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April 1, 2013
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BBBS of SWNM is proud to announce Little Sister Lorena and Big Sister Becky as Match of the Moment! They have been matched since April 2012 and are a part of the community based program in Grant County! They do a variety of things together such as: art, hiking, rock collecting, crafting, and baking. Becky said that during the holidays, they would bake together every week. She also says that something that she loves about her little sister is that she is so creative. She mentioned that Lorena can turn anything into a game, and that they have tons of fun together. Lorena states that Becky adds a creative spin to everything they do, and that they never get bored. Becky loves that they always do different things and that Lorena is so adventurous! Lorena’s mom (Patty) loves having her daughter involved with BBBS and she has seen such an improvement in Lorena. Patty stated that as a mother, it makes her happy to see her daughter so excited to spend time with her Big Sister. Lorena looks forward to her time with Becky, and she is an awesome influence in her life. On behalf of the BBBS staff, congratulations Becky and Lorena! 10
BBBS Staff
Stacie Christiano
[email protected]
Elaine Lara
Program Director
[email protected]
Misty Snipes
Fund Development Coordinator
[email protected]
Oralia Gonzalez
Enrollment Specialist
[email protected]
Rachel Parnacher
Match Support Specialist
[email protected]
Danielle Guerrero
Match Support Specialist
[email protected]
Amanda Csakan
School Based Coordinator
[email protected]
Message from the President
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We are headed to the finish of another School year. Our programs continue to grow due to the dedication of our staff and new opportunities at funding. I would like to take this opportunity to ask each one of you who is reading this to help our organization identify at least one potential new big and one potential new little. We have the funding to significantly increase our base and to use some new tools to better our programs. But in order to do this we need more volunteers. If each one of our current volunteers could reach out to someone we could reach our goals. So please keep us in mind when you are with your family and friends.
In August of this year we hope to hold the largest mud volleyball tournaments in the southwest. Our committee has begun to meet but if you are interested in getting involved, would like to have a team or be a sponsor please don’t wait. For our tournament last year we had a waiting list at the end. We are expanding the tournament so we won’t have to leave anyone out but sign up now. Get involved so that we can continue to grow our organization, advance our organization in terms of what we provide and continue to make a difference in a child’s life. Finally I want to say congratulations to our four seniors who are graduating out of our program. You all have much to be proud of and we look forward to having you volunteer as Bigs as soon as you are ready. Hopefully you will be able to impact a child’s life like yours was when you became a part of our program. Kiel Hoffman Board President Message from the CEO
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwestern New Mexico Reunites with Alumni Last quarter our agency among many other Big Brothers Big Sisters’ agencies celebrated National Mentoring Month, it is important to let all mentoring‐
minded people you know how much they matter. Along with recognizing our current volunteers and mentors we are working to reconnect with alumni Bigs, Littles, donors and family, staff and board members. The reunion effort is an extension of Start Something, a national initiative Big Brothers Big Sisters unveiled two years ago in partnership with the Ad Council. The effort invites all adults – not just volunteers ‐‐ to support quality mentoring to change the odds for children facing adversity. Our agency has been serving Dona Ana County since 1989. Over the last two decades many people have placed their children in our mentoring programs, been a mentor or supported our operations and want them back! Our hope is that by bringing alumni together and showing them how our programs have grown and how much we appreciate them, we will open avenues for people who are already invested in our work to “Start Something [Again]” to help kids succeed in school and life. Along with our current supporters our alumni are an important part of our agency’s positive impact on the community by providing professionally‐supported volunteer mentoring services. Today, as we embark on a countywide search to reunite with former Bigs, Littles, donors and family, staff and board members, I encourage you to ask friends and family once involved to reconnect with us. And if you are the person with whom we have lost contact, now is a perfect time to Start Something [Again]. Please contact me at [email protected] or 575‐523‐9530 and let’s reconnect! Stacie Christiano Chief Executive Officer Grant County News!
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April 28, 2013 * 1:00pm-3:00pm
Silver Bowling Center
(2020 Memory Lane)
It’s not about bowling; it’s about having fun and helping raise funds for the children
of Grant County! Start Something today and help make an impact in the life of a child.
Contact Misty Snipes at 575-538-5786 or email at [email protected]
For sponsorship and team information, you can also visit us online at
Upcoming Community Event!
Welcome Siri and Ana to the BBBS Program!
June 15, 2013 -10:00am-2:00pm
Fourth Annual Jump Into Summer
Family Fun Day
Fourth Annual Jump Into Summer Family Fun
Day, sponsored by HMS LaVida and DOH
focusing on fitness, health and nutrition for a
healthy lifestyle for families and individuals.
Games, fun fitness activities, food, dancing,
rock wall climbing, obstacle course and more.
All ages and abilities are encouraged to
participate. Come join us for a free family
friendly fitness filled day! *Rock wall requires
signed liability release form for participation.
Location: Gough Park
Phone: 575-534-0248
Sponsor Appreciation!
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Thank you for your support! Page 5 of 10
Through the partnerships with Las Cruces Sun In honor of our volunteers, BBBS hosted a Mentor Mixer on rd January 23 with the help of Amaro Winery. News and NMSU, our program matches and staff were given the opportunity to enjoy a BBBS Our Bigs enjoyed an evening of delicious food game night Saturday February 9th NMSU vs. (graciously donated by Jason’s Deli), complimentary spirits, Seattle. We would like to thank everyone who BBBS goodies and an I‐Pod giveaway, won joined us for game night and supported their by Roberta Lujan. It was a small gesture of appreciation to local Aggies! the huge gift of time you give our kids! Thank you to all mentors who attended the event. A huge thank you to our generous sponsors for their support! Thanks to everyone who made our Valentines activity a HUGE success! On February 7th, matches were able to enjoy time with each other, and show their creative side by designing Valentines. Thanks to all who enjoyed the arts and crafts, free Valentines, refreshments, fun, and picture taking. A BIG Thank you to The Las Cruces Homebuilders Association for providing the location for the Match Activity! We started the year off with a highly attended Volunteer Orientation/ Training on February 16th, conducted by Enrollment Specialist, Oralia Gonzalez. The trainings provide our mentors with all the necessary information and tools to help support them in their match. Thank you to everyone that made the time to be with us on a Saturday morning. The location was generously provided by the Holiday Inn Express. Thank you!!!
Support Our Matches By Donating Tickets Another way you can support the matches at BBBS of SWNM is by donating event tickets. We’ll send you a receipt for tax purposes and distribute the tickets to our matches, giving them the opportunity to share an experience they might not have had otherwise. Tickets to New Mexico State University sporting events, theater shows and other events in our community are a great gift to the youth we serve. This support provides a strengthening activity for our Bigs and Littles to enjoy together. All we ask is that we receive the tickets 10 days before the event to give us time to distribute the tickets to our matches. To donate tickets or to learn more, contact us at [email protected] Jamie Foxx Selected as Big Brothers Big Sisters' National Spokesperson
Academy Award winning actor Jamie Foxx was officially selected as Big Brothers Big Sisters of America's new National
Spokesperson in November 2012. As Big Brothers Big Sisters' spokesperson, Foxx will represent the organization at
national and local Big Brothers Big Sisters events and work with other notable benefactors and celebrities to help raise
needed funding for the organization to grow and serve more children. Jamie Foxx (right) gathers with Los Angeles-area
Bigs and Littles to celebrate his national spokesperson role with Big Brothers Big Sisters.
He will also be promoting the organization with appearances
in several Public Service Announcements and at events hosted
by various Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies across the
country. Congratulations to Jamie Foxx on being selected as
our new National Spokesperson!
Celebrating January‐March new matches! Page 6 of 10
Welcome to the Community Based Program Ramie & Rosa Robin & Cassandra Laura & Vicente In the Community Based program, volunteers provide “Littles”, individualized time and attention on a regular basis, 6 to 8 hours per month. The weekly or bi‐
weekly outings are filled with conversations and shared activities; they develop a relationship that helps youth manage the everyday challenges that are part of “growing up.” During the time with their Big, children gain new skills, explore new interests that expand their experience base beyond their family or neighborhood. Emmoni & Roberta
Damarise & Angel
Jonathan & Pam
Krista & Neveah
Sergio & Rashaud
Trent & Leif Patricia & Brandy Ashley & Hannah Danielle & Zoe
Matthew & Colin
Amanda & Josie
Joel & Tony
Haley & Anacasia
Matches who have transferred from the School Based Program to the Community Based Program Suzanna & Danielle
Yahaira& Veronica Jessica & Josie New matches for January‐March School Based Program! Page 7 of 10
Welcome to the School Based Program
Angelzay & Tiffany Aubrey & Susan Gil & Patrick
Yelitza & Leah Jennifer & Lupita
Fatima & Susan
Michael & Rogelio Lauren & Matthew In the School Based program, volunteers offer “Littles” individualized time and attention on a consistent basis, with the venue being the child’s school rather than the community. Teachers or School Counselors identify those children who can most benefit from an extra caring adult in their lives. Volunteers and children meet regularly during the school year ‐ one hour per week, utilizing the resources available within the school: computer labs, the library, the gym, a classroom, or the schoolyard. Whether they play board games, or read the newspaper together, their relationship promotes a positive school experience for the child, volunteers and children discover ways to make school and learning fun. When matches continue from one school year to the next, volunteers experience the satisfaction of watching their Littles achieve success in school. During the summer, they continue to stay in contact by writing letters in the “Summer Pen Pal Program” or when attending agency‐
sponsored events. Big Brothers Big Sisters is currently partnered with the following schools for the School Based Program! Alameda Elementary Arrowhead Early College High School Camino Real Central Elementary School Columbia Elementary Conlee Elementary Gadsden High Highland Elementary School East Picacho Las Cruces High School Lynn Middle School Mayfield High School MacArthur Elementary School Mesa Middle School Mesilla Elementary School Mesilla Park Elementary School Monte Vista Elementary School Picacho Middle School Sierra Middle School Sunrise Elementary School University Hills Elementary Valley View Elementary Vista Middle School Zia Middle School Julianna & Ricardo Upcoming Trainings th
Saturday, April 27 Volunteer Orientation/training from 10:00am‐ 11:00am at the Holiday Inn Express Hotel and Suites located at 2142 Telshor Court. The trainings provide our mentors with all the necessary information and tools to help support them in their match. th
Tuesday, May 7 Bigs ONLY! Join us for an evening of ideas on what to do with your Little. We will have information on but not limited to: outdoor fun, know your community, create a craft, stayin’ indoors, activity list and random acts of kindness. More details to follow… Keep an eye out! Thursday, June 20th from 6‐7pm Save the date for a Volunteer training. More details to follow. Birthdays and Anniversary Celebrations!
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Nicholas C.
Jeff P.
Amanda A.
Renee W.
Deseree H.
Joseph S.
Katelynn W.
Siri D.K
Bianna S.
Tiara T.
Lucky P.
Alexander E.
Frances Celeste H.
Veronica G.
Gil K.
Daniella W.
Jada E.
Yadira H.
Billie V.
Kelley W.
Jovanna A.
O’Neal E.
Alexis A.
Conrad G.
Paul M.
Mia S.
Angelie O.
Silvia C.
Misty S.
Marissa S.
Jason S.
Heather A.
Christian L.
Holly F.
Catherine H.
Rashaud M.
Chelsea C.
Sadie G.
Leah L.
Julia T.
Andrea A.
Brittney F.
Samara S.
Cassidy L.
Jayden R.
Tiffany C.
Morgan R.
Ashley A.
Ernie E.
Denise L.
Tyler E.
Celeste C.
Elizabeth M.
Amari P.
Vicente L.
Elizabeth C.
Elias M.
Olivia R.
Breanna L.
Roberta L.
Sheri T.
Becky G.
Patricia G.
Congratulations to our April-June match anniversaries!
Happy Birthday to our Staff! Celebrating 1 year
Misty Snipes May 14th Rachel Parnacher June 30th Brianna & Chiara Azucena & Ambery Becky & Lorena Silvia & Brianna Christy & Makayla Jake & Isaac Gail & Destiny Lauren & Juliana Conrad & Carlos Erin & Dominic
Elaine & Elizabeth Andrea & Kaylie Lori & Alexa Curtis & Cody 2 years Holly & Maryanna Joshua & Lucky Andrea & Alina Amber &Evany 3 years
Arely & Celeste 4 years
Anna & Jacqueline Nancy & Jada Claudia & Karime Jamar & Ernie Emily & Elizabeth Congratulations Graduates of BBBS‐SWNM! Our Southwestern New Mexico office has the pleasure of recognizing Ernie Armendariz who will graduate from the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program in June of this year! Ernie and his Big Brother, Jamar Cotton, will have been matched just over 4 years once Ernie graduates the program. Ernie and Jamar developed a strong bond and friendship during their time together. Ernie has one more year of high school left and after high school he will be going to NMSU or DACC for Hospitality, Restaurant and Tourism Management. Ernie states, “I think the best time I had with Jamar was when we went to Wet in Wild and he screamed down the slides. I couldn’t stop laughing.” On behalf of the Staff and Board, we thank you for your dedication and support to the BBBS program! Congratulations! Our Southwestern NM office has the pleasure of recognizing Karime Castro, who has graduated from the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program this year! Karime and her Big Sister Claudia Ronquillo started off being matched in the School Based Program in 2009. After completing their first successful year of being matched, they transitioned into the Community Based Program in 2010 and have since then been matched with each other for almost 4 years! Upon reflecting on her almost 4 year match, Claudia can recall how shy and guarded Karime was with her. She knew that Karime had a difficult time trusting people. However, after only a few months of being matched, Claudia saw that they were building that trust along with their friendship…and that is what she has now found to be the most rewarding for her. Claudia shared that she expected for her to be the one doing the teaching and mentoring with her Little Sister, but after being matched for a few months, it was Claudia who was learning from Karime. “It’s like she knew when something was on my mind, even though I thought I wasn’t showing it. Karime would tell me to cheer up and that she was here for me”. Congratulations! Graduates continued!
Our Southwestern New Mexico office has the pleasure of recognizing Denise Lopez who will have graduated from the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program in June of this year! Denise and her Big Sister, Sally Thomas, will have been matched nearly 4 years once Denise graduates the program. Denise and Sally have developed a strong friendship during their time together. Denise has one more year of high school left and after high school she is thinking about going into the Nursing Program at NMSU. On behalf of the Staff and Board, we thank you for your dedication and support to the BBBS program! Congratulations! Page 9 of 10
Our Southwestern New Mexico office has the pleasure of recognizing Angelie Olivio who will have graduated from Big Brothers Bigs Sisters Program in May of this year! Angelie and her Big Sister, Renee Waskiewicz, will have been matched 3 1/2 years once Angelie graduates the program. Angelie and Renee have developed a strong bond and friendship during their time together. Angelie is thinking about attending NMSU next year. She has talked about going to dental school after that. Angelie and Renee have done many fun things together. One of Renee’s favorite memories is when they attended Cirque de Soleil when they came to El Paso. Angelie truly loved this performance. They have gone to many movies and have done some scrapbooking. They have spent many hours at the book store. Other times, they sit and just talk about things going on a school and talk a lot about books. Renee says that Angelie has such a great way of looking at things. On behalf of the Staff and Board, we thank you for your dedication and support to the BBBS program! Congratulations! Join us for our 2013 Annual Bowl For Kids!
April 7, 2013
Ten Pin Alley
Now it’s easier than ever to get
Create a team of 5 members….
Sign up with four of your friends
to be a team and raise $500 or
For more information call
Misty Snipes at 575-523-9530
email at
[email protected]
Sign up as an individual bowler or
join an existing team and raise
$100 or more.
For sponsorship details
visit our website at
Become an Event Sponsor or
make a general donation to the
Big Brothers Big Sisters
of Southwestern New Mexico
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This newsletter is sponsored by Staples and ABC Printing. Thank you both for your support! Bigs & Littles “Let’s Give Back” April 20, 2013 * 9am‐12pm Casa De Peregrinos (999 Amador Rd./575‐ 523‐5542) Bigs & Littles, let’s do something fun and give back to our community! Together we can lend a hand to our local Casa De Peregrinos Agency by volunteering time in the food pantry. Your willingness to extend a hand to the Casa De Peregrinos staff will lighten the load and brighten their path to serve the Las Cruces community. Please call the office to RSVP by April 11, 2013 at 575‐523‐9530. Let’s show our support to our local families in need! Save the
It’s almost that time of the year to get muddy
with the matches!
Join us for some fun in the mud at our
4th Annual
Mudd Volleyball Tournament
August 10, 2013
at the Southern New Mexico State Fair
& Rodeo Grounds
For team or sponsorship information
please call Misty Snipes at 575-523-9530