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PAD/SEL/6 (2013)
May 6, 2013
14:00 HRS.
Selection of Officers in Junior Management Grade Scale-I from
Clerical Cadre - 2013
In terms of Settlement signed on 29.10.1998 between the Bank and the All
India Punjab National Bank Employees' Federation during the course of
conciliation proceedings, the Policy and Procedure concerning Promotion of
Clerks and Special Assistants as Officer and Direct Recruitment of Officer and
related matters was circulated to all offices vide Personnel Division Circular
No.1643 dated 30.10.1998 and subsequent amendments were conveyed from
time to time.
2. Applications are hereby invited from Employees in Clerical cadre including
Special Assistants fulfilling the eligibility criteria as given below for promotion
Must have passed Matriculation Examination.
Must have completed minimum three years service in Clerical Cadre for
General Candidates and two years service for SC/ST Candidates in
Clerical Cadre as on the last date of receipt of applications i.e.
General candidates & SC/ST candidates must possess at least 06 & 04
priority marks respectively as on 01.01.2013, computed as per
procedure laid down in the Settlement dated 13.10.2008 circulated vide
HRD Division Circular No.485 dated 14.10.2008 read with modifications
affected from time to time.
‐ 1 ‐ 3. In terms of clause 9(c) of Settlement signed on 29.10.1998, reservations or
relaxations/concessions, if any, for Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe
employees in such promotions, shall be the same as advised as a policy by the
Govt. of India for implementation by the Public Sector Banks from time to time.
As per extant guidelines, an employee who is debarred from
officiating/posting as Special Assistant shall also be debarred from
officiating/promotion as Officer in JMG Scale-I.
In respect of workman employees of erstwhile New Bank of India the
eligibility criteria for determining the length of service for promotion from
Clerical Cadre to Officer Cadre as well as Priority Marks will be as above read
with Notification dated 8th December, 1993 issued by the Central Government
which reads as under:"The procedure for computation of years of service rendered in the transferor
bank for the purpose of determining the minimum length of service for
promotion from Subordinate Cadre to Clerical Cadre as also from the Clerical
Cadre to Officer Cadre and also for the purpose of posting in the posts carrying
special allowance, shall be computed in the ratio of 2:1, that is, two years of
service in transferor bank as equivalent to one year of service in the transferee
bank. For this purpose, total service in the respective cadre of the Workman
employees, that is, Clerical or sub-staff in which the official is placed at the
time of transfer shall be reckoned but fractions of a month shall be ignored.
For example, if a workman employee has rendered two years and nine months
service in the Clerical/Sub-Staff Cadre, as the case may be, in the transferor
bank at the time of amalgamation with transferee bank, it shall be reckoned as
equal to one year and four months service in the Clerical or Sub-staff Cadre, as
the case may be in the transferee bank."
Further, the seniority of employees of erstwhile Nedungudi Bank Ltd. will be
determined in terms of HRD Circular No.131 dated 07.02.2003.
Employees in Clerical Cadre (Except Special Assistants) will be subjected to
online exam comprising of two papers of 100 Marks each. The coverage area of
papers shall be as under:PAPER-I
-Knowledge of Banking Routine, Deposit Mobilisation Schemes, Customer
Service, Priority Sector, Special Credit Schemes, Conventional Loans, Loan
Documentation and Practice & Law of Banking.
- Economics, General Knowledge and Accountancy.
‐ 2 ‐ 7. Special Assistants will, however, be required to take online exam for the
First Paper only.
(This will be applicable only in case of those Special Assistants who are posted
as such, on or before the last date prescribed for receipt of applications.
Others, who are posted as Special Assistants after last date for receipt of
applications, will have to appear in both the papers.)
8. The online exam will be of objective type. The Information Handout
regarding the online exam will be displayed on HRMS Notice Board
separately. The question paper will be bilingual, i.e. Hindi and English. The
qualifying marks for General Category candidates will be 40 marks in each
paper and for SC/ST candidates, the qualifying marks will be 30 in each paper.
9. The candidates qualifying the online exam shall be awarded marks for
qualification and service as under:
Post Graduation (Admissible one PG degree only)
commerce at Inter/graduation/post-graduation level
(Maximum marks under this head shall not exceed 25)
Maximum marks for service will be 25. An employee will earn one mark for
each completed year of service up to 10 years of service and 1-1/2 marks for
each completed years of service beyond 10 years with a maximum of 25. Leave
without pay and period of unauthorized absence shall be deducted from total
length of service only in such cases where increments have also been deferred
for such period of leave on loss of pay and/or unauthorized absence.
(Maximum marks under this head shall not exceed 25)
The marks for qualification and service are to be calculated up to the last date
of receipt of application i.e. 11.05.2013 as per settlement dated 29.10.1998
read with modifications from time to time.
10. The final merit list of the candidates will be prepared on the basis of
aggregate marks obtained by them, as prescribed in the settlement, in three
parameters namely online Exam, Qualification and Service.
‐ 3 ‐ 11.
Selected candidates will be on probation for a period of one year.
a) Employees who wish to apply for consideration of their promotion from
Clerical Cadre to JMG-I under Selectivity Channel should apply online in
HRMS. The navigation for the same is “Employee Self Service
>>Promotion Application >> Apply Online Application (CLK)” >>
“Add”. On successful submission of promotion application, HRMS will
generate an Acknowledgement Number which should be quoted in all
Acknowledgement Number, the online application will not be saved and
in such case the candidate should attempt again before the last date
b) All eligible candidates are expected to ensure that their educational and
professional qualifications carrying priority marks for the purpose of
promotion are properly recorded in HRMS. In case of any deficiency, they
should take up with controlling Circle Offices/HO Divisions for updation
of data along with necessary proofs.
c) The applicants are also expected to ensure that status of mentally
retarded child, if any, has been properly submitted by them in HRMS
against appropriate link available for the purpose and necessary
documents in support of same have been submitted to Circle Office/
controlling Division for approval. The cases of only those candidates shall
be considered at the time of allocation on promotion, where that status
in HRMS is approved by the Circle Office/ HO Division.
d) The status of approval of online application, marks for educational
qualification and length of service to be considered for promotion as
entered by Circle Office/HO Division in the application data shall be
visible to the candidates after confirming by the Circle Office/HO
Division. Candidates are expected to check the same and take up
with Controlling Circle Offices/HO Divisions for correction, if any
e) For online submission of applications, access to HRMS will be available
from 07.05.2013 to 11.05.2013 14:00 hrs. Accordingly, only those
applications which are submitted within the stipulated time will be taken
into consideration. It should be noted that no Hard Copy of
application shall be entertained.
‐ 4 ‐ f) The officials working at deputed locations e.g. RRBs, JVs/Subsidiaries,
overseas locations etc. are expected to get their HRMS user ID and
Password activated through respective controlling offices or through
Personnel Administration Division Head Office well in time so that they
may submit online application within the stipulated time.
g) The eligibility of candidates is to be confirmed online by the concerned
Branch/ Office where the applicant is posted through ‘Manager’s Self
Service’ by 14.05.2013.
h) Circle Offices and Head Office Divisions are required to approve all the
applications submitted online and confirmed by the branch/ offices by
16.05.2013 17:00 HRS. Wherever any correction in HRMS records of
candidates are warranted (particularly with regard to Category/ PH
status/ debar details/ dates of acquiring educational and/or professional
qualifications etc.), the same should be effected immediately at Circle
Office / HO Division level. In case the corrections are to be got effected
from Personnel Administration Division, HO, the same should be taken
up with us separately and it should be ensured that the corrections have
taken place before approving the applications.
i) After approval of applications by Circle Offices/ HO Divisions, we shall
run the calculation of marks for ‘Length of Service’ and marks for
‘Educational Qualifications’ in HRMS. We shall send separate
communication when the calculation run is undertaken in HRMS.
The marks calculated by the system shall be displayed by default on
application page. Circle Office/ HO Division will then be expected to
check and confirm the marks online. In case of discrepancy, they may
enter the correct marks. We shall consider the marks confirmed/ entered
by Circle Office/ HO Division for preparation of result. These marks shall
be visible to the candidates also.
j) In case of any difficulty in online submission of application, confirmation
of eligibility at branch/ office level, all concerned are requested to contact
their Circle /Controlling offices. In case of any difficulty in approving of
applications or in online submission / confirmation of applications which
cannot be resolved at Circle Office / Controlling Office level, the Circle
Offices / HO Divisions may contact HRMS Help Desk at Personnel
Administration Division, Head Office.
k) Admit Cards for the online exam shall be issued through HRMS only.
Therefore, it should be ensured by all applicants that their latest
photograph is uploaded in HRMS. In case no photograph is uploaded in
‐ 5 ‐ respect of any applicant, the system will not allow his/her call letter for
the online exam to be printed.
This circular is being placed on Personnel Administration Division’s site for
ready reference of the candidates which can be accessed at the following
“” - through internet
“” – through Finacle Network
Incumbent Incharge at branch level and Circle Offices/ HO Divisions are
requested to ensure that the Circular is brought to the notice of all concerned
and it may be noted that no request for submission of application beyond the
stipulated date and time shall be entertained.
We wish all the aspirants a bright career ahead.
‐ 6 ‐