women’s & children’s hospital foundation inc annual review

women’s & children’s
hospital foundation inc
annual review 2008 - 2009
our vision
To be the leading charity in
supporting the health and
wellbeing of women and
children in South Australia.
our mission
To provide visible support for
the care and future health
of children and women,
especially those requiring
specialist care.
From the Chairman
From the CEO
About the WCH Foundation
2008 Highlights
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from the
I am extremely proud to once again present the
Women’s & Children’s Hospital Foundation Annual
Review as a reflection of the overwhelming generosity
and goodwill displayed by members of the South
Australian and Australian communities.
We are the principal charity for the Women’s
& Children’s Hospital. This status has seen the
Foundation work together with the Children, Youth
and Women’s Health Service as well as the State
Government to ensure that donated funds are
disbursed according to the wishes of the donor and to
the Hospital’s areas of greatest need. In some cases,
the Foundation establishes processes for donors that
are meant to endure into perpetuity.
During the 2008-2009 financial year, the Foundation
disbursed over $4.64 million to the Hospital including
$2.75million for the purchase and installation of a new,
state of the art CT scanner and MRI goggles that make
a hospital visit a lot less scary for children requiring an
MRI scan.
Our ongoing commitment to medical research into the
treatment and diagnosis of serious childhood illness
also saw the Foundation disburse over $980,000
to fund a range of research projects and grants for
the financial year as can be reviewed in detail in the
Research Highlights section.
The Foundation also committed over $120,000
towards health promotion programs implemented at
the Hospital including the Grandparenting and Science
Seminar Series as well as the Arts in Health initiative.
In the current economic climate, the Foundation
is increasingly reliant upon the generosity of our
corporate partners and the community to ensure that
we can continue to support those who rely on the
Hospital’s services. Again this year, we have been
most generously supported by our key corporate
partners; Woolworths Ltd, Savings & Loans Credit
Union and the Australian Leisure & Hospitality Group
Ltd and thank them for their contributions.
I acknowledge the appointment of Chief Executive
Officer, Sam Tolley, who joined the WCH Foundation
at the end of May 09. Sam brings with him a wealth of
business experience on a global basis and will ensure
we are well placed to grow and prosper in the current
financial environment. On behalf of all Foundation
Directors, I am pleased to welcome Sam to the
Foundation team.
Finally, on behalf of my fellow Directors, whom I thank
for their dedication and wise counsel, I take this
public opportunity to once again thank all our donors
for supporting the health and well being and the
subsequent impact on the lives of South Australia’s
women and children.
We are here to help.
Nicholas Begakis, AM, Chairman
the ceo
From humble beginnings, and for well over a
century, the Hospital that we now know as the
Women’s & Children’s, came about as the result
of a community looking out for the wellbeing
and health of its women and children. This is a
natural and basic reflection of the human spirit
that makes us proud to belong to our State
Having come on board at the Foundation this
year, I am excited by the potential and the role
I hope to play in leading our team to continue to
achieve positive health outcomes for the lives
of so many patients at the Women’s & Children’s
The WCH Foundation through its link with local
community and corporate partners is able to
support the patients and staff of the Women’s &
Children’s Hospital in many ways, ensuring that
the level of care to which we all aspire is upheld.
As you will see in the Fundraising Highlights of
our Annual Review, there have been a number of
outstanding fundraising initiatives and partnerships
in the last year including the Woolworths Fresh
Food Kids Hospital Appeal, the Bakers Delight
‘Bundraiser’ day, and our inaugural Night of Lights
Gala Ball.
With the support of our generous donors and our
committed Board of Directors, we look forward to
continuing to work closely with the Hospital to allow
us to support the highest possible standards of care
for the women and children of South Australia.
I am extremely grateful for the wonderful generosity
of our supporters and donors who have helped
us to achieve so many wonderful results and look
forward to continuing to support the Women’s &
Children’s Hospital in any way we can.
Sam Tolley
Chief Executive Officer
about the
women’s & children’s
hospital foundation
about the
women’s & children’s
As the principal charity of the Women’s & Children’s
Hospital (WCH) Adelaide, the Women’s & Children’s
Hospital Foundation’s purpose is to raise much
needed funds and invest in initiatives to support the
thousands of South Australian women, babies and
children who rely on the Hospital each year.
The WCH is South Australia’s primary provider of
specialist care for children and young people with
acute and chronic conditions. It is also the state’s
largest maternity and obstetric service.
The WCH Foundation is here to help the WCH in
any way we can. We are also dedicated to working
with our corporate partners and members of the
community to allow us to achieve wonderful health
outcomes for our women and children, often through
the initiation and facilitation of leading edge research
and support of health promotion initiatives.
We have distributed many millions of dollars to the
WCH to purchase state-of-the art equipment as
well as funding research to better understand and
manage childhood illness.
Here at the WCH Foundation, we believe that by
working together we can truly make the difference
for the South Australian women, babies and children
who rely on the services of the WCH.
The demand for the Hospital’s services across
South Australia is high. Over the past year the
WCH has provided expert maternity care for more
than 4,500 births, treated over 39,000 sick and
injured children in the Emergency Department
and provided over a quarter-of-a-million specialist
outpatient services to women and children.
The WCH campus is an academic teaching
hospital and the site for an impressive range of
research programs. Researchers at the WCH are
committed to understanding and improving the
treatment of women, babies and children with
illness or injury.
The dedication of Hospital staff, and the
continued focus on research, has earned the
WCH a reputation for excellence in health
care, and a place in the hearts of many South
Australia’s first high definition CT scanner
The WCH Foundation’s purchase and installation of a
$2.75 million CT scanner – one of only 30 of its kind
in the world – is already making a difference for the
thousands of sick women and children who need a
CT scan at the WCH each year.
Your favourite movie – now showing at an
MRI near you
The arrival of a 3D virtual reality system known as
CinemaVision – the first one of its kind to be
installed in Australia has seen significant benefits
for the wellbeing and care of up to eight patients
undergoing an MRI at the WCH each day.
Major benefits of this state-of-the-art imaging machine
include superior image quality and lower radiation
dosages and significantly reduced scanning times for
patients, often resulting in the reduction of the need
for general anaesthetics - which is a much better
The video system, which includes goggles and
audio headphones so patients can watch their
favourite DVD or listen to music, is designed to help
soothe and distract patients to keep them both
calm and still while they have the MRI.
The new scanner also allows radiographers to see
tiny structures that weren’t always detected with this
type of scan in the past.
In cases where patients are severely claustrophobic
or unable to keep still, administering anaesthesia
usually results in an overnight stay in the Hospital.
The WCH Foundation is enormously proud to have
funded such an important piece of equipment that will
benefit the health of thousands of patients at the WCH
for many years to come.
The CinemaVision system has seen young patients
able to keep still for much longer periods because
they’re distracted and calm. This means the MRI
can often be performed without administering an
anaesthetic – which is a great result.
Woolworths Fresh Food Kids Hospital Appeal
The Woolworths Fresh Food Kids Hospital Appeal
has again seen customers and staff helping raise
$350,000 towards the Rose Ward Family and Baby
Upgrade at the WCH.
The 17 bed ward primarily accommodates babies
from birth to 12 months of age with the upgrade
planned to make the ward a more welcoming,
comfortable space with the addition of a parent
lounge, repainting and the purchase of new recliner
chairs to make breast feeding easier.
Including the generous 2007 contribution for the
Audiology Department upgrade at the Hospital,
Woolworths and the Fresh Food Kids Appeal has
raised in excess of $1.5 million for the Hospital in
the last two years.
Woolworths’ ongoing generosity and partnership
with the WCH Foundation is truly making the
difference to some of the Hospital’s most
vulnerable patients, now and into the future.
Fluoroscan improves x-ray experience
Thanks to corporate partner the ALH Group, the
purchase of a $145,000 Fluoroscan – a specialised
x-ray machine which enables real-time imaging – is
improving the hospital experience for what can be
a very daunting time for young patients and their
Specifically used for extremity imaging such as
feet, hands and wrists, the Fluoroscan provides
instant, clear, television like images. Radiographers
have reported dramatic reductions in x-ray dosage
and treatment time for young patients in theatre,
emergency and orthopaedic clinics.
The Foundation would like to sincerely thank the
ALH Group’s 32 South Australian venues who hosted
a number of fundraising events, sausage sizzles and
family days to raise the funds needed.
Brave Isaiah
Isaiah Muller – the Adelaide toddler who captured
the hearts of South Australians last year – has been
on a journey in the desperate battle to save the sight
in his one remaining eye.
Specialists at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer
Centre in New York – where Isaiah was undergoing
specialised chemotherapy – reported that his cancer
was in remission earlier this year.
Isaiah still faces a challenging future ahead but we
would like to thank everyone who supported the
fundraising appeal we launched to help this family.
Laughter really is the best medicine
Raising dough
Two state-of-the-art Distraction Therapy Rooms
were installed thanks to our partnership with
Savings & Loans in the Paediatric Emergency
Department at the WCH.
Bakers across South Australia called on customers
to make their hot cross bun purchase really count
over Easter, by raising valuable dough for the WCH
The ‘Forest’ and ‘Ocean’ Treatment Rooms
incorporate multimedia and bright murals to
complement the many approaches clinicians
already use to prepare a child for treatment.
Bakers Delight’s official ‘Bundraiser Day’
saw more than 65 bakeries across the
state donate $1 from every six pack of hot
cross buns sold to the WCH Foundation to
purchase a Cosycot Table. The Table assists
babies in need of resuscitation and plays a vital role
in the safe care of new born babies at the WCH.
By listening to music, playing games or watching a
DVD, children have something else to focus on so
they are less likely to feel frightened or develop a
fear of future treatments.
All medical equipment is hidden behind sliding
doors so that children feel they are walking into
a safe environment – with everything still easily
accessible for medical staff.
The rooms have seen a major reduction in the use
of general anaesthetic for treating minor injuries,
with many patients now only requiring pain relief.
A stocking full of fun
Smiles were brought to the faces of children at
the WCH during the festive season thanks to the
generosity of our corporate partner Savings &
Pageant characters including clowns, fairies along
with BeBe Bear delivered games, books, magazine
subscriptions and DVDs as part of the ‘Christmas
Stocking’ handover morning tea in December.
Thanks to the generous support of Savings & Loans
for again making a hospital stay a little easier for
sick kids and their families.
The overwhelming response we received is a true
reflection of the generous spirit that exists in our
State – thank you South Australia!
Night of Lights
Cycle 4 Sam
Bringing science to the community
December saw the transformation of the Adelaide
Entertainment Centre into a ‘Night of Lights’
winter wonderland to officially launch the WCH
Foundation’s inaugural black tie gala ball.
Marty and Michelle Roberts and a team
of cyclists completed an impressive
eight day 1100km bicycle tour raising an impressive
$50,000 in memory of their son Sam last year.
Some of South Australia’s brightest young scientists
have been sharing their ground breaking research
with the community in language that’s accessible
and easy-to-understand as part of the WCH
Foundation’s New Science Seminar Series.
The who’s who of Adelaide joined forces to
show their support with the 500 strong guest
list enjoying entertainment from headline act
and singing sensation Vanessa Amorosi and the
Australian Girls’ Choir.
The Roberts’ established the ‘Sam Roberts Family
Fund’ in 2005 after they lost their son Sam, aged
four, to Niemann-Pick Disease Type C, a rare
genetic illness which affects around 12 children in
Australia every year.
Hosted by Board Director and media personality
Leigh McClusky, funds raised from the evening
went towards the purchase of much needed
equipment for families of children at the WCH
through the ‘Hardship Fund.’
The Fund brings hope to other sick children
and their families by raising funds for the WCH
Foundation and the Paediatric Palliative Care Unit
at the WCH.
Clive’s special visit
The WCH Foundation was fortunate enough
to gain the support of actor and Academy
Award nominee Clive Owen and internationally
acclaimed film director Scott Hicks for an exclusive
fundraising event last November.
Clive was shooting the film ‘The Boys are Back’
with Scott in and around Adelaide and the
Foundation was thrilled to have their support at
their only official Adelaide appearance, presenting
them with a thank you gift made by cancer
patients at the Hospital.
The WCH Foundation would like to thank Marty and
Michelle and the South Australian community
for their support.
Finalists from the 2008 Young Investigator Awards,
which the WCH Foundation has sponsored for nine
years have presented their research at a series of
free events with the benefits of fish oil for improving
the eyesight of premature babies, snoring and its
affect on a child’s learning and why your mum must
be tolerant of you – even before you’re born - just
some of the topics covered.
Arts in Health
The WCH Foundation and the Children, Youth and
Women’s Health Service (CYWHS) have partnered
in the last year to develop an Arts in Health
Program designed to integrate arts into the life of
the WCH to improve people’s health and wellbeing.
The program consists of four areas which aim to
deliver a range of activities over a five year period
including visual and performing arts, public art and
garden projects, design projects and art and music
therapy services.
By bringing artistic activities, and creating engaging
spaces and features to the WCH, the aim is to
evoke positive and pleasurable sensory experiences
for staff, families and the WCH community.
A good read
As part of the WCH Foundation’s goal to fund health
promotion programs, the production of the South
Australian version of ‘There’s No Such Thing As
A Silly Question’ - a practical guide for South
Australian families living with a child with chronic
illness, disability, mental illness or a life-threatening
condition was completed earlier this year.
The publication was adapted from a Victorian book
by the same name and has been tailored for South
Australian families through the support of a team of
health professionals and families.
The WCH Foundation partnered with the CYWHS
along with South Australian families to provide this
valuable health promotion resource which
helps families navigate the complexities of
the health system.
Over 10,000 copies of the publication have
been distributed free of charge to the
community and to health organisations.
The WCH Foundation has played a significant role
in improving the health of South Australian women,
babies and children since 1989. A major part of this
role has been to invest in vital research to improve
the way childhood illness is diagnosed and treated.
In 2008-09, $600,000 was provided to fund 13
WCH Foundation Research Project Grants as
well as additional funds for the Matthew Scriver
PICU Nurses Scholarship, the May Fotheringham
Fellowship, ongoing funding for the Midwifery
Fellowship and the Population Health Medical PostGraduate Scholarship.
The MS McLeod Research Fund also provided new
funding in 2008-09 for four Departmental Grants,
three Post-Doctoral Fellowships, a PhD Scholarship,
a Paediatric/Child Health Nursing Fellowship along
with ongoing funding for a Medical Post-Graduate
Scholarship and PhD Scholarship.
WCH Foundation research project grants
completed in 2008
Will the reduction of secondary storage halt
Central Nervous System (CNS) degeneration in
mucopolysaccharide (MPS) disorders.
Investigators: Dr Janice Fletcher, Dr Sharon Byers
and Miss Xenia Kaidonis (PhD student)
Dr Janice Fletcher and her colleagues are looking
at treating mice with mucopolysaccharide storage
disorders (recycling problems within the cells)
to reduce the impact or see if they halt CNS
degeneration in MPS disorders.
Dr Fletcher is using a group of compounds called
substrate deprivation therapies (SDT). These work
on slowing down cell turnover to reduce the need
for enzymes to break down the cells into different
components. This is analogous to turning down
the flow of a tap when you have a blocked drain,
so you don’t exceed the capacity to cope with the
So far, Dr Fletcher and her team have treated eight
mucopolysaccharide-affected and ten normal mice
with one of these SDT compounds and are in the
process of analysing the effects that this treatment
has had on a number of tissues.
research highlights
WCH Foundation research project grants
completed in 2008
Trapping GAPDH in the cytoplasm by the ERK5
module to protect the blood vessels
MS McLeod PhD Scholarship completed in
Understanding gliadin peptide influx in childhood
coeliac disease
Investigators: Associate Prof Charles Hii and Prof A
Neurocognitive and behavioural performance in
children with primary snoring
Investigators: Dr Guy Sander, Mr Subhobrata Das
Cardiovascular disease, especially heart disease and
stroke, claims more lives each year than any other
disease. This disease of the blood vessels commences
very early in life – hence Associate Professor Charles
Hii’s research into ways to halt the disease at an early
Investigator: Sarah Biggs – MS McLeod PhD Scholar
Dr Guy Sander in his research into coeliac disease
investigated the way in which food proteins from
cereals such as wheat move across the first layer
of cells in the intestine known as the epithelium
- analysing whether an epithelial cell membrane
protein, called a tight junction protein, could increase
the movement of ions, sugar molecules and cereal
proteins across the epithelium.
Findings included that the tight junction protein
analysed could increase permeability to ions but not
to larger sugar molecules - with the team currently
testing whether there is an increase in movement of
the cereal proteins.
Dr Sander and his team also fluorescently labelled
one part of a cereal protein (a peptide) to detect
its location in the epithelium with a confocal
microscope. The team were able to detect a signal
for the fluorescently labelled cereal peptide in
the space between epithelial cells and this was
dependant on the level of ionic resistance.
Dr Sander and his team are now performing more
experiments to determine if cytokines can increase
the movement of these fluorescently labelled cereal
peptides across the epithelium.
award and scholarship winners 2008-2009
Critical initiating features which lead to cardiovascular
disease or atherosclerosis include injury and death
of the endothelial cells which line the blood vessels.
On the other hand, a kinase (enzyme) known as ERK5,
protects endothelial cells against injury and death.
The overall objective of Associate Professor Hii’s
project was to discover how ERK5 protects endothelial
cells. The team recently discovered that ERK5 in
endothelial cells exists as a complex and binds to
a few other enzymes, one of which is GAPDH, an
enzyme which is needed for energy generation but
surprisingly also has pro-death function, if it moves
into the nucleus of cells. Associate Professor Hii
hypothesised that if GAPDH is prevented from entering
the nucleus, endothelial cells would be protected.
In the studies undertaken, the team exposed human
endothelial cells to agents which stimulate ERK5
activity. These included serum, a well-characterised
protector of endothelial cells, and DHA and EPA, the
omega 3 fatty acids present in fish oils which protect
against atherosclerosis. Preliminary data suggest that
the omega 3 fatty acids prevent GAPDH from moving
into the nucleus.
This project has opened up new areas for further
research on the development and prevention of
cardiovascular disease.
A South Australian Paediatric Sleep Survey (SAPSS)
was conducted in 2007 to determine the prevalence
of snoring in children from primary schools with an
overall response rate of 26.5%. Prevalence of habitual
snoring, defined as snoring >5 nights per week was
4.8%. Occasional snoring (>2 but <5 nights per week)
was observed in 10.1% of this cohort. 130 children have
completed overnight polysomnographic sleep studies
and neurocognitive and behavioural testing.
Preliminary analysis of a small group of habitual
snorers has revealed that snoring was predictive
of increased mood problems, aggression and
oppositional behaviour. Sarah’s study also shows that
poor sleep routines are predictive of neurocognitive
and behavioural deficits independent of snoring.
The survey data revealed that although most children
were obtaining the recommended amount of sleep
each night, 40% had inconsistent bedtimes or poor
sleep routines. The deficits observed suggest
that children with highly variable bedtimes and
sleep durations may have impairments in daytime
functioning similar to those experienced in jetlag.
This finding has important implications for sleep
education and the health and well-being of children.
Award & Scholarship winners in 2008 – 2009
The WCH Foundation would like to congratulate the
following talented researchers who are continually
seeking cures and striving towards a healthier future for
women, babies and children.
MS McLeod Awards
The Ms McLeod Research Fund was established by a
bequest from the estate of the late Murdoch Stanley
McLeod. The purpose of this fund, in accordance with
the wishes of the benefactor, is to support in perpetuity
research in the field of paediatrics, child and youth health.
MS McLeod Departmental Research Project Grants
Four Departmental Research Grants of $10,000 each
were awarded to:
Dr Leanne Dibbens
SA Pathology WCH campus
The nature of pathogenic microchromosomal deletions
and duplications in a common form of epilepsy.
A/Prof Barry Powell
Women’s and Children’s Health Research Institute
The role of Vitamin A binding proteins in skull
development and craniosynostosis.
Dr Cuong Tran
CYWHS – Gastroenterology
Fractional absorption of zinc and gut function in children
with Coeliac Disease.
Dr Michael Yung
CYWHS – Paediatric Critical Care Medicine
Paediatric intensive care follow-up study.
Sarah Biggs’ research has also lead to further
research into the prevalence of primary snoring in
Australian children aged 5-10 years is looking at
comparing neurocognitive functioning and behaviour
over a 24 month period beginning in May 2008 and
continuing into 2010.
award and scholarship
winners 2008-2009
ongoing funding
wch foundation research project grants
for research commencing in 2009
MS McLeod PhD Scholarship
MS McLeod Medical Postgraduate scholarship
Chief Investigator
Ms May Tan
Characterisation of protein-protein interactions
between the ARX and its novel interacting protein
partners: Investigating the role of these interactions
in regulating the transcriptional activity of the ARX.
Jenny Harrington
Department of Endocrinology and Diabetes
Monitoring vascular health in children at risk for
Dr T Varcoe
A/Prof D Kennaway
Dr C van den Heuvel
The effects of circadian disruption through
exposure to a simulated shift work schedule
during pregnancy on the health and
development of the offspring.
Dr T Omari
Prof G Davidson
A/Prof P Lewindon
Dr J Tobin
Upper Gastrointestinal Motility and GastroOesophageal Reflux in Infants with Cow’s Milk
Protein Allergy.
Dr C Collins
Dr A McPhee
Dr S Morris
A/Prof L Ward
Prof R Gibson
A/Prof M Makrides
Body composition assessment in preterm
infants: development of resistivity constants for
use in Bioelectrical Impedance Spectroscopy.
Dr C Shoubridge
Prof J Gecz
Mutations in IQSEC2, a guanine nucleotide
exchange factor for ARF6, cause
nonsyndromic mental retardation.
Dr S Barry
Dr R Couper
Prof H Zola
Measurement of regulatory T-cell and Th17 cell
numbers in paediatric IBD patients.
Dr D Palmer
A/Prof M Makrides
Dr M Gold
Dr P Quinn
Optimal timing of solid food introduction to
infants at high risk of developing allergic
Dr D Parsons
Dr M Donnelley
Dr K Siu
Prof Yagi
Dr M Kitchen
Dynamic synchrotron x-ray detection of
individual pollutant particle behaviour after
deposition onto live airways.
Dr M Fuller
Prof J Hopwood
Prof D Brooks
Substrate exocytosis as a therapy for Gaucher
A/Prof V Clifton
Dr M Stark
Prof R Haslam
Role of placental hemeoxygenase pathway
in regulating preterm neonatal cardiovascular
A/Prof D Kennedy
Dr J Martin
Dr M Worthley
Dr S Willoughby
Dr C van den Heuvel
Cardiovascular structure and function in
paediatric sleep breathing disorders: A
Magnetic Resonance Imaging study.
Dr S Byers
The correlation between residual enzyme
activity and the efficacy of substrate
deprivation therapy.
A/Prof D Anson
Complement Resistant Lentiviral Vectors.
Dr A Derrick Roberts
Dr S Byers
Dr J Fletcher
Substrate deprivation therapy for MPS I: the
most common MPS type.
Postdoctoral Fellowship
Dr Leanne Dibbens
SA Pathology WCH campus
Discovering the genetic causes of childhood
Dr Julia Pitcher
University of Adelaide Department of Obstetrics
and Gynaecology at WCH campus
The neurophysiology of abnormal motor and
cognitive development in preterm children.
Dr Cuong Tran
CYWHS – Gastroenterology
Zinc supplement as an adjuvant therapy for children
with Coeliac Disease.
May Fotheringham Fellowship
Dr Cuong Tran
Funding allowed Dr Tran to attend the international
conference “Experimental Biology 2010” in Anaheim
The Fellowship allowed Dr Tran to continue
his research in collaboration with international
colleagues Professor Nancy Krebs and Emeritus
Professor Michael Hambidge in Denver.
Midwifery Fellowship
Roslyn Donnellan-Fernandez
Community Midwife
A five year retrospective analysis of the capacity of
an all risk Midwifery Group Practice service to deliver
cost effective reduction in health inequalities for ‘rich’
and ‘poor’ suburbs in Adelaide through the public
sector: years 2004-2008.
WCH Foundation Population Health Medical
Post-Graduate Scholarship
Rammy Abu-Assi
Gastroenterology Department
The epidemiology and natural history of Inflammatory
Bowel Disease in Australian Children.
Their research looks at zinc adsorption capacity in
children with Coeliac Disease using state-of-the-art
Inductive Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry.
Matthew Scriver Paediatric Intensive Care
Unit (PICU) Nurses Scholarship
Ms Theresa Lewcock
Reducing the amount and severity of incidents within
the Paediatric Intensive Care setting.
WCH Foundation Research Project
Grants 2008-2009
The WCH Foundation Research Project
Grants support research into the health
of children, youth and women by
providing funding for research projects
on an annual basis. In 2008-09 the WCH
Foundation dispersed $600,000, with
funding of up to $50,000 per project
awarded through a competitive grants
young investigator award 08
The Young Investigator Award acknowledges
excellence in South Australia’s young researchers and
communicating their research to the broader community.
The WCH Foundation continued its sponsorship of the
ninth annual Young Investigator Award (YIA), hosted
by the CYWHS in collaboration with the University of
Adelaide, Flinders University and the University of
South Australia.
Through the Young Investigator Award, the WCH
Foundation rewards excellence in South Australia’s
young researchers involved in women’s, children’s or
young people’s health.
Three researchers competed for the $10,000 first prize
and the title of Young Investigator of the Year at the
award presentation held at the Adelaide Convention
Centre on October 31.
2008 Young Investigator of the Year
Lisa conducted a clinical trial to test whether the
vision of preterm babies could be improved by
increasing milk DHA from typical levels to a higher
amount that was estimated to match the supply
during pregnancy. Breast milk DHA was increased
by supplementing mothers with tuna oil, which
raised DHA levels four times higher than breast
milk of mothers who took a placebo supplement.
If formula was required, DHA was added to formula
at levels matching the high or normal DHA diet.
No differences in vision were found at two months
of age, but by four months, babies who were fed
higher DHA could see a finer pattern than those fed
the usual amount of DHA.
Lisa’s research shows that milk with higher DHA can
improve the visual development of preterm babies.
More mature visual function may influence other
aspects of development so we are testing whether
higher milk DHA can lead to improvements in other
areas of development.
Dr Lisa Smithers
Lisa Smithers was chosen as the Young Investigator
of the Year in 2008 for her work showing that visual
development of premature babies can be improved
by ensuring their diets are rich in omega-3 oil.
Dr Smithers, who conducted her PhD research at the
University of Adelaide and is now a Medical Scientist
and Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Women’s
and Children’s Health Research Institute and Flinders
Medical Centre, took out the award based on her ability
to communicate her science to a panel of media judges.
working together
for sick children
Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia (CHFA)
is the national fundraising partnership of Australia’s
children’s hospitals, dedicated to excellence in
child health.
2008/2009 highlights
Five of Australia’s leading children’s hospital
foundation partners work together with corporate
Australia to raise funds nationally and support all
five hospitals through a single gateway.
CHFA professionally presented our vision “Helping
Little Lives Shine” through a new website and collateral.
Heartfelt thanks to Digital Garden for probono website
development and ongoing multimedia support.
In 2008 the patronage of the Governor-General
of the Commonwealth of Australia Her Excellency
Ms Quentin Bryce AC accentuated CHFA’s
achievements and strengthened the Federation’s
aims of engaging Australia to ensure that all sick
and injured children receive the best possible
health care.
Bank of Queensland (BOQ) continued their exceptional
commitment to child health with branches, staff and
customers Banking on our Kids to raise over $170,000.
CHFA invested in a second staff member, employing
a National Development Manager to work out of the
SCHF office.
Philips Australia staff and customers helped little lives
shine through innovative fundraising opportunities
and by donating profits from sales of light bulbs and
headphones. Other CHFA Cause Related Marketing
partners included Crest Electronics, PartyLite, Bloom,
Toot’n’Tinkle, Living Image, SuperCheap, Female
Friendly, Gyrocar, Playtime Hometime, The Coffee Club,
Gecko, Charity Greeting Cards and Unique Ceramics.
Collins Foods Groups launched their
Workplace Giving program achieving an
unprecedented level of over 75% of staff
commitment within some restaurants regularly
donating, and an overall participation rate of 18%.
Other companies offering staff the opportunity
to support child health pre-tax through their pay
included Coles Group, SKILLED Group, Bank of
Queensland, Baxter, Host Plus, Amalgamated
Holdings, J P Morgan, ASIC, ABB, SuperCheap Auto
Group, Departments of Defence, Foreign Affairs and
Trade, Science, Education and Training, Health and
Aging, Finance and Regulation, and CRS Australia.
As the first company to support the Investing in Hope
Dividend Donations programme for CHFA thanks
goes to BOQ and shareholders for their continuing
support as well as to Australasia Investor Relations
Association, Computershare, Link, Orion Equities,
Queste Communications and Cue & A for their
assistance in promoting this concept.
In the third successful year of partnership, Rugby
League’s One Community raised funds and
awareness for children’s hospitals.
Sincere thanks to all companies and individuals who
donated time, money or services to raise funds and
awareness for CHFA. Thank you Pengana, Count
Wealth Accountants, Cam White, Pharmacy Online,
AIRA, BBS PR, Ian MacIntosh, Melinda Ransom, De
Pasquale, Yippee-Yi-Yo and Digital Pacific.
thank you
Organisations with staff
participating in Work Place
Giving in 08/09 financial year
AHL Administration
BHP Billiton
CAF (Charities Aid Foundation)
Womens Foundation Stratapay
CCA Quenchy Crusta Sales
Coca Cola Amatil
Ernst & Young
Goldman Sachs JB Were
Kellogg Brown & Root Pty Ltd (KBR)
Macquarie Group Foundation
Rydges Brisbane
United Water
United Way
The support of our many donors, corporate and
community partners means the WCH Foundation
is able to make the difference to many lives of the
women and children treated at the WCH each year.
We have achieved some outstanding fundraising
outcomes in the 2008/2009 financial year – which
are the result of the goodwill and generosity of the
South Australian community.
The WCH Foundation would like to thank the
individuals, groups and corporate partners who
have made wonderful contributions to support our
projects and initiatives.
major donors
Diamond Partners
Woolworths Limited
Gold Partners
Australian Leisure & Hospitality Group
Savings & Loans Credit Union (SA) Ltd
Bronze Partners
AMP Foundation Charitable Trust
Solutions Study Group
CMV Staff Charitable Foundation
Macquarie Private Wealth
Bendigo Bank
Toys R Us
Advertiser Newspapers Ltd
Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia (CHFA)
thank you
bequests and
in memory
Golden Hearts Club
Donations $500 - $10,000 A Mr Gordon Adams, Mrs Rayleene Aird, Mrs K Alexopoulos, Ms Kate
In Memory and In Celebration
The Golden Hearts Club (GHC) is just
one way that the WCH Foundation
acknowledges major donors and
bequestors. The Club was officially
launched at the WCH Foundation AGM
held in October 2008. We would like to
thank the following Golden Hearts Club
members for their support:
Allen, Mr A G Anderson, Mr Alex Andriotis, Mr Om Arora B Mr Peter Baxter, Mr Nicholas Begakis
AM, Ms Pia Bellosguardo, Mr X Bizot, Dr Martyn Bloss, Mr Andrew Bowman, Ms Teresa Brady,
Mr Stuart R Brew, Dr Phillip Brock, Mrs Suzanne J Brookman, Mr Allen Burtt C Mrs Rosanna
Capone, Mr Wee Chan, Mrs L R Challans, Jai Yin Chin, Mr John Clayton, Mr Michael Climatianos,
Mr Brian Condon OAM, Mr Steven Conroy, Mr Charles Cornwall, Mr Anthony Cottrell, Mr Mark
Coughlin, Mr Simon Crase, Ms Elizabeth Craven, Mr and Mrs Peter and Vivienne Crockett, Mr E R W
Crossing D Mr Peter Davison, Mr Michael Delbridge, J Dibben, Mr John Dimas, Ms Mia Dion,
Ms Myrna Domiati, Ms Mary Downer, Mrs Jenny Draper F Ms Desrae Falk, Mr John Falzon,
Mr Scott Filsell, Dr Janice Fletcher G Ms Rita Gade, Ms Rita Gades, M B & V M Gare, Mrs Mavis
Goedecke, Mr Percy Gow, Mr Keith J Gramp, Mr Mark Griffin, Ms Gillian Griffith, Mr Peter Griffiths,
Mr Peter T Gun H Ms Julie Halsall, Mr Geoffrey Halsey, Mr Don Hanley, Mr Gilbert Harnett,
Mr Gordon Hastings, Mr Stephen Hicks, Mr Barry F Hill, Mr Sam Hill-Smith, Mr Lance Holmes,
Ms Sharon Lee Horne, Mrs Lynette Hughes, Mrs Nicola Hurst I Mrs Margaret Illman, C W Irwin J
Mrs Elizabeth James, Ms Mavis Janssan, Mr Carl Jarrett, Mr Andrew Jaunay K Mr Desmond Khoo
L Ms Wendy Laffer, Mr Yung Ho Lai, Mr Darren Lehmann, Mr Damien Leith, Mrs Beth Lewis, Mr Paul
Lewis, Mr John Ling, Mr Jack Liubinskas, Mr Leonard Lloyd, Mrs Susan Lloyd, Mr Derek Louey,
Mrs Joyce Lucas M Ms Jane L Maczkowiack, Mr Theo Marinis, Mr Harry Martin, Miss Elizabeth
Matters, Mrs Gweneth McCallum, Mr David Mcleod, Dr Andrew McPhee, Mr N Medder, Mrs Janice
Menz, Mrs Chris Mercurio, Mr Kym Millard, Mrs Lesley Mould, S Mould, Ms Joy Mules, Mrs Iris Muller
N Mrs Eva Naughton, Kar Ng O Mr Michael O’Connor, Mr Alexander Ouwens P Mr Harry PapaGeorge, Mr Steven Pinhorn, Ms Nicola Poplawski, Mr John Preston, Ms Laura Puccio, W Purcell,
Ms Rita Purvis Q Ms Linda Quinn R Dr I Ramsay, Mr Gary Rella, Mrs E Richter, Mrs Rebecca
Roberts, Mr Grayson Rotumah, Mr Trevor Rowe, Mr John Ryan S Yayasan Senyum, Mr Ian Shaw,
Mrs Mary-Anne Sheppard, Mrs Colleen Souifi, Mr Dimos Stefanopoulos, Mrs M Stewart, Mrs Nicole
Symonds T Mr Arthur Talbot, Dr Kian Giap Tan, Mr Gordon Tanswell, Mrs Valerie M Taylor, Mr Lahn
To, Ms Lara Townsend, Mr S J Tsapaliaris, Ms Irene Tsoukalas, Mr Brett Tucker, Dr Richard Turner
V Mr Ronald Villiers, Mr Ngon Vo W Mr Ian Wall, Mrs Jan Watson, Mrs Debra White, Mr Gary
Wicker, Mrs Murial Williams, Mr Scott Williams, Andrew & Lisa Winter, Mr & Mrs M & S D Wright
X Mr Stephen Xenikoudis Y Mrs Helen Yang, Mr Greg Yates.
The WCH Foundation gratefully acknowledges all
donations made in memory and in celebration of
the following individuals:
Mr Lewis Barrett, AO, OBE,
Ms Frances Browne, Mr Ron Cass,
Mrs Ros Clarke, Mr Alan Crompton, AO,
Mrs Ann Cutts, Mrs Jenny Dawes,
Mr Peter Etheridge, Mr L Fernandez,
Mrs Helen Genders, Mr Percy Gow,
Mrs Shirley Heading, Mrs Lorna
Janssan, Mrs Sandra Keane,
Mr Geoffrey Kilmore, Mr Roger
Langford, Mrs Helen McDonald,
Mrs Sandra McGeary, Mr John McGrath,
Mrs Betty Pelton, Mr Roger Pike,
Mrs Rosalie Prance, Mrs Anna Rackham,
Mr Mike Reilly, Mr & Mrs R & P Roach,
Mr Scott Smith, Dr Winston Storer,
Mr & Mrs JW & WM Tabe, Dr Johan
Vanderwalt, Mrs Marjorie Whincup,
Mr Gary Wicker.
Andreas Andersen, Nick Apostolou, David Joseph
Arena, Ivy Mavis Ashwin, Allan Clarence Barr,
Angelo Battistella, Isabella Cianci, Mary Isobel
Cluse, Mary Conaghty, Gareth Cooper, Gwenda
Fay Crase, Fay Crase, Harold Walter Crouch, Daisy
Day, Carmela De Maria, Lanna Derwent, Nicole
Sheree Dreckow, Edith Ellen, Olive Evans, Nicholas
Cooper Filsell, Gordon Ramsey Gale, Emilio Giobbi,
Bailey Thomas Hatcher, Paul Homburg, Mary
Hooper, Marzia Icolaro, Audrey Violet James, Paul
Jungfer, Lani Kannussaar, Christos Katsikas, Harriet
Kendall, Hope Isabella Ann Kilvington, Neil Kinloch,
Irene Kretschmer, Rene Kretschmer, Giovanni
La Vista, Charlotte Louise Learmonth, Sophie
Lum, Frank Maidment, Dr John Martin, Margaret
Martin, Peg Martin, Jacob Justin Maschotta, Georg
Mattai, Hans-Georg Matthai, Edwin Matthews,
Yvonne Meredith, Rocco Vincenzo Minici, Michael
Mitchell, Lynnette Moody, Kooper Norris, Lawrence
Martin O’Connor, John Peek, Diane Perkins,
Caitlyn Elisabeth Pfeiffer, Iris Pooley, Louie Reece,
Alexander & Christopher Sauchelli, Paola Sauchelli,
Craig Anthony Sampson, Paolo Guiseppe Santoro,
Beth Smith, Mary Smith, Ruth Whitmore Smith,
Oscar Streeter, Sasha Danae Taylor,
Daniel Tragakis, Georgia Marie Vallelonga, Tori
Verrall, Betty Vera Vesey, Marilyn Woods, Christopher
Steven Work, Clarrie Wundersitz, Maria Zammit.
Bequests and Trusts
The WCH Foundation acknowledges and greatly
appreciates the following Estates and Trusts that
were received in the last financial year:
JE Allen Estate, G A Carter Estate, Florence Maud
Colmer Estate, EB Charitable Trust, Marjory Norman
Edwards OAM Estate, Estate of Lois Farr, Alexander
Flint Trust, Josephine Faith Laught, Moira Llewelyn,
Matthews A V Estate, EM McDonald Estate, Melrose
J Charitable Trust, Eva Muriel Naughton, Estate of
Hugh James Nelson, Robinson H E Estate, John
Ryan, Joyce Beryl Searle Estate, A H Shlank Estate,
Phyllis Emily Stokes, Melville Leslie Walter Thomas,
Estate of Mr Alfred Hedlee Warren, JD White.
Thank you to all our valued donors
The WCH Foundation was established in 1989. In
April 1998, the Queen Victoria Hospital Foundation
and the Adelaide Children’s Hospital Foundation
were incorporated to become the Adelaide Medical
Centre for Women and Children Foundation Inc.
In September 1992, the name officially changed to
the Women’s & Children’s Hospital Foundation Inc.
The WCH Foundation is an incorporated body
under the Associations Incorporations Act 1985 and
is governed by a Board of Directors. Directors serve
in an honorary capacity and receive no financial
benefits. An annual declaration of financial interest
is made by all Directors. The WCH Foundation
appoints PKF as external auditor.
The Board of Directors provides governance
to ensure the efficient use of resources
across the WCH Foundation and maintains
a balance between financial and social goals.
The Board is accountable to all WCH Foundation
stakeholders, to ensure that operations and
affairs of the WCH Foundation are in line
with the expectations of the community and our
The role of the Board of Directors includes:
maintaining a high level of accountability to our stakeholders
providing strategic direction and developing, examining and approving strategies, policies, plans and budgets
ensuring compliance with statutory,
financial and social and corporate governance responsibilities
developing and maintaining our partnership with CYWHS.
Executive Management
The Board of Directors delegates responsibility for
implementing strategies approved by the Board to the
Chief Executive Officer, who in turn is accountable to
the Chairman and Board.
board of
Nicholas Begakis, AM
Nick has more than 35
years experience in
non-executive Director
and senior management roles in
manufacturing industries, as an
entrepreneur in his own enterprises,
in venture capital, merchant banking
and corporate recovery roles. He is
also committed to various economic
development and not for profit roles
as an independent, non-executive
Chairman and Company Director.
His roles as Chairman of Statewide
Superannuation Trust, the Council for
International Trade and Commerce
SA, the Australian Centre for Plant
Functional Genomics, as a Director of
the Australian Chamber of Commerce
and Industry and Business SA, as
a Councillor of Flinders University
and a Member of the Executive of
the Premier’s Food Council keep
him intimately involved in the South
Australian and Australian community.
Michael O’Connor
Deputy Chairman
Michael graduated from
the South Australian
Institute of Technology
with a Bachelor of Applied Science
in 1984. Since then he has carved a
significant career and business in the
building industry in South Australia.
In addition to his role on the WCH
Foundation Board, Michael is also
a member of the Master Builder’s
Association, World Presidents
Organisation and director of the Port
Adelaide Football Club.
Francis Wong
A prominent figure in
marketing Australia
and South Australia as
a tourist destination,
Francis established one of the country’s
leading inbound tourism companies,
Encounter Australia. Francis is the only
South Australian to have ever been
elected to serve as Chair on the Asian
Industry Advisory Panel, is a Councillor
on the Adelaide City Council and is
National President of the Australia Brunei
Darussalam Business Council.
Leigh McClusky
Dr Tony Bourne
Tony studied Medicine at
the University of Adelaide
from 1964-1969 and
subsequently trained
in pathology at The Queen Elizabeth
Hospital. Tony took up post as a
Consultant Pathologist at the Adelaide
Children’s Hospital in 1977, a position
which continued with the WCH until he
retired in 2007.
With a career spanning
almost 30 years, Leigh is
one of South Australia’s
most experienced and
respected journalists. Having worked
in print, radio and television, Leigh is
perhaps most well known for her role as
host of Channel Seven’s top rating current
affairs program, Today Tonight. She is also
a proud mother to four children.
Bronwen Gwynn-Jones
Bronwen is the founding
Director of Jigsaw
Media, an independent
South Australian media
organisation which publishes a number
of high quality niche magazines and
produces local television.
Barbara Lamkin
Barbara was the first
Chairman of the WCH
Friends Council in
1992, following the
amalgamation of the ACH and QVH,
serving for seven years, including
two years as State President of the
Auxiliaries Division.
Darren Lehmann
Darren Lehmann is one of
the nation’s favourite test
cricket legends and, as a
South Australian, holds a
special place in the hearts of many and is
widely respected for his business acumen
and commitment to charitable causes.
Mark Coughlin
A PricewaterhouseCoopers
Partner, Mark is the Partner
in charge of the Adelaide
Consulting and Transaction
Support teams. Mark is a former senior
executive in both the SA public sector
and the national utility sector.
John Harley
Barbara served nine years on the
WCH Board and has been on the WCH
Foundation Board since 2001. She has
been heavily committed to fundraising
for the WCH in a voluntary capacity for
the past 38 years.
Wee Keat Chan
Wee is a Partner of
Bray Chan Chartered
Accountants and his
areas of expertise
include the manufacturing, fashion and
services industries. Wee Keat was also
the National President of the Australia
Malaysia Business Council. In 2007, in
recognition of his meritorious service
and contribution in further strengthening
the trade relations between
Australia and Malaysia,
Wee Keat was conferred
the honorary award of
Johan Mangku Negara (J.M.N.)
(Companion in the Order of the Defender
of the Realm) by the King of Malaysia,
His Majesty Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin.
A respected solicitor and
notary, John is a past
President of the Law
Society, a past Public
Advocate and current President of the
Notaries Society of SA Inc.
Barbara has been President and Patron
of Auburn/Watervale WCH Auxiliary, in
the Clare Valley, for the past 28 years.
how you can support
the wch foundation
Workplace Giving
Workplace giving is a payroll deduction scheme where
employees choose to give a portion of their income to a
charity. Employees are able to donate from their pre-tax
pay, gaining an immediate tax benefit.
There are many ways you, your community or your
organisation can help raise much-needed finds. Why
not organise a ball, raffle, golf day or sausage sizzle?
Our fundraising team can help you with the details.
Companies can support the WCH Foundation
through sponsoring one of our special events. Tiered
sponsorship packages are available for each of our
events, with different levels of brand and marketing
By naming the WCH Foundation in your will, you can
help us ensure that South Australian women and
children will always have the very best medical care
and support, now and into the future.
People and time
No matter how large or small, every dollar helps. You can
choose to make a one off donation, or become a regular
monthly donor, where payments are auto-matically
deducted from your bank account or credit card. Every
donation is channeled towards high priority initiatives
and the areas of greatest need within the WCH.
We understand the importance of staff
engagement, and offer our corporate
partners rewarding opportunities to help us
make a difference for sick children. We have
a number of ways to engage with staff including teambased volunteering, customised fundraising programs
and payroll giving.
Donated goods and services
As a not-for-profit organisation, we are always trying to
source pro-bono support where possible to keep our
costs at a minimum. If you or your organisation can help
us by donating goods or services we will ensure
that you are recognized appropriately.
Contact Us
For more information about the WCH Foundation
and our fundraising activities, please contact:
WCH Foundation
Ground Floor, Norwich Building
55 King William Road
North Adelaide SA 5006
WCH Foundation
Locked Bag 5
Adelaide SA 5001
phone / donations (08) 8464 7900
fax (08) 8464 7999
email [email protected]
web www.wchfoundation.org.au
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