Youth Program and Babysitting Information Celebrity’s Youth & Teen Program

Youth Program and Babysitting Information
Celebrity’s Youth & Teen Program
Our award-winning cruise experience is designed for kids, too. There’s so much for children and teens to do onboard a ­Celebrity cruise.
All programs are geared to specific age groups and supervised by experienced youth staff members. ­Celebrity kids are happy, engaged,
and entertained. You’ll get all the details once you’ve boarded, but here’s a peek at what’s available.
Programs for our young travelers are available year round from 9:00am each morning, or half an hour before arriving in each port for
children with parents on Celebrity Cruises Shore Excursions departing prior to 9:00am. The program is geared to five different age groups:
• Toddler Time – under 3 years old
• Ensigns◊ – ages 9-11
• Ship Mates◊ – ages 3-5
•Junior Teens - ages 12-14
• Cadets◊ – ages 6-8
•Senior Teens - ages 15-17
Toddler Time for children under age 3
Toddler time allows parents and toddlers to interact with other
children their age. Fun Factory Staff members provide suitable toys
for this age group, including LeapFrog® interactive toys. In accordance
with USPH policies and standards, Celebrity has provided each
ship with lavatory-based changing tables and baby wipes. Children
participating in organized events must be fully potty trained; however,
you can accompany your child to any organized activity if they’re not.
Fun Factory for ages 3-11
The fun starts here. It’s a place designed exclusively for our junior
cruisers. Activities and program are available from 9:00am – 10:00pm
every day. The Fun Factory is the entertainment center filled with the
latest gaming technology and the hottest titles. Junior cruisers have
the opportunity to participate in exciting games, sports, crafts, music,
karaoke, treasure hunts, theme parties, movies and lots more. An
assortment of LeapFrog® interactive toys are available for use in the
Fun Factory and can also be checked out for private use.
Shipmates◊ (Ages 3-5): Activities are based in the Fun Factory.
Shipmates must be a minimum of three (3) years old, completely
independently toilet trained and diaper/pull-up free to sign in for
Fun Factory programs. Exceptions to this rule cannot be made.
Shipmates must be signed in and out of the program by an adult
over the age of 18 who knows their password.
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Celebrity Cadets◊ (Ages 6-8): Activities are based in the Fun
Factory. Check your program for times and locations. Cadets
must be signed in and out of the program by an adult age 18 or
over who knows their password.
Ensigns◊ (Ages 9-11): Activities are based in the Fun Factory, but
frequently use other venues and go on scavenger hunts throughout
the ship. Check your program for times and locations. Ensigns sign
themselves in/out of complementary programs until 10:00pm unless
otherwise indicated on their Parental Consent Form. After 10:00pm,
Ensigns require an adult to sign them out of activities. Due to the
liberty afforded to Ensigns, please tell your children never to enter
someone else’s stateroom and to always let someone know where
they will be.
XClub Teen Entertainment
For young adults, Celebrity offers the ultimate hangout place for teens,
featuring social activities, the newest gaming consoles and titles,
sports activities, even teens-only late night dances. All activities are
hosted and supervised by Youth Counselors. Teen events and activities
are set up so teens can join in all day or come and go as they choose.
All very cool.
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Nerdel™ healthy food & fitness program for kids
Celebrity has partnered with The NerdelTM Company to help educate
kids about healthy nutrition and physical a fun way. This
company was developed by a team of doctors, nutritionists, chefs,
and fitness experts to address the issues of childhood obesity, hunger,
fitness, and health. Nerdel, the alien from the planet Zendel, is a life-size
character that entertains little ones with live performances, musical
activities, book readings and other fun things in a mission to empower
children with the knowledge to make better nutritional choices and
to take charge of their own physical well being. ShipmatesSM ages
3-5 and CadetsSM ages 6-8 will learn about the art of puppeteering,
performance, and production. Cute, funny and entertaining? Yes, but
“Fighting Junk and Bad Nutrition Is His Mission!TM”
Pagers for Special Needs
For parents of a child with disabilities, special needs or allergies,
Celebrity has a limited number of pagers available for your use
while onboard.
Babysitting Services
Parents-enjoy a night out. Use our babysitting services, in both the
Fun Factory and in individual staterooms. For a fee of $6 per hour per
child, children ages 3-11 can participate in the Afternoon Party from
12noon-2:00pm on port days and/or the evening Slumber Party from
10:00pm-1:00am. For a fee of $19 per hour, for up to two children
within the same family, parents can arrange for a private, in-stateroom
babysitter, subject to availability. Children must be 12 months or
older to be eligible for in-stateroom babysitting. Please arrange
24 hours in advance.
Parents, it’s party time!
The Fun Factory Youth Program offers additional services to accommodate
families while the ship is in port and during evenings. All the services listed
below are offered on a sign up basis.
*These services listed above are available for a nominal fee of $6/hr per
child. After your child’s first hour, payment is in ten minute increments.
There are no fees for any child who signs up for the VIP Program.
*Exceptions: When at Sea or if sailing at or prior to 5:00pm, Dinner Party is
complementary. During low season, parents may be requested to sign up for
parties no later than 10:00pm the day before.
babysitting is open to children ages 12 months+ for a nominal fee
of $19/hr for up to 2 children from the same family. Requests must
be made 24hrs in advance through Guest Relations. Availability for
this service is limited and operates on a first come, first served basis.
Private, in-stateroom babysitting is subject to personnel availability.
V.I.P. Passes for Kids
Celebrity’s VIP Pass is a unique opportunity for your child to have
unlimited access to all program activities The one time VIP Pass fee
offers families over a 40% savings off the cost of individual Lunch,
Dinner, and Slumber parties. In addition to this, VIP Pass holders
are the only children who will be given an exclusive Fun Factory
goodies bag and have access to the Fun Factory behind-the-scenes
experiences. An additional charge applies to purchasing a V.I.P.
Party Pass. 7- to 9-night cruise average range: $75-$125
10-nights or longer cruise average range: $125-$175
Children’s products and services are not available on Celebrity Xpedition®.
Note: Children fully toilet trained and pull-up/diaper-free are able to
utilize pools onboard. Children must be 3 years old, toilet-trained and
pull-up/diaper-free to enter youth program facilities and activities,
unless accompanied by a parent. Exceptions to this rule cannot
be made Families are welcome to borrow toys for their children’s
LeapFrog is a trademark of LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc.
*Lunch Party: Port days only from 12:00pm - 2:00pm. Children will
dine with their Youth Staff in the lido and carry on into afternoon
activities. Pre-registration required before 11:45am.
*Dinner Party: Every evening from 5:00pm-7:00pm. Children will
dine with their Youth Staff on the Lido Deck and carry on into evening
activities. Pre-registration required before 5:45pm. 5:00pm - 6:00pm
is in the Fun Factory. Dinner is served at 6:00pm in the Lido.
*Slumber Party: Every evening from 10:00pm - 1:00am. Children
ages 3-11 can Slumber or Party depending on their needs and choices.
Slumber Party ends promptly at 1:00am. At 1:01am an immediate $20
late fee will be charged. After 2:00am, a $25/hr late fee will apply.
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