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Grovelands Sure Start Children’s Centre
Sandy Lane, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, KT12 2EQ
Telephone: 01932 229 313
Email: [email protected]
Thank you to everyone who helped raise £180
through the Waitrose Community Matters scheme.
The money will go towards some high visibility
tabards for children to wear when we are out on
Seriously, we want to know what you think
about the Children’s Centre. We’d like your
thoughts and suggestions on anything you feel
is important, how we can improve our
services, policies and procedures. In the play
room of the Children’s Centre there is board,
a collection of coloured sticky notes and a pen.
Please feel free to jot down your thoughts and
stick it… on our board.
Grovelands Children’s Centre has launched a
new website. The site is designed to inform
you about the role of the Children’s Centre
it’s groups and activities. It’s designer,
Susie Mok, the centre’s Information &
Advice Officer tells us;
Please let us know what your thoughts are on our new
motto & vision by leaving a comment on a sticky note
and sticking it on the green notice board in the
playroom at the Children’s Centre.
We have just received 6 large boxes full of
children’s clothes ages 0-5. Feel free to have a look and
take anything you would like. Whether it’s for getting
messy at our Play and Learn sessions or for something
special, we are sure you will find the right thing.
‘The site contains a lot more information
about the Children’s Centre and it’s policies.
We have also added an enhanced calendar
detailing up and coming events, activities
and trips’. The front page will keep you up
to date with any changes to groups and
clinics. There are pages detailing the
courses we are run, helpful contact numbers
and the latest news from the Family Forum’.
At the bottom of the front page
there is a short survey so you can let us know
what you think.
Our next Baby Weaning Courses are available in Sep &
Nov. Please check our website for the dates. This
course is aimed at babies approaching 26 weeks,
guiding you through the transition from milk to solids.
Please note that the Grovelands Children’s
Centre closes from 26th – 30th August. Burhill &
Weybridge Children’s Centre will be open as usual.
A ten week course starting in September which encourages and supports parents and carers in the role of bringing
up children of all ages, helping them to get the best out of family life. If you’re interested in booking a place please
call or email us at the Centre.
Nikki Price our volunteer for two years at the Walton Oak Play and Learn session has left to take a role outside of the
Children’s Centre. A huge thanks to Nikki for all her hard work and we wish her every success in the future.
Steve Saunders, who has been volunteering for us for 18 months has replaced Nikki at the group. Steve has lots of
experience working with children and whilst volunteering for the Children’s Centre, Steve studied and qualified as a
Teaching Assistant. We know Steve will be a huge help to Sam, parents and children who attend the Play and Learn session.
We are always looking for volunteers particularly for our busy Play & Learn sessions on a Tuesday and Friday. We are also
looking for parents who speaks additional languages to buddy parents with English as an additional language at the Play &
Learn sessions and people to help conduct some market research in September. If you can help, please contact us at the
Children’s Centre, or fill in a volunteer application form which is available on our new website or at the Centre.
Andrea Abbott has been coming to Grovelands
Children’s Centre for two and a half years now with
her son James. Recently she became a volunteer for
It is recommended that every child should have a
health check between 24 – 36 months. At the moment
parents in Walton receive a letter outlining the key
stages of development for this age, offering a
meeting with a Health Visitor if a parent has
concerns. However, Walton Health Visitor Team and
Grovelands Children’s Centre want to improve this.
Eyullahemaye Henry-Miller, Centre Manger explains;
‘It is really important that we check the health and
development of our two years olds. Whilst weight and
height are essential, we know there are many other
questions parents would like to ask. We need your
help in shaping this service. We’d like to know what
you would like or indeed would have liked if your child
is older than two from a check of this kind.’
Let us know using the board or email the centre……
the centre, helping with the communications work,
writing this newsletter, securing the Waitrose
Community Matters fundraiser etc. After Andrea had
James, she decided to put her career in
communications on hold and become a full time mum.
Andrea says ‘I love it, the chance to be with my boy in
these early years is wonderful and I wouldn’t change
it. But, I do miss using my brain and having a focus
outside our home. For me, volunteering for the centre
gives me that. ‘
The centre is always looking for volunteers, it might
be existing skills you want to keep up or new ones you
wish to develop, helping out at the centre could
beneficial for you and the centre. If you think you can
help, have a chat with a member of staff…
Oh, and if you have any comments on the newsletter
do stick them on the board or chat with Andrea at one
of the sessions.
Thank you to everyone who has taken part in the Family Forum, whether in person at the meeting or through
feedback. The Forum met on the 12th June to discuss your thoughts and as a result it has been agreed that Friday
Play and Learn sessions will continue to start at 9.15am. The Centre will also look at adjusting the start time of the
Wednesday afternoon session to work around nap times. More trips, theme days and activities you cried! Have a look
at the new website for a list of exciting events to look forward to. West Wittering, Mill Cottage Farm, Fire Station
visit, extra Jitterbugs and Play & Learn sessions to name just a few. Don’t forget, our events and Play and Learn
sessions during the summer holidays are open to children 0-5. You also requested story time and we
wondered if you would like to get involved with this. During August, we’d like to hand the role of story teller over to
a few volunteer parents. If you could spare a few minutes at the end of the session to read to a group of
children your child’s favourite book or indeed one of ours let us know.
Full minutes from the latest Forum will be available shortly and as ever,
let us have your thoughts on the points raised.