Bounty hunter ‘Dog’ arrested in
Hawaii for alleged kidnapping
HONOLULU — TV reality star
Duane “Dog” Chapman and two
co-stars on his show were arrested Thursday in Hawaii on charges
of illegal detention and conspiracy in the bounty hunters’ capture
three years ago of a cosmetics
company heir.
Chapman and
associate Timothy Chapman
were taken into
custody and did
not resist arrest,
CHAPMAN Hanohano, U.S.
Marshal for the district of Hawaii.
“It went down without incident,”
Hanohano said.
Mona K. Wood, a publicist for
the star of the popular cable series
“Dog The Bounty Hunter,” said
Chapman would be vindicated. “He
arrests the bad guys — and he is
definitely not one of them,” she said.
The charges stem from Chapman’s capture of Max Factor heir
Andrew Luster on June 18, 2003,
in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, said
Marshals spokeswoman Nikki
Credic in Washington.
Chapman’s capture of Luster,
who had fled the country after being convicted of raping three
women, catapulted the 53-yearold bounty hunter to fame and led
to the reality series on A&E.
The three are being held in
Honolulu. Bail has not been set.
They will face an extradition hearing to Mexico under terms of
treaties between the U.S. and
Mexico, Credic said.
Chapman’s son Leland, 29,
Photo by Carol Cunningham | AP
Beth Chapman,wife of bounty hunter Duane “Dog”Chapman, leaves the federal courthouse in Honolulu on Thursday, carrying her husband’s boots and wearing his badge
and a “Got Dog?”T-shirt.
and Timothy Chapman, 41, no relation, assist Chapman in exploits
chronicled for the TV show
around the Hawaiian Islands. The
show focuses on Chapman’s family as much as the bounty hunting,
which generally involves tracking
down bail jumpers, often creating emotional scenes with repentant captives.
Charges have been pending
against the three since local police
in Mexico arrested them shortly
after they roped in Luster. They
posted bail but never returned to
Puerto Vallarta for their court
hearing on July 15, 2003, Credic
Mexican authorities demanded that the Chapmans transfer
Luster to Mexican police. Their
refusal to do so led to their initial
A U.S. warrant for their arrest
was signed by a federal judge in
Honolulu on Wednesday.
Charges added in ‘Baseline Killer’ probe
PHOENIX — An ex-con accused of two sexual assaults
linked to the “Baseline Killer”
case that has terrorized the city is
facing three more criminal
Mark Goudeau, a 42-year-old
construction worker, was charged
earlier this week with 17 felony
counts. Police haven’t said specifically how he may be connected to
the “Baseline Killer” case — a
string of rapes, robberies and
eight shooting deaths in the
Phoenix area during the last year.
He has not been named a sus-
pect in the deaths.
On Thursday, authorities
added a count of sexual abuse, a
count of sexual assault and a
charge of cocaine use or possession. The drug charge stems from
Sept. 6, the day he was arrested,
authorities said.
Goudeau previously admitted
to being a recovering cocaine addict and blamed the drugs for a series of unrelated assaults that put
him behind bars for 13½ years.
“Adding more counts does not
give this case any more credence,”
defense lawyer Corwin Townsend
“Our client had nothing to do
with this. He’s not guilty.”
Police charge 4 in sex assault case
MILWAUKEE — Four more
people were charged Thursday in
connection with the case of an 11year-old girl who authorities say
had sex with as many as 20 people
as a 16-year-old girl coached her.
Ten people have been charged
so far in the case.
Kelvin L. Bonds Jr., 18; Eric
Ezell, 20; and Darnell J. Gurley, 17,
were charged Thursday with firstdegree sexual assault of a child. Altonio L. Chaney, 22, was charged
with being party to a crime of firstdegree sexual assault of a child.
The criminal complaint filed
Thursday also charged Chaney
with having sexual intercourse
with a child 16 or older in a separate incident.
The case derives its name from
the location of the earliest crimes,
Phoenix’s Baseline Road. Investigators have said they connected
the crimes based on forensic evidence and similarities in the way
they were committed.
Authorities charged Goudeau
in the Sept. 20 sexual attacks on
two sisters.
The attacks were among the
23 incidents blamed on the Baseline Killer.
The case is the second serial
killer investigation in Phoenix
during the past year.
Police have arrested two men
in the other, dubbed the “Serial
Shooter” investigation.
„ Just 72 hours after seizing more
than $309,000 in undeclared currency
on Sept. 11, Customs and Border Protection officers at the Laredo port of entry
struck green again, seizing $530,400 in
undeclared currency during an outbound
inspection of a truck.
A CBP officer conducting outbound
examinations at Lincoln-Juarez Bridge
shortly after midnight on Sept. 14 referred a southbound 2001 Chevy Silverado pickup for a secondary examination.
The driver gave a negative declaration
for currency in excess of $10,000,
weapons or ammunition.
During secondary examination, however, officers discovered $530,400 in undeclared currency inside the spare tire of
the vehicle.
Officials arrested the driver, a 35year-old Mexican citizen from Nuevo
Laredo whose name was not immediately released.
The suspect was charged federally
with bulk cash smuggling and turned
over to the custody of special agents
from Immigration and Customs Enforcement.
Investigations continue. Officials said
the man would remain jailed pending an
initial appearance before a federal magistrate Friday.
It is not a crime to carry more than
$10,000, officials said, but it is a federal
offense not to declare currency or monetary instruments totaling $10,000 or
more to a CBP officer upon entry or exit
from the U.S. It is also a crime to conceal
it with intent to evade reporting requirements.
An individual may petition for the return of currency seized by CBP officers,
but the petitioner must prove that the
source and intended use of the currency
was legitimate.
was not authorized and immediately
hung up the phone when the call taker
tried to question him.
The case was referred to the Laredo
Police Crimes Against Property Division
for further investigation.Anyone with information should contact the police at
(956) 795-2800.
„ At Stynx in the 5100 block of
Tesoro Plaza on Wednesday, at 10:25
a.m., 27-year-old Adan Hernandez, who
has no known local address, told police
several strangers in a maroon 2000-06
Ford Expedition attacked him and hit him
with a baseball bat and fled the scene.
Hernandez was taken to Laredo Medical Center with possible broken bones,
abrasions and bruises.
The case remains under investigation. As of Thursday evening, no arrests
had been made. Anyone with information should contact the police at (956)
„ At Target in the 7500 block of San
Dario on Wednesday, at about noon, 37year-old Mauricio Martinez, who works
in the Target pharmacy, told police that a
stranger tried to obtain a controlled substance only available by prescription.
According to Martinez, the man
fraudulently called in a prescription that
„ On Monday in the 3300 block of
San Ignacio Avenue, at 4:29 a.m., 23year-old Walter M. DeHoyos of the 500
block of Hendricks Avenue and 34-yearold Angela Carrasco of the 100 block of
Knoll were arrested on suspicion of unlawful carrying of a weapon, a misdemeanor.
Police said De Hoyos was later
charged with unlawful possession of a
firearm, a state jail felony.
De Hoyos and Carrasco were taken to
the Webb County Jail. Justice of the
Peace Danny Valdez temporarily denied
them bond.
„ In the 100 block of Sun Ray Lane
on Wednesday, 40-year-old Bertha Adriana Garcia told police someone broke
into her property and stole Murray and
Huffy 10-speed bikes with gel seats. The
two bikes are valued at more than $200.
The case was referred to the Laredo
Police Crimes Against Property Division
for further investigation. As of Thursday
evening, no arrests had been made.
Four immigrants found hidden in sealed box
agents working the Sarita checkpoint found four illegal immigrants, including a 2-year-old
child, hidden in a sealed wooden
box, Customs and Border Protection said Wednesday.
The immigrants were found
Monday after a Border Patrol
search dog reacted to the back of
a GM van.
National Guard members as-
sisted in prying open the boards
of the box.
The immigrants, all from
Mexico, were unharmed and declined medical attention.
The driver, a 59-year-old from
Lufkin, was arrested.