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“Eis Servire Qui Serviverunt”
Christmas Lunch
Number 139 February 2014
Notice of Branch
Annual General
This years lunch was again held at
the Ashford International Hotel;
this being the sixth year in succession. A total of seventy four members and guests gathered in the
bar for pre lunch drinks. It is not
surprising that after a year apart in
most cases, people had an awful
lot to talk about. For the real ale
drinkers, at long last the hotel had
one available; a good pint of London Pride. Master of Ceremonies,
Tom Creighton once again was
resplendent in his crimson regalia
and called members and guests to order for a one o’clock lunch. David Edwards said
grace and absent friends were remembered.
Although not quite as well attended as last year everyone sat
down to a good festive lunch and
old times were remembered. After the lunch Bill & Trish Eggleton
ran the raffle (some of us were lucky!)
It was welcoming to see some
new faces and hopefully in the
future more new faces will appear, not only at the Christmas
lunch, but to other luncheons
throughout the year. Our thanks
once again to Bill & Trish for
their efforts in arranging the day.
The East Kent Branch AGM
will be held at the ARCA
Hall, 151 Ashford Road,
Thanington, Canterbury on
Tuesday 15th April 2014.
7pm for 7.15pm start. Items
for the Agenda should be
forwarded to the Secretary
as soon as possible.
Notice of William
Thrift Trust
Annual General
A General Meeting will follow the AGM. Items for the
Agenda should be forwarded to the Secretary as
soon as possible.
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Committee Meeting
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East Kent NARPO Newsletter
Chairman's Column
Happy New Year
to one and all and I
hope Father Christmas fulfilled all your
wishes. Rain, more
rain, wind and gales:
flood alerts, flooding with damage to
property and loss of life - and its
only the 5th January! Hopefully I am
wrong, but look ahead four to six
weeks and perhaps the wording will
be ‘snow, drifts and transport at a
again the year has gone in
the blink of an eye, and the committee continues to work for the benefit of our Branch. I will be standing
down at the May executive meeting
when a new committee is elected. I
would like to reflect on the past five
years and what has changed regarding East Kent N.A.R.P.O.
Both the Branch Rules, together
with those of the William Thrift
Trust, have been revisited and
changed, so that they reflect the
present day demands.
A booklet was written for the
assistance of Committee members
and deliverers, which gives information regarding where to seek assistance for members when required.
This booklet has been updated for
the coming year and hopefully be
available before May.
Quarterly meetings with the Head
of Human Resources and the other
Kent Narpo Branches began, and
continue to be a very useful exercise. These meetings have brought a
better liaison and understanding between us and H.Q. at Maidstone.
Training on a national basis for officers holding Executive Positions was
instigated by National, and I am
glad to say that all Officers - Chair,
Vice Chair, Treasurer, Secretary
and Membership Secretary - have
now completed the two day
Training Day for Branch deliverers was successfully held in 2012,
and this year another day is being
planned, with invitations being extended to the other Kent
Branches, i.e. Maidstone, Tonbridge Wells, Dartford and Medway.
continues to increase and is now in excess of
1200, despite losing friends, colleagues and former committee
members. They will be missed but
our memories of them will continue.
events continue to be arranged by Bill Eggleton. We have
tried to find acceptable venues for
these meetings to attract greater
numbers but this year was disappointing.
Page 2
Delivery of News Letters continues in a first class manner thanks
to John Piears.
Obituary notifications are now in
the capable hands of Gerry Skinner and are very efficient.
So my friends, you will have noticed that my column is similar to
last year, but I feel that those of
you who cannot attend the A.G.M.
in April should be informed as to
what has been going on in the past
and what will happen in the future.
Last, but not least, don’t forget to
let us know if there is someone
who needs our help, maybe it’s
just a phone call, but it can make
all the difference. We, your committee, believe in ‘welfare for our
members’, so please help us to do
Best regards
T om Witney
The National Conference in Sep-
On The Move
tember 2013 was held in York but
was subdued by the death of the
President’s wife, whose funeral was
the day of Conference. However,
the Conference was successful, but
with no controversial motions on
the agenda it proved to be a somewhat sedate affair.
Richard Amos, Woodchurch to
Gary Collyer, Canterbury to
Richard Moseling, Northiam to
I am pleased to
say that National
still hold our branch as one of the
best organised, and if possible they
would like to see some of the
other N.A.R.P.O. Branches follow
our example.
Branch is financially secure,
thanks to the effort of our Treasurer, Lynn Gridley.
Stuart Walker, Dover to
St. Margarets Bay
Roy Bushe has moved address
in Deal
Robert Pears has moved to
Feltwell, Norfolk
Ian Newman, Canterbury to
Belper, Derbyshire
William Beeforth, Tankerton to
East Kent NARPO Newsletter
have been
through one of the
wettest and windiest winter periods
that I can remember; global warming? or is it just a
natural progression of weather
patterns that evolve over the
years? I know what I think!
Branch Christmas lunch
was not as well attended as previous years. With a membership
of over twelve hundred, plus in
most cases, their partners, I find
it quite staggering that seventy
four people, in most cases made
up by thirty seven couples, actually supported the function. That
equates to just 3.5% of the membership actively supporting the
echo what Tom mentioned in
his column: It is disappointing
and the poor response does not
support the aims of our organisation. NARPO is about supporting each other and friendship. These types of occasion are
an ideal opportunity to meet old
friends and maybe make a few
new ones. Please help us
with any ideas you have that can
assist us to make our branch
better for everyone. All said and
done we need your support to
make NARPO a success. We
can't do it without YOU!
That said, I wish all of our members a brilliant 2014 bringing with
it a summer to remember, for the
right reasons, which hopefully
starts a bit earlier than last year.
would ask that you keep sending
in stories, snippets and skeletons.
They are very welcome.
Dave Ashwell
Branch Membership
Branch membership now stands
at circa1209.
Page 3
Welcome to New Members
Glenn Vincer, Broadstairs
Paul Cooke, Whitstable
Beverley Kenward, Hythe
Cenotaph Service 2014
Nationally NARPO are usually
allocated 50 places for the Cenotaph at the Remembrance service
and march past. Places go very
quickly and are allocated by the
CEO at Wakefield on a first
come first served basis. If you
wish to take part this year, please
advise the Branch Secretary as
soon as possible, as you must be
proposed by the Branch. A reserve list is held, so please apply
now, you may still get a place.
Subscription Increase
Membership subscriptions have
been increased in line with the
Police pension increase of 2.7%.
Below are the new rates for
Full & Associate membership
£1.63 a month or £19.56 a year
Additional Members £11.74 for
the year
Widows unchanged at 42 pence
per month or £5.04 a year
Direct Debits will be taken in
early April.
Those members who do not
pay by Direct Debit, or by deduction from Pension, should
forward their cheque for 2014
to the Treasurer, Lynn Gridley.
The Matt Cartoons © are copyright and
reproduced by kind permission of Matt/The
Daily Telegraph.
‘A Ted Wright Anecdote’ - Courtesy of
Ted Wright
Marilyn Barton, Folkestone
Marjorie Fisher, Hardwick
Steve Pope, Ash
Anthony Hubbard, Faversham
Raymond Kiff, Birchington
Anita James, Dover
Large Print
Large print Newsletters are
available by arrangement with
John Piears [see page 12] for
any member who is visually
impaired. The Newsletter is
double the normal size.
In order to give the best welfare service to all members the East Kent
Branch will be holding a second training
day for committee members and deliverers of the newsletter. The day will
include inputs from professionals in the
field of welfare who will pass on their
expertise. This is an opportunity to
improve your knowledge and assist
those members who may need help
and assistance. The training day will be
held at the Thanington Community
Centre, Ashford Road , Thanington
near Canterbury on Friday 30 May
2014 from 0900 hours to 1600 hours
Refreshments and a buffet lunch will be
provided and we anticipate a lot of
interest. There will be 20 spaces available on this course. We aim to make
this an interesting and stimulating day
and the contribution of those delegates
attending will be crucial to its success.
If you would like to attend Please contact Bob Pollard or by e mail on [email protected] or by phone 01227
East Kent NARPO Newsletter
Page 4
Statement of Accounts as at 31st December 2013
Receipts & Payments
Other income
Printing & Stat
Comm'ee Exp
Meeting Exp
Conference Exp
Unity Deposit A/c
Unity Current A/c
Investment income
Surplus for the year
Balance Sheet
T R Property Investment as @ 5/10/2012
Brought forward
Movement for year
Increase/decrease in value of investments
Carried forward
I have examined the books, statements, etc., and find that the various accounts as shown are a true record.
Ian Pascall FCA Honorary Auditor
Due to the steady increase in membership, the accounts show an increasingly healthy balance. T R Property Investment
are no longer managed in the same way as before, so the decision was made to invest the funds elsewhere. 45 welfare
payments were made this year. My thanks to Mr Ian Pascall of McCabeFord Williams for examining the accounts.
Lynn Gridley
Honorary Treasurer
East Kent NARPO Newsletter
Page 5
William Trift Trust
Statement of Accounts as at 31st December 2013
Receipts & Payments
Brought forward
Surplus for year
Inc (dec) in value of Stocks
Carried forward
Welfare Grants
Unity Bank
Unity Bank Deposit a/c
Close Bros
Government Stocks
I have Examined the books, statements, etc., and found that the various accounts as shown are a
true record
Ian Pascall FCA
……………………………………………….. Honorary Auditor
My thanks to Mr Ian Pascall of McCabe Ford Williams for examining the accounts.
Lynn Gridley
………………………………………………. Honorary Treasurer
East Kent NARPO Newsletter
Page 6
A Ted Wright Anecdote
Health Issues
In the early 1970's there was a TV police series called
'Softly. Softly. TaskForce'.
Tony Dallman has written in with an account of his
health issues over the past three to four years.
In it was a miserable, dis-spirited Dog Handler called
PC Snow (well played by Terence Rigby) Not a bit like
me I must state at this moment because I loved my
The first dog that 'he worked' in the series was a big,
black, long-haired dog called Bowesmoor INKY (both
on and off screen). INKY was the father of my
'Proper' Police Dog (Bowesmoor) BESS! (Another of
her claims to fame, being able to say that her Dad was
a thespian!)
The subsequent dog that was supposedly worked in
the program by the same handler was a smooth
coated GSD called RADAR
One evening I was on patrol with Bess and the night
duty CID officer and I saw a telephone box being
wheeled across a side street. Hello I thought. 'That's a
bit unusual'. I spun into the side road with headlights
full on and promptly ruined a scene where they were
filming a episode of the series. Anyway, after them
blaming me and me blaming them we all settled down
for a cuppa and a bacon roll at their refreshment
Who should come wandering over but 'PC Snow himself' so I thought I'd have a chat with him to see if I
could pick up any tips...but didn't. It transpired that he
was not allowed to move RADAR the dog from one
part of the set to another as the owner had to do it.
All PC Snow was allowed to do was to stand still and
hold the lead. (No wonder he was so bloody miserable!) Anyway having imbibed in their tea I let him
walk BESS up and down as though he was doing heelwork. I almost saw tears in his eyes as she was the
spitting image of her dad, INKY, who by that time had
gone to that great tracking ground in the sky.
True story!
His account is primarily intended to assist people
who have experienced similar issues.
After a lengthy period suffering with severe back
problems, in August 2011 he was admitted into
Kings College Hospital and underwent 7hrs of surgery involving 2 major ops on his back. He then required a double barreled illeostomy which resulted
in him having to have a bag. He underwent a reversal in May 2012 and things are starting to improve.
He emphasises that anyone who has been through
the process of having an illeostomy, that there are
support groups. Along with a couple of other people
just over two years ago he started a group called the
"Thanet Stoma Buddies Support Group" who meet
twice a month and the group is growing all the time,
having members from out as far as Herne Bay.
He says that they have had people join having just
undergone the op as well as those who have had one
for some time, they have even had people come
along who are waiting for the op and have found it
very helpful. If anyone out there requires or wants
any information then get in touch and if Tony can
help he will.
There are support groups in Dover and Ashford and
possibly Canterbury and obviously in Thanet. Members of the Thanet committee attend meetings all
over Kent if its in relation to Ostomist issues and
bring back information for the group.
Tony’s email address is [email protected]
Colin Ticehurst has written in
about the ‘Memory Lane’
photo in the last issue, of staff
at Margate Police Station in
June 1961. He has ‘identified’
(an old police term) the girl on
the left in the floral dress as
Bridget Ashby. It just so happens that he and Bridget married in 1964. That being the
case I think his identification would stand up to cross
examination. (Any reader who can’t pick out Bridget needs a
visit to Specsavers)
East Kent NARPO Newsletter
Page 7
East Kent Branch Obituary Snowball
As we get older we realise that we are in a smaller circle of
friends and acquaintances as life and age takes its toll. To
assist members in being aware of the passing of friends and
colleagues we operate a snowball system to pass on Obituary and funeral details to those who want them. This is run
by East Kent NARPO for its own members only.
All deaths of persons in receipt of a police pension must be
notified to a HQ department who, once the funeral details
and family wishes are confirmed, circulate them to the 5
NARPO branches in Kent. The East Kent Branch scheme is
an “Opt in” scheme i.e. you have to confirm to the administrator that you want to be included. Currently there are
some 160 out of 1200 members on that database.
If the deceased is not receiving a pension then there is no
obligation to contact the Force on death and we simply may
not officially know of their passing.
Our Membership now stands at 1209 (November
2013 figures) an annual increase of 41. We welcome
all the new members.
Please keep us informed of any change in circumstances so our records may be updated.
Socially this year we arranged a Luncheon at the Sene
Valley Golf Club, which proved popular, so we plan to
repeat this again, along with the Ramsgate Lunch and
the Christmas Lunch. It goes without saying that we
do need your support to make these events successful.
Three Members of the Committee went on a Branch
Officers Training Course offered by NARPO HQ in
Wakefield and all those who attended found it most
The Force also has on their intranet an obituary page where
ALL deaths in service and of pensioners are recorded for
serving officers and staff to view. This is not available to retired officers unless still working for the Force in a civilian
capacity. Currently NARPO do not receive notifications of
the death of police widows and of serving officers. However those that reach the administrator and can be confirmed are circulated.
It is important to understand that rumours abound amongst
pensioners even more so than within the police itself and
there are several instances where people are rumoured to
be deceased when they are very much alive. We cannot
therefore circulate without confirmation and this normally
comes from the Force.
Originally the snowball was rolled out by telephone, but this
has been largely discontinued, though I am aware some people do still pass on messages to others by phone. The
Branch however no longer has a structured telephone
If you change email address or there is a problem with your
account it will not be followed up. You will either temporarily or permanently stop receiving notifications depending on
the nature of the fault. If the administrator receives regular
“bounce back” from an email address then that is removed
from the records. The administrator currently provides the
computer and the e mail domain address as a service to the
The only way family can obtain such things as the Force Flag
or an Official Uniformed presence at a funeral is by contacting Kent Police HQ on 01622 653104.
If the Branch member was in receipt of their pension from a
Force outside Kent then that is the Force that must be notified.
The Administrator of the scheme is Gerry Skinner and the
email address is [email protected]
Our Financial situation is shown in the accounts.
My thanks, as always go to all the members of the
Committee and deliverers for all their support during
the past year.
Patricia Eggleton
East Kent Branch Secretary
2013 – 2014
The main aim of NARPO is the welfare of our members. We are fortunate to have the William Thrift
Trust and the purpose of this Trust is to provide financial or material assistance by grants, the purchase
of equipment or items of welfare for our members in
need. Applications to the Trust are welcomed.
Patricia Eggleton
East Kent Branch Secretary
British Hospitals - True Stories
One day I had to be the bearer of bad news when I
told a wife that her husband had died of a massive
myocardial infarct.. Not more than five minutes later, I
heard her on her mobile phone reporting to the rest
of the family that he had died of a 'massive internal
Submitted by Dr. Susan Steinberg Royal London Hosp.
East Kent NARPO Newsletter
Page 8
Annual General Meeting of the National Association of Retired Police Officers
15th April 2014 at 7pm (for 7.15pm) to be held at Ashford Road Community Hall,
151 Ashford Road, Thanington,Canterbury
1. Chairman’s Opening Address
2. Apologies for Absence
3. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting April 2012
4. Matters Arising from the Minutes
5. Secretary’s Report (previously circulated with the Feb. Newsletter)
6. Treasurer’s Report (previously circulated with the Feb. Newsletter)
7. Election of the Executive Committee 2014 -2015
8. Any Other Business
William Thrift Trust Fund Agenda
1. Chairman’s Opening Address
2. Apologies for Absence
3. Minutes of the AGM Meeting April 2012
4. Matter Arising from the Minutes
5. Secretary’s Report
6. Treasurer’s Report
7. Election of the Trustees 2014-2015
8. Appointment of Auditor
9. Any Other Business
Please note that should any member wish to make comment concerning the Branch accounts and/or
the reports, the Secretary should be advised in writing by 20th March 2014. This would allow any
points to be addressed promptly and accurately.
East Kent NARPO Newsletter
Page 9
Members wishing to place an advert should send the details to me together with a cheque for £5
which will be for welfare purposes. Please make cheques payable to ‘The National Association of
Retired Police Officers East Kent Branch’ and forward to Mr. D. Ashwell, Windmill Lodge, Mill Lane,
Willesborough, Ashford, Kent TN24 0QG.
Services offered by advertisers are not specifically endorsed by this Branch. The Editor reserves the
right to refuse or withdraw advertisements at his discretion and does not accept liability for clerical
or printer’s errors, although every care is taken to avoid mistakes. Advertisements in the East Kent
NARPO Newsletter are accepted only on the understanding that the advertisers warrant that the
advertisements do not contravene the Trade Description Act 1968, the Sex Discrimination Act 1975
and the Business Advertisements (Disclosure) Order of 1997 and conform to the British Code of
Advertising Practice.
Los Lobos Spain - Apartment to Rent
For that special holiday for two this modern apartment with uninterrupted
breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, is within 5 minutes walk of the
beach, bars and restaurants. Set in the picturesque village of Canico, the
apartment has all the modern facilities to make your stay as pleasant as possible . The capital of Madeira, Funchal is only 13km away and easily accessed by
public transport or taxis from outside the apartment. Guests will be met at
the airport on arrival and taxied to the apartment. This at an additional cost
of 25 Euros each way.
Cost: £500 for two weeks—£275 for one week.
Ground floor apartment in village. Two double bedrooms
with two bathrooms with the opportunity to sleep up to
six people using double sofa bed in living area. Kitchen,
private terrace and roof terrace with mountain views.
Large shared pool. Beaches and waterpark within 10-15
minutes. Golf and other attractions nearby. Car essential,
55 minutes from Almeira Airport. August 2013 fully
booked. Reduced rate of £30 per night for other bookings. Put http://15a-carpe-diem, into your
address bar (not search engine) for details. Telephone
01233 631839 for non obligation chat.
For full colour brochure and full details Tel; 01303 779272
Our heartiest congratulations
to Colin and Valerie McCarthy
of Whitstable in celebrating
their 50th Wedding Anniversary
on 9th November 2013. They
were presented with a gift of
champagne and an orchid on
behalf of East Kent NARPO.
Colin is quoted as saying, “They
said it would last and it did”
E-Mail Hackers
There has been an increasing number of members who have had their E-Mail accounts hacked where their EMail address book is compromised. Those addresses are then contacted by the hacker generally to the effect
that the owner of that E-Mail account is somewhere in the world and stranded without means to get home (I'm
surprised the story line seems not to change much!) Normally the first the owner of the hacked account knows
about it is when his addressees contact him.
There is a method by which the owner of the hacked account can be alerted immediately the hack takes place.
By entering [email protected] into your address book then you will get immediate notification that an
email to that address is undeliverable which will alert you to that fact you have been hacked.
What you should be aware of however, is that if you have been hacked then you have undoubtedly got a
Trojan/Worm on your computer. You should ensure that you have the appropriate anti virus software checking
your emails/internet, then you shouldn’t get hacked.
East Kent NARPO Newsletter
Page 10
It is with great regret that I inform you of the following deaths. We send our sympathies to their families.
Please note: Information available at the time of publication is often very limited.
Banister, Marjorie aged 96 years
of Deal, who died on 2nd November 2013. Marjorie was the widow
of former Police Sergeant 712
Bernard Banister who died in
Barton, George Michael, former
Police Constable 3744 aged 74
years of Folkestone, who died on
2nd October 2013. He leaves a
widow, Marilyn. George joined the
Force in October 1965 and retired in July 1996, having served in
Rochester, Wainscott, Sevenoaks
and Folkestone.
Bugden, Robert Malcolm, former
Police Sergeant 2934 aged 75
years of Broadstairs, who died on
30th November 2013. He leaves a
widow, Valerie. Bob joined Kent
Police in March 1960 and served
initially at Ashford, then Deal,
Dover, Hythe, Chatham, Ramsgate, Broadstairs, Margate and the
Police Federation Office before
retiring in May 1990.
Bob was an active member of the
Police Federation both as the Sergeants representative for Thanet
and as Assistant Secretary to the
J.B.B. On retirement he also became an active member of the
East Kent Branch of NARPO,
holding several positions including
Newsletter editor from 19922006, Vice Chairman, Assistant
Secretary, newsletter deliverer
and most recently as coordinator
of the East Kent Snowball scheme.
He was a committee member
from 1992-2009
Constantine, William former
Police Inspector 3914 aged 86
years of Maidstone, who died on
9th November 2013. He leaves a
widow, Nora. William joined Manchester Police c1948, transferring
to Kent in 1966. He was a Training Instructor based at the then
Police Training Centre in Sandgate
and served at FHQ before retiring
in 1977.
Eatwell, Florence a widow member , aged 90 years of Seabrook
who died on 13th November
2013. She was the widow of former police constable Bob Eatwell
who died in October 1984
Ely, Audrey widow of the late Bill
Ely who died on 4th November
Mead, George former Police
Superintendant 4186 aged 89
years of Maidstone, who died on
15th October 2013. He leaves a
widow, Joyce. George joined
Devon Police in 1950 transferring
to Kent in 1969 and retired in
1983, having served at Maidstone
HQ and Traffic . He was responsible for setting up Sevenoaks Police
Reynolds, Annie of Encombe,
Sandgate died recently. Annie was
the widow of the former Detective Sergeant Raymond Reynolds.
Pawsey, James (Jim) former Police Constable 2282 aged 80 years
of Whitstable who died on 22nd
November 2013. He leaves a
widow, Miriam. Jim joined Kent
Police in 1954 and served initially
at Gravesend, followed by some
eight years on the Kent Marine
section before being posted to
Whitstable in 1965, where he first
became enquiries officer and then
station officer before retiring in
Pilcher, William Richard, former
Police Sergeant 1253 aged 98
years of Maidstone, who died on
11th November 2013. William
joined Rochester City Police in
1939 and following a period of
conscription to the Royal Artillery
1942 – 1945, he joined Kent
County Constabulary, retiring in
1969 having served at Dartford,
Gravesend and Maidstone.
Smith, Iris Naomi Maud (Babs).
honorary widow member, aged 89
years of Ashford, who died on 9th
December 2013. Babs worked for
many years in the canteen at Ashford Police Station and will be
fondly remembered by many former officers.
Sproul, William Craddock (Bill),
former Detective Inspector 2695
aged 75 years of Westbrook, who
died on 15th October 2013. He
leaves a widow, Susan. Bill joined
Kent Police in 1958 and served at
Dartford, Gravesend, Nackington,
Margate and Dover. Bill retired in
1990 and spent many enjoyable
days pursuing his love of fishing in
East Kent NARPO Newsletter
Obituaries Continued from Page 10
Tiller, Richard Leonard, former
Police Sergeant 2487 aged 85
years of Margate, who died on
16th December 2013. He leaves a
widow, Pamela. Richard worked
in T3 Nackington as a motor cyclist. He was a Constable in Margate and Ramsgate and spent the
majority of his service as a uniformed Sergeant.
Tuff, Ernest former Police Sergeant 1862 aged 95 years of Rainham, who died on 9th November
2013. Ernest served with the
army during the 2nd World War
and was Mentioned in Dispatches.
He joined Kent Police in 1950
and retired in 1974, having served
at Deal, Ramsgate and finally
Rochester as a Custody Sergeant.
Page 11
Nationwide Building Society Travel Insurance
There is a problem which may affect those of you who have a Nationwide
Building Society Account, which offers as part of the perks ' free holiday
insurance' providing a minimum of £750 is paid in per month. Police pensioners (along with many other Forces) get a pension payment every
month - except when occasionally they are paid on the 1st of the month
and also on the last day of the same month.
This happens if the first day of the subsequent month falls on a Sunday,
when pensioners then receive two payments in one month and none in the
As soon as this happens Nationwide's computers register that a payment
for one month has been missed and the holiday insurance is cancelled automatically and they do not bother to inform the account holder.
This problem was first highlighted by a Sussex pensioner and after many
arguments he got a ‘rider’ put on his account to stop future cancelations of
his travel insurance.
Please check if you have an account of this type, please do not presume
that you are covered and if necessary insist on a 'rider'
Letter From Down Under
I would like to offer a word of thanks to the officers of the past driving
school, particularly those with whom I came into contact for teaching me
"The System." This would probably have been mid fifties.
Have You Really Retired?
Nigel Evenden has kindly brought
it to my attention that officers
who have retired are still being
shown as serving officers on the
Kent Police Website in the localities in which they last served. I
have been in touch with the site
administration and have been told
that the responsibility for updating
this information lies with each
local area. They will be advised
I have just passed my third compulsory driving test and without doubt
what I was taught has been of great help to me now and in the past.
I don't know what the requirements are in England, but here, after 70
years, one must have an annual medical before a licence is renewed and
after the age of 85 one must have a medical and a compulsory driving test
each year. Thank you, your teachings have been a great help.
To live here in Perth, a most beautiful city, it is of great value to be able
to drive around because it is a very spread-eagled city with so much to
see and do.
In conclusion I would add that I look forward to the East Kent Narpo
Newsletter although there are now not many names in it I know. With
any luck I may make a visit next year.
Albert Hover
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