May Newsletter 2013!

May Newsletter 2013!
Dear Fellow Pilgrims,
For years I have threatened to write a book. One of the things that has kept me
from actually putting pen to paper (boy, that’s old school) is wondering who would care to
read what I have to share. Inspired by the book entitled, Everything I Needed to Know I
Learned in Kindergarten, I thought I might co-opt the title and name my book, My Most
Important Faith Lessons Were From Songs Sung in Sunday School. OK, I’m willing to admit
the title could use some work. Still, the more I read and the more I have grown in faith, I am reminded that
some of those simple lessons taught in Sunday School songs were every bit as profound in their simplicity as
the books written by the authors with their multiple PhD’s.
I’ll give a “for instance.” Consider the sheer genius and hopefulness expressed in the message of the
song, Jesus Loves Me! How often have we who have spent years claiming faith had those moments of
questioning whether or not we might be acceptable to God? This may be especially true when we do an
honest life assessment and remember those times we have surely disappointed God by our words or actions. I
can remember those times when I brought disappointment upon my own parents because of something I did
or didn’t do, something I said or didn’t say. I also remember how, even through their feelings of
disappointment, they still continued to love and accept me. If our earthly parents, who are obviously
imperfect, can still manage to love us through our disappointments, how much more can our God who IS love
continue to love us? Thus the continued and eternal importance of the message expressed in the song, Jesus
Loves Me!
Given our present world situation my mind continues to return to another Sunday School song – one
that could be considered somewhat radical if our world would choose to take its message seriously. This song
goes by the radical and revolutionary title, Jesus Loves the Little Children. Consider the radical nature of the
Jesus loves the little children
All the children of the world.
Red and yellow, black and white,
They are precious in His sight.
Jesus loves the little children of the world.
How many of us grew up with this song completely unaware of the radical nature of the words and
message contained within? Jesus loves ALL the little children. ALL the children of the world, regardless of
ethnicity, and one would assume, without regard to their geographical location. Yet hasn’t our history shown
that while Jesus loves the little children, at various times we have had an incredibly difficult time doing so?
We, in our highly evolved intellectual state, have been able to decipher what the song really means. It
means we can love all the children of the world, but once they become older we have license to hate them.
Or, Jesus probably only loves all CHRISTIAN children of any color, not really the children of other faiths since
they might grow up to reject him. Or, the song mentions only four colors (red, yellow, black, and white).
What about those of other colors, like brown? And is all this mention of color even Politically Correct today?
Maybe there are times when our highly evolved intellect goes against the simplicity of God’s original
message, stated so well in the simplicity of a child’s song. ALL means ALL. End of discussion. True wisdom of
faith from the mouth of babes. Perhaps we should listen.
Your Partner in Ministry, Pastor Gary
2 Peter 1:10
May Schedule:
Grades 6th- 8th please meet in Eichele Hall 7:00p.m.
May 1 – Fun/Service – last night for 6th and 7th grades.
May 8 – Confirmation Practice, 8th grade ONLY
Dear friends and family,
If there are friends and loved ones whom you would like to have prayers for, or military persons
on active duty, please contact the church office at 526-7577and we will list them in our bulletin
and newsletter.
REMEMBER IN PRAYER…Good Shepherd Lutheran School, our youth and church leaders
Undergoing cancer therapy
Gary Lee Boswell (son of Gloria Holst), Dante Ferrari
(Ilene Morton’s grandson),
Under convalescent or hospice care: Tim Simpson (Min Simpson’s son), Rev. James Sherrill & Mae Maddoax
(Cathie Badillo’s aunt &uncle), John Moore, Craig Wells, Minn Simpson, John Moore.
Undergoing surgery, various tests, treatments, recuperating and continued comfort
Connie Kieffer-Collins, John Yanuklis, Brian Faunce (Barry & Linda Watters’ son-in-law),
Brian Pierret (Dorothy Fee’s son), Mary Moore, Jeanne Shafer, Jean Schlosser,
Holly Lapper (friend of Austin Thompson), Mel Heier, Dorothy Bright, Madison Franks, Pricilla Thompson,
Kent Keith.
We extend our Christian sympathy to: Rick & Yvonne Baird and family on the loss of his
Rick’s mother Antoinette (Toni) on Sunday, April 7th and Yvonne’s mother Aida Starkjohn on
April 23rd: to Ken & Diane Miller and family on the sudden passing of Ken’s father on April
20th: to Wendy Blalock and family on the passing of Wendy’s Uncle Johnny on April 25th: and
to Bob and Jeanne Shafer on the passing of their son Bob on April 27th.
Please keep these families in your prayers, thank you.
Our Military Personnel now serving:
Joe Anderson, Dan Balaun, David Bond, Jeffrey C.A. Bower, Wayne Combs,
Tyson and Blake Crosby, Nisha Dean, Shane Denning, Richard Deobler, Robert Deobler,
Travis Girard, Nick Goldsmith, JordenGutowski, Mike Hultman, Michael Kidd, Frank King,
Chris Labelle, Brian Lowen, John Parker, Brian Richardson, Jonathan
Scholberg, Raymond Schooler, Captain Ted Slocum,
Cpl Brett Tyre, Sgt Elliott Van Marion, Thomas Weaver, Matthew Wilkins
The congregation of Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church
thanks you for your service.
Still Waters Café
invites you to share a free community meal every
Thursday at 5:00 p.m.
The café is located at 4191 Cochran Street.
For more information please call 805-526-7577
“A dining service to those who are suffering economic hardship,
homelessness or who are lonely and wish to have a dining companion”
Amenities at the café:
 Mealtime is served beginning at 5:00p.m.–7:00 p.m. every Thursday.
 Fresh home cooked meal served in a family atmosphere with home style table settings.
 To go snack bags are offered.
 Highchairs and booster seats are available for the younger family members.
 There are wheelchair accessible entrances and bathrooms available.
 Prayer requests can be satisfied.
Volunteers are always needed - please contact Ray @ 805-527-4061
Relay for Life
Relay will be October 12, 2013 at Rancho Simi Community Park. This year’s
theme is, 100 Years of Hope – In it to win it! Celebrating the American
Cancer Society’s 100th birthday.
Relay for Life is the American Cancer Society’s signature event. It is a 24
hour team event that raises awareness of cancer in the community and raises
funds to fight cancer. Throughout the event, Relay for Life teams commit to keeping at least one
member walking the track . . . because cancer never sleeps. Cancer also knows no race, gender or age.
Anyone may walk, from the young to the old. If you would like to join our team you can register at If you are interested in sponsoring one of our walkers you
may also do that at our website If you have any questions
please contact me.
There no finish line……until we find a cure!!
Julie Honda 341-3866 [email protected]
A Pastoral Letter on Violence adopted by the
ELCA Conference of Bishops, March 4, 2013
“A voice is heard in Ramah, weeping and great mourning, Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted, because
they are no more.”
Jeremiah 31.15 and Matthew 2: 18
Dear brothers and sisters in Christ:
Every faithful caregiver who sits with victims of violence knows what we know – as God's church, we are called to reduce
violence and should, in most cases, restrain ourselves from using violence. Whether or not statistics show that overall
violence has declined in recent years, every person wounded or killed is a precious child of God.
As bishops of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, we lament the tragedy of gun violence in our country. We are
grieved by the way violence threatens and destroys life. We affirm the current soul searching and shared striving to find
a way to a better future.
While the church grapples with this call to reduce violence and make our communities safer, we recognize that before
God we are neither more righteous because we have guns nor are we more righteous when we favor significant
restrictions. Brokenness and sin are not somehow outside of us. Even the best of us are capable of great evil. As people
of God we begin by confessing our own brokenness – revealed in both our actions and our failure to act. We trust that
God will set us free and renew us in our life's work to love our neighbors.
In this time of public attention to gun violence, local communities of faith have a unique opportunity to engage this
work. As bishops, we were thankful to recognize the many resources our church has already developed (see below). We
begin by listening: listening to God, to Scripture, and to each other. Providing a safe place for people to share their own
stories, together we discern courses of action. Together we act. And together we return to listening - to assess the
effectiveness of our efforts to reduce violence.
In the Large Catechism Luther says, “We must not kill, either by hand, heart, or word, by signs or gestures, or by aiding
and abetting.” Violence begins in the human heart. Words can harm or heal. To focus only on guns is to miss the depth
of our vocation. Yet, guns and access are keys to the challenges we face.
We recognize that we serve in different contexts and have different perspectives regarding what can and should be
done. But as we live out our common vocations, knowing that the work will take many forms, we are committed to the
work of reducing and restraining violence. This shared work is a sign of our unity in Christ.
We invite you, our sisters and brothers, to join us in this work:
• The work of lament – creating safe space for naming, praying, grieving, caring for one another, and sharing the hope in
God’s promise of faithfulness
• The work of moral formation and discernment – listening to scripture, repenting, modeling conflict resolution in daily
life, addressing bullying, conducting respectful conversations, and discerning constructive strategies to reduce violence
• The work of advocacy – acting to address the causes and effects of violence
Knowing that we are not saved by this work, we undertake it trusting in Christ Jesus, who laid down his life for the world
and who calls us to be peacemakers, to pursue justice, and to protect the vulnerable.
In this, as in all things, Christ is with us. Thanks be to God.
Important Resources:
• Video: “We have Work to Do” by Presiding Bishop Mark Hanson
• “Community Violence” a social message,
• “The Body of Christ and Mental Illness” a social message,
• “Hearing the Cries: Faith and Criminal Justice,” a proposed social statement
• “Peace: God’s Gift, Our Calling,” a 1995 social statement.
• “Ban of Military-Style Semi-Automatic Weapons,” 1989 social policy resolution, (both social policy resolutions are at address)
• “Community Violence – Gun Control,” 1993 social policy resolution
Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Preschool
"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened"
- Dr. Seuss
As this chapter of the preschool is ending, we are very grateful to have been a part of this ministry
for so many years. Thank you again for all your continued love and support.
The Preschool Staff
Note: On January 27th 2013 the congregation of Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church voted
61-23 to cease operations of Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Preschool as of March 31, 2013”
Please keep the families and children attending our Preschool, Director Terry Labrum, teachers
Sue Hansen and Ann Viser in your prayers during this difficult time. Thank you.
The new council has been commissioned “to form a committee to look at viable options and present a
recommendation to the congregation before the next quarterly meeting”.
Please also keep your council leaders in prayer that God’s presence will guide them in their task.
After 42 years of ministry, our preschool has closed. This difficult decision was recommended by the Budget
Committee and Council and approved by the congregation at our annual meeting. Most of us have been
touched by preschool ministry – perhaps your child or grandchild thrived at a preschool; perhaps a preschool
teacher touched your heart; perhaps you were privileged to participate in some way at touching a preschooler’s
heart! The employees we released ministered to the community of Simi Valley for many years – Terry Labrum
as our director since 2000, even continuing her duties while undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Before
that, she was our Bunny Room teacher for many years and through March, was our most senior employee! Sue
Hansen and Ann Visser have been teaching at our preschool since 2005.
As a not-for-profit corporation, Shepherd of the Valley does not pay into state or federal unemployment
programs. While this saves the church money, it also means our staff is ineligible for unemployment benefits.
Because of that, the 2013 church budget includes two months of severance pay for Terry, Sue and Ann. This is
part of what drove up the 2013 budget deficit, however, Pastor Gary encouraged the Council to have faith in our
congregation to “do the right thing” as we presented this budget. It was important to take care of these
employees and thank them for taking care of the children through the closure.
I invite you to consider a special offering, above your pledge or normal offering, to help offset this severance.
The projected cost is $12000 and during April, we were blessed to have fifteen families donate $2920 to help
with this expense. Teaching and ministering to preschoolers takes a special person; perhaps you could use this
as an opportunity for thanking God for a preschool blessing you have received at some point. My gift was in
honor of Mrs. Judy, Mrs. Carol, Mrs. Martha, Mrs. Terry and Mrs. Willie – special teachers who touched our
family’s hearts when Lisa and Jonathan were preschoolers.
In His Service, Marilyn Shapiro, Financial Secretary
Pastor Gary and Corrine Stevenson, Larry Denning, Shari Swanson, and Sue Wedemeyer
It is our job on Ministry Support Committee to listen carefully to the members of our congregation,
including our pastor, and to clarify goals for our ministry together. Part of our responsibility is to
help our pastor develop a continuing education plan that helps to strengthen his gifts as well as train
him in areas that will benefit our congregation. It is a continuing process of listening and clarifying the goals we hope to
meet together.
In conjunction with our church council, we developed a list of special goals and visions for our pastor and congregants for
the 2013 year. I want to draw your attention to the opportunities for the congregation to participate in these goals. It is
here that you can help our church reach this shared vision.
These areas of special focus and emphasis are as follows:
Special emphases of the pastor and special encouragement by the congregation:
1. During this time period, the pastor will give special attention in ministry to the following:
a. Integrate technology into the worship experience and get SVLC's website fully functional.
b. Strengthen congregation's relations and interaction with the two churches currently using our facilities (Simi Valley
Christian Center and Mission Nacion Santa), Good Shepherd Lutheran School, any new churches that may use our
facilities in 2013, and the prospective preschool (or alternate ministry approved to take the place of the preschool).
c. Facilitate Bible Study and small group ministry opportunities for the congregation, including but not limited to,
creating a Men's Group.
2. The congregation will encourage this pastor's ministry in the following ways:
a. Provide a technology committee comprised of volunteers to supervise and maintain the church's website and assist
pastor with technology integration into the worship experience.
b. Reach out to and support the ministries identified in Section b above.
c. Lead and participate in Bible Studies and small group ministries and invite others to do the same.
In looking at these shared goals and at the gifts of our pastor, we have developed a continuing education plan for the year
that focuses on management and technology training.
We hope that you will actively encourage our pastor in meeting his goals and prayerfully consider how you might help in
this process. We will be actively looking for Bible study leaders and tech support for the 2013 year. Carolyn Nell is our
new Volunteer Coordinator and will be working with us in helping both new and existing members find opportunities for
service in their church.
If you feel that you can help in this area, please give one of us, or Carolyn, a call.
The Bible tells us to “Honor Thy…Mother, “which we do all year through. But, it is fun to set aside one special
day for us to let mom know how very much we appreciate her.
There are so many kinds of Mothers, expectant mothers, mothers of preschoolers, teens and adult children.
Some children are little angels, some are rebellious, have ADD or Autism, and addiction problems.
This month the book cart will have something for everyone who is a mother or has a mother.
Books for the children are also displayed.
And for all the rest of us we have our free book exchange. Just donate your paperback novels and help yourself
to the paperbacks on the book exchange shelves.
Happy reading, your Library Committee.
June 2nd 12-4pm
At Lemon Park on Avenida Simi
Volunteers Needed
Work Day
Saturday May 18th at 9:00am
Weeding, trimming of hedges and
painting the downstairs hall way
Samaritan Center of Simi Valley
Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church
serves a meal to the less fortunate at the
Samaritan Center (located at 280 Royal Ave) on
the 1stWednesday of every month from 4:00-6:00 p.m.
This is an ongoing church service project.
We need volunteers to buy and deliver food to the
Samaritan Center, serve food or donate money.
If you would like to help, please contact Yvonne Baird at 584-2521.
Thank you for your prayers and support for this important ministry.
(Young In Mind And Heart)
Potluck Luncheon
Thursday, May 16th @ 11:30 a.m.
For further information please call: Edith Engemann 805-526-9020
or the church office 526-7577.
SVLC May 2013 Youth Newsletter
Wow! I can’t believe that we are almost to the end of yet another amazing school year.
Soon summer will be here and all the kids will be out of school. We have plenty of things going
on this summer to keep the kids occupied such as the beach, Raging Waters, summer camp, and VBS. Below
are upcoming events for the month of May.
Sunday School (K – 5th grade) – We will have Sunday School every Sunday in May from 9:45am-10:30am,
except on May 19th when we will have Sunday School from 11am-12pm. Meet upstairs in the SAC room. On
Sunday, May 12th we will have the kids sing during the 9:45am service.
Spark (1st -5th grade) – We will have Spark on all Wednesday’s in May EXCEPT on Wednesday, May 15th
there will be NO Spark. We meet from 6:30-7:45pm.
Movie/Ice Cream Night – We will have movie/ice cream night from 6:45-8:45pm in the Eichelle Hall on
Friday, May 10th. Cost is $5. Please sign-up by May 8th.
Middle School:
Sunday School – Sunday School will be every week except May 5th and May 12th where students are
encouraged to go to church with their parents. We meet in the youth room from 9:45am-10:30am. On May 19th
Sunday School will be from 11am-12pm.
Youth Band – If you’re in youth band we will meet in the Eichelle Hall on Sunday, May 5th and May 19th from
Confirmation – The last day of confirmation for 6th & 7th grade is May 1st and the last day for confirmation for
8th grade is May 8th. Confirmation graduation will be on May 12th at 11am.
Flare – This is a new group for 6th and 7th graders that will start on May 8th from 6:30-7:45pm. We will not
meet on May 15th but we will resume on May 22nd. This group will take the place of confirmation until it starts
again in the fall. We will be playing more games, a Bible study, and snacks will be offered.
Fast Food Frenzy/Games – We will meet in the Eichelle Hall from 9pm-11pm on Friday, May 10th. Cost is
$10. We will go to different Fast Food restaurants for french-fries, tacos, hamburgers, sodas, deserts. We will
then come back to the church to play a game.
High School:
Student Leadership – This will be our last student leadership meeting for the year. We will meet at Jamba
Juice on Alamo and Tapo on Tuesday, May 7th from 4-5pm.
Youth Band – If you’re in youth band we will meet in the Eichelle Hall on Sunday, May 5th and May 19th from
Funky Bunch (High School Group) – On May 1st we will meet from 8:30-9:30pm at Cold Stones for youth
group. Meet in the courtyard between Macaroni Grill and Cold Stones off of Tapo Canyon and Alamo. Bring
$5 for ice cream. May 8th we will meet in the youth room from 8-9:30pm. On May 15th we will meet at the
church at 7pm if you are helping kidnap the incoming 9th graders and meet at Toppers Pizza on Erringer and
Cochran at 8pm if you are not helping kidnap. Bring: $10-$15 for pizza, Rocket Fizz, Cherry On Top frozen
yogurt. Bring your camera to take lots of pictures. On May 22nd and 29th youth group will be 8-9:30pm in the
youth room.
College/Young Adult:
We will meet the 1st and 3rd (May 5th and May 19th) Sunday of May from 6-8pm at Marc and Niki Mohr’s
house. We will start off with eating dinner, so come hungry. Please invite your friends.
If you would like to enrich your faith and reach out to those in
need, we have a Ministry for you. Talk to any of our present
Stephen Ministers and they will gladly tell how much they
have received and benefited through this caring Ministry. If
you are interested,
or have any questions please contact:
Pastor Gary 805-526-7577
Jerry Thompson (805)527-7241
Steve Badillo (805)526-9641
Marcia Cooley (805)795-7653
Do you have a need for someone to really LISTEN to you?
Are you concerned about confidentiality? Are you going through some sort of crisis right now in your life? Do
you have ONE hour per week to set aside to have a Stephen Minister meet your needs?
Crisis's can strike at any time. The death of a loved one, grieving, divorce, pregnancy complications, dealing
with changes due to aging, dealing with changes in health of yourself or a loved one, loss of a job or retirement.
Do you feel alone even though you have family and friends? Do you sometimes have feelings regarding these
types of events that you don't want to burden others with?
If any of these conditions resonate with you, you may benefit from having a Stephen Minister. For more
information, contact Pastor Gary or any of our Ministry leaders.
Jerry Thompson (805) 527-7241 (home),
(805) 501-5096 (cell); Steve Badillo (805) 526-9841 (home), (805) 402-2930 (cell);
Marcia Cooley (805) 581-3578 (home), (805) 795-7653 (cell).
You will soon have the confidential person who will LISTEN, PRAY (if requested), SHARE CHRIST'S LOVE,
and EXPLORE feelings that you are uncomfortable sharing with someone else. Our Stephen Ministers work
one-on-one to plant a seed of hope and healing in a person who's life seems barren and forlorn because of a
crisis or tragedy.
If you think that you may want to become one of our Stephen Ministers, we will equip you; our congregation
will support you, so that you too can show God's mercy, care and compassion to another who is hurting. You
will walk beside your care receiver, pray for him or he, and help him or her to work through life's difficulties.
We will be starting a new Stephen Minister class soon. To learn more about the class please contact any of our
Stephen Ministry leaders listed above
SERVICE. We are called to this church ministry by God and the communion elements that we use are the
same elements used during the services on Sunday. If you or a loved one desires a call for communion by a
Stephen Minister, please contact the church office, 526-7577, and leave a phone number where you can be
reached and the address of the person desiring communion. Thank you.
Think “Gift Card” when planning what to get mom on her day they are perfect for nay mom of
any age, they are ideal to mail – just drop in your Mother’s Day card and mail, no wrapping, no
extra cost.
In addition to being the perfect gift, every card purchased returns a percentage to the church.
We have 100 cards to choose from including See’s Candy, Bath and Body, Macy’s, and
Macaroni Grill, to name a few.
Come talk to us at the SCRIP tale Sundays between services.
Jenny, Marvin and Dorothy
Joint Worship for Sunday, May 19th.
8:30 worship as normal
11:00 Joint Worship with Good Shepherd and Trinity in Eichele Hall
Calendar of Events
8:30-GSLS Begins
9:00-GSLS Chapel
4:[email protected]
Samaritan Center
6:30- SPARK
No Youth Group
Women’s Retreat
Women’s Retreat
Women’s Retreat
8:30-GSLS Begins
10:[email protected]
5:00-Café Open
6:00-Stretch NTone
8:30-GSLS Begins
GSLS Alumni Night
Pastor Off
9:45-Sunday School
Nacion Santas
2:00-Teach Kids
4:00-Simi Valley
Christian Church
6:00-College Young
8:30-GSLS ½ day
6:00-Stretch N Tone
7:00-BSA #698
8:30-GSLS Begins
10:00 SVLC @Attic
6:00-Stretch N Tone
6:30-SVCC Prayers
7:00-BSA #622
8:30-GSLS ½ day
9:00-GSLS Chapel
3:00-GSLS Bake
6:30- SPARK
8:30-GSLS Begins
10:[email protected]
5:00-Café Open
6:00-Stretch NTone
6:30 GSA Mtg.
Ministry Mtg.
8:30-GSLS Begins
6:30-Middle School
Movie/game Nite
Nacion Santas
Pastor Off
Happy Mother’s Day
Confirmation Day
9:45-Sunday School
Nacion Santas
2:00-Teach Kids
4:00-Simi Valley
Christian Church
8:30-GSLS Begins
6:00-Stretch N Tone
7:00-BSA #698
7:00-Worship Mtg.
8:30-GSLS Begins
10:[email protected]
6:00-Stretch N Tone
6:30-SVCC Prayers
7:00-BSA #622
7:00-SVLC Council
8:30-GSLS Begins
9:00-GSLS Chapel
2:00-GSLS Bake
6:00-BSA #698
NO - Confirmation
8:00- Youth Group
8:30-GSLS Begins
9:15-SVLP Chapel
10:00-SVLC @Attic
8:30-GSLS Begins
7:00-GSLS –
Spring Musical-Hall
10:00-SVLC @Attic
Sanctuary / Hall
Nacion Santas
9:45-Sunday School
12:00-Member class
Nacion Santas
2:00-Teach Kids
4:00-Simi Valley
Christian Church
8:30-GSLS Begins
6:00-Stretch N Tone
8:30-GSLS Begins
10:00 SVLC @Attic
6:00-Stretch N Tone
6:30-SVCC Prayers
7:00-BSA #622
7:00-Youth Bd.
8:00-GSLS Begins
9:15-SVLP Chapel
10:00-SVLC @Attic
5:00-Café Open
6:00-Stretch /Tone
Ministry Mtg.
8:00-GSLS Begins
Breakfast /Study
Nacion Santas
Memorial Day
5:00-Café Open
6:00-Stretch N Tone
6:30-GSA Mtg.
Pastor Off
9:45-Sunday School
1:00-Youth Bd. Mtg.
Nacion Santas
2:00-Teach Kids
4:00-Simi Valley
Christian Church
Office & school
closed today
6:00-Stretch N Tone
10:00 SVLC @Attic
6:00-Stretch N Tone
6:30-SVCC Prayers
7:00-BSA #622
8:00-GSLS Begins
9:00-GSLS Chapel
*New Time for:
5:30- SPARK
8:00-Youth Group
8:00-GSLS Begins
9:00-GSLS Chapel
*New Time for:
5:30- SPARK
8:00-Youth Group
Pastor Off
Synod Assembly
8:00-GSLS Begins
9:15-SVLP Chapel
10:00-SVLC @Attic
5:00-Café Open
6:00-Stretch /Tone
Synod Assembly
8:00-GSLS Begins
PLEASE…HELP SUPPORT OUR SCHOOL Luther’s Attic…a thrift store in Moorpark
at 189 High Street
that helps support Good Shepherd Lutheran School.
Give donations, shop and/or volunteer your time!!
It all helps our Christian school ministry here in Simi Valley.
The proceeds from the store are split between three schools that receive financial support
from the store. The financial split is based on volunteer hours, so more volunteer hours from
our church means stronger financial support to Good Shepherd. For further information call 805-523-7188.
From Good Shepherd Lutheran School Principal Nancy Hawthorne
February 2013
Dear Congregation Members,
God works in our lives in mysterious ways. I have never figured out His ways, all I know is that God is with me every
step of my journey here on Earth. And through this time, He patiently guides me on my way. In the past year, I have
come to an unexpected crossroad in my life. After much prayer and meditation, I find that it is time to move on to the
next chapter.
So, I announce my resignation as principal of Good Shepherd Lutheran School effective July 1. I need to make it very
clear that I am not leaving because Good Shepherd Lutheran School is going to close; I am leaving because it is time to
move on. As I write this, plans for the next school year are well underway. In fact, plans for the next five years are being
formulated at this time, and the School Board is actively seeking candidates for the principal position. They will keep you
informed as plans develop.
I feel blessed to have the privilege of serving at Good Shepherd Lutheran School since it opened its doors in 1979.
Through the years, I taught kindergarten, first grade, physical education, third and fourth grade social studies, and middle
school. I have been honored to serve as principal for the last eight years. During the entire time, I have worked with the
finest educators ever. I have been blessed with support from the School Board whose members throughout the years put
aside any personal agenda to make the best decisions for our school. I will cherish the years I have spent here and will
continue to support the school in the future.
Please know that although I am resigning from the position of principal, I am not concluding my professional career or my
love for this school. We have a vision for our school which I am invested in and will continue to support this vision in
whatever ways make sense for the school as a whole. Just to be clear, it is just time for me to move on.
Please keep the call process for our new administrator in your prayers. Thank you for your understanding and support.
Thank you for the privilege and honor to serve our Lord at Good Shepherd Lutheran School.
In Christ’s name, Nancy Hawthorne