What Graduates of the Program Say . . .

What Graduates of the Program Say . . .
“I’m much more comfortable working on my own
now than my former classmates who are at other
hospitals with shorter orientation times.”
“Debriefings were extremely crucial and enabled
me to cope with things that overwhelmed me.”
“Getting to know a seasoned staff member provides
a great connection to the hospital.”
“I am doing everything I did not think I would
be capable of doing in the beginning.”
For an extraordinary future in pediatric nursing, the very
best choice is the Versant ™ RN Residency in Pediatrics at
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. To find out more about
this innovative program, please complete and mail in the
attached information card or contact our Nurse Recruiter at
(323) 361-2193. You may also visit us at:
We look forward to hearing from you!
The Versant ™
RN Residency in Pediatrics
Founding Hospital
Leading the Way
Our unique 22-week Residency includes:
Few professional assignments are more
rewarding than pediatric nursing in an
acute care environment – but the
challenges facing new nursing school
graduates are formidable. To care
for acutely ill and injured children
in today’s increasingly complex
technological environment, new
graduate nurses need extended clinical
experiences with appropriate support
systems for successful transition from
nursing student to professional nurse.
• 75-percent time spent in one-on-one preceptor guided
clinical experiences
• 25-percent
time spent in classroom and skills practice
and demonstration
• Dedicated, experienced nurses as mentors and coaches
or resource
• Supportive debriefing/self care groups
• Extensive, individualized rotation/orientation to all
appropriate hospital areas
At Childrens Hospital Los Angeles,
we understand the needs of new
graduate nurses as they integrate
into the profession. To meet those
needs, our Versant ™ RN Residency
in Pediatrics provides the specific
tools and experiences needed by
new graduates to become successful
pediatric nurses.
On February 20, 2008, the American
Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC)
granted Magnet Recognition to
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles for
nursing excellence.
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Operating Room:
Recovery Room and Post
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Medical Units:
General Pediatrics/Medical
Infectious Diseases
The Versant ™ RN Residency in
Pediatrics, which was founded at
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
in 1999, is a 22-week program that
provides new nursing school graduates
with a comprehensive clinical and
learning experience to prepare them
for work in an acute care environment.
It has become the national model for
graduate pediatric nursing programs in
the United States.
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles is
acknowledged throughout the United
States and around the world for its
leadership in pediatric and adolescent
health. It is one of America’s premier
teaching hospitals, affiliated with
the Keck School of Medicine of the
University of Southern California. It is
a national leader in pediatric research.
Choose from the
following pediatric
specialty areas:
Surgical Units:
Cystic Fibrosis
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Additional benefits of this paid
RN Residency include :
• Rapid promotional opportunities
• Generous shift differentials
• 401K
• Flexible employee benefits package
• Award-winning on-site childcare
Our Organizational
Respect, Service, Excellence,
Knowledge and Teamwork make
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles
the ideal place to begin your
nursing career.
I am a new graduate or will be graduating in six
months or less. Please e-mail me information
regarding the upcoming open house for the next
Versant ™ RN Residency in Pediatrics at Childrens
Hospital Los Angeles.