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Commitment to Children
Your Annual Campaign Dollars
at Work, All Year Long
Prevention Park YMCA
77 C. Michael Davenport Blvd.
Frankfort, KY 40601
The Crayon Club
Laneview Drive
Frankfort, KY 40601
Frankfort YMCA Mission Statement:
“To put Christian principles into practice
through programs that build healthy spirit,
mind and body for all.”
The new Frankfort YMCA “CRAYON CLUB”
is a huge success!
been a remarkable addition
to the Frankfort YMCA
association. With its opening on January 2, 2007, the
early childhood full-day center is proving to be a wonderful atmosphere for children ages 6 weeks to 5
years of age.
CLUB is located in the
County Industrial Park #3
just south of the intersection of I-64 and Route 60.
The Frankfort YMCA owns
67 acres of property in the
park as a result of a part-
nership with the Capital
City Economic and Industrial Development Authority.
The childhood
center was dedicated in July
where two outstanding
volunteers were recognized
for their tremendous efforts in the development of
the program. Those volunteers are Bill Stroupe
and Sherry Sebastian.
The enrollment at
grown steadily through
2007 and now stands at 73
children with a great YMCA
staff to take care of them.
Plans now include
the completion of one side
of the basement to create a
new classroom for 4 and 5
year old children.
One reason the
center is so popular is the
fact that the children see
deer, turkey and other animals as they look out of
their classroom windows.
FUN FACT: YMCAs nationwide are the largest
providers of pre-school
So what really happens to all of the dollars raised
in the Frankfort YMCA Commitment to Children Campaign each year?
A crucial part of our
promise to the people of
Franklin County is that no one
is turned away from a YMCA
program or membership due
to an inability to pay. The dollars that you give each year go
towards underwriting the program fees and membership fees
of people who need a little
help from time to time.
We all want what is
best for our children and our
families. Helping someone
belong to the YMCA or participate in a YMCA program is
something that we can do
together for the good of a
child, or a single parent, or
someone whose financial situation recently changed.
The assistance we
provide, comes back to the community ten fold.
In 2007, the Frankfort
YMCA annual campaign raised
$115,000 to help our friends and
neighbors belong to the YMCA.
We combine those funds with
our annual allocation of $50,000
from the United Way of Franklin
County to accomplish this mission. In 2007 we are currently on
track to underwrite $185,000 of
membership and program fees
through our financial assistance
You’re right, we are
still helping more people than
we have dollars to award.
Financial assistance is
awarded based on a family’s
documented income. Our financial assistance amounts range
from 10% to 75% of a program
or membership fee.
It looks like we will
need to raise our campaign
goal for 2008. We sure hope
we can count on your generosity once again.
In 2008.… It’s the Strong Kids Campaign
A New Name and A New Time for the Annual Campaign
The Frankfort
YMCA’s annual campaign will
undergo a name change for
2008. No longer to be called the
Commitment to Children Campaign, we will now call this initiative the Strong Kids Campaign.
This name change aligns the
Frankfort YMCA with our
YMCA of the USA campaign
guidelines and major marketing
We are pleased to
announce that John Shasky from
Fifth Third Bank, will serve as
our Campaign Chair. John will
help organize a fantastic group of
volunteers who will then carry
The Strong Kids Campaign will now run
from mid-February
through the end of
March 2008
the YMCA message throughout
the community. If you would be
interested in serving as a campaign volunteer, please inform
the member service desk staff.
The Campaign is fun
and it is the time of year that we
really get to share the mission
story of the Frankfort YMCA.
2007 Commitment to Children
Campaign Donors
Inside this issue:
Fifth Third Bank
The Capital City
Racquetball Tourney
AFB Black Cat Chase
Thanks to our donors
The “Crayon Club”
Frankfort’s best early
daycare center opens.
Your Annual Donations
Assisted 484 children
with After School Program fees.
Benefited 367 children
attending YMCA Day
Camps this summer.
Helped 234 children play
YMCA Youth Sports.
Helped 640 families with
their annual membership
Reduced the fees of 55
children at the Crayon
Helped 85 children with
their weekly swimming
The Frankfort YMCA is a
501 ( C ) 3
Charitable Organization.
All contributions to the
YMCA are tax deductible.
Commitment to Children Update
Page 2
“SPLASH” makes a huge
2007 Commitment to Children Campaign Donors
President’s Roundtable
$750 or more
Charles Stewart
DeWitt Photography, Inc.
Underwritten in part by Fifth Third Bank.
In June, 85 children
were able to participate in a week
long swimming lesson at the
Downtown Frankfort YMCA.
mission driven program that provides potentially life saving skills to
children in the community absolutely free.
The goal of the program is to have children become
more aware and be more comfortable in and around a pool or other
body of water. They are taught to
respect the danger a pool or lake
can hold for someone who is unprepared. It is a water safety
course combined with basic swimming skills.
Frankfort YMCA
Aquatics Director, Sunshine Stacy
and her excellent staff of lifeguards
and swimming instructors put
together a wonderful program
which received rave reviews from
the children and their parents.
Many of the children who participated in “SPLASH” have enrolled
in ongoing YMCA progressive
swimming lessons as a result of
their experience.
Dave Steele, Frankfort
YMCA CEO stated that this year’s
inaugural program was underwritten in part by our Frankfort area
Fifth Third Bank. “Jonathan
Mays and John Shasky are very
involved in our local community
and are great supporters of Frank-
American Founders bank
H.G. Mays Corporation
fort YMCA youth programs.”
Look for “SPLASH”
week every June from now on as it
will become a regular Frankfort
YMCA aquatic program.
Fun Fact:
The YMCA has always been
considered the Nation’s
Swimming Instructor with
more than 1,000,000 children learning to swim each
year at our more that 2,600
YMCA facilities.
The YMCA invented the first
swimming pool water filtration system in 1910 at the
Kansas City (MO) YMCA.
Stewart Home School
H.K. Rogers
Clear Channel Radio
Bruce Dungan, Sr.
Cauttrell Agency
Russ McClure
Art’s Electric, Inc.
Kim Stamper
Brad Nolan
Anomar Investments, Inc.
First Federal Savings Bank, Frankfort
Phil Plant Family
Harrod Concrete and Stone
Whitaker Bank
Bill Stroupe Family
Commercial Services
The 6th Capital City Racquetball Tournament
helps to build a new playground.
YMCA members Billy
Sewell and Bob Tillett
pull together a highly
respected event each
year to benefit local
Frankfort YMCA
The Capital City
Racquetball Tournament took
place August 4 & 5 at the Downtown YMCA and Kentucky State
University with more than 65
participants from Kentucky, Ohio
and Indiana. This annual event is
organized primarily by YMCA
volunteers Billy Sewell and Bob
Tillett plus many other volunteers,
with the proceeds from the event
supporting YMCA youth projects.
This year’s event raised
over $2,000 and helped with the
recent construction of the out-
William M. Johnson
William G. Coblin, Jr.
William E. Johnson
Douglas Wheel Alignment
Steve Fouts Family
Rodney Williams Family
Rodney Ratliff
Robert Pennington Family
Noel Clayton
Self Storage Center
Photo available at
William Curlin
Verna Johnson
Sherry Sebastian Family
Twighlight Enterprises LLC
Michael Mangeot Family
Mary Hughlette
Frank Haydon
Frankfort Animal Clinic
Judd’s Office Products
Bennie Maffet
Barbara Boyer
Phil Plant Family
Will Crumbaugh Family
Kentucky Service Co.
Rick Preston
Paul Harnice Family
Leslie Laird
Franklin County VFW # 4075 Monroe Monday
Paul Sawyier Galleries
Betty Martin
Kevin Nowaczyk
Eddie Duvall
Mike Scrivner
Crumbaugh Companies
Ben McClellan
Jennifer S. Miles
Dawn Hitron
Melanie Ratliff
Thad West
Arba L. Kenner
Jennifer Reynolds
Charles Jones
Stephanie Britton-Flynn
Taylor Marshall
Alyse Hines
Bob & Sally Lanham
Gary Adkinson
Lisa Darby
Suzanne Anderson
Allison Gordon
Al Frank
Bryan Hix Family
Linda Martin
Sue Wood
Paul Van Winkle
Joyce Jones
Anne B. Lee
Leslie Driskell
Scott Powers
Dr. Robert Howell, Jr.
Wes Hagerman
Brent Wallace
Kate Jones
Roger Burge
Lisa Gorby
Richard Powell
YMCA Supporters
John Broderson, MD
Richard McDougal
Jim Miracle
Mark Hite
$100 — $199
John & Teresa Abell
Peter Goodman
Vernis Phipps
Laurie Robinson
Grider Engineers, Inc.
Pamela Melton
Teresa Barton
David L. Wilson
Janet Lile
Nancy Rocke
Tanna Maria Bryan
Josh Rogers
James Bennett
Myra Aitken
Steve Campassi
Tom Mathews
Hromyak, Howard & Assoc.
Like Newton
Stephanie Nelson
Marilyn Thurman
Harold Robinson
Mike Feldman
Stacy Redmon
James Simpson
Grover Shropshire
Mary Garrison
Shawn Gehlhausen
Gila Jones
Stamper, Inc.
Patricia Dobbins
Scott Porter
E. Kong
Geoffrey Greenwalt, PSC
Mary Ann Lancaster
Sara Call
Dale Carpenter
Gene Burch, DDS
Marnie Walters
Rick Sparks
Boday Borres
Gayle Dailey
Mark Morris
Raymond Swatzyna
Aaron Colling
LT Management, LLC
Lori Bishop
Patsy McChesney
Earl Downey
Garnett Thurman
Meadows Homemakers
Nicholas Duvall
G. Anthony Busseni
Kenneth Wood
Nancy Lovitt
Fern Properties
Kelly Melissa Carpenter
Misti Duvall
Edward Kelsey, Jr.
Kelly Dycus
Mavis McCowan
Capital Driving Range
Karen Crabtree
Martha Schmidt
Dan Spicer
Judy Christian
Linda Blair
Charles Schimmoeller
John Senter
Layne Wilkerson
Charles Moore
John Dade
Justin Kuhn
Bo Cracraft
Joel Schrader
Johnna Puttoff
Burl Robinson
Jack Walker
Jim Looney
Bruce Brooks
Isaac Tatum
Jennifer Withers
Brent Higgs
Hawley Nickels
Jennifer Lowery
Linda Shanklin
Zachary Moore
Marianne Hanley
SEMCO Transmission
John Hinton
James Costigan
Greg Burton
Clarence Donald Yancey
East Frankfort Kiwanis Club
Anne Renshaw
Tammy McNabb
Jill Marple
Friends of the YMCA
The 2007 AFB Black Cat Chase took place the evening of October 26,
Rogers Funeral Home
Jeff Sachs Auto Park
793 runners participated in this year’s event, which is a new record. The Frankfort
YMCA would like to thank American Founders Bank for their continued sup-
Investors Heritage Life Insurance
Gold Level Sponsors: Napa Auto Parts and Stewart Home Schools.
Silver Level Sponsors: Cool Comfort Body & Sole, Wal-Mart, Women’s Care of
the Bluegrass and Get Healthy Kentucky.
Bronze Level Sponsors: Clear Channel Radio, CLS Screen Printing, Downtown
Frankfort, Frankfort Plant Board Cable, The State Journal and First Christian Church.
Volunteer Groups: KSU, The Frankfort Christian Academy, Gene Burch, Frankfort
YMCA Staff & Members
Krol Insurance
Lisa Walls
Brad Smither
Eddie Murphy II
Community Trust Bank
port as the Title Sponsor of this very popular community event. Thanks also to:
NAPA Distribution Center
Brenda Ward-Hill
Mackey’s. Inc.
Monte Chance Family
Dave Steele
AFB Black Cat Chase breaks record participation.
Siebel Flemming
Rodney Gross III
Wayne’s Pharmacy
Whitehead & Hancock
The State Journal
Crayon Club kids are loving the
new Playground
Zack Hall Family
Nancy Simon
Jean Whitaker
Randle-Davies Construction Co.
William Kirkland
Fun Fact: YMCA volunteer Joe
Sobek invented the game of racquetball in 1950 at the Greenwich,
Conn. YMCA.
$200 — $499
Jennifer Pridemore
Larry Epley
Robert Tillett
door playground at the new
Crayon Club early childhood daycare center. The tournament proceeds were combined with a gift
from Fifth Third Bank in 2006
to help with the purchase and
installation expense.
YMCA Patrons
Chenault & Hoge Inc.
Dr. Roger Strunk
Dr. Joesph Dobner
David Keith Lee Family
Danny Willis
Bevins Animal Hospital
Thorobred Nautical Team
Ann Maenza Family
Dr. Mary & Shad Sias
Allstate Foundation
Mike Oder Family
Melissa Lawson Family
Marvin Coles
Kentucky Carwash
Real Estate Appraisals, Inc.
Joe Johnson
Charles T. Mitchell, Co.
James Clouse
Gary Rue
Mark & Cynthia Wilhoite
Brad Peach
Roy Peach Lumber & Supply
Frankfort Rotary Club
Bob Arnold
Richard Boyer
Debra Schneider
Cherri Moore
Thomas (Tee) Hayden III
Stephen Jones
Sam McNamara
Robert Hodges
Rick Wentworth
Richard Tanner
Pat Layton
Orson Oliver
C.C. Moore Excavating
Max Allen
Joyce Rector
John Shasky Family
Shawn Daugherty Family
Arthur & Jane Nitz
Page 3
Anita Rogers
C. Michael Davenport
Willa Hoge
Wade Hughes
W.S. Goins, III
Tom Bean
Tina Dotson
Thomas Potts
Terence Brown
Ted Collins
Taylor H. Hoover, DMD
Sunshine Sousa
Storma Sousa
Shena Kelly
Scott Wood
Samantha Courtney
Rosie & Frank Miklavcic
Ronald Banks
Robert Hardy, Jr.
Robert C. Stone, Jr.
Robert Blair, MD
Helton Yates & Kiviniem.
Rick Hogan
Rendell T. Butler
Rebecca Ramsey
Kurt Fiegel
Pat Greer
Pamela Jones
Nelson Hix
Nancy Howard
Crossroads Ford Linc / Merc H. Scott Hankla
Jane Wilson
Bill Crumbaugh
Gregory Kring
Jim Sewell
Betty Coblin
Gene Harold
Ilse Dickerson
Bentley Bradshaw
Freddie Goins
Harry Carvey
Aaron Sole
Faye Bosley
Guy Zeigler
Harrod & Assoc. PSC
Eugene Kilgore
Gerald Howard
Pat Badgett
Elaine Rall
Freddie Wright, Jr.
Eddie Roberts
Elizabeth Hutchison
Dorothy Switzer
Donna Schrtung
Donald Perry
Dennis Van Horn
Deborah Newman
Daniel Bowker
David Garnett
Carole Hackett
Danielle Crosman
Carmela Bowen
Clay Patrick
Bonnie Clements
Charles Tillett
Betty Mauer
Carlos Tipton
Barbara Pennington
Carl Murphey
Ann Wingrove
Brooks Giles, Jr.
Virginia Bowman
YMCA Spirit
$5 -$99
William Bowker
Wally Damron
Stephanie Miley
Rick Harp
Melissa Wainwright
Lynn Whitehouse
John Dearey
Jimmy Shearer
Jeff Hancock
Coblin Porter & Assoc.
Carrie Wilhoite
Ruby Baker
Pamela Gilbert