other charitable federations.
Staying a ‘step ahead’ in a changing charitable giving environment, while becoming the
most cost effective and respected organization at connecting CSC members and other
charities with donors across America.
Ends Goal
Greater giving (in both number of donors and total donations) for a greater number
of Christian charities that we know and trust.
2012 MeMberS
A Child’s Hope fund
Healing Waters international
Advocates international
Home School foundation
Africa New Life Ministries international
Hope for the Heart
Aid to Children,Youth and families
AidS Care fund
international Christian Concern
Alcohol & drug recovery fund
Alliance defense fund
Kids Around the World
Amen foundation, The
Kids for the Kingdom
American family Association
Luis Palau Association
Association for Christian Conferences, Teaching & Service
MAMA Project, inc.
Association of Gospel rescue Missions
Mephibosheth: Transforming Lives Through Vocational Training
Awana Clubs international
Mercy Ships
baptist World Alliance
Mexican Medical
bible League international
Mission Aviation fellowship
biblica (formerly international bible Society)
Mission to Children
billy Graham evangelistic Association
Missionary Athletes international
blessings international
Moody bible institute
Cadence international
MoPS international
Campus Crusade for Christ’s Great Commission foundation
National day of Prayer Task force
Care Net
Navigators, The
Cargo of dreams
Nazarene Compassionate Ministries, inc.
Child Abuse intervention fund
Officers’ Christian Fellowship
Child evangelism fellowship
oneHope inc.
Childcare Worldwide
open Air Campaigners – overseas Ministries, inc.
Children’s Christian Hunger Network
operation blessing international relief and development Corp.
Children’s food fund/World emergency relief
orphans Assistance & rescue inc.
Children’s HopeChest
Children’s Hunger relief fund
Prison fellowship
Christian blind Mission
Prison fellowship international
Christian broadcasting Network
Samaritan’s Purse
Christian foundation for Children and Aging
Senior Care fund
Christian Leadership Alliance
Servant Partners
Christian Legal Society
Shepherd’s Call
Christian Military fellowship
Society of St. Andrew, The
Christian relief fund
Strength for Service to God and Country
Club beyond/Military Community Youth Ministries
Village Missions
Compassion international
Voice of the Martyrs, The
east-West Ministries international
Warm blankets orphan Care international
emergency relief response fund
Water Mission international
engineering Ministries international
Willow Creek Association
family research Council
World Concern - A division of CriSTA Ministries
focus on the family
World reach, inc.
food for the Hungry
World Vision, inc.
Global recordings Network
Worldwide Christian Schools
Global Tranformation Network
Wycliffe bible Translators
Hagar USA
Young Life
MANNA Worldwide
2012 staff
Thomas Youngblood
Chief Executive Officer
A Message from the ceo
Matambira Makanda,Treasurer
Chief Financial Officer/HR Director
Dear Friends,
Martial Dedegbe
Associate, Member Services
Cryshana Harbison
Sr. Associate, Accounting/HR Manager
Shelley Hayes
Director, Marketing & Member Services
Melissa Kamerer
Associate, Marketing
Cecilia Nolasco
Sr. Associate, Finance
Sandra McClain-Wilson
Associate, Administration
Dear children, let us not
love with words or speech
but with actions and in
truth. 1 John 3:18
2012 was a landmark year for Christian Service Charities. As the staff team
brainstormed for the theme of our Annual Conference we outlined the
accomplishments and impact we were making. The outline represented
many mile markers along the way in our history as the largest and leading
Christian federation in the Combined Federal Campaign. The theme ‘On the
Move’ was certainly true for our work in 2012. Some of the mile markers
v Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the CFC.
v Adding 11 new members to the federation.
v Purchasing, building out, furnishing and moving into new, more
affordable offices.
vEmbracing technology to better serve and reduce cost for our
v Achieving the best Annual Conference (member survey) with
attendance, content and format.
vRenewal of Management Service agreement with two other
As I write this letter the Office of Personnel Management has released
the recommendations of the Federal Advisory Committee on the CFC. I
am encouraged that OPM is working to reinvigorate the CFC for the next
50 years. Among the 24 recommendations is a call for accountability and
transparency of federations. Christian Service Charities is and has been in
compliance with these recommendations for a long time. Our independent
board of directors signs a Conflict of Interest statement annually. Our
Petition and Appointment and PledgeNet system discloses membership fees
annually. Our distribution of donations is on or before the 15th of every
month. PledgeNet clearly indicates to our members the CFC distributions
by campaign. Christian Service Charities is ‘On the Move’ and will continue
to serve our members and donors with accountability and transparency.
Thank you for supporting us in making an eternal impact. We could not
do what we do without your support. You have helped to keep us ‘On the
Tom Youngblood
While CSC members and staff were on the move in 2012, our goals
seemed lofty. With diligence we were able to reach each of them.
Managing expenses helped us work smarter with new processes
that will carry into the future of CSC operations. Spreading the
word to potential donors about the amazing work of CSC members
continues to be at the forefront of our work. As we look to the
future we will be focusing on the Changing Times and Changing faces
of the campaign.
IN 2012, we welcome
eleven new ministries to
the CsC family:
Cargo of dreams
Christian leadership alliance
v 33% increase in member satisfaction of Annual Conference format
held in Colorado Springs in June
East-West Ministries international
v 6 Annual Conference sessions were recorded and made available for
24/7 access by members
hope for the heart
v for the second straight year, Cfre accredited CSC webinars to
provide continuing education credits to members
onehope inc.
v Provided increased donor choices by reaching more qualified
organizations and increasing federation membership by 12%
Global tranformation network
luis Palau association
open air Campaigners – overseas
Ministries, inc.
shepherd’s Call
strength for service to God and Country
v 6% increase in customized marketing plans for members to better
communicate with potential donors
Village Missions
v representation of members at events increased 41%, contributing
to increased pledges and donor awareness of members and the
v increased technology redundancy by shifting servers to cloud-based
system to assure members and donors 24/7 access to campaign and
pledge data
v donor contact information was delivered to members for
acknowledgment quicker due to improved processes
As I grow older, I pay less attention to what men
say. I just watch what they do. - Andrew Carnegie
sTATeMeNT of aCtiVitiEs
fiscal Year Ended
april 30, 2012
april 30, 2011
PUBliC sUPPort:
Amounts raised in federated and state campaigns
$ 9,191,404
$ 10,398,165
Less estimated uncollectible pledges
Less amounts designated to member agencies
Public support designated to HSCA
Charges to member agencies
Campaign services
Miscellaneous income
$ 1,132,388
$ 1,061,604
$ 1,244,200
$ 1,249,216
$ 920,302
$ 1,219,200
$ 1,224,216
interest income and other
Total revenue
total PUBliC sUPPort and rEVEnUE
Program services
Supporting services
Management and general
total EXPEnsEs
ChanGE in nEt assEts
nEt assEts, BEGinninG of YEar
nEt assEts, End of YEar
Fee strUCtUrE
There is no application fee or up-front cost to members before campaign receipts are collected. CSC’s
cost recovery practices are designed so that expenses based on a budget approved by the board are shared
proportionally by all member organizations. The member organization’s contribution towards cost recovery
(‘Membership fees’) is calculated based on the member organization’s gross pledges, subject to minimum and
maximum fee limits. for the most recent campaign year for which payments have been completed, average
Membership fees (excluding member charities subject to the minimum and maximum limits) was 7.64%.
federation fees are inclusive, with no other fees or charges from the federation or from other entities.
A complete copy of our audited financial statements may be obtained by writing to Christian Service Charities,
44330 Premier Plaza, Suite 220, Ashburn,VA 20147.
44330 Premier Plaza, Suite 220
Ashburn,VA 20147
703.764.3113 (main)
888.728.2762 (toll free)
703.542.3748 (fax)
Pictures courtesy of 2012 member charities.