Thank you for your commitment to Children's Bible Drill in Kentucky!

Thank you for your commitment to Children's Bible Drill in Kentucky!
Let me introduce myself. My name is Diane Kiser. Bible Drill has been my passion for thirty years,
since my children were in 4th and 6th grade and I started the program at my church, Beacon Hill. It has
been my pleasure to serve as church leader, associational leader, and state conductor or judge for many
of those years in both Children's and Youth Drills.
John Bennett, KBC Preschool and Children's Ministry Consultant, has asked me to coordinate
Children's Bible Drills in the state this year. Below is some valuable information that I hope will be
helpful to you.
2014 State Children's Bible Drill Dates / Locations / Site Coordinators:
 St. Matthews Baptist Church (Louisville)
3515 Grandview Ave. St. Matthews, KY 40207
(502) 992-9000
Contact: David Garrard
(502) 896-8882x107
[email protected]
Friday, April 25th
 FBC Bowling Green (Bowling Green)
621 E. 12th Ave. Bowling Green, KY 42101
(270) 842-0331
Contact: Vickie Donelson
[email protected]
Saturday, May 3rd
 Beacon Hill Baptist Church (Somerset)
4705 South Highway 27, Somerset, KY 42503
(606) 678-4159
Contact: Diane Kiser
(606) 679-6408
[email protected]
Saturday, May 10th
 Marion Baptist Church (Marion)
131 E. Depot St. Marion, KY 42064
(270) 988-2204
Contact: Carolyn Grainger
(270) 704-3353
[email protected]
Saturday, April 26th
 Calvary Baptist Church (Lexington)
150 E. High St. Lexington, KY 40507
(859) 254-3491
Contact: Carrie Beth Tonks
[email protected]
Saturday, April 26th
2014 Approved Drill Bibles:
Broadman and Holman Publishing Group and Lifeway offer discounted pricing to assist churches with
purchasing drill Bibles. This special offer is associated with B&H's Pew Bible Program and must be
referred to when placing bulk drill orders with Lifeway bookstores.
• KJV – Blue Hardcover (item 001010771)
Individual Retail Price = $12.99
Carton Qty = 24; LCS Carton Qty Price per Unit = $7.31
• Holman Christian Standard Bible (2011 Edition) – Burgundy Hardcover (item #005397382)
Note of clarification: Lifeway refers to the HCSB as the 2011 Edition due to it's release date.
The cover page actually says 2009 due to when the changes to the HCSB were copyrighted.
Individual Retail Price = $12.99
Carton Qty = 32; LCS Carton Qty Price per Unit = $7.31
• KY will no longer use the NIV as a Bible Drill option due to the “gender-inclusive” version
released in 2011 and the SBC/KBC concerns with it. I realize this will be an adjustment for
all of us that have used NIV for years. But it is best to make a clean break with a version that
no longer reflects our beliefs. Although the 1984 issue is great, it might be confusing to new
folks coming into Bible Drill as to which NIV is acceptable to use.
Children's Bible Drill is on the Green Cycle in 2014:
Materials are available on the KBC website:
click “Church Revitalization”
click “Preschool & Children's Ministries
I will be having Children's Bible Drill break-out sessions at the Imagine Preschool and Children's
Ministry Conference in Bardstown on January 31 – February 1. Pray that many new churches will
gain interest in starting drill programs and that established programs will grow.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me, we will learn together.
I am honored and excited to be working with you as we plant God's Word in tender hearts. Thank you
for all you do. Your work is making an eternal difference!
In His Service (and lovin' it!),
Diane Kiser
[email protected]