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“For the Families & Friends of those who have died by violence”
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Volume 22; No. 1 January 2013
Grief support meetings
Tuesday, January 22, 2013 7 PM
(4th TUESDAY of each month)
Special Note: For the Eastside Support Group
Meeting, please consider bringing nonperishable/canned food items to donate to the
Mountain View Lutheran Church
11002 S. 48th Street, Phoenix
(1/2 mile west of I-10 at 48th Street & Elliot)
Room 8
Facilitator: Mari Bailey
(602) 405-7401
[email protected]
Co-facilitator: Mark & Sandy LeGault
(480) 242-0038
Tuesday, January 22, 2013 7 PM
(4th TUESDAY of each month)
Antioch Church of God in Christ
9600 West Peoria Avenue
NW Corner just off
Loop 101
Facilitator: Beckie Miller
(623) 582-2406
Co-facilitator: Kathy Hernandez
(623) 707-6825
Free legal aide to help assert victims' rights
through Arizona Voice for Crime Victims @
(602) 258-1812, P.O. Box 875920, Tempe, AZ
85287-5920 or contact Mary
Wallace at [email protected]
Tuesday, January 8, 2013
7 PM
Sojourner Center, 2330 East Fillmore St.,
24th Street not far off Loop 202
January’s Speaker/Information meeting will
feature Board member Mari Bailey leading
“Scrapbooking, Making Memories Special.”
Please bring copies of a few photos of your loved
one(s) if you wish to include in your project.
Also January’s meeting is the election of your
Board of Directors.
Mail Memorial Page items for “The Journey”, by
the 10th of the month prior to publication to:
POMC Editor
19620 North 38th Ave Glendale AZ 85308
Payment for articles should be mailed to the
P.O. Box address listed on the newsletter heading.
You can also email items to [email protected] Be sure
to place any article/picture in an attachment, otherwise it
can’t be accessed properly (especially pictures) and may
not be used. Also be sure to put POMC newsletter in the
subject line of the email or it may be overlooked.
“Death leaves a heartache no one can heal. Love leaves a memory no one can steal.”
Loved one of Wendy
January 2012
Osidro Gonzales
January 1, 1993
Christopher Hanaki
January 1, 2001
Andrew Reyes
January 1, 2003
Ryan Michael Till
January 1, 2007
Ricardo Ortega
January 2, 1998
Austin Lewis
January 2, 2009
Mackenzie Bratcher
January 3, 1998
Michael “Eddie”
January 3, 2001
Jerome Crayton Hoy
January 3, 2001
Christina Hallman
January 3, 2010
Victor Felipe Garcia
January 8, 2009
David Barzilai
January 4, 2002
Joseph Klug, Sr.
January 9, 1997
Raymond Barron III
January 5, 1998
J. Braddock
10, 1995
Michele MacDonald
January 6, 1995
Michael Newton
January 7, 2004
Fabian Cano
January 10, 2012
Jesus Guzman
January 11, 2001
Veronica Ann
January 7, 2005
Mike Smith
January 12, 2001
Deana Bowdoin
January 7, 1978
Anthony Sanchez
January 12, 2007
Terrance D.
Patterson, Jr.
January 7, 2007
Ronald Fraga
January 12, 2008
Christopher Rivera
January 8, 2002
Larry Peters
January 8, 1996
Jacquelan Hartman
January 8, 2007
George Burilla
January 12, 1999
Megan Dowell
January 12, 2010
Bilal Russell
January 14, 2009
Continued. . . . .
Ralph Kenneth
January 15, 1996
Steven Henrichsen
January 15, 2009
Jeremy Brewer
January 15, 2010
Louarna Gillis
January 17, 1979
Dawn Shipp
January 17, 1994
Christopher Vega
January 17, 2000
Amanda Enos
January 21, 2004
Ryan McKenney
January 24, 2001
Daniel Delci
January 22, 1994
Juan Ojeda
January 22, 1994
Kelsey Marie Haynes
January 23, 1992
Justin Smothermon
January 23, 2005
Nancy Voelker
January 19, 1973
Justin Ryan
January 23, 2006
Bryant Mabery
January 19, 1999
Eric Edwards
January 26, 1993
Vernon Cumming
January 20, 2009
Cynthia Ratter
January 28, 1980
Armando Rene’
January 28, 2001
Jacquelan “Jackie”
January 28, 2007
Kaity Sudberry
January 28, 2008
Charles Mitchem
January 29, 1977
Nicole “Nici” Pietz
January 29, 2006
Aaron Barnett
January 29, 2007
Kathleen Diane Ricks
January 30, 1981
Robin Barnes
January 29, 1995
Dolores LeGault
January 30, 2006
*Every effort is made to ensure
accuracy on this page. Please
call ASAP with changes.
● The sentencing of the killer of Kyleigh Sousa, daughter of Karen (Montenegro) Zitzow was Friday, December
14. Kyleigh was the ASU student whose purse was grabbed from the driver of a car and she got entangled in
the straps and he drug her to her death. He was sentenced to life with possibility of parole.
● Joan Natz reports trial is finally beginning January 13 for the killer of her son, Brian Pugh murdered
November of 2008 in Santa Clara California.
“Our hearts, thoughts and prayers are with each and every family member as they endure this necessary but
difficult process.”
(*All donations are tax deductible: Our chapter exists on the generosity of others and grants) If you would like to
have your loved one’s name listed here each and every month like some are all you need do is contribute a small
amount monthly to the chapter in their loving memory to do so). Some below do in-kind contributions such as
working in the POMC Office or donating the fax-line etc. Some give their restitution checks to POMC so there are
many ways to help.)
♥ Darcy Forst in very loving memory of her husband, Ed Forst.
♥ Jane Moxey-Fausel in very loving memory of her son, Bill Moxey.
♥ Cynthia Clark-Harvey in very loving memory of her daughter, Erica.
♥ Don & Beckie Miller in very loving memory of their son, Brian Ray Miller.
♥ Carolee Holbrook in very loving memory of her son, Brett Holbrook.
♥ Michael Young in very loving memory of his son Michael and grandson, Joshua.
♥ Penny Metzger in very loving memory of her friend Nancy Voelker and Craig.
♥ Robin Grass in very loving memory of her friends and all victims who were murdered.
UNITED WAY (Note: the write in number to designate funds to our chapter through your employee
contributions is 0772) You must use this number for designating any funds to go to our chapter. Our chapter
name is not listed except by number.
The Phoenix Police Department now has a Cold Case Registry on line. The link is The second phase of this website project will
eventually include a searchable listing of cold cases with a brief synopsis of each case. Interested persons can
then send us information on the case or be routed to Silent Witness should they want to do so. Hopefully, this
will generate more tips and leads and move more cases to successful resolution. Many family members just
need to know their loved one's case is still open, and hopefully this will give them solace that the case is not
Our speaker information was not held in December due to the holidays and our annual Holiday Memorial
Service. Join us at the January speaker meeting for our annual elections of the board of director positions and
our presentation this month will be on Scrapbooking, Making Memories Special with Mari Bailey.
At our January Speaker Information meeting we also have our elections for the board of directors. Stepping
down this year is Cynthia Clark-Harvey who served our board for six years. Wanting to join our board is
Claudia Marco and we are grateful for her willingness to join and serve your chapter.
Chapter news cont’d SIBLING ON LINE SUPPORT
Amanda Harris, a member of our chapter, has formed an on line Sibling Support venue. or phone her for more information at 623-866-3189. Amanda lost her brother Joshua
to murder and understands the sibling grief in a way only siblings can.
Spanish Speaking support meetings. “Parents and Families of Murdered Children” (not a part of POMC)
have changed meeting locations. They now meet at 6201 North 35th Avenue, Suite B-4, Phoenix AZ 85017.
For more information please call Jose Guzman at (602) 246-1335 (cell) or (602) 463-3932. Also Bajo Las
Mismas Lagrimas “Under the Same Tears” meets every other Monday, Golden Gate Community Center, 6:00
p.m. at 39th Avenue and McDowell. Please call Mercedes Cazarez (602) 367-4009 or 623-444-0171.
We have custom made white window decals in a beautiful circular design with our name, chapter web site,
and logo with a sun surrounding a parent/child for sale. They are $10 and they are for the outside of your car
window and last through weather and car washes or you can even put them on house windows ( I did). Also
our Chapter Bracelets are black and red multi with “POMC” and “Always in our Hearts” (our loved ones) on
them. These are only $3. To order, just send a note and payment to our PO Box 39603, Phoenix AZ 850699603. The window decals are better than bumper stickers, easier to remove when needed and come with
instructions for attaching.
Our service this year was beautiful again thanks to the beautiful voice of Cheri Degruccio singing "When I'm
Gone" and "I Believe" and Kathy dancing a beautiful dance to "When I'm Gone." We had our flower of
remembrance ceremony in which each attendee is given a carnation in memory of their loved ones, standing and
receiving when their relationship is announced .... this represents how POMC is not just parents, but all family
members and friends of those who have lost a loved one to murder. It is profoundly emotional to look out into
the church when everyone stands and to see how much we are growing. We had an ornament hanging
ceremony in which everyone said their loved one's name before hanging them on our tree and then we lit our
rose lights and the memorial candle.
Before the service began we gave out our awards and appreciation gifts. Receiving our "Empty Shoe"
Awards this year were Dr. Sandi Howlett, Grief Specialist at Hansen's Mortuaries, Sunny Dawn Johnston,
psychic medium, teacher, inspirational speaker etc., Stephen Nebgen and Steve Carmichael of SHOWBIZ AZ
who filmed a documentary at our National Conference, and Cynthia Clark-Harvey who is leaving our board of
directors after serving six years with dedication and compassion for survivors. She will be sorely missed but it
is time for her to move on. Also we gave appreciation gifts to those who help our chapter such as Kathy
Guzman our anniversary note writer, Sherry Kiyler of the Chandler PD who has give of herself to this chapter
for nearly 18 years, Robin Grass of the Phoenix PD Volunteers as well as Mary Wallace of Arizona Voice for
Crime Victims and to those who allow our meetings for the East and West side and Speaker Information
meeting. And lastly to Carolee Holbrook who not only volunteers in the office helping Beckie run the chapter
business duties and new member intake but also helps with events and so much more. We are so grateful to all
of them for their service to crime victims and support of this chapter.
The board members surprised me with a special gift besides the usual each year -- a beautiful Bird of
Paradise plant for my new back yard that I waited for more than two years to transform into something other
than dirt and rock. Thank you dearly each of you. Take care of and be good to yourselves each and everyone.
Special thanks also to Pastor Adrianne Heskin of Shepherd of the Valley Church for once again providing
our "Table of Remembrance" and Invocation. She does such a wonderful job.
5 Chapter & Nat’l news
We need your help with our RSVP's for the Holiday Memorial Dinner as well as National Day of
Remembrance events. The last few times we have had way too many who have RSVP'd their attendance not
show up. At this year's Holiday Memorial, 349 responded as attending the dinner (thank you to those who
RSVP'd event only) but 127 of the 349 did not show up. While we know illness and or car trouble was the
reason for a very few (and again thank you for letting me know) there was no reason or phone call for the rest.
We had large families of 16 and 10 not have anyone show up. We love having these events for our members
and the meal after the Holiday Memorial Service is a gift and a special treat but we cannot afford the waste of
valuable chapter funds when we pay the caterer for the amount we are supposed to have and then all that food is
If we cannot find a way to fix this problem we will no longer be able to provide the meal after the service so
please remember to not only RSVP but then cancel if you are not coming (again, thank you to those few who
did just this). 127 attendees times $11 each for the dinner is $1,397 of wasted funds.
To the Valley of the Sun Chapter:
Sincere wishes for hope, happiness and peace during the holiday season and throughout the coming year.
From Sherry Kiyler and the men and women of the Chandler Police Department.
May your Christmas be bright with the light of love, warm with peace and hope.
From Raspberry Cottage Mininstries -- Pastors Arrow and Bobbi
●AMAZON CONTRIBUTES TO NATIONAL POMC! Recently, became a supporter of
National POMC. Please visit the National website @ and look for the Amazon link. By
accessing Amazon through the POMC website, POMC will receive a percentage of all purchases (4-13%,
depending on the item). This does not increase the cost of your purchase. This is a great opportunity to purchase
items over the holidays and also contribute to POMC while doing so! Please share this wonderful opportunity
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visiting the Kroger Community Rewards website: Register with POMC code #83326. This will assure POMC
gets credit for your purchases at Kroger & Affiliated stores listed at the bottom of their website. Make sure you
have your Kroger Plus Card available with card number when registering. You can click on “Frequent Asked
Questions” on their website and that may be helpful in explaining program and registration issues.
● AUTO DONATIONS: We are encouraging all chapters and contact persons to get involved with POMC
Debit Authorization. You can now donate to NATIONAL POMC by setting up an automatic withdrawal from
your bank account to National. Contact National for a debit authorization form. This is a fast and easy way to
make a donation to National to help us help others. Your donation is withdrawn at the same time of the month
each month and no amount is too small. We appreciate your help during these difficult economic times.
Nat’l news cont’d
● PAROLE BLOCK PROGRAM: To date this program had kept more than 1357 prisoners who committed
murders from being released early. Parole Block was begun in 1990 and all members across the United States
whose loved one’s killer is up for early release/parole consideration can file a petition with National that is sent
nationwide for signatures protesting their release.
 TOPIC FORUM: POMC has a “Topic Forum” on its web site. It provides a place where survivors all over
the U.S. can communicate with each other. It’s a good place to suggest to those who aren’t able to attend
monthly grief support meetings to utilize the support. Please let your members know that it is there for
additional support so that they can tell their other family members, co-workers and friends who may be in states
where we have no POMC chapters.
 SECOND OPINION SERVICES: A program that provides second opinions on unsolved or complicated
cases by a national board comprised solely of experts in the medical, law enforcement and investigative fields.
public awareness to the insensitivity of murder as entertainment through toys, games, murder mystery
weekends, drive by shooting fashions, serial killer trading cards and anything that glamorizes violence.
 BIG TURN OFF: This is an annual event, each January, in which citizens are asked to turn of their
televisions for one evening during prime time hours to protest the violence on television.
 MURDER WALL: (A traveling tribute honoring the memories of murder victims). A photo album is also
available with each plaque. Currently, the cost is $75 to add your loved ones names to the Walnut Plaques that
comprise the Murder Wall. You have two pages for the photo album to add information, poetry or pictures.
 SILENCED VOICES: A program begun in January 2002 which advocates for the vigorous investigation
and prosecution of those responsible for the murder of abused children. The first case was that of Brandi
Conley. POMC was instrumental in bringing charges against her parents.
●SURVIVORS NEWSLETTER is available through National for only $10 per year. It is a wonderful way to
stay connected, keep informed about POMC nationally and also to SUPPORT national financially. Please order
using the form below. . .
Please find enclosed $10.00 for my annual subscription (three issues) for the Survivors
Newsletter. Please consider adding an extra subscription fee to help defray the cost for
someone who cannot afford it.
Enclosed is my
_____Money Order
In the amount of $_______for
_______year (s) subscription.
Please charge $___________for ____year(s)
subscription to my:
____Master Card
Phone: ( )______________________
Mail to: POMC, Inc.
100 E. Eighth St., B-41
Cincinnati, OH 45202
Card Number:_________________________
Expiration Date:_______________________
____I have enclosed an extra subscription fee to defray
the cost for someone who cannot afford a Survivors
Newsletter subscription.
(To Protest the Violence on Prime Time Television)
The annual Big Turn-Off for our organization is Wednesday, January
9, 2013 during prime time hours on television when our vulnerable
children are watching.
● This is our organization’s annual program to protest the violence on
television, and a part of the Murder is not Entertainment Program, and is
designated the second Wednesday of January. Please support us and turn off
your televisions during the prime time hours of Wednesday evening. Play games
with your family, take a walk or read a book instead. It seems like year after year
the family hour on television continues to add more and more “crime shows” to
their programming. So help us continue to educate not only our communities,
but the networks as well. Inform your family members, friends, co-workers and
churches and let them know about this important event. *The American
Psychological Association has reported that the average child watches 8,000
televised murders and 100,000 acts of violence before finishing elementary
school. That number more than doubles by the time he/she reaches the age of
18. Prime time television should be violence free for our children.
Survivor to Survivor: A Father’s Mournful Cry
Twenty-One Years Later
(By: Beckie A. Miller)
I awaken in the darkness not knowing why. As I lay there attempting to retrieve
sleep, I hear what awoke me in the first place, the saddest sound I have ever heard. It
comes from him, my sleeping husband, a deeply mournful wail that emanates in the
silent darkness of our bedroom. I have heard it many times over the years since our
son died and it always causes me such sorrow knowing how deeply he hurts. I pat his
arm and rub his back as it slowly passes and he returns to quiet slumber. I cannot say
peaceful, as I do not know whether the nightmare has ended, but thankful the mournful
sound from the depths of a father's grieving soul have ended for now.
It happens even twenty-one years later, my husband's middle of the night cries.
Another October just passed, the month I wish wiped from the calendar. Our son,
Brian, was eighteen-years old, robbed and shot to death by errant gang members, while
walking his girlfriend home from work in our neighborhood that should have been safe.
It was October 19, 1991 but Brian was also born in October, on the 1st, so I view the
entire month as excruciatingly difficult. My emotions run high this month. I shop more.
I cry more and I yell more. And then I hear his cries again, and I rub his back and
shoulder until they stop and I get angry at the injustice of any father or mother, anyone,
feeling such horrifically, awful pain.
I expect the mournful cries from my husband will continue until his dying breaths,
when sleep and the dark recesses of the mind bring about the painful images he
manages to push down during the day and life's busy demands. And I will continue to
try and comfort him knowing I truly cannot diminish the demons of his own personal
grief. It is hard enough living with my own mother's grief. It is not fair what happened to
us, to our son. We will never understand it or have full closure with it until we are
reunited with him again one day. Faith eases the pain in that respect, but it is little
solace with the here and now of missing Brian, or the fact he was taken from us so
cruelly and all the things in our lives he has not shared.
Something on a recent radio show got me thinking. Don told me he had heard this
guy who asked people if they could have their loved one back, what then, and the
ensuing discussion of if they would even want to come back. Maybe not. If heaven is
all we of faith believe it to be and more than we can imagine, why would they want to
leave? Another question was would they come back the same age as they died or older
as they would be if living. I forever see Brian as 18 and cannot picture him as a 39-year
old he would be this October.
When push comes to shove, I would probably be selfish and hope that my son would
come back to me, to us, if he could. Then I would no longer have to hear the mournful
wails from my husband at night and I would no longer feel them in my mother's heart. It
hurts, no matter how much time has passed all these twenty-one years later and while
the journey without him is easier now, it is still never easy.
*Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of the Sandy Hook
elementary school tragedy. May they each have as many "journey gentlers" as possible during
the truly difficult times ahead.
9 Parents Of Murdered Children, Inc. (POMC)
Valley of the Sun Chapter
“For the Families and Friends of Those Who Have Died By Violence”
Providing Advocacy, Awareness, Education, Prevention and Support
February 22, 2013 at the Phoenix Mountain Preserve
1431 East Dunlap, Phoenix
5:30 p.m. our silent auction begins followed by dinner,
live auction & dancing and this year Live Music~featuring Day-Glo-Red!"
Numerous Gift Baskets of Various Themes, Jewelry, Art Work, Electronics,
Certificates, Household items,
Children’s toys, Hotel/Resort Weekend Getaways,
Sports Memorabilia, Sporting Event Tickets,
and so much more by auction time.
●We need your support for this worthy cause and we need donated prizes for the auction from
individuals or businesses.
●Call (602) 254-8818 for more information, to donate and or to purchase tickets for the event
and reserve your dinner spot. Tickets for the event’s dinner are $30 for adults and $15 for
Children over 3 and up to 12. Credit Cards or Cash.
●POMC is a non-profit organization with 501 © 3 status and all donations are tax deductible.
Parents Of Murdered Children, Inc., is a self-help organization dedicated to the aftermath of
murder. The success of its mission depends upon the participation of the families and friends of
those lost to murder.
POMC number (602) 254-8818
MISSION STATEMENT: “POMC makes the difference through ongoing emotional support, education,
prevention, advocacy, and awareness.”
VISION STATEMENT: “To provide support and assistance to all survivors of homicide victims while
working to create a world free of murder.”
This project is supported by Grant No. 2012-VA-GX-0022 from the US Department of Justice - Office for Victims of Crime.
The opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this publication/program/exhibition are those of
the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the US DOJ or the Arizona Department of Public Safety.
Return Address
P.O. Box 39603
Phoenix AZ 85069-9603
(602) 254-8818