Document 53192

Asfa-Wossen, Zera-Jakob
Inherits title of Emperor of Ethiopia, Jan 1997.
Balsdon, J.P.V.D.
Postcard to Balsdon concerning place-names.
Note on the education of women.
Unveiling of a commemorative sculpture at the 350th anniversary of Exeter
‘From Dacre Balsdon’. Christmas greeting, 1969. Includes a toast, in verse,
proposed by Nevill Coghill at the Adelphi Club.
1970-72: scrapbook assembled by Rosella Werlin relating to Balsdon’s
visit to
Houston, Texas & a visit by Mrs Werlin to Oxford. Includes
photographs, clippings & correspondence.
16 Nov 1977: Order of service, memorial service for Balsdon in Exeter
‘J.P.V.D.B.’ by Walter Douglas. Typescript, 1981.
Barber, Eric A.
1920-1946: Bursar’s correspondence with Barber.
Obituary, by C.A. Trypanis from the Proceedings of the British Academy.
Barker, Thomas Vipond
Obituary from the Journal of the Chemical Society, 1931.
Barlow, George
Letter re: Association for the Protection of Sea Birds, 21 Feb 1869.
Bayley, Thomas
6 Jun 1733. Witnessed account of the removal of papers from the
Bayley, deceased, by Joseph Atwell, Rector.
Bell, Thomas
Letter to William Bell, 30 Jan 1840.
Bellyse, John Reginald
Various papers, 1912-1922. Chiefly battels.
chambers of T.
Boase, Charles William.
See: J.I-II; L.III.2-5.
Boyd, Henry
‘The Hart-Boyd exhibition, Odda, Norway, 1994’. Catalogue of a watercolour exhibition.
Bray, Thomas
Papers including:
24 Dec 1753, bond: William Elliot to Thomas Bray.
1753-1759, receipts.
1753-1754, Thomas Bray v Theodosia Cormill, Sarah Walker, etc.
7 & 11 Jul 1756, two letters to T. Bray from Lord Parker.
3 & 6 Dec 1781, two letters from T. Bray to Rev Richards concerning the
Rector’s holding the vicarage of Kidlington and [n.d.] an appeal, probably
related, concerning the Shortridge benefaction & the advowson of Broad
See also: A.II.19 & L.IV.7 for papers relating to the Oxford elections of
1754-1755, & L.I.6 for transcriptions.
Brindley, Brian
Printed copy of Porci ante Margaritam, performed 3 Jun 1954, & a
covering letter.
Brodribb, Arthur A.
Photocopy of pages from a diary.
Brocland, William
7 Jan 1291 or 1326: Deed of gift, William Brocland to his daughter, Sarah.
Cf Boase, p. 368, which refers to a second deed.
Brooks, Cleanth
‘Error over death notice leaves College red-faced’. News clipping, 1987.
Obituary from the American Oxonian, v.83, no. 1, 1995.
Bulteel, Henry B.
Silhouette of HBB preaching at St Ebbe’s, 1833.
Draft for the New dictionary of national biography article, by T.C.F.
Burrought, Knight
Ordination certificates as deacon & priest, 1742.
Certificate appointing him domestic chaplain to Robert, baron Luxborough
of Shannon, 1746.
Butler, Marilyn
‘What’s British in British criticism’. Speech, BBC3, 3 Jul 1995.
Buxton, Leonard Haford Dudley
Memorial order of service, 1939.
Bywater, Ingram
Ingram Bywater, by William Walrond Jackson, Clarendon Press, 1917.
With 3 autograph letters from Bywater inserted.
L.III.2-5 Charles William Boase’s working papers including:
Notes for the Registrum collegii exoniensis, material--ms & printed-relating to Exeter College, Oxford, Oxfordshire & the west country.
Teaching & research papers, rough notes & lecture notes.
Teaching & research papers, rough notes, lecture notes,
examination papers, written & printed.
Four letters [n.d.], 1871-1875; miscellaneous printed material.
See also J.I-II for Boase’s academic & other notes.
Cardew family
Reprint of an article from Cornwall Family History Society Journal, 1987,
on Cornelius Cardew, by R.M.D. Cardew. See also: Video-cassette of
Cardew reunion, 1987 (in Library Strong room).
Carpenter, Nathaniel
1624, 1626: 9 papers concerning his Geography delineated, 1625.
Printed copy of I.C. Philip’s A seventeenth century agreement between
author and printer.
Cass-Tewart, F.C.G.
Solicitor’s letter informing College of £1,000 bequest, 1923.
Cattell, Richard Henry Burden
Biographical notes, 1996.
Clarke, Stewart S.
1924: letters & newspaper articles concerning his death by drowning off
Salamis. See also: J.II.11 for Clarke Memorial Studentship.
Coghill, Nevill
1919-1955: Bursar’s correspondence with Coghill.
1929: correspondence.
1969: correspondence with Rowland Ryder concerning Chaucer’s East
Anglian connections.
Cole, John
9 Jun 1785: letter from H. Richards.
1817-1819: wine list (fragmentary): reversed, ‘Corn rents & tables’,
26 Apr 1940: letter from C.F. Arden-Close to R. Marett about Cole’s
Colenso, Thomas B.
3 Jul 1853: letter concerning the memorial window in Chapel.
Conybeare, John
Printed copy of The expediency of a divine revelation represented, a
sermon preached...February 16, 1729.
Crowther-Hunt, Norman
Order of service for funeral & memorial services: addresses delivered, 1987
See also: H.I.8: Tutorial correspondence, 1962-1973.
Crymes family
Genealogical notes.
Curgenven, Thomas
Typescript of genealogical research by Alan Kent, 1987.
Currey, W.D.B.
Reprint from 1884 Sporting life.
Davidson, Harold F.
Printed copy of The reason why, 1934, with covering letter 30 Nov 1936.
News clipping Aug 1937: ‘Death of Mr Harold Davidson, result of
lion’s attack’.
Dayman, Alfred Jeken
‘A turbulent priest at Stratford-upon-Avon 1852-1857’, by Thomas Band.
From Warwickshire history, v.8, no. 2, Winter [i.e.. Summer] 1990/91,
Demainbray, Stephen
16 Feb 1793: letter from his sister.
1814: list of books, signed by J. Demainbray, Pembroke.
Edge, John
1810: letters to his father.
Farnell, Lewis R. See: L.III.7.
Fisher, Geoffrey, F.
1932: letter re: degree of D.D.
Printed collection of addresses, etc. delivered at his funeral & memorial
Froude, James A.
Correspondence & papers c1847-1849, 1864, chiefly concerning The
Nemesis of faith affair.
Goldstein, Isidor
Article on his mysterious drowning, 1885, by Harold Pollins. Oxford
menorah, Autumn, 1996. Photocopy of Oxford Times, 9 Jan 1886 &
copy of death certificate.
Hakewill, George
Excerpt from theWestern antiquary, v.10, Jul 1890-Jul 1891, p. 117, on
Hakewill arms.
1923: correspondence on Hakewill portrait.
Hall, George
20 Aug 1668: will, leaving Trethewin, Cornwall property & gold cup to
Exeter College. See also: L.II.6 for copy made of cup in 1940.
Hardy, Alister
‘Parables of sea & sky’: list of works of art in a centenary exhibition in
celebration of Hardy’s birth, 1996.
Harris, George William
List of personal papers in Hampshire Record Office, 1995. Papers include
scheme of studies for philosophy & classics said to be Rector Atwell’s plan,
notes on College history, etc.
Heaven, William Hudson
Typed information & reprint from Illustrated Lundy news.
Henderson, Bernard
Mss of lectures & addresses.
Jan 1900: ‘Epigraphic sources for the history of the Roman municipal
system (after Sulla). Introductory’.
Jul 1901: ‘The revolt of Vindex’.
Sep 1901: Chapter 7:’Britain’.
Sep 1904: ‘An Oxford scholar of the last generation’ (Mark Pattison).
Feb 1907: ‘Fors clavigera’ (John Ruskin).
[n.d..] ‘The Roman municipal system.
[n.d.] ‘Roman colonization’.
[n.d.]’Dessau II 1 CXIII ‘Tituli municipales’.
List of subscribers to B.W. Henderson Memorial Fund.
Hill, Hugh Burrow
Biographical letter.
Hume, Martin
Printed copy of Un gran diplomatico espanol, 1902.
Hunter, John
Genealogical information.
Farnell, Lewis R.
Ms articles on Greek subjects.
Articles on other subjects. Includes Vice-Chancellor’s address, 1922.
Miscellaneous printed & ms reminiscences, letters to The Times, obituary
of Sir Hubert Parry, etc.
Printed & ms letters & addresses: KingAlfonso Chair, Faculty of Modern
History, numbers of women, etc.
Printed articles & addresses.
Printed copies of his Bibliography of fellows & tutors of Exeter College
Oxford, 1914.
Farnell correspondence with Sir Charles Bedford, 1923-1931.
Obituaries of Farnell & 1934 correspondence concerning his death.
Photographs, news clippings.
2 caricatures by John Mavrogordato.
Notebook, A-Z, on many subjects of College interest, c1913-1928.
Letter from Arthur E.E. Reade to J.N. Mavrogordato concerning Farnell’s
personality, 23 Apr 1940.
Ince, William
1910: obituary from The Times.
Jackson, William Walrond
Printed copy of Gordon Quig, The romantic adventures of two old
Monifieth communion cups, 1938. One of these cups was in the
possession of Mrs Jackson in the late 19th c & early 20th c. Covering
letter from W.H. Quarrell to R.R. Marett, 15 Nov 1938.
1874: list of Cremation Society Provisional Council (includes Jackson).
1912: letter to Jackson from Governing Body accepting is resignation
Jones, Alison (Mrs Barry Jones)
24 Aug 1985: Death in jet crash, Oxford Mail.
Jones, Harry Vernon
15 Mar 1926: letter to [Edward Spry?] Leverton.
Kennicott, Benjamin
‘Account of Benjamin Kennicott D.D.’ by C.D. European magazine,
Jan 1799.
24 May 1783: letter to Mr Johnson.
‘Clarissa, Jacobitism and “The spirit of the university”, by John A.
Dussinger, Studies in the literary imagination, v.28, no. 1,p. 55-65, 1995.
Kingdon, Henry Paul
1933-1952: correspondence re: Kingdon’s chaplaincy. Includes ms
Service of commemoration of benefactors.
Obituary 1989.
Leddy, John Francis
Cuttings from the Windsor [Ontario] Star, 9 & 11 Feb 1984 & University
of Windsor Newsline, 11 Feb 1984 re: nomination of Leddy for Nobel
peace prize.
Citation: Convocation address, 5 Jun 1988.
‘University of Windsor, 1963-1988’ (brochure)
Obituary: Toronto Globe & Mail, 21 Sep 1998.
Legg, Daniel
News clippings, 1997.
LeQuiller, J-R.
Correspondence re: memorial service in College, 1973-1974.
Lightfoot, John Prideaux
1863: speech as Vice-chancellor.
Letters, papers & photographs, presented by P.M. Haynes, including:
5 Jan 1854: draft answer concerning amendments to statutes.
1855: 3 letters from S.T. Coleridge (2 incomplete) concerning statutes.
4 family letters.
3 certificates: 1) that JPL had subscribed to the 39 Articles, 1820;
2) that JPL had satisfied the examiners; 3) that Edward Tindal Turner
(JPL’s son-in-law) had subscribed to the 39 Articles, 1840.
See also: Lightfoot’s Visitors’ book, A.I.35.
McConica, James K.
JKM’s speech at honorary degree presentation, University of
Saskatchewan, 22 May 1986
Madariaga y Rojo, Salvador de
Exeter College entrance form & copy of letter from the Bursar.
Mahoney, R.F.
Photograph of a scroll presented to Mahoney following change in the
statutes allowing honorary fellowship to non-members.
Mallik, Basanta Kumar
‘Remembering Basanta Kumar Mallik (1879-1958)’ The Round Table, 301:
64-74 (1978).
Marett, Robert Ranulph, See: L.IV.11-14.
Mark, Jeffrey
Biographical article from The Guardian, 9 Aug 1990.
Marshall, Susan E.
1993: newspaper clippings.
Mavrogordato, John
Caricature, 1956.
‘How to become a professor’, by Richard Clogg. Times Higher Education
Supplement, 21 Aug 1987 (Bywater & Sotheby chair of Byzantine &
Modern Greek).
Maynard, Sir John
Verse from a poem extolling Tavistock’s famous men, allegedly written in
the reign of Charles II by a town schoolmaster. ‘A great deal of curious
matter’. Dartmoor Magazine, Autumn, 1998, p. 32.
Merrick, Ben
‘Blind Oxford student’. Press clipping, 1997.
Michael, Ian
‘Galeria’ In: Donaire, no. 11, Nov 1998, p. 83-89. A Spanish-text portrait
of Professor Michael.
Morris, Thomas Earnest Gilbert
Typescript of a brief biographical obituary,by his daughter, 1996.
Morris, William
16 Feb 1877: autograph letter refusing professorship of poetry.
8 Feb 1938: letter from Christopher Blake offering College a portrait of
1938-1939: correspondence concerning Kelmscott Manor & May Morris.
c1957-1959: correspondence & related papers from Library files.
‘William Morris and a primary school’,Times Educational Supplement,
12 Nov 1965.
A William Morris Christmas Book, by Ann S. Dean, 1990 (illustrations
of stained glass & poems by pre-Raphaelites.
1996: programmes, etc. from centenary year events.
‘William Morris: the collector as creator’ Handlist of a centenary exhibition
held at the Grolier Club of New York, 11 Dec 1996-15 Feb 1997.
Muddiman, Joseph G.
Correspondence & proof of article on Sir E.B. Godfrey.
Nevinson, John Lea
JLN’s personal memorabilia including:
Boat Club, Stapeldon & Music societies programmes & menus (c1924);
battels, college charges, memo on matriculation; school records from
Shrewsbury School.
Tribute to JLN & bibliography of his publications 1934-1983 from
Costume, v. 18, 1984.
1985: obituary from The Times.
Newton, Benjamin Wills
Extract from Small Fry, ‘College rooms’, c1900.
Photocopy of papers concerning his religious life & experience, the
College & information on B.H. Bulteel & Plymouth Brethren (from
original: ms 4, Christian Brethren archive, John Rylands Library,
Norman, Sir Richard
Obituaries & order of funeral service, 1993; arrangements for memorial
Paterson, William Vautier
1884: papers relating to his world trip, bequeathed to the Royal Borough
of Kensington by his will dated 6 Aug 1954, & given to Exeter College
Library. Including:
Letters home.
Diary, with sketches.
Sketchbook, ephemera, maps, guides, bills, time-tables, etc.
Parry, Lionel Walpole
3 Feb 1905: letter to his sister Maude, written when an undergraduate.
Pelham, Henry F.
29 Jul 1873: marriage settlement of HFP (1846-1907) & Laura P. Buxton.
Petrocokino, Paul
21 May 1985: funeral service & address, Tarporley Parish Church.
Pine-Coffin, John
Memorandum concerning Napoleon’s return from Elba, deposited in Exeter
College Library 28 Nov 1818.
Prescot, Henry Kelsall
D.Phil thesis, 1921. Thomas Godwin.
Obituary, 1995.
Prideaux, John
Typed copy of Prideaux’s will, 11 Jun 1626.
Printed copy of S.P.T. Prideaux, John Prideaux: in piam memoriam. 1938.
Purna, Kittu (Krishna)
Personal notes, by N. Ram, 1995.
Quarrell, W.H.
Correspondence relating to the Oxford Society, 1932.
Miscellaneous correspondence, 1929-1940.
‘Oxford men in Dighton prints’, by Cecil Brooking, from Notes & Queries
March 1940.
Typescript translation of (Decremps) The libraries of London in 1789.
Raikes, H.R.
1919-1937: Bursar’s correspondence with Raikes.
Ridding, George
‘George Ridding, first Bishop of Southwell, 1884-1904’, by Canon Angus
Inglis. From: Friends of Southwell Minster Report, 1980.
Rigaud, Stephen J.
Letters & papers relating to the Rigaud Fund, 1859.
Rosenthal, Philip
‘Darwins legzter Beweis: Darwin’s last proof’. Humorous greeting card
from Rosenthal [1984?].
Roskill, Eustace Wentworth
Obituaries, 1996.
Serpell, Sir David
For a collection of Oxford post-cards donated by DS, See: K.I.14.
Serpell, R.C.F.
Memorabilia from the 1920s & 1930s including:
Programmes, etc. from Boat Club, Dramatic Society, Exeter Players,
Musical Society, Stapeldon Society & Sterndale Society. Specimens of
Sewell, William
Printed copy of Lionel James’ Founder’s faith. 1938. (Includes a short
biography of Sewell)
Sotheby’s description of a gold medal (bust of William of Wykeham), edge
inscribed Gulielmus Sewell.
Sherwin, Ralph, saint
‘St Ralph Sherwin, 1550-1581’, by Nicholas Schofield, 1996.
Soddy, Frederick
Article by Adrian Oldknow on Soddy’s poem ‘The kiss precise’.
Sofia, Queen of Spain
Queen Sofia Fellowship Dinner, June 1989: Invitation, speech & menu.
Spencer, Baldwin
Memoir by R.R. Marett.
1929-1931: Letters, etc. following Spencer’s death.
Standard, Robert
6 Nov 1647: bond, Robert & Thomas Standard to Exeter College.
Stewart, W. Brian
Pits, peaks & passes (Speech on the Estates Bursarship) 4 Nov 1998.
Stinton, Thomas
Leigh & Sotheby auction catalogue, 1799: ‘A catalogue of the valuable
library of the late Rev. Thomas Stinton’.
Stride, William K.
Printed copy of Military brotherhoods, 1896.
1930-1931: correspondence re: 2d edition of his History of Exeter College.
Tarzi, prince
Copies in English & Persian of a Convocation, 12 Mar 1928, held to
award the degree of DCL to the King of Afganistan.
Taylor, Lionel G.
Typescript copy of A Victorian at Oxford, 1890-1893.
4 period post-cards inserted.
Toeg, Joseph Philip
Portrait photographs.
Turville,-Petre, Francis
‘The Galilee skull’, The Times, 15 Aug 1925 with covering letter from the
Pencil portrait signed R. v. Synden, Jan 1922.
Upton, John
Letter to James Harris, 30 Dec 1759. Mentions Kennicott’s work on the
Hebrew Bible.
Waddington, W.A.P.
21 Dec 1978: letter cutting Exeter College out of his will on its decision to
admit women.
Webber, Francis
11 May 1754: bond, Thomas Paynton to Francis Webber.
Westell, Ralph
Correspondence, obituaries & funeral address, 1982-1983.
Wheare, Kenneth
Obituary from Political studies, v.28, no. 2, March 1980.
Memorial address delivered by Provost K.C. Turpin of Oriel.
Photograph of gargoyle depicting Wheare which overlooks Fellows
Whitaker, Cedric H.
15 Mar 1919: letter from A.B. How, with covering note, 3 Feb 1975, from
R.A. Sayce.
Williams, Harry C.
3 Feb 1901: letter to his mother.
Letter of thanks to College on receiving congratulations on his 100th
105th birthday, 1984: article & photograph of HCW with the Abp of
Canterbury, Gazette & Post, 21 Jun 1984.
Wilson, Charles T.
6 Nov 1882: fidelity bond for £1,000 to Exeter College on becoming
College Bursar.
Wise, Edward
‘The Wyses and Tremaynes of Sydenham’, by Mrs G.H. Radford. From:
Transactions of the Devonshire Association for the Advancement of
Science, Literature and Art 41:131-151 (1909).
Information on E Wise’s career at Exeter including excerpts from letters &
his ‘bill of bookes’. His brother, William, and his uncle/guardian, Francis
Buller, were also members of College.
Wood, Thomas
1919-1938: correspondence with Rector & Bursar.
Woods, Gabriel S.
Ms copy of Lecture on Velasquez, 1906.
Ms copy of Don Diego Somiento de Acuna, 1909.
3 letters: 1959-1961.
1891-c1899 Correspondence of John Toone Carkeet with his parents.
4 boxes & 1 envelope
Correspondence of K.K.S. Pitt to R.G. Hamilton. Includes
copy of R.E.D. Ryder, The attack on St. Nazaire