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Sacred Heart Parish Mildura
257—261 Eleventh Street Mildura
Parish Office: 5021 2872 Fax: 5023 0337
Presbytery: 5022 9959
P.O. Box 10037 Mildura, Vic 3502
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Fr. Michael McKinnon PP
Fr Gregory Tait
Our Lady of Lourdes
St. Francis Xavier
Elms Street, Irymple
Parish Secretary: Carmel Russo
The Ascension of the Lord / Year A
31st May and 1st June, 2014
Weekend Mass Times
Sat: 6:00 pm
Sun: 9:00 am, 5:00 pm
Irymple: 8:30 am
Werrimull 11:00 am (2nd Sunday each month & 5th Sunday)
Weekday Masses
If there is a Funeral Mass on Wed, Thurs, the advertised
Mass will be cancelled.
Tues: 7:00 pm
Wed: 9:10 am
Thurs: 9:30 am Fri: 5:40 pm
Sat: 10:00 am
Weekly Prayer Opportunities
Prayer of the Church: Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri. 8:40 am
Rosary: Monday 5:00pm
Scripture Reading: Thurs 10:30 am - 20 Beasy Court
Christian Meditation: Sat 11:30 am Parish Prayer
Charismatic Prayer Group : meet Tues 7:30pm in
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament: held the 1st
Friday of each month in the Church from 12 – 5:00 pm
Devotion Prayer and Exposition: Fri 3:00pm
Reconciliation: Saturday 11:00 am to 12:00 noon
RECENT DEATHS: Maria Piscioneri, Marjorie Nicholls,,
Victor McTaggart
Saturday 6pm: Luka Marlais (first year anniversary)
Antonino (Nino) Romeo (one month Mass), Alex Pytel
Tuesday 7pm: Mavis Sullivan (birthday remembrance)
Thursday 9.30am: Fr Stjepan Gnjec (first year anniversary)
Friday 6pm: Pasquale Carfora (first year anniversary),
William (Bill) Lakey
(Only members of the deceased’s immediate family are permitted to arrange
anniversary Masses.)
If you want a sick person prayed for, ask for their permission. Please let us know when to take their
name off the list.
Georgie Manning, Dorothy Norris, Fr Justin Woodford,
Fr Denis Dennehy, Eileen Flanner, Eli Madden-Andrews,
Kevin (Sid) Robinson, Vince Manno, Lucas Whitelegg,
Shane Dickeson, Mary Baldock, Kel Townsend, Vince
Alicastro, Peter Hutchinson,
Loss is an integral part of the human experience, and death is generally the most painful
experience of loss. Today’s Feast of the Ascension invites us to face the experience of
loss in a transformative way. In Ordinary
Time, we celebrate the life and ministry of
Jesus. Over the period of Lent and Easter, we
have been re-membering his death and resurrection. As we come towards the end of the
Easter season, the liturgy draws us into another aspect of the
Mystery, that of the presence and absence of the Risen One.
There are two Lukan Ascension stories: one forms the conclusion to the gospel, Luke’s first volume, and the other opens the
Acts of the Apostles, his second volume. Both stories presuppose a pre-scientific, three-tiered understanding of the structure
of the world. In this ancient view, God is in the heavens above
and the prophet Jesus, like the prophet Elijah of old, is caught
up into God’s presence. The Holy Spirit will ‘descend’ upon
God’s people and ‘clothe’ them with power to bring the gospel
to the ends of the earth. The vertical (up and down) movement
is balanced by a horizontal movement: Jesus’ family and followers who grieve the loss of their loved one are told not to
keep looking up to the heavens. They have work to do:
strengthened by his blessing, they are to stay in the city for the
present and be empowered by the Holy Spirit to continue the
prophetic ministry of Jesus, to be witnesses to his death and
resurrection. They have to face the fact that the physical loss of
Jesus means a new and different sort of presence and that they
have a role to play in making him present in their world. Like
us, the early Christians needed time to grasp each dimension of
the one great Mystery of God’s life in their midst.
The gospel details the content of the message to be proclaimed.
It is a message of ‘repentance and forgiveness of sins’. Repentance in a gospel context calls for an expansion of one’s vision,
a capacity to think beyond self and embrace the pain of the
world in transformative ways. Forgiveness in a gospel context
is both an assurance of God’s saving power (Luke 1:77) and an
imperative for God’s people in their dealings with each other
(Luke 6:37; 17:3, 4).
- Veronica Lawson rsm
During the weekend of May 31st/ June 1st, June 14th &
15th and June 21st & 22nd , we will be conducting the
yearly Mass Count.
The next BCC meeting will be held at Rosemary Byrne’s
home—8 Bingara Close, on Sunday 1st June at 12 midday. BYO finger food to share and own drinks. All welcome.
A Bereavement Team meeting will be held on Tuesday
3rd June, 9am at the Parish Office.
An Anointing Mass will be held on Thursday 5th June,
9.30am. All welcome.
Reminder that Dismissals for children preparing for their First Eucharist will take place this weekend.
Please note there will be NO dismissals at the 5pm Sunday Masses.
The Parish is in need of volunteers who can help out in the following areas:
Baptism Preparation—4th Wednesday of each month on
a rostered basis.
Baptism Sponsors—2nd & 4th weekend of each month—
on a rostered basis.
Money Counters
Volunteering strengthens our
Parish Community and helps lessen the
workload on those who are currently
helping out. It is a rewarding and engaging experience Training can be provided. Please contact the
Parish Office on 5021 2872 for further information.
Last week’s collections
1st Collection (support of Priests & Presbytery)
2nd Collection
Loose Plate
$ 509.60
Thank you to those families who have completed the
Census cards. These cards will help in updating the
Parish computer database.
As some families may have been away the past weekends, Census Cards will still be available to complete.
These will be located at each church entrance. Once
completed please place in the collection tray as they
come around during Mass.
As most of us are aware, this year we are renewing
our Parish Planned Giving Program. From this point
on, you will notice it referred to as the Parish Stewardship Program.
The weekends dedicated to the Stewardship Program
will be: July 12th /13th, July 19th/ 20th, July
26th /27th & August 2nd /3rd.
REMINDER: An Information meeting for all Parishioners, topic: Parish Finances/Achievements/
Plans, will be held on Thursday 31st July 7pm in
the Holland Room, Mercy Stadium.
A Committee meeting for the Feast
of St Anthony will be held on Thursday, 5th June, 7pm in the KSC
The Committee is in desperate need
of new members. If you are able to
be help, all interested and new
members are most definitely welcomed. A huge
thank you to those who came to the last meeting.
All parishioners are invited to the Feast, on Sunday
15th June 9am, free pasta and BBQ brunch provided. Raffle tickets (limit 1000) are available at each
Mass. All profits will go to the Monaghan Centre.
Now available copies of the Winter 2014 Australia Catholics magazine. Great reading - Respecting human dignity—Exploring what it means to value each human life and
Pixar’s social teaching.
“I am praying for them…..” John 17:9
Prayer—the foundation of our Faith and the foundation of
Stewardship. Pray in good times and in bad. Prayer is
always the first best option in any situation. Pray for
friends and family and for those that may not treat you
very well. Pray to give praise, to thank and to ask God for
help. Also, pray to see what Gad wants us to do.
The 10th National eConference will be held on
Wednesday 11th June, 10am—3pm Hillman room.
Topic—Pope Francis Modelling the Ministry of St Peter. To register please contact the Parish Office 5021
2872. Please see flyers on the noticeboard.
Our next bus trip to Werrimull will
be held on Sunday 29th June. We
will celebrate Mass followed by a
counter lunch at the pub. Please
contact the Parish Office to make a
booking on 5021 2872.
Dear members of the Sacred Heart Parish Community,
As a part of Catholic Education Week, the College held its Open
Day and visits from the grade fives of the four Catholic Primary
Schools in the region. Both of these events took place on
The Open day was an opportunity for us to showcase our programs and facilities and for families to “get a feel” for the College as they experienced (and in some cases tasted!) some of the
programs on offer.
I would like to thank all of the families who attended and who
expressed interest in having their children come to the College at
some time in the future.
The Grade Five visits provided an opportunity for the students in
the four Catholic Primary Schools in the region to experience a
“day in the life of the College”. My hope is that they came home
full of enthusiasm about what the future holds for them in secondary education and more specifically at St. Joseph’s College.
Sr Karen Schneider RSM Visit to St Joseph’s College
Last Tuesday, the College was blessed to be joined by Sr. Karen
Schneider, a Mercy Sister and Medical Doctor who spend some
valuable time with some of the Religious Education classes and
teachers, talking about her mission work in Peru to bring medical care to impoverished children.
Catholic Education Week
Last Friday the 23rd of May I had the pleasure to attend the Ballarat Catholic Education Week launch, along with Deputy Principals Mr Kluske and Dr Finn, which included a Mass and Dinner recognising those staff who have contributed 30 years to
Catholic Education in our Diocese. Each year as part of that celebration a past students from a school within the Diocese is invited to be the guest speaker on the night. This year the guest
speaker was a former St Joseph’s College, Student and one of
our Inspiring Alumni recipients from two years ago – Sabra
Lane. Sabra she is currently the ABC’s Chief Political reporter
on the ABC’s 7.30 Sabra spoke beautifully for about 20 minutes
about her journey and she spoke very fondly of her time at St.
Joseph’s College back in the mid 1980’s and of the teachers,
who guided, inspired and supported her, highlighting the enormous influence teachers have on students.
Kind regards, Mr Anthony Banks—Principal
Dear School Families and Friends,
A happy Catholic Education Week (CEW) to all! The
theme for CEW 2014 is ‘Fullness of life for all’, and you may
have read more about this, and the Diocesan’s Vision in the
Ms Audrey Brown’s (CEOB Director) CEW letter as part of
Sunraysia Catholic Schools’ CEW promotion in last Saturday’s ‘Sunraysia Daily’ (please let us know if you would like
a copy of this). The theme is most suitable to Ms Cathy
Rowles who celebrated her 30 years of service to Catholic
Education last Friday, as she has committed herself along with
others in Catholic Education of creating the realisation of
‘Fullness of life for all’.
This morning we had a very meaningful and fantastic Mass to
celebrate CEW with the school communities of St Paul’s, St
Joseph’s Red Cliffs and Our Lady of the Sacred Heart
Merbein Primary Schools. We welcomed them back to SHPS
for morning tea and recess. Tomorrow we have the Sacred
Heart Primary School (SHPS) Open Day on Thursday 29th
May. Classes will be ‘open’ from 9.00am to 12.00pm and
tours will be occurring at 9.30am and 12.00pm. Please share
this information with anyone who may be enquiring about
SHPS, and ask them to contact the School Office for further
information. We ask current SHPS families who have a child
to begin Prep in 2015, to please come in to the Office and collect an enrolment package.
Also tomorrow we have our elected senior student leaders
participating in GRIP Student Leadership Program as part
of developing their leadership skills. We look forward to hearing their feedback from this day.
Please mark on your calendars the Sacred Heart Feast Day
on Friday 13th June and more detailed information will follow
about the arrangements, activities etc for the day.
Well done to the SHPS School Choir on their performance at
assembly last week and we wish them good luck for the Eisteddfod on Friday morning. It was great to see the AFL return last week! Have a great week.
Brochures promoting the Monaghan Centre are available. This
project will be officially launched on the weekend of the 7 th
& 8th of June. Although the Monaghan Centre is seen as something apart from the Planned Giving Program due to the fact that
we will be targeting benefactors beyond our regular supporters,
nevertheless, a proportion of the repayment of the loan required
to complete the construction will be reduced through our
Planned Giving contribution. For this reason, the Monaghan
Centre launch and the Planned Giving Program will be overlapping to some extent. Towards the end of May, we will be presented with more information preceding the official launch on
the second weekend of June. Our plan is to have this Centre
completed by the end of our current year.
Des Lowry—Principal
Dear St Paul’s families and friends,
Welcome to this week’s news.
Wednesday we celebrated our Catholic Education Week Mass
at Sacred Heart Church. It was wonderful to see all the children of our Catholic schools gathered in God’s house celebrating the Eucharist. Afterwards we shared a morning tea back at
Sacred Heart Primary School which allowed our children to
play and enjoy each other’s company. An open day was held
on Thursday. It was wonderful to see so many people showing
an interest in our school.
The Sacred Heart Parish is working very hard to commence
the building of the Monaghan Centre at Sacred Heart Church.
As a school of the Sacred Heart Parish we are going to assist
through some fundraising. The new centre will greatly benefit
our parish and school community for many years to come. I
look forward to your support.
On Thursday our senior student leaders attended the GRIP
Student Leadership Conference. This was an excellent opportunity to learn more about leadership and to develop the skills
to become great leaders amongst their peers.
On Monday our Breakfast Club celebrates its first birthday.
We would like to thank our Breakfast Sponsors for contributing to this worthwhile program. Keep the faith!
Vince Muscatello—Principal
Our Parish Schools
Our Parish Vision
“Our Parish is a Eucharistic Community united by
our faith in Jesus Christ.
We work together in the power of the Holy Spirit to
spread the good news of God’s
Sacred Heart Primary School
Principal: Des Lowry 5023 1204
St Paul’s Primary School
Principal: Vince Muscatello 5023 4567
St Joseph’s Secondary College
Principal: Anthony Banks 5018 8000
31st May & 1st June
7th & 8th June
First Reading: Acts 1:1-11
Resp Psalm: Ps 46:2-3, 6-9. R. v. 6
Response: God Mounts his throne to shouts of joy: a blare of
trumpets for the Lord.
Second Reading: Eph 1:17-23
Gospel: Mt 28:19, 20
First Reading: Acts 2:1-11
Resp Psalm: Ps 103:1, 24, 29-31, 34. R. v. 30
Response: Lord, send out your Spirit and renew the face of
the earth.
Second Reading: 1 Cor 12:3-7, 12-13
Gospel: Jn 20:19-23
7 Ministers required
7 Ministers required
5 Ministers required
7 Ministers required
7 Ministers required
5 Ministers required
Robert Symons
Narie Lewis
Tony Finn
Leo Kearney
Lisa Cirillo
Sander Walker
Katy Quinlan
Philip Opie
Melanie Ransome
Ellen Frauenfelder
Katalina Mafi
Mario Zema
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Josie Zema
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Catherine McErvale
Sue Hermans
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Ross Tongue
Joyce Ribarits
Brian Weightman
Elvira Mazza
Danielle Mazzini
Lorraine Gooch
Talia Faingaanuku
Clem Carlucci
Trish McNamara
Anau Paseka
Greg Johnson
Anne-Maree Greville
Michael Faingaanuku
Morris Henderson
Jill Joslyn
Margaret Sheahan
Maureen Speed
M Hammond
Italian Choir
Youth Mass
J Ljubic
First Eucharist
First Eucharist
M Sullivan
N Armsden
M Guthrie
J Macri
Filipino Group
All Leader welcome
2-3 Servers required
Please volunteer
2-3 Servers required
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2-3 Servers required
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Sr Rosemary
Barb Bunting
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TREVOR AUST 5023 6597
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Katy Quinlan
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