Getting to BC Children’s Hospital •

Getting to BC Children’s Hospital
BC Children’s Hospital includes the following clinics and programs:
Allergy Clinic
Heart Centre
Inpatient Units
Medical Day Unit
Occupational Therapy
Oncology Clinic
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)
Radiology (MRI, CT)
Respiratory Clinic
Surgical Daycare
The Ambulatory Care Building includes the following clinic and programs:
Cleft Palate Clinic
Dermatology Clinic
Ears, Nose, Throat (ENT) Clinic
Endocrine/Diabetes Clinic
GI Clinic
General Pediatrics Clinic
Immunology Clinic
Multi-Organ Transplant Clinic
Neonatal Follow Up Clinic
Neurology Clinic
Renal Clinic
Rheumatology Clinic
Social Work
Taking the Canada Line skytrain to BC Children’s
1. Take the Canada Line skytrain to King Edward Station (Cambie Street and King Edward Avenue).
2. Walk west on King Edward Avenue to Heather Street. Turn left (south) onto Heather Street.
3. Walk south along Heather Street to 29th Avenue. At the Heather Street Entrance, turn right onto
the hospital/health centre site.
4. Walk straight ahead. You will see an overhead walkway with a sign “Women’s Health Centre”.
5. Enter the Women’s Health Centre building.
To get to BC Children’s Hospital
1. Take the elevators down to the first floor. Coming out of the elevators, turn right and take the
corridor on the left, watching signs overhead for BC Children’s Hospital.
2. Continue walking down the long corridor past the first intersection (past the Brock Fahrni corridor
on the left) until you reach an open area (informally known as “crossroads”).
3. Walk through the open area, staying to the right and watching signs for the BC Children’s Hospital
corridor (second one from the right).
4. Continue along the corridor until you reach the main lobby, including Navigation Station
(information desk), Patient Registration Desk, elevators, Safety Station/Auxiliary Gift Shop, and
Second Cup.
To get to the Ambulatory Care Building
1. Once inside the main entrance of the Women’s Health Centre, take the corridor on the left.
2. Continue following the red line on the floor all the way to the other side of the building until you
can go no further—you will come to a set of sliding doors leading outside.
3. Exit through the sliding doors. Directly across is the Ambulatory Care Building, including
Taking the bus to BC Children’s
1. Take the #17 bus to Oak Street and Devonshire Crescent, stopping in front of BC Children’s
Hospital. Enter BC Children’s Hospital.
2. For the Ambulatory Care Building, stand in the lobby and walk towards the Information and
Registration Desks. Continue walking past the Registration Desk.
3. Walk through the glass sliding doors to the outside. The Ambulatory Care Building is in front with
the Starbucks sign.
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MAP: BC Children’s Hospital
Canada Line
King Edward Stop
Heather Street
#17 Bus Stops
Care Building
BC Children’s
Health Centre
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