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Lawrence and Hoult split up again
ennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult have
reportedly split up again. The on-again, offagain couple agreed to part ways recently
because of their busy schedules. A source told E!
News that their break-up “was very amicable.”
The insider added: “They spent a lot of time
apart because of work and it was difficult on
their relationship.” The ‘Hunger Games’ actress,
23, and Nicholas, 24, split in January 2013 after
two years together, but reunited last summer
after filming the new ‘X-Men’ movie together.
The Oscar-winning beauty recently admitted she
wasn’t ready to settle down with the British
actor, who was spotted having lunch with
Kristen Stewart at Daiwa in Tsukiji Fish Market in
Los Angeles on Thursday but she insisted she
trusted him completely. Asked about rumors
they were engaged, she told Marie Claire magazine: “We’re so young that it would almost be like
if we lived in the same city, what would happen?
We’d be living together. “At least this way he’s in
the same boat as I am: We can go out and have
our own lives and know that we have each other.” She added: “When we’re busy, we agree to
mutually ignore each other. Not completely, but
neither of us gets mad when the other doesn’t
text back or call. Life’s super busy. Obviously you
know what they’re doing, and you trust them.”
Rob Kardashian feels
abandoned by Odom
Diaz is Madden’s muse
enji Madden admits Cameron Diaz is
his muse. The 35-year-old rocker, who
started dating ‘ The Other Woman’
actress earlier this year, says she inspires him
to be the best person he can be and makes
him “really happy.” The Good Charlotte guitarist told PEOPLE.com: “I’m really happy right
now.” Asked how his relationship with the
actress has affected his music, Benji added:
“It’s the same for any man, no matter what
they do. It drives you. All people, I think, react
the same way to the same situations ... like we
were saying with Joel being a father ... we all
want to be the best we can be.” A source
recently claimed the musician has “already
discussed marriage” with his 41-year-old girlfriend. The insider said: “It’s early, but they
ob Kardashian reportedly feels
abandoned by Lamar Odom.
The ‘Keeping Up with the
Kardashians’ star, who is rumored to be
battling a number of issues, including
depression, after gaining 50 pounds,
allegedly started spiraling out of control when his sister Khloe Kardashian’s
estranged husband moved out of the
home the trio shared in Tarzana,
California last year, amid rumors he
had a drug problem and was cheating
on Khloe. A source told gossip website
TMZ.com that the 27-year-old star
went into a tailspin because he idolized the 34-year-old basketball player
and thought Lamar was the only person who measured up to his late
father, Robert Kardashian, who died of
cancer in 2003. The insider said that
Rob has never really got over his dad’s
death, but thrived when he moved in
with Khloe and Lamar after they got
married in 2009, as the athlete
inspired him to stay fit and start his
own sock company. Khloe, who filed
for divorce from Lamar in December,
admitted on her family’s reality TV
have talked about marriage. “Benji spends so
much time at Cameron’s that it seems he now
kind of lives there. They look very happy
together ... Cameron hasn’t looked this happy
for years.” Meanwhile, Benji’s twin brother,
Joel Madden, also says that his love for wife
Nicole Richie and their children, Harlow, six,
and Sparrow, four, has influenced his music.
He said: “I think it affects your life, and that
affects your music. Ultimately, my life revolves
around my family. Everything I do is for them.
I want my family to be happy. And so that has
been a life change over the last few years.”
Lady Gaga and Madonna
clash over Berlin Wall show
series that Rob’s troubles were triggered by the “dark things” that happened in her former marital home.
Discussing the matter in a a clip for the
next episode, she said: “Rob has said,
‘[Living with Khloe and Lamar] was so
dark and it made me do dark things.’
“She added: “Only Rob and Lamar and
I know what went on in that house.
I’m a nurturer and I want to protect
everyone. I wasn’t there to protect
Rob. I wasn’t even there to protect
myself. No one can make me not feel
ady Gaga and Madonna are said to have clashed over a
performance to mark the fall of the Berlin Wall. The two
pop superstars are both keen to sing at a special event to
commemorate the 25th anniversary of the historic collapse
which united Germany on November 9. A source told the
Daily Star newspaper: “Madonna and Gaga are equally desperate for the honor of performing. “They both like to think of
themselves as very political, and will also have new albums to
promote by then.” The pair have clashed in the past over
claims the ‘Applause’ hitmaker has copied Madonna’s image,
and it is said the ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ singer is the favorite to
perform at the event. The insider added: “It could reignite their
long-running feud as the date draws nearer because neither
are used to being told no. “However, it’s highly likely organizers would choose the Queen of Pop over Gaga, if push came
to shove.” In the past, Madonna branded her rival “reductive”
following accusations Gaga’s hit ‘Born This Way’ was a rip-off of
her own track ‘Express Yourself’.
Julia Roberts is ‘really
proud’ of herself
Justin Theroux
wants a smaller home
ulia Roberts is “really proud” of herself for
being a working mother. The ‘Normal
Heart’ star, who has nine-year-old twins,
Hazel and Phinneaus, and seven-year-old son
Henry with husband Danny Moder, tries to
spend as much time as possible with her family and admits she still found it “very difficult”
to leave them to work on ‘August: Osage
County’ last year. She said: “It was a decision
that was very difficult to make.” The actress
usually only works on one film per year so she
can be a hands-on mother. But she said: “I’m
really proud of what I’ve accomplished in my
career. By [the time I had children] I felt I had
really earned staying home with my kids and
being with my family.” Asked if her children
realize that she is famous, the 46-year-old star
also told the ‘TODAY’ show: “I think they have a
firm understanding that they are children of
parents in show business. “When ‘Mirror
Mirror’ came out, all of the kids in their class
saw it and I wouldn’t let them see it. So they
felt that they were being penalized for being
my children.” But her children do get to enjoy
some perks of her fame, as she plans to let
them use her Best Actress Oscar statue, which
she won for her performance in ‘Erin
Brockovich’ in 2001, to play with their Barbie
dolls when she eventually brings it home. She
said: “The Oscar is still in my sister’s apartment... I’m gonna go get it and take it home. It
can be Ken’s competition for Barbie’s affection.”
he 42-year-old actor and his fiancee Jennifer Aniston have met with estate agents to
discuss selling their Bel Air mansion - which they have spent around $3 million renovating since buying it less than two years ago - because the ‘Your Highness’ star is
uncomfortable in so much space as he is used to more intimate properties after living in
New York for so long. A source said: “Justin is a New York native and is far more comfortable
in a smaller space. “The Bel Air mansion can feel more like a show home than somewhere
they can relax together. “It’s not officially listed as Jen’s got a property mediator sourcing
potential buyers first. She wants to see if she can get a good return on it before placing it
on the market. “If that happens, she’s looking into buying a new penthouse in New York
and keeping her Hollywood Hills property as an LA base.” The couple are said to already
have their eyes on a potential new home the $3 million Beverly Hills property they rented
while their Bel Air mansion was being renovated. The source added to Britain’s Grazia magazine: “The house is luxurious, but feels like more of a home than the Bel Air property.
“And it has happy memories as it’s where they got engaged. Justin’s spent so much time in
New York that the Bel Air house doesn’t have much sentimental value for them.”
ristin Cavallari has admitted she’s a “freak” about what
food she puts in her mouth. The 27-year-old beauty credits her strict eating plan for helping her bounce back into
shape just 12 weeks after giving birth to her second child Jaxon.
Speaking to E! News, she said: “I’m a freak about what I put in my
mouth. I’m constantly reading labels and I don’t eat any toxic
chemicals, so I think that plays a huge role [in the weight loss].”
The former ‘The Hills’ star also thinks breast feeding has encouraged her weight loss, as well as receiving good genes from her
mother. She added: “I’m breast-feeding, which burns a ton of
is a ‘freak’
about food
calories, and I can probably just thank my mama too, you know.”
Meanwhile, Kristin admits her and her husband Jay Cutler’s eldest son Camden, 22 months, had initially settled into life with a
new baby brother around, but things have taken a turn for the
worse recently. She explained: “He’s been great, up until the last
two days. Yesterday I was feeding Jaxon and he threw a sippy
cup at his head and started to kick him, so we’re sort of in that
phase right now.”