Action plan produced for alcohol strategy
The Gore District Council has a new tool to help
minimise alcohol related harm in the District.
A review of strategy initiatives identified priority areas that sit
alongside the goals and objectives of the original document.
It is the Gore District Alcohol Strategy Implementation
Plan, created by a small group of stakeholders who were
involved in the original strategy.
The action plan looks for synergies across organisations,
Mrs Smith said.
Gore District Community Development Officer Melissa Smith,
who worked with the group, is excited about having an
action plan for a strategy adopted in 2009. While it was
unfortunate the strategy was not implemented before now, in
some ways it has worked out for the best because of major
changes to alcohol-related legislation, she said.
The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012, which replaced the
Sale of Liquor Act 1989, has seen work on the introduction
of a regional Local Alcohol Policy. Mrs Smith says this
has allowed the action plan to focus on harm reduction
initiatives to provide a strong partnership with the L AP.
Labour Weekend Hours
for the Council’s facilities are:
Destination Gore Visitor Centre
• Saturday 9.30am – 4pm
• Sunday 1pm – 4pm
• Monday 1pm – 4pm
Eastern Southland Gallery
• Saturday to Monday 1pm – 4pm
Gore Multisports Aquatic Centre
• Saturday 9am – 6pm
• Sunday 10am – 6pm
• Monday 1pm – 5pm
Mataura Centennial Pool
• Saturday 1pm – 5pm
• Sunday 1pm – 5pm
• Monday - Closed
Gore Transfer Station
• Saturday 10.30am – 5pm
• Sunday noon – 5pm
• Monday - Closed
Meeting Schedule
The statuatory meeting of the Gore District Council will be
held on 29 October, at 4pm, in the Council chambers for
the swearing in of Councillors and Mataura Community
Board members.
November meetings
“There is already a lot of action taken by other organisations
that contributes to the overall goals of this plan. Many initiatives
are an integral part of ‘business as usual’ for organisations
therefore some positive results are likely to occur.”
Gore District Council committee meetings, to be held in
the Council chambers, Civic Avenue,
on Tuesday 19 November, starting at 4pm:
• Community Services, followed by
• Operations, followed by
• Regulatory and Planning, followed by
• Finance and Policy
Mrs Smith said the Council will oversee the plan’s
implementation and lead agencies will provide a quarterly
report so progress can be measured against initiatives
that are in the plan.
Gore District Community
Development Officer Melissa Smith
with the Gore District Alcohol
Strategy Implementation Plan
The plan can be downloaded from the Council’s website
Get physical at the Mataura pool
A new water-based physical fitness programme is being
launched at the Mataura Centennial Pool next month.
Activ8 is a 45 minute, high intensity workout that targets
all the major muscle groups.
Aquatic services manager Kim
Peterson said Activ8 was just one
of exciting programmes on offer
at the Mataura pool this season.
“It’s (Activ8) ideal for the person
wanting something hard core
but different.”
However, the uptake for the Learn to Swim classes has
been slow Ms Peterson said.
“We are surrounded by water so learning to swim is an
essential life skill for our children.
We would like to offer more classes
or even more days, if the classes
filled up.”
The lack of support was sad,
considering the Mataura pool is
lovely and warm, with great staff,
Ms Peterson said.
It has been a good start to the
season at the pool, patronage wise,
although there was no room for complacency, she said.
The first three weeks have seen about 140 more people
through the doors, than for the same period last year.
Activ8 starts on Monday 4
November, at 7pm. It’s only $5 an adult and $4 for
seniors. Just ring the pool, phone 203 3483, for
information about this or any of the other
programmes available.
What’s On at the Complex
• Civic Administration Building
• Mataura Service Centre
• Gore Library
If you have any urgent matters, please call
the Council’s after hours service, phone 2090330,
so they can contact the relevant staff.
It’s that time of year when residents are reminded to make sure vegetation on their property
does not get overgrown, in particular trees and shrubs near the road or footpath.
Overgrown sections and trees are not only unsightly but can be a hazard. Consequently,
the Council has a bylaw to ensure residents maintain their sections to an acceptable standard.
As senior regulatory officer Frances Shepherd explains long grass in urban areas not only looks
bad but is an ideal habitat for rodents and can be a fire hazard during dry weather.
With trees and shrubs, there are specific requirements relating to clearance areas for
overhanging foliage, as shown in the diagram below.
Last year the Council sent out over 145 letters to residents about their overgrown sections or
overhanging foliage, Mrs Shepherd said. If people do not tidy up their sections when asked to,
the Council can get the work done at the property owner’s expense.
A reasonable supply of agendas will be available at the
Council’s civic administration building, Mataura Service
Centre and libraries, or can be downloaded from the
Council’s website
Stephen Parry
Chief Executive
Free funding seminar
Do you need funding for your
community group
or money to study? Then mar
k 11 November on the
calendar. That ’s when there is
a free funding seminar
in Gore, 5.30pm, in the James
Cumming Wing.
The team at the Gore Multisports Complex has a lot planned for next month, including another round of
The first dodgeball competition proved popular with 10 teams entered. MLT Event Centre supervisor Dan
Winkel said it was a fairly competitive, albeit social, affair. First prize, sponsored by the Mataura Licensing
Trust, went to Gangsta Squad, whose team members were Sarah Dowling, Amy Hutchins, Gerard Tree,
Willy Tree, Mary McKee and Ben Sanson.
Dan encourages people to have a go, describing the game as relatively straight forward.
There are five people on the court at any one time, two must be women, and teams can have
as many subs as they like. Team members must be secondary school age and upwards.
Dodgeball will be held every Wednesday from 6 November, starting at 6.30pm.
It costs $140 per team and registrations have to be in by next Friday (1 November).
Have a go
November is also Have a Go month at the event centre. Aimed at children aged seven to 10 years,
it is a chance to try a new sport each week, for four weeks. It costs only $5 a week and
is for an hour every Monday, starting at 4pm. Registration forms are available at the complex.
This is a great way to stay fit and burn up to 800 calories every session. A new shallow water class starts
on 16 November at 9am. Other classes are on Monday and Friday 9am (shallow water),
and deep water classes on Monday at 6.30pm and Wednesday at 6pm.
Residents reminded to keep trees
and shrubs trimmed
Mataura Community Board meeting, to be held in the
Mataura Community Centre, McQueen Avenue,
on Monday 25 November, starting at 5.30pm.
The SIT Gore campus is running its last course,
before the end of the year, for anyone looking to
apply for their general manager’s certificate.
The two day programme, on 19 November
and 22 November, contains the unit standards
required to apply for the Liquor Licence
Controller Qualification. For more information
contact Margie Halford or Cheryl Muir,
SIT Gore Campus, phone 03 208 9833.
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Christmas Parade
It’s just over seven week s until the Santa
comes to
Gore for the Coun cil’s Christmas Parad
e. If your
club or organisation wants to be invol
ved and have
a float, registration forms are on the
Coun cil’s
website. Registrations close on 29 Novem
Applications for
• The Pioneer Women’s Memorial Trust’s
three tertiary scholarships, valued at
$750 each, close today (24 October).
• The Council’s two inaugural tertiary
education scholarships,
valued at $750 each, close on 31 October.
• The rural halls and domains annual
grants close on 1 November.
New Zealand’s favourite
jazz entertain
the iconic Nairobi Trio is
performing in Gore
on Friday 1 November,
8pm, at the James
Cumming Wing.
Rates Enquiries ................................... 2038115
Council Administration...................... 2090330
Gore Library......................................... 2039129
Gore Multisports Complex................. 2039128
Eastern Southland Gallery................. 2089907
Destination Gore Visitor Centre........2039288
Mataura Library/Service Centre........ 2038115
James Cumming Wing......................... 2090358