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Generations of legacies
Our legacy began in Jacksonville more than a
century ago. Desperate for a second chance,
hundreds of abandoned, destitute children
stepped off the infamous Orphan Trains,
each one adding to the city’s soaring
population of homeless youth, each one
tugging at the heartstrings of concerned
community leaders …
and vision. Still honoring its commitment to
secure stable, loving families for youth, CHS’
myriad of diverse programs allows it to further
protect children and strengthen families in
nearly every locale in Florida.
named endowments to form the Children’s
Home Society of Florida Foundation.
Together, these leaders established Children’s
Home Society of Florida (CHS), creating the
lasting legacy we continue today.
As the organization’s growth met evolving
community needs, it also opened doors for
another opportunity: to establish a separate
entity to endow assets so CHS could provide
vital services to children and families for
generations to come.
Throughout the years, generous individuals,
corporations, foundations and matching
grants have continued the legacy set forth
by the visionary members of our CHS
Foundation Founders Society.Together,
new and long-time friends have contributed
millions of dollars to solidify our financial
success and secure the futures of countless
children and families.
While CHS’ founders concentrated on finding
permanent, safe homes for abandoned children,
the organization’s focus has since expanded,
allowing CHS to broaden its reach, services
With the full support of board members
and leaders, the organization launched A
Campaign for Tomorrow’s Children in 1990,
which resulted in the creation of numerous
In full support of CHS’ efforts to ensure every
child is safe, healthy and prepared for life, we
look forward to helping more friends create
a legacy of a lifetime through planned giving.
Leave a legacy through the CH s Foundation
We’re pleased to offer several opportunities
for you to leave a legacy for Florida’s children
through planned giving, and we welcome
the opportunity to help determine which
gift best meets your needs and those of
your family. In considering the many options
available, you may wish to:
Build stronger families by establishing a
charitable gift annuity or a deferred payment
gift annuity. While your kindness helps bring
together and strengthen families, you or your
chosen beneficiaries will also receive payments
for life or for a specified period of time.
Protect at-risk children through a charitable
remainder unitrust or a charitable lead
unitrust. As you enjoy increased income and
a charitable tax deduction through a tax-free
sale of assets, you’ll help ensure the safety
and well-being of Florida’s youngsters.
Create brighter futures for children through
a life estate agreement with the CHS
Foundation. While you receive a charitable
deduction the year in which you gift your
property, you and your loved ones retain
the right to use your estate for the rest of
your lives before it’s ultimately passed to the
CHS Foundation to assist in our efforts to
help children.
Honor or memorialize a loved one by making
a contribution or establishing a named
endowment, or create a lasting legacy by
naming the CHS Foundation as a beneficiary
in your will or trust.
From the President
From the Chair
I’ll never forget one of my first experiences with the CHS
Foundation. As I learned more about the great work we support,
I heard the story of a special little boy who found safety at one of
CHS’ emergency shelters … my mental image of this child never
fails to tug at my heart. And, now, as we
find ourselves dealing with the economic
stresses that challenge our nation and
our state, this story holds more meaning
than ever.
It is a great honor to chair such a committed, passionate group of
volunteers dedicated to helping others. As I reflect upon the work
this team has already accomplished and look ahead to all we aspire
to achieve, I’m consistently reminded of the real reason we’re here
– to help make life brighter for children.
This frightened young boy came to
CHS full of uncertainty triggered by
the horrors of neglect he had painfully
endured. He found safety he previously had been denied, surrounded
by loving, nurturing adults.Yet, when gathering his clothes after
tucking him tenderly into bed that first night at the shelter, CHS
staff discovered the depth of his fear in a handful of spaghetti, hastily
shoved into each pocket. Because of the severe neglect and
starvation he’d experienced, this little boy learned to hoard his
food, unsure of when his next meal may be. Fortunately, he was
rescued from his daily struggle for survival, cared for by compassionate staff determined to show him the joys of childhood.
As a father myself, I hold the mission of the CHS Foundation close
to my heart: “Embracing Children. Inspiring Lives. Securing Futures.”
Collectively, we as Foundation volunteers and donors possess the
incredible opportunity to fulfill this
visionary mission, to change the lives
of thousands of children by securing safe,
healthy futures for generations to come.
Over the years, I’ve seen first-hand how
CHS positively influences so many across
the state. It is awe-inspiring to meet
someone whose life has changed so
profoundly because of services received from CHS – possible
because your support helped provide those services. And yet, I
realize there are so many more who need our help…and so many
who will continue to need our help.
Much like this innocent youngster who saved his spaghetti for
later because of the uncertainty the future holds, we at the
CHS Foundation also realize the importance of “spaghetti in
our pockets.” We are committed to securing and saving valuable
financial resources for the future of CHS and the children who
will arrive at our door hungry and hurting in years to come.
Smart, strategic planning and a long-range vision support our
efforts to build the endowment at the Foundation, understanding
the rewards of our work may be modest today but will continue to
grow with each passing year. Even in the midst of a tough financial
climate, it’s vital that we continue increasing our resources for the
future … times like these illustrate just how crucial it is to have
“spaghetti in our pockets,” to have a solid endowment that ensures
Florida’s children can receive the services they need and the care
they deserve.
At the CHS Foundation, we’re proud to contribute to the lifechanging efforts put forth by CHS and its devoted staff and
volunteers. While providing top-notch services that benefit individuals
in our communities every day, CHS also has taken significant strides
toward its goal of ending the tragic cycle of abuse for more and
more children. Breaking this generational cycle contributes to better
lives, better families and better communities – but it also requires
much-needed resources … resources that, during difficult times, are
increasingly harder to obtain.
Yet, through the continued building of our endowment, we’ll be able
to provide the resources to sustain CHS when turbulent economic
times pose financial challenges.Those of us who have been blessed
with families, homes and careers are privileged to help build the
Foundation to have a lasting impact on CHS and the children who
rely on its services, both now and in years to come.
On behalf of those we serve today and those we’ll serve long into
the future, thank you for your support.
On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, thank you for your
support, for helping to improve the future for children.
T. Robert Giese
President, CHS Foundation
Miguel Viyella
Chairman of the Board
Ruby and Alex
Ruby loves to listen to the story of her
adoption. After spending the first eight years
of her life in foster care, she’s glad to finally
be home, to be part of a forever family with
doting parents who love her just as much as
she loves them.
Her short life hasn’t been easy. Suffering
from low self-confidence, learning and
behavioral challenges, and limited stability,
Ruby longed for a loving mother, a nurturing
father, a permanent home.
While Ruby and her older brother, Alex,
shuffled from one foster home to the next,
Carmen and her husband, Edward, were
beginning their journey to become foster
and adoptive parents with CHS. Embracing
all she learned through parenting classes,
Carmen couldn’t wait until her home was
filled with children’s laughter. She regularly
scoured the CHS Web site to view the
precious children available for adoption…
though she longed to embrace them all, a
photo of one little girl with a warm, slightly
mischievous grin tugged most at Carmen’s
heart. But her husband was a bit hesitant; he
thought the little girl, full of energy, might be
too rambunctious for their peaceful house.
their home to two foster children: 11-yearold Alex and 8-year-old Ruby.Though both
craved stability, Alex had grown more
independent than his sister, accustomed to
packing his belongings and moving many
times; Ruby, however, grew attached quickly
and soon formed an incredible bond with
her new foster parents. One evening, as
Carmen retrieved school papers from Ruby’s
backpack, an oddly familiar photo caught her
eye. It was the photo of the little girl on the
Web site who tugged at Carmen’s heartstrings…a much younger Ruby.
While soul-searching their shared adoption
expectations, Carmen and Edward opened
“I said, ‘Look at what we’ve got!’ ” Carmen
recalls, joyfully laughing at the memory. “She
was already here with us.” The little girl who
initially stole Carmen’s heart helped fulfill the
couple’s dream to grow their family through
sibling adoption.
Before Carmen and Edward welcomed
Alex and Ruby into their home, they
received vital training from CHS to help
prepare for parenthood. Following the
adoption, Carmen still greatly relies on
regular support and education from CHS,
determined to provide the best life possible
for her family.Through their son’s and
daughter’s tween and teen years, there will
be more challenges to conquer, but Carmen
and Edward are guiding Alex and Ruby with
love and stability, building the forever family
each member has longed to embrace.
CH s Foundation Board of Directors 2008
Miguel Viyella
Richard Adams
Emilio Alonso-Mendoza
Ronald L. Book
Amy Botkin
David A. Bundy
Benson Charles
James Ferraro
Rich Heffley
Rudy Kranys
Frances C. Lee
Robert Moser
Melinda Ramsdell
I. Lorraine Thomas
Roger Webb
Victoria Weber
Named endowments ~ Tribute Society
Endowed funds at the CHS Foundation greatly support the financial needs of CHS, allowing the organization’s dedicated staff to directly serve
children and families today while also providing necessary resources to secure the future of CHS. Gifts of any amount are encouraged and
greatly appreciated, and named endowments may be created with a minimum gift of $10,000. We sincerely thank our friends who have
established the following named endowments through December 31, 2008.
Alachua County Endowment Fund
Thomas R. Andrews Endowment
Robert F. and Grace A. Bartlett
John W. Bates and Curtis C. Cook
The Bill Bigby Family Endowment
Bissell Endowment
Blaylock Trust
Vivian Locke-Lewis Blue Memorial
Robert E. Brand Endowment
The Josephine H. and Jacob F.
Bryan, III, Endowment
Thad and Loca Lee Buckner
Buckner Building Maintenance
David A. and Charlene Bundy
Clarence Mank Camp, II, Memorial
Frances P. Chalmers Memorial
Julie Griffin Chapman Endowment
Charity, Incorporated, Medical
Children’s Home Society Auxiliary
of Central Florida Fund
Francis and Miranda Childress Fund
The Francis and Miranda Childress
Second Century Endowment
William M. Courtney Endowment
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Cranford
Alan and Christine Curtis
A.D. and Pauline Davis Endowment
Tine W. Davis Family-WD Charities,
Inc., Medical Endowment
Alfred I. duPont Memorial
Jessie Ball duPont Medical
A.L. Ellis Fund For Homeless
Ellis Foundation, Inc., Endowment
EllMar Foundation, Inc.
Marcus C. Fagg Endowment
Dr. Joseph Farrington and Allison F.
Metcalf Endowment
Fisher/Lawton/Miller Endowment
The Harry W. and Mildred F. Fogg
Memorial Endowment
The Shirley W. Francis Endowment
Miriam Z. Garcia-Pedrosa Memorial
Timothy B. Gaskin Family and Old
Dominion Insurance Company
The Grader Fund for Children
Jay Graham Memorial Endowment
The Causey and Mabel Green
Greene-Hazel & Associates
Eleanor and Ben Hill Griffin, Jr.,
The Pat and Jim Griffiths
Greater Miami Foundation
The Candace and Leonard
Haberman Endowment Fund
Ned and Frances Gray Hinson
Memorial Endowment
Nan Page Hoopes Endowment
Blodwyn Lane Hossler Fund for
Children's Emergency Services
International House of Pancakes
Combined Promotion
International House of Pancakes
Medical Fund Endowment
Louise Jackson Training Fund
Ernest Jenderko Endowment
George W. Jenkins Endowment
Elwin S. and Marie H. Jewett
Memorial Endowment
Martha George Jackson Johnson
and Betty Laine Jackson Cary
William and Ida M. Knabb
The Knight Foundation Endowment
The C.L.C. Kraft Endowment
Rudy A. and Peggy Kraft Endowment
KT Challenge Endowment
Helen M. and Edward W. Lane
Helen M. and Edward W. Lane
Child Abuse Endowment
Carmen Lew Langston Endowment
Lauderhill Women's Club Medical
Charles A. Lauffer Memorial
Lewis S. and Frances Childress Lee
Dr. Lawrence R. Leviton Memorial
Fairfax Polk Mitchell Lyerly
Memorial Endowment
James and Jean Lyerly Endowment
Marion County Road Builders
Mr. and Mrs. John Wilkes McKay
John J. McLean Endowment
Frederick Stuart Metcalf
Jean W. Meyers Endowment
Charles and Johnnie Morris
Mark and Ruth Munroe Memorial
Mutual of America Endowment
National Foundation for Missing and
Abused Children Endowment
Pauline Nichols Endowment
North Coastal Division Endowment
Tim Panuska Memorial Endowment
Peacock Foundation, Inc.,
Permanent Endowment Fund
for Parenting Education
Putnam County Auxiliary Medical
Rax Combined Promotion
Rax Medical Endowment
Olivia Tawney and Clifford B. Rosa
John A. and Betty L. Roschman
Satterthwait-Edwards Memorial
The George Schoenbacker
Memorial Fund
Elbert B. Shelfer, Jr., and Lucille P.
Shelfer Memorial
Judge Bryan Simpson Memorial
Alford C. and Sylvia F. “Tibby”
Sinclair Endowment
THE PLAYERS Championship
The William Sottile, June Sottile
and Cynthia Sottile Wepsala
Endowment Fund
South Coastal Board Endowment
in Memory of Frederick Stuart
Southwest Florida Community
Foundation Endowment
Electra Spillis Endowment
James W. Spratt Memorial
Dorothy W. Swenson Memorial
C. Herman and Mary Virginia Terry
R. David Thomas Child Advocate
of the Year Endowment
Wayne Thomas Memorial
George F.Valassis Endowment
Paul Vander Velde Research
Frank and Mary Visconti Endowment
Michele Vogel Endowment
Peggy Walker Endowment
The Sarah Moores Walker
Craig B. Ward Memorial
Watkins Christian Foundation
Roger W. Webb Endowment
Howard and Ann Weisz
Wendy's Combined Promotion
Wendy's Fund for Children
Wendy's Medical Endowment
Founders Society ~ Legacy Circle
We recognize as esteemed members of the Founders Society – Legacy Circle all individuals who notified us from the CHS Foundation’s
inception in 1990 through 2008 of an estate plan or deferred gift benefitting our organization. Many of our Founders Society – Legacy Circle
members played a unique role in the development of the CHS Foundation, for which they will forever be honored.
Mr. Douglas Alexander, II
Mrs. Margaret Allbritten
Mr.Thomas R. Andrews
Mr. Kenneth R. Atkins*
Mrs. A.W. Avent
Mrs. Rita Barnett
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Bartlett*
Mr. Ray F. Basten
Mr. J. Scott Baur
Mrs. Doris I. Beedle
Dr. Karen L. Borchers
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald F. Bott
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Ross R. Brown
Mr. Christian E. Carlsen
Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Carson
Mr. Benson Charles, CPA
Mr.* and Mrs. Philip E. Clemente
Dr. and Mrs. Berwin A. Cole
Mrs. William M. Courtney*
Mrs. Mary H. Cross
Mr. Alan Curtis
Mrs. Louise E. DeTorres
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Douse
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Dweck
Mr. A. L. Ellis*
Mr. Michael W. Fisher
Ms. Sandra L. Foote
Miss Tiffany M. Gragg
Ms. Michele M. Greene
Carole and Frank Gulisano
Mrs. Norma Lawson Hall
Mr. Joe C. Hancock
Ms. Carolyn B. Hayes*
Mr. and Mrs. Curtiss R. Hill
Mr. and Mrs.Thomas P. Howard
Mrs. Caroline Johnston
Mr. Edward L. Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Kirschenbaum
Mr. Philip J. Kolodziej
Ms. Adele Kuhnle
Mrs. G. F. Lampkin*
Mrs. Elsie G. Leviton
Mr. Larry Lowe
Mrs. Marie C. McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Mertins
Mrs. Allison F. Metcalf
Mrs. Jean W. Meyers
Ms. Lisbeth Michael
Stephen and Kyle Miller
Mrs. Lucy Fairfax Polk Mitchell*
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Mitchell
Mr. William M. Moore
Mr. Harry Morris, Jr.*
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Morris, III
Mr. Millard J. Noblin
Ms. Mary Ellen Ohser*
Mr. Jack Olmstead
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Patten, Jr.
Ms. Dorothy R. Pearson
Mr. Cecil R. Phillips
Mrs. Joan Phillips*
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Preston
Mr. and Mrs. Al P. Qualls
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Rader
Mr. and Mrs. Curt S. Redden
Mr. Stephen E. Ridgely
Ms. Jennifer Rockett
Mr. Max Roth
Ms. Barbara T. Rowell
Dr. Betty Rowen
Mrs.Valerie Seidel
Mrs. Martha Ann Sloan
Mr. Harry B. Stafford
Mr. Robert F. Steinlauf
Mr.Thomas D. Stewart
Mrs. Adele I. Stone, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. James S.Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Tew
Mrs. I. Lorraine Thomas
Mr.* and Mrs. George Touhy
Mr.* and Mrs. Augustus Turnbull
Mr. and Mrs. C. Michael Turner
Ms. Michele Vogel
Mr. Craig B. Ward*
Mr. Henry T. Watkinson
Mr. Roger W. Webb
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Wester
Mr. Chris E. Williams
Mrs. Ellie V. Wilson
Ms. Penny Wilson
Mrs. Esther Young*
Ms. Leota E.Young-Gillette
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen S. Zaricki
Ms. Judith Zorn
We sincerely thank our friends who have generously pledged to help us achieve our mission of “Embracing Children. Inspiring Lives. Securing
Futures.” The following individuals, foundations and organizations have made a pledge to the CHS Foundation and/or contributed a gift toward
their commitment between January 1, 2008, and December 31, 2008.
Mr. and Mrs. Israel Alfonso
Mrs. Julie Chen Arcidiacono
David and Leslie Bardo
Mr. Ronald L. Book
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Botkin
Ms. Liz Bruner
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Bundy
Ms. Betty R. Byrd
Ms. Julie Cave
The Francis and Miranda Childress
Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Congdon
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Curtis
EllMar Foundation, Inc.
Mr.T. Robert Giese
Ms. Joan P. Hughes
Ms. Shelley S. Katz
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. King, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis S. Lee
Kevin and Heather Morgan
Novartis Pharmaceuticals
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Patrick
The Prudential Foundation
Matching Gifts
Ms. Lisa Strudwick
Ms. Andry Sweet
Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Viyella
Wachovia Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Wydra, Jr.
Continuous supporters
We genuinely thank our faithful friends that have continuously supported Florida’s children and families through financial contributions to
the CHS Foundation.The following individuals and foundations have each donated more than $50,000 cumulatively, including a gift between
January 1, 2008, and December 31, 2008. Thank you for your unwavering commitment to the future of our children.
The Francis and Miranda Childress Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Curtis
Columbus Drew Trust
Alfred I. duPont Foundation
EllMar Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Rich Heffley
The Leibowitz and Greenway Family Charitable Foundation
Thank you to our 2008 donors
We thank the following individuals, organizations, corporations and foundations for embracing Florida’s children and families by financially
supporting the CHS Foundation from January 1, 2008, through December 31, 2008. With your help, we are changing lives and securing
futures for children and families across the state.
$50,000 and above
$1,000 - $9,999
$100 - $999
Columbus Drew Trust
EllMar Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Israel Alfonso
The James E. & Constance L. Bell
Mr. Samuel P. Bell, III
Mr. Ronald L. Book
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Botkin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Botkin
Drs. William T. and Clarice Brantley
The Francis and Miranda Childress
Foundation, Inc.
Alfred I. duPont Foundation
Mr. Michael Gamboa
Mr.T. Robert Giese
Ms. Michele M. Greene
Carole and Frank Gulisano
Ms. Joan P. Hughes
Dr. Robert E. Jewett
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Kelly
The Leibowitz and Greenway Family
Charitable Foundation
Nichols Foundation
Ms. Mary Ellen Ohser
Mr. Juan Osorno
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Patrick
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Preston
Ms. Cindy Pullen
Ms. Andry Sweet
Taylor, Jonovic and White, P.A.
Ms.Victoria L. Weber and
Mr. David L. Powell
Mr. Scott H. Wilson
Harvey L.Young Family
Foundation, Inc.
Mr. Richard B. Adams, Jr., and
Mrs. Mona Ignatz
Mrs. Julie Chen Arcidiacono
Bank of America United Way
Leslie and David Bardo
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Batus
Mr. Richard Becker
Mr. Eric Bennett
Mrs. Cynthia Blacklaw
Ms. Susan Bland
Ms. Liz Bruner
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Bundy
Ms. Betty R. Byrd
Mr. Eric Callahan
Ms. Karen Cameron
Mr. Frank J. Carmel
Ms. Leslie A. Carvell
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Chaussinand
Ms. Ruby Clark
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Congdon
Mr. David B. Damato
Ms. Sheila Deleon
Ms.Tracey Devine
Micheal and Midian DiNardo
Mrs. Eleanor H. Farrington
Dr. and Mrs. John K. Farrington
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Farrington
Mr. Douglas Foust
Mr. Paul G. Giese
Ms. Beth Goodrich
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Gordon
Ms. Rebecca Gottsegen
Mr. and Mrs. Sol Heifetz
Ms. Sharon H. Hill
Ms.Teresa Hsieh
$10,000 - $49,999
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Curtis
Greene-Hazel & Associates, Inc.
Mr. Rich Heffley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moser
CHS Foundation Assets
December 31, 2008*
December 31, 2007
December 31, 2006
Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Hughes
Dr. and Mrs. C.P. Johnson
Ms. Shelley S. Katz
Ms. Michele Koenig
Dr. and Mrs. James G. Lyerly, Jr.
Mr. James MacKenzie
Mrs. Carolyn K. McLean
Mrs. Allison F. Metcalf
Kevin and Heather Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Morris, III
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Moulder
Mr. and Mrs. Muehl
Ms. Amanda R. Phillips
Ms. Sherry Plymale
The Prudential Foundation
Matching Gifts
Mr. E. Scott Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Robinson
Mr. James Russell, III
Mrs. Libby Ryan
Ms. Lacey Salzer
Ms. Nancy E. Shattuck
Ms. Catherine Simonetti
Ms. Alicia Chillemi Slocomb
Ms. Linda Stanton
SunTrust My Cause Customer
Tides Foundation
Huong Truong
U.S. Window Coverings
Ms. Martha Ward
Ms. Sarita Williams
Ms. Charlene P. Willis
Mr. and Mrs. David Woodruff
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Wydra, Jr.
Ms. Susan W.Yelton
Non-Profit Org.
US Postage
Orlando, FL
Permit No. 506
6363 N.W. 6th Way, Suite 150
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309
(954) 202-3242
Toll Free: (877) 9FORKIDS