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Sydney Confidential The Daily Telegraph (Australia) August 22, 2007 Wednesday
Copyright 2007 Nationwide News Pty Limited
All Rights Reserved
The Daily Telegraph (Australia)
August 22, 2007 Wednesday
State Edition
LENGTH: 953 words
HEADLINE: Sydney Confidential
It's Eddie versus Ed
CHANNEL 9 may have chosen Eddie over Ed but viewers seem to have a different opinion, with four out of five favouring Temptation
host Ed Phillips to Who Wants to Be A Millionaire's Eddie McGuire.
The Ed versus Eddie debate raged yesterday after Nine revealed it will ''rest'' Phillips' Sale of the Century rebirth in October until next
year and replace it with a weeknight series of Millionaire, hosted by the company's former CEO.
An online poll conducted by The Daily Telegraph found that just 16 per cent of respondents prefer McGuire's drawn-out technique to
Phillips' game show style.
Phillips now faces an uncertain future, with his manager Sean Anderson yesterday confirming the quiz man's contract expires at the
end of the year.
''We're in negotiations with Channel 9 at the moment,'' he told Confidential.
Anderson refused to comment on whether Phillips had been approached by other networks but said his client would try to fill his
unplanned extra time off with corporate work and radio gigs.
After welcoming his first child Hayden with his fiancee -- Nine weather girl Jaynie Seale -- earlier this month he was also looking
forward to having more family time.
Meanwhile, Phillips' sidekick Livinia Nixon will also have a lot more time on her hands after adventure show Things to Try Before You
Die was also confirmed as a one-off.
The Melbourne weather girl can also surely count on support from her south-of-the-border buddy McGuire and his continued links in
the Nine boardroom.
Daughter sees star move on
THEIR romance left McLeod's Daughters star Simmone Jade Mackinnon broken-hearted, now her former fiance Jason Momoa and
his new girlfriend Lisa Bonet have welcomed a love child into the world.
The Cosby Show actress gave birth to daughter Lola last month, her third child and his first.
Mackinnon (pictured), a Gold Logie nominee this year, is understood to have been told of the baby's arrival but Confidential sources
said ''she didn't want to talk about the situation anymore and just needed to move on.''
The Aussie actress had planned to marry Momoa, but abruptly called off the wedding in December, amid speculation he had already
begun a new romance with Bonet.
Queue jumper Ledger
WAS Heath Ledger still playing the role of Joker when he took his daughter Matilda on an outing to Disneyland at the weekend?
While partner Michelle Williams didn't make the fun park fiesta, the Batman star was accompanied by his Perth-based family, who
have flown over to the States to spend time with the newest family member.
Incognito in a hat and sunnies, the Hollywood hero might almost have gone unnoticed if he hadn't pulled the star treatment act in
front of the eager-eyed crowds.
While others queued to ride the Tea Cups, Ledger exercised his VIP rights and he and his family were able to skip the line.
Funnily enough, no one thought much of the Joker's magic trick.
Facebook face-off for Stokes
''KERRY Packer's Whores'' were banished into oblivion when ACP bosses banned Facebook from the company's city headquarters, now
Kerry Stokes' magazine empire Pacific Publications has followed suit.
Following reports that the social networking site is costing Australian businesses $5 billion a year, the Facebook face-off continued
across Sydney's top media companies this week, with Pac Pubs the latest business to cut the pipe.
Could it be executive director and Channel Seven heir Ryan Stokes pulled the plug following his own Facebook identity theft scam?
A profile for a Ryan Stokes who listed several Sydney socialites as ''friends'' was removed soon after posting.
Sailor's wife tells of pain
SHE stood by her footy star man when he was rubbed out of rugby union for using cocaine, but Wendell Sailor's wife Tara has only
now revealed her own struggle during his drugs scandal.
The former Wallaby winger tested positive to the drug in April last year, losing up to a million dollars in sponsorship and threatening
his family's luxury lifestyle in Sydney's eastern suburbs.
Tara Sailor has told Australian Women's Weekly how the widespread gossip over her husband's ''one-off mistake'' took its toll.
''It broke my heart to see the man I loved torn apart by people who didn't know the Wendell we know,'' the 34-year-old former
fashion designer said.
With Sailor rumoured to be in talks with St George Illawarra for a start back in the NRL next season, the couple have seen out his
suspension by lecturing kids on the dangers of drug taking.
Locking lips with an unknown male at Crows Nest on Monday
Crows Nest
In the Myer lift at Westfield Bondi, Saturday
Phuong and Peter, Bonnyrigg Hts
At Peaberry Espresso, Darlinghurst, yesterday
Joe and Lilly,
Double Bay
Spied anyone famous around town?
Tell us at [email protected]
FORMER E-Streeter Melissa Tkautz looks set to be scaring local cinema goers, with news she is in talks to play herself - yes, herself -in upcoming Aussie horror film Dead Country. Confidential hears the former pop-ette loves the idea of the fright flick, which is
currently filming in country Victoria and tells of a zombie attack on a small town. Scary, not sexy, is the word.
TAKING the Lord's name in vain apparently wasn't a concern for the creative minds behind Thank God You're Here , but over in
Russia producers have been a little more cautious. The show has been renamed Slava Bogu , which translates to Thank Goodness You
Are Here . Looks set for success, with 39 episodes broadcast and 17 more signed.
PINK Salt restaurateur Evan Hansimikali has settled back into the singles scene since splitting with longterm partner Bella, with
reports he's "defi nitely making up for lost time".
LOAD-DATE: August 21, 2007
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Thursday, February 12, 2009 - 12:52 AM EST
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