Yinnar South Newsletter Australia Day Community Breakfast at

Number 1
March 2013
Yinnar South
Australia Day Community Breakfast at
Martin Walker Reserve
Residents of Yinnar South and district assembled to share breakfast, catch up on news and
relax on a beautiful morning at the Martin Walker Reserve.
Given the level of interest in the event, the Yinnar South Citizen Association is planning to hold
this gathering again next year.
In this Issue:
P2: Newsletter information, editorial
P3: Deppeler’s weather and community diary
P4: School News
P5: School News & Playgroup
P6: Church News & Newly wedded
P7: Fire Brigade & Birth notice
P8: Community Garden
P 9: Community singing & Fiddlehead
P 10: ARC Yinnar & Yinnar South Citizen
P11: Lifeline & Monash University
P12: Community Directory
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Welcome to the first Yinnar South Newsletter
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Deppeler Weather
For Your Diary
Before we start with 2013 rainfall,
we finished 2012 with December
recording 79.5mm, bringing the
2012 year total to 1020mm, our
average being 837mm.
YSCA Meeting.
The driest month was July with 39mm, the
wettest month was June with 139mm and
June also had the highest 24 hour rainfall
recording with 62.5mm on June 5.
Now for 2013 rain and so far that has not
been much to write about! Did we really think
the ground would ever dry up and so quickly?
In January we recorded only 4mm, compared
to last year in January when we had 64.5mm.
Our February total so far, up to February 17th,
is 13mm compared to the 2012 February total
of 100.5mm.
Will 2013 be a dry year like 1990 when we
only had 3mm for January and ended up with
a below annual average rainfall or like 1967
when we recorded only 589.5mm, and the
Middle Creek stopped for the first time in
February 1968?
Looking at the records since 1953, (sixty
years of figures), and prior to the years 2011
(1074mm) and 2012 (1020mm) we
experienced a recording of 1000+ mm of rain
every 4-8 years, except for the period
between 1993 and 2010 when we had
eighteen years of below 1000mm of rain.
Wednesday 8 May
Wednesday 14 August
Wednesday 13 November
7.30 at YS Hall
Yinnar Sth
Friday 18 May
Friday 23 August
Friday 22 November
Yinnar South
CFA Training
at the Fire Shed
9.30am, Every Sunday
Holy Innocents
Church Service
5th Sunday of the Month
Ring 5134 5659
Sunday 30 June
Sunday 29 September
Yinnar St Play
Fridays 9.30 to 11
Ring 5169 1540
Yinnar / Yinnar
South Landcare
For dates of next
meetings ring
Bob 5163 1229
Yinnar CFA
4th Monday of the month,
8pm at the Fire Station.
Yinnar Friendship 1st Monday of the month
12 for lunch at the Yinnar
Boolarra &
District Book
1st Monday of the month
7pm. Ring 5169 6494 for
B.J. Bennett & Co. Real Estate
The Real Estate company that services Yinnar, Yinnar South, Mirboo North,
Boolarra, Churchill and Morwell. Ideally located to service the Yinnar South area.
We have access to cash purchasers locally and from Melbourne with our eight
internet sites.
If you are considering selling your property contact
The Rural Specialists
Morwell: 219 Commercial Road,
5134 2790
[email protected]
Your Local Agent
Graeme Jarvie
0407 512 455
Yinnar South Primary School
Yinnar South Primary has leapt to life this year with an exciting burst of
energy. We have five delightful new preps, a new uniform and a new
school logo that reflects the school’s values, a new website and our
chooks have started laying. What more could we want?
On a serious note, our new logo statement, “Individual Focus, Global
Perspective” clearly indicates the school’s agenda. Our teaching and
learning program is tailored to meet the needs of each individual child.
Students are working through a ‘stages not ages’ approach which means
that they progress at their own pace. This is particularly beneficial for
students who need to be extended.
Global Perspective represents the importance we place on students understanding their role
as global citizens. Students learn Mandarin (Chinese) and we are part of the Asia Literacy
Project. We are currently developing projects linking our students with others around Australia
and hope to develop a sister school in another country. We embrace sustainable practices and
have recently become members of ResourceSmart.
Our Lifestyles program focuses on healthy eating and living. We create a two course meal
once a week with as much produce as possible out of our garden. We want our students to
have unlimited opportunities in the future.
New Preps
A is for Apple…
First Day Fun!
We have been very busy embracing the arts this term with the students creating artwork to
decorate the Fiddlehead Festival. Artists, Leslie Anne Schmidt and Yvette Aitkens from ARC
have led the students in four 2 hour sessions of vibrant art and instrument making.
Rehearsals were hot work but lots of fun. Steve did an
amazing job and so did the students.
School news cont...
Yinnar South
Primary Playgroup
Playgroup continues to grow
with more than 20 families
now involved. The playgroup runs on
Friday mornings from 9.30 till 11.30.
Our playgroup is very friendly and all are
The primary school students visit and read
to the play groupers (or perform) most
weeks as part of their values program.
This play group is great for all ages.
Yinnar South Primary joins the Street
Parade with the instruments they made during
the art project
Students in Grades 2 – 6 were also part of the
local schools’ drumming and dancing
performance led by Steve Shultz.
The students performed enthusiastically and
really enjoyed the experience. Parents and
staff also helped to run the children’s craft tent
on the day.
We would like to thank the organisers of
Fiddlehead who have worked so hard to bring
this event to the community.
In particular I would like to thank Deanne
Seath for organising the activities for the
children’s craft tent.
What a great start to the year!
School Tours can be booked by calling the
school on (03) 5169-1540
Come along and be part of the Yinnar
South Primary Community.
Enquiries can be made by calling the
school on (03) 5169 1540
The Holy Innocent church committee is
looking for a volunteer to help with the
maintenance of the church grounds.
This will involve mowing and weeding as
Anyone keen on gardening with a bit of time
on their hands should contact Ian Hornibrook
on 5163 1216
Domestic Water - Gas
Tip Truck Hire
Sand - Gravel - Pine Bark
5169 6462
Mob: 0428 696 462
5169 6680
346 Budgeree Road via Boolarra 3870
Email: [email protected]
Church News
The Holy Communion
service at Holy
Innocents on 27th of
January was the first
time Rev Brenda Burney had celebrated there.
Services are now back to normal, being held in
the individual centres. The first birthday of our
combined parishes was celebrated in fine style
at Churchill on 17th February, with even a
birthday cake.
Robyn Maugher had created a DVD
presentation of the highlights of the past year
which was most enjoyable.
Annual reports were presented and discussed
but there was plenty of time afterwards for a
yummy morning tea.
Parish activities include a Lenten Bible study
each Monday at Rev’d Brenda’s home and
each Thursday afternoon at Yinnar Uniting
Church. Donations made in January for bush
fire victims were sent to SHARE Tasmanian
bushfire appeal.
You may have heard of the World Day of
Prayer, which is a common day of prayer each
year. All are welcome to the Cooperating
Churches in Churchill on Friday 1st March at
7pm. The theme this year is “I was a stranger
and you welcomed me”.
For details of other activities such as Coffee
Connections and Saturday Breakfast, which
both have interesting speakers coming along,
or any other queries you can ring the Church
office phone on 51 221480
Next service: Sunday 30 June
Newly Wedded
Local CFA Fire Captain, Peter Brimblecombe,
changed his yellows for a dark brown suit
when he walked his youngest daughter, Claire,
down the aisle at Lyrebird Falls in Kallista.
Claire exchanged vows with Dan Hammond of
Thorpdale, who wore a slim fit charcoal suit.
She wore a latte Victorian inspired satin gown,
embellished with silver lace and pearls.
Bridesmaids were sister Laura Brimblecombe,
and long time friend Emma Ockenden. They
wore dainty, v-neck, knee length layered
cobalt blue dresses and carried bouquets of
white lilies.
The couple honeymooned in Bora Bora while
their son, Michael, holidayed in Yinnar South.
Yinnar South
Fire Brigade
I hope everyone had a good
Christmas and new year.
With the fire season well
upon us the Yinnar South
Brigade have been busy with supplying crews
to the Aberfeldy fire with the tanker 1 at Licola
for 3 day deployments staying at the Licola
lions camp with our main job being asset
protection of Glenfallock Station.
and don’t leave it to late to leave . Fires that
maybe one or two ridges away can be on your
door step in minutes not hours.
In the event of a large fire in the Yinnar South
area please remember you are NOT
guaranteed a fire truck to turn up on your door
step to protect your house or property
The Brigade is always looking for new
members so if you have thought about joining
give me a ring to discuss on how you can
become a member.
For those that didn’t know our tanker 2 made Thats all for nowststay fire safe.
Mark Bruerton 1 Lieutenant
the front page of the herald sun a few weeks
0428 223 361
ago on the Sunday . It was deployed to
Heyfield to do asset protection at the Heyfield
timber mill but then was called to a large grass
spot fire near the golf course the photo was
taken from a distance but it looks like the fire
was right on them but it wasn’t .
At the moment we have 3 new trainees doing
their minimum skills and should be finished in
the next couple of weeks. With the large
amount of fires happening around the state at
this stage we have been very lucky right thru
the Latrobe shire, with minimal amount of fires
i.e. grass and bush fire. However, be vigilant
as fires can start very easily whether it be a
spark from a lawn mower or angle grinder or
even a cigarette butt .
Fire restrictions are still on and will be for
quiet awhile as we all know we haven’t had
any descent rains since well before Christmas
so the bush and grass lands are basically 100
% cured. The rate of spread with any fire on
windy weather would be very quick.
Report the first sign of smoke and if the fire is
in your area please have your fire plan ready
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Kitchens & Kitchen Designs
Shop Fittings
Custom Made Joinery
General Cabinet Making
16 Davey Street (PO Box 770) Morwell Victoria 3840
Phone: 5133 9552
Fax: 5133 9382
Julie and David Reggardo were very proud to
become Grandparents in January 2013. Their
daughter Meg gave birth on the 14th to a little
boy, Hunter Logan, 8lb 13oz.
▪ Windows ▪ Lawns ▪ Gutters ▪ Product Sales ▪ Ride on Mower
▪ Pruning ▪ Hard Rubbish Removal ▪ High Pressure Cleaning
[email protected]
Mobile: 0412 549 376
Ph: (03) 5163 1782
garden activities via the subcommittee of
Have the right to vote for subcommittee of
management and/or be elected to the subcommittee of management.
Room, arc Yinnar 1.30 – 3.30pm
Medicinal, Culinary & Pest Control Benefits”
with Penny Woodward.
Penny is a passionate organic gardener and a
well-known gardening writer and photographer
who regularly contributes to the ABC’s Organic
Gardener Magazine and her own website at
pennywoodward.com.au. She is also a
panellist on Melbourne’s 3CR community radio
gardening program (855 AM, at 7.30 - 9.15am
every Sunday) and has written seven books
on edible and useful plants, including Grow
Your Own Herbal Remedies, Community
Gardens, with Pam Vardy, Pest-Repellent
Plants, Asian Herbs and Vegetables, Growing
Easy Herbs and Herbs for Australian Gardens.
RSVP to [email protected] or call
Catheryn 0435 048 153
For more info: [email protected]
or call Catheryn on 0435 048 153
Yinnar Farm & Hardware
Supplies and Produce
Small engine repairs, gardening and more
Learn how to manage a sustainable garden
HANDS ON by attending working bees in the
garden on the 2nd & 4th Saturday’s of the
month, 4-6pm, at rear arc Yinnar
Participate in Planning all aspects of the
garden, from what we grow to where we go
next & what workshops we have. Meetings are
held on the 2nd & 4th Mondays of the month
at 5.30pm in the foyer at ARC Yinnar
Community Garden Membership is $10 per
Participate in the distribution of garden
produce at working bees.
Distribution of any excess produce will be
detailed on the information board at the shed.
Learn how to manage an organic garden using
integrated pest management principles.
Discounted rates to garden events that have a
fee charge, priority access to workshops with
limited spaces.
Receive information on upcoming events,
workshops & activities via email.
Contribute to decision making about the
Main Street
Yinnar 3869
5163 1413
House Sites
Shed Sites
Brent O’Brien
Ph: 51 696 462
Mob: 0428 696 462
Fiddlehead Festival Snapshots
JULY 13:
$3 (18
5122 2573
OR MICHELLE: 5122 2635
EMAIL: [email protected]
28 Main Street, Yinnar, 3869
(P.O. Box 209, Yinnar)
Phone: 5163 1666
Churchill Chiropractic
Total Body Care for the Whole Family
Dr. David A. Forys
 Chiropractic Care
 Dietary Counseling
 Bowen Therapy
 Therapeutic Massage
5122 3336
LaBerta K. Forys
creative waste
Yinnar Sth Citizen
The last meeting was held on the 6th Feb.
One’s person trash is
another person treasure
Logging Routes R. Stamps report – Post
audit inspection of the roads prior to the log
trucks. The Timber Traffic Reference Group
meeting is scheduled for the 21st February,
An exhibition & competition showing the this date is unsuitable for G. Blakely, he will try
to get this rescheduled.
quirky, tasteful, inventive ways
The bus shelter that was due for completion
Gippsland people adapt the ‘stuff’
before the 2012 year is still not in position.
around them.
Opening Event & Awards: Saturday
18 May: from 3 pm All welcome.
Martin Walker Reserve Picnic Tables
Steve Cahill has contacted us to say the sets
are ready. J. O’Kane from the City has given
N. Albutt a verbal agreement to install bollards
around the drive and to make concrete slabs
for the tables and chairs to be anchored.
Exhibition Dates: 18 May—8 June,
Exhibition Hours: Tuesday – Friday 12 – Australia Day Celebrations This was really
well attended with approximately 30 people
4pm; weekends 11am – 3pm.
there. Every one spoke well of it and it will now
Supported by Gippsland Regional
Waste Management Group.
The Judging panel of 3 will consist of
representatives from GRWMG, arc
Yinnar & local community. Free entry.
be an annual event. I. Hornibrook suggested
that we contact John Harris from Yinnar re
making it official.
Treasurers Report Cash Bal: $340.82
Common Fund$12,617.00
G. Blakely proposed that we adopt the ‘New
Model of Rules’ and that everyone fills out a
membership form so that we have a current
registry of Members. J. Reggardo as the public
officer will fill out and send off the 2012 Annual
Committee election
Elected unopposed:
Greg Blakeley President
David Walker
Julie Reggardo Secretary
Next Meeting: Wed 8 May, 7.30pm, Yinnar Sth Hall
ARC Yinnar Open Entry Postcard
Thursday 4 April to Friday 10 May
Yinnar Milk Bar
and Country Café
Cappuccino - Cake - Sandwiches - Chickens - Hot Food
Sit In or Take Away
Opening event Friday 5 April, 6.00pm
Or call 5163 1310
Opening Hours
Mon - Fri
8.00am - 6.00pm
Sat - Sun 9.00am - 5.00pm
Main Street
5163 1285
Lifeline Gippsland
have been
donated some
bridal wear from a
shop in
Traralgon . The
lovely young
ladies that you
see are the grand
daughters of
Yvonne Kingston.
volunteers her
time and in this
case her grand
There have been one hundred gowns of
various styles donated. The majority will be
placed at the Lifeline Shop at Churchill, a
window display will be set up at the end of
March. Some of these gowns will also be
going to Sale, Moe and Lakes Entrance
Shops. If you are looking for that special dress
at a special price please pop in and have a
look you will be pleasantly surprised.
Community invited to provide input on
regionally-focused university
Communities across Gippsland are being
encouraged to provide their input and
ideas on how tertiary education could be
improved as Monash University and the
University of Ballarat begin a consultation
process to shape the proposition for an
expanded, regionally-focused university.
Driven by an objective to increase and
improve tertiary education participation in
regional areas of Victoria, the proposition
would see Monash University’s Gippsland
campus join with the University of Ballarat
under a new name. If approved, the regionallyfocused
university would have scope to offer a range of
courses and research options better tailored to
students, industry and community in
To help inform the proposition, and ensure
planning reflects the needs of key
stakeholders throughout Gippsland, Monash
University and the University of Ballarat are
undertaking a comprehensive consultation
process, with community forums in Leongatha,
Traralgon, Warragul and Bairnsdale.
Lifeline Gippsland would like to
extend our thoughts to all those
volunteers who continue to do all
their good work when they have please visit the Gippsland Future website at
their own mountains to climb.
Lifeline Gippsland acknowledges
further information:
your efforts.
Tim Grainger (Monash University)
Thank you and take care.
on 0419 655 533
Le-anne O’Brien (University of Ballarat)
on 0419 553 608
Community Directory
If you belong to a group that would like to be listed or need to change details,
please contact the editor. Details below.
Organisations listed in bold text have been updated this issue.
Contact Persons
Phone Number
1st Yinnar Scouts
ARC Yinnar
CFA - Yinnar South Brigade
Holy Innocents Church - Yinnar South
Churchill & Monash Golf Club
Churchill Toy Library
G.O. Club (Golden Oldies), Churchill FC Rooms
Justice of the Peace
Line Dancing in the Valley: www.lvbootscooters.com
Colin Richards Group Leader
0467 677 759
5163 1310
0428 223 361
0412 691 172
5169 1772
5122 3557
5169 1623
5169 1684
5169 1623
5169 1764 or
0408 221 716
5169 1623
5122 2737
5169 1651, 0409 402 459
5163 1577, 0428 631 577
Possums of Yinnar Playgroup
Wild Dog Cloggers
Yinnar and District Citizens Association
Yinnar and District Judo Club
Yinnar and District Lions Club
Yinnar Basketball Association Inc
Yinnar Bowls Club
Yinnar CWA
Yinnar Dancercise
Mark Bruerton
Rae Billing
Vicki Verheyen
Simone Gillette
Joan Gardner
Robert (Bob) Reynolds
Joan and Jim Gardner
Marney Kanavan
Joan and Jim Gardner
John Harris
Peter Brimblecombe
Herb Smith, Secretary
Kim Crookston (President)
Gaye Jenkins (Secretary)
Ladies: Olive Robson, President
Mens: Brian Carpenter, President
Evelyn Littlejohn, President
Michelle Carpenter, Secretary
Maryanne Haesler
5169 1592
5122 1088
5122 1605
5122 3381
5122 1605
5133 9743
Peter Linton: President
Leanne Millsom: Secretary
Yinnar Junior Guides (6 years +)
Meagan Young
Yinnar Recreation Reserve Committee of Management Peter Quigley
5163 1505
0409 136 985
5122 1895
Yinnar / Yinnar South Landcare Group
Equipment Officer: Spray Tank Hire
Bob Read: President
Will & Marney Kanavan
5163 1229
5169 1764
or 0418 841 295
Yinnar South Citizens Association
Greg Blakeley
David Walker
5169 1620
5169 1611
Yinnar South Hall Hire
Yinnar South Pony Club
Yinnar South Primary School
Marion Haines
5169 1595
Gina Zammit, Secretary
Katy Grandin, Principal
5166 1255
5169 1540
Sharon Mongan
5169 1540
5163 1201
Yinnar Football & Netball Club
Yinnar South Playgroup
Yinnar South Tennis Club
Yinnar Tennis Club
Articles for next Newsletter due Wednesday 15 May, 2013
The assistance of Derek Holcombe and David Walker is gratefully acknowledged.
Australian Paper proudly supports the Yinnar South Community.