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company profile
‘it all started as a small
one-man workshop
business making small
bathroom furniture’
Kindly allow us to introduce ourselves
as a leading manufacturer of all types
of furniture.
The origins of our company, goes
back for more than 30 years and it all
started as a small one-man workshop
business making small bathroom
furniture. This small venture continued
to expand at a steady pace, until in
1990 Construct Furniture Co Ltd was
In July 1990, Construct Furniture
Co Ltd, was duly registered with the
Malta Financial Services Authority with
registration number C11786 as a
Maltese owned company.
Since its inception, the company has
always adopted the philosophy to
offer only the best quality products
at affordable prices. We feel very
proud that this philosophy has proved
the company right as we consider
ourselves to be a leading furniture
manufacturer in Malta.
Over the years we have developed
high quality products which have
Our old factory, way back in 1990.
taken the market by storm. As demand
for our products had been constantly
increasing, the owners decided to
expand the business by building a
new factory together with an overlying
large showroom in Luqa, Malta. When
shopping for furniture, customers can now
stroll through a myriad of furniture displays
spread over 3,000 square metres of
showroom floor space showcasing the
most beautiful galleries of kitchens, main
and childrens’ bedrooms, dining rooms
and wall units, internal doors, sofas and a
wide range of accessories
Our products’ portfolio consists mainly of
master bedrooms, childrens’ bedrooms,
kitchens, internal doors, apartment main
doors, wall units, dining rooms, office
furniture, occasional loose furniture,
hotel furniture and contract furniture. Our
product list is not exhaustive and we
are so flexible that we can modify our
production program to meet customers’
Our in-house product development
department has the responsibility to
research, develop, design and prototype
new products on a constant basis in line
with market trends and demand.
We have invested heavily in the latest
CNC machines and other computerised
production plant. The production plant
is equipped with European state-of-theart industrial production plant, supported
with hi-technology programming which is
constantly updated to meet the innovative
furniture designs. We keep upgrading all
plant to keep abreast of competition.
All raw materials used in the manufacture
of our furniture and doors are all sourced
from ISO Certified European suppliers
who are also certified to comply with PEFC
(The Programme for the Endorsement of
Forest Certification) standards and who
all meet the standards of FSC (The Forest
Stewardship Council). All raw materials
are selected with great attention.
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‘all raw materials used in
the manufacture of our
furniture and doors are all
sourced from ISO Certified
European suppliers’
All our products are produced to
internationally recognised ISO standards
which are in compliance to our ISO
Through our great efforts, know-how,
continuous investments and constant
product research and development, we
have managed to make great inroads both
in the local market and in the international
market, by offering high quality products
at very competitive prices.
Innovation has been a continual focus of
our Company. Since our establishment,
we have concentrated on unique designs
to distinguish our products from those of
Our Company considers the unique
demands of various living spaces and
lifestyles when developing our furniture
products. We have also developed a
strong ability to use complex materials,
including stainless steel, aluminium,
fabrics, glass panels and leather. The
fittings and accessories are the most
advanced in the European Industry.
We leave no stone unturned to produce
first quality products and we adopt a very
strict quality control policy throughout all
our production process.
All this is backed up by well trained
customer service support personnel
in our after sales service department.
Any complaint which we may receive is
referred to our dedicated technical team
who will look into it and will recommend
the most suitable and appropriate solution
in compliance to any agreed terms.
Moreover, what reinforces Construct
Furniture’s reputation in its customer
service is that the product life-cycle is
quite substantial.
We have great pride in our products
which we produce to European and
other recognised international standards.
This is more emphasised by our success
in the export field wherein we export our
products to European countries and
North African countries.
As our client list keeps on getting longer,
we feel very honoured to have quite
a substantial list of loyal and repeat
This vision has positioned Construct
Furniture with a winning reputation as
the leader in the furniture manufacturing
industry in the local market, which
in turn is further strengthened with
the development of its international
commercial expansion.
‘success in the export field wherein
we export our products to European
countries and North African countries’
John Agius
Company Chairman
We at Construct Furniture, turn simple or complex ideas from
just a rough sketch on a piece of paper into great projects all
to the satisfaction of our customer. This is all done through the
use of dedicated computer designing software by which our
sales personnel, who are all well trained designers, can design
according to the specifications and dimensions provided.
Our sales personnel will combine our customer’s needs and
ideas together so that the final result will be to customers taste
and within budget. Through our experience we can adapt to
various designs and style in conformity with today’s trend that
is original, flexible, practical and aesthetic designs. Once the
final drawing is accepted by our customer, it will be generated
with our special software to make it look realistic and so give a
visual impression of the finished project.
Besides this, our work does not stop with furniture. Our
dedicated and trained team will help you to finish your project
by providing ideas and assistance to choose the best colours
and materials for the final furnishing and touches. We provide
advice and visual ideas on fabrics, flooring, wall colouring and
anything that can turn your idea into a perfect project.
Moreover we are always open to new ideas and challenges
as we believe that this helps us to grow as a company and
become stronger in today’s competitive market.
178CG Double
Our made to measure doors are your best option to enhance and compliment any establishment. We have a vast range of doors
which you can choose from, ranging from classic to modern and even rustic. All can be produced in any size and shape you may
require including arches, double doors, sliding doors, folding doors etc. All our doors are durable and made to last. Being scratch
and water resistant they will endure and survive daily wear and tear with no maintenance whatsoever.
619 Arched
20856 Double
171 Double
200W Arched
Besides our vast range of HDF doors, we can also supply:
• Fire rated doors, both wooden or steel
• Solid composite wooden doors
• Honeycomb doors
• Steel doors
‘all our doors can be used for any type
of building, be it domestic, industrial
and commercial, such as hotels,
schools, offices, hospitals etc.’
main bedrooms
The bedroom is one of the most important
rooms in the house. After all, we spend
around a third of our lives asleep-and
the last thing we need is to wake up to a
disorganised and chaotic environment.
We offer a great selection of classical and
contemporary main bedroom furniture.
A new bedroom furniture set can do
wonders to unify the look in your bedroom
with matching finishes and latest technology
spare bedrooms
Our spare bedrooms which are
designed to maximise comfort
while providing ample storage
space, are a pleasure to look
at. Whatever you want to
have, be it an extra guest room
or a practical living environment
for your kids, we offer a vast
range of combinations and
colours to achieve this. Our
spare bedrooms are designed
to endure in time as well as to
keep up with today’s dynamic
kids’ changing necessities and
kids bedrooms
Children bedrooms aim to ensure that
kids and youngsters grow up in rooms
which are practical, comfortable and
Their design takes its inspiration from the
dynamic colours which give them energy
and colourful feelings. Our bedrooms
are made with original and unlimited
combinations to offer a personal and
lively living area while maximizing storage
With every kitchen we can offer the best
aesthetics, comfort, space utilization and
durability available. All our kitchens, being
either classic or modern are designed to
be a pleasure to look at.
Since all our kitchens are made to measure
all space available for storage is used and
we also offer optional accessories and
fittings for maximum comfort and space
utilization. Being scratch resistant and
water resistant our kitchens are meant to
last for many years.
wall units
Whether you’re going for a formal, traditional
or a casual look and a family friendly living
room we have a wall unit which is ideal for
you. Unwind yourself in style with one of our
vast selection of wall units which will enrich
any living room while providing storage
solutions. To further enhance your living area
we also offer a vast selection of sofas, sides
boards, loose furniture and coffee tables.
Take your dining experience to the next level
with one of our dining rooms. With various
models to choose from, all our dining rooms are
designed to create a relaxing and peaceful dining
environment. We can design and produce your
dining room with different colours and designs
to match your kitchen or living area.
dining rooms &
loose furniture
Fill up that empty spot in your house or add
additional storage space with one of our
occasional loose furniture. Our loose furniture
will become a focal point wherever it is placed
since detail and design are kept in mind when
producing these original and made to measure
bathroom furniture
bathroom furniture
The use of bathroom furniture is gaining popularity lately since storage solutions have
become a must in every part of our homes. Our bathroom furniture will provide the
storage needed while giving an uplift to any bathroom. We produce them in any
shape and size which will suit your needs. The best materials available on the market
are used to ensure that your bathroom furniture will resist the humid ambient present
in the bathroom.