Dream couple with Tiguan

Dream couple
with Tiguan
he is a popular model all over the world,
he is a charismatic singer, and it is not
just in America that Heidi Klum and
Seal are considered to be the dream couple. Seal
has long been associated with the Volkswagen
Group. Now, Volkswagen has been able to secure
the services of both as brand ambassadors.
“Heidi Klum and Seal represent the modern
family: they are natural, open-minded and
have a global presence, just like Volkswagen,”
commented Stephan Gruhsem, Manager of
Group Communications, stating the reasons for
the cooperation. The first joint appearance by the
couple for Volkswagen was as part of a campaign
for the new Tiguan. Following the photo shoot in
Show star Heidi Klum and pop icon Seal are
the new brand ambassadors for Volkswagen.
They recently made their first appearance
with the Tiguan
By Thomas Bendix
Photography: Heiko Prigge
Double duo: Heidi Klum against a black Tiguan Sport & Style, Seal beside the white Tiguan Track & Field
10 Volkswagen
Los Angeles, Volkswagen Magazine met Heidi
Klum and Seal to talk about cars, America and
her television show.
Do you still remember the first car
you owned?
Heidi: Of course! It was a DAF – it looked
awful, like a grandmother’s car. It went
backwards as fast as it did forwards. It was
at least a car that got me from A to B, and I
was pleased to have one at all. But I always
dreamed about having a Golf Convertible.
Seal (smiling): My first car had a removable
roof – it was a black Porsche Targa. I was 27,
just getting my break as a singer and earning
my first real money.
As you both travel around the world so
much, there probably isn’t much point in
you owning a car…
Heidi: Oh yes there is, with three children at any
rate! My favourite car is the Multivan (Caravelle),
it is the best people mover there is. There are
five of us; the three children, Seal and me, and
sometimes the nanny comes with us as well. We
therefore take at least two pushchairs with us.
When we are all sitting in it, it is like a home on the
move, we have television with our favourite films
and lots of toys when we are en route to the park.
Who drives when you and Seal
travel together?
Heidi: We take turns; sometimes I drive,
sometimes Seal does. We both love driving.
How would you describe your style
of driving?
Seal: I think I am a nippy but safe driver.
Heidi: I drive very carefully and responsibly,
even when I am driving on my own. After all,
I would not like to hurt anybody, either other
people or myself. I am even more cautious when
I have the children with me. I don’t put myself
under pressure either and would rather arrive 10
minutes late than take a risk.
Do you take your children on trips in
the car?
Heidi: We sometimes go to Disneyland, which
is one-and-a-half to two hours each way. We all
drove to Las Vegas once, which took five hours.
But mostly we drive around in Los Angeles.
When do you take the Tiguan?
Seal: If the Tiguan is really to display its
potential, there is nothing better than a
snowboard trip to Mammoth Lakes in the Sierra
Nevada in California.
Heidi: I take the Tiguan when I am driving into
town on my own or with Seal. The car is very
reliable and wonderful to drive, and I can fit into
any parking space. It has plenty of room inside
which is good for my numerous shopping bags.
You travel around the world a great deal
as a singer, as a supermodel and as
entrepreneurs. How do you manage to
organise family life?
Seal: Despite our jobs, we manage to lead a
full family life. We believe that there is nothing
more important than being together and with
our family.
Heidi: Yes, it is a question of priorities. The
family comes first, everything else has to fit in
with that. With three children it is important to
plan our time: we have to think about a great
deal in advance.
The next series of Germany’s Next Top
Model, supported by Volkswagen, was
aired in Europe early this year. Do you
enjoy your role as presenter?
Heidi: I like the way that the show has
developed. It is very realistic but entertaining
at the same time. I love all aspects of the show,
from planning to presenting it, to my role as
mentor for the girls. I really enjoy it and I am
already looking forward to the third series.
Has looking at the modelling business
from a different perspective changed your
opinion of it?
Heidi: The modelling world has changed, period.
Nowadays actors, models and entertainers are,
in part, doing the same job, which has made it
difficult for the girls to gain a foothold on the
scene. But that is what the business is like. I
would like them to be well prepared – in the
best possible way.
Seal, what are your plans for 2008?
Seal: I would like to go on a world tour with my
family – I want to take my music to every corner
of the earth and would like my wife, my daughter
and my two sons to experience this as well.
Two personalities, one car: Heidi Klum and Seal
present the new Tiguan, which also has a dual
character thanks to its different bodywork shapes.
Volkswagen 11