Children’s Bean Crayon

Children’s Furniture
It’s a small world
Creating a fun, safe kids’ environment is child’s play, thanks to Spec’s imaginative line of children’s
furniture. Bean, Crayon and Snowflake offer you a wide range of solutions for any area where little
ones gather. We offer a virtually endless selection of playful, inviting shapes, sizes, finishes and
colors for you to choose from—let our collection be your playground!
Designed with future generations in mind
We care about the environment outside our doors as much as we care about the one inside.
Spec is committed to incorporating sustainability into our products wherever and however we can.
•Our children’s furniture is level® certified
•Tops and laminate seats are made from 1” NAUF particleboard, an earth-friendly core of 100%
recycled wood fiber with no added urea formaldehyde
•Legs and chair frames contain a minimum of 25% recycled steel and are 100% recyclable
•Legs and chair frames are protected by a durable powder coat that is 99.9% VOC free
•Snowflake 3’s wood backs are protected by Spec’s highly durable water-based, low-VOC-emitting,
UV-cured finish
•Fabrics and vinyls with minimal environmental impact are available
•2mm Bio edge is made with 88% bio-based content, is recyclable and has no toxic VOCs.
Spec offers 76 Spectone colors from our line of powder epoxy coatings as standard. Five textured
finishes are available. 38 PVC and 2mm Bio edge colors are offered as standard to match frame and
table leg finishes.
Refer to the Spectone color card for accurate color representation.
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Spec Furniture is a registered trademark of Spec Furniture Inc. Bean product design: Cam Phung Photography: David Whittaker
Graphic design: Up Inc Spec is proud of the contribution of our design team and our employees.
Spec Furniture is committed
to making sustainability a priority
throughout our operations
Snowflake 1
Crayon Chair
Crayon Stool
Snowflake 2
Crayon tables are standard with 1.5” diameter post
legs on a 24”, 30” or 36” diameter top. Square and
rectangle tops are also available. Chair and stool
designs are standard with 14” seat height. Custom
heights are available. Example shown here features
a custom Wilsonart laminate (Digital Child’s Play).
Crayon Table
Remember the excitement of opening a brand new box of crayons? Well, Spec’s Crayon
children’s furniture may come in a bigger box, but it’s just as much fun!
They say no two snowflakes are alike, and with all the options and combinations available with
Spec’s Snowflake children’s furniture, you can create a kids’ space that’s truly unique.
Crayon designs are available in any standard Arborite, Formica, Nevamar, Pionite or Wilsonart
matte finish, and your choice of 38 PVC or 2mm Bio edge colors. Frames can be finished in any
of Spec’s 76 Spectone colors.
Available in three designs, without arms, Snowflake chairs can stack four high. Snowflake 1 and 2
offer a fully upholstered seat and back. Snowflake 3 features a wood back, standard in maple,
with your choice of four standard cut-outs. Choose from seven standard stains or stain-to-match
at no upcharge.
Snowflake 3
Snowflake Table
Bean-Shaped Table
Snowflake-shaped tables are
stackable, standard at 22” high,
and available in 24”, 30” and 36”
width. Other non-stackable shapes,
such as round and square, are
also available. Chair designs are
standard with 14” seat height.
Square Bean Table
Bean tables are standard at 21” high in a bean
and square shape. Stools are standard at 12” high.
Custom table heights and shapes are also available.
Bean Stool
Need an environment that can stand up to lots of lively little ones? Make it full of Beans—the
sturdy design from Spec that offers a fun, organic shape.
Laminate seats and tables are available in any standard Arborite, Formica, Nevamar, Pionite or
Wilsonart matte finish. PVC or 2mm Bio edges are available in 38 colors. Legs come in any of
the 76 Spectone colors.
Snowflake is standard with a snowflake, star, moon or sun cut-out.
Custom cut-outs and back engravings are also available. Please contact
Spec Customer Service.
Crayon table can
be combined with
Snowflake chairs.