Edge Hill University Emergency Evacuation Procedures General Information for Visitors Welcome to Sporting Edge.

Edge Hill University
Emergency Evacuation Procedures
General Information for Visitors
Welcome to Sporting Edge. This standard procedure is designed to inform customers of the actions required in an emergency situation. All customers are advised to make themselves familiar with our Fire / Emergency Evacuation notices. A further emphasis is placed on those making bookings where others are to attend. Here, there is an expectation that the hirer should assume responsibility for highlighting the detail on these notices to all group members. If in any doubt, please ask at reception. Please note we also operate a system of assisted escape for disabled visitors and will devise Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEP’s) where requested. This Plan is for: Old Gymnasium A Actions to be taken if YOU discover a fire: 1 Shout “Fire” to alert others in the immediate vicinity, 2 Sound the alarm, by breaking the glass of the nearest fire alarm call point (small red box) 3 Leave building as described below B A Actions to be taken if the fire / emergency alarm sounds in the building: 1 Immediately stop what you are doing, 2 Evacuate the building leaving by the nearest and safest exit following: ­ the member of staff providing instruction ­ instructions shown on Fire / Emergency Evacuation (wall mounted) directional notices ­ emergency lighting: illuminated green directional signs situated above doors 3 You must make your way to the designated Assembly Point. Assembly Point: Quad Area / Wilson Centre
IMPORTANT: If assistance to evacuate is required due to a disability / impairment, please inform Sporting Edge Reception on entering the building. A Duty Officer will complete a relevant Personal Evacuation Plan (PEEP) based on needs / areas to be used and will arrange for your assisted evacuation by trained members of staff. DO NOT use a passenger lift to evacuate or return to the area you have vacated for any reason. DO NOT attempt to re­enter the building until authorized to do so by the head Fire Officer Sporting Edge Staff are 1 st Aid Qualified and have access to 1 st Aid supplies. Staff are trained and have set procedures for calling and directing Emergency Services. Please inform Sporting Edge staff of all accidents / injuries. G/SpEdge/H&S/StandardProcInfo