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Lake Macquarie
Family History Group Inc.
Councillor Jodi Harrison
Mayor of Lake Macquarie
Lake Macquarie City Council
Mrs. Linda Wallis
Phone: 4954 0060
[email protected]
[email protected]
ALL MAIL TO: The Secretary,
P.O. BOX 4080
Email: [email protected]
19th April
Issue 3
March 2014
Vice President:
Mr. Robert Eldridge
Phone: 4950 5198
15th March
News Letter
Legacy Family Tree
15th March: John McGahen
Topic: “Golden Years of Radio”
19th April: Stockton Historical
Topic: Naming WW1 Soldier’s
17th May: Bill Hillier is
Convenor of the Newcastle
Victorian Life Boat and Rocket
descendents group.
Topic: Bill’s talk will be on the
recent journey made on launching
Linda Wallis
The Victorian
Memorial on
Newcastle breakwater.
The Committee is pleased to announce work on the R. M Evans &
Sons Funeral Directors, indexing project is now completed and a
draft copy of the book has been printed and received by the
committee, who will discuss final arrangements prior to printing.
Many thanks go to those members who worked tirelessly to bring the
group’s latest publication to completion.
Publicity Officer Vacancy.
Lyn Hutchings has informed the committee she is no longer able to
continue as publicity officer due to illness. Lyn has done a brilliant
job advertising our group and has organised standard emails to send
out to various media. If any member feels they would like to take on
the position, their assistance would be very much appreciated.
I would like to thank Lyn for all her hard work in this position and
wish her a speedy recovery.
Tea Gardens Hawk Nest Family Research Group Seminar
Is to be held on Saturday 12th April 2014 at Masonic Hall, Tea
Gardens 9.30 - 4.00
Cost $20 inclusive of morning and afternoon tea and a light lunch.
There will be four interesting speakers. Registration and payment by
5th April Phone: Judith Glover 49972103 or email at
[email protected]
New Glasgow Family History Website.
Glasgow Life has launched a new website dedicated to family and
ancestral research in Glasgow. Glasgow Mitchell Library has
undergone major refurbishment bringing all of the family history
resources together. “Visit Family History at the Mitchell” at
(Visit Scotland website)
Linda Wallis
UK Manorial Documents at the National Archives
New Armagh Ancestry Presbyterian, Quaker and
Church of Ireland Records are now available and
have completed the computerization of 6,327 new
Presbyterian, Quaker and Church of Ireland Church
records for county Armagh. These have been added to
the online research database and are available to
research at
(Submitted by Jenny Myers)
Durham Records Online Updates
An entry on The National Archives blog from earlier
this month provides an excellent overview of the
Manorial Documents projects being undertaken by The
National Archives. The manorial system of
landholding and administration covered large parts of
England and Wales for many centuries until its
abolition in 1922. Manorial courts dealt with minor
offences and duties owed by tenants as well as
recording changes of land tenure. The Manorial
Documents Register is the official register of manorial
documents and is maintained by The National
Archives on behalf of the Master of the Rolls. The
Register is being progressively digitised and eighteen
English counties as well as the whole of Wales are
available online. Note that the Register is an index to
the availability of manorial documents and does not
provide online access to the records themselves.
Working harbour images unearthed
Thousands of never-before-published photographs
depicting Sydney's working harbour since the 1850’s
have been donated to the City of Sydney's Archives by
Graeme Andrews OAM. Mr Andrews took
photographs himself but also amassed a collection of
over 100,000 photographs. The Working Harbour
collection features about 10,000 photographs from his
collection dating back up to 160 years and covering an
area from Lake Macquarie in the north, south to Port
Kembla and west to the Nepean River. The collection
also features images by other photographers such as
Ron Montgomery, Fred Saxon and the Dufty family of
ship photographers. Over 3,000 images from Mr
Andrews’s collection are available to view on the
Archives Pix website. To view these photos visit
and search for 'Graeme Andrews'
Gateshead baptisms 1828-1840, burials 1825-1836,
marriage witnesses 1827-1834
At St. Mary’s, from a combination of the parish
register and the Bishop's Transcript there are:5,422 baptisms covering 1828-1840
3,778 burials covering 1825-1836
2,065 witnesses added to 1827-1834 marriages
Abodes mentioned besides Gateshead and streets in
Gateshead include Bensham, Carr's Hill, Cramlington,
Deckham Hall, Derwent Crook, Eighton Banks,
Elswick, Felling, Felling Shore, Friars Goose,
Gateshead Fell, Gateshead Park, and more can be seen
on line. Nearly all of the baptisms include birth
dates some are well before baptism. They have
also added 2,065 witnesses to the existing 931
marriages at Gateshead in 1827-1834 and corrected
some errors, mostly minor spelling adjustments. If you
have purchased a marriage at Gateshead in this period,
we recommend you take another look at it to see if
anything has been changed, and to get the witnesses.
Hurworth baptisms & burials 1841-1885
1,883 baptisms from April 1841 to the end of 1885
1,280 burials covering 1842-1885.
Houghton-le-Spring baptisms 1825-1841 updated with
occupations of fathers have added 5,777 and
corrected minor errors. For more information go to
Durham Records on line. (Submitted by Jenny Myers)
County Clare’s first batch of Roman Catholic
Baptisms for seven parishes are now available online
at www.Rootsireland they are delighted to announce
that Clare Heritage & Genealogy Centre has now made
their first batch of Roman Catholic baptisms for seven
parishes available online.
Savill Index of The Advertiser Funeral Notices
Is an index of South Australian funeral notices from
1971 to 1990 and from 1997 - 2013. From 2013 the
index includes private funeral services, many of which
did not appear in the Funeral Notices column of the
newspaper. The index is hosted by the State Library of
South Australia, and is a series of alphabetical lists by
surname. Note that the index does not have a search
facility but you can use the Find (Ctrl + F) feature on
each page to quickly locate an entry on that page.
There have been more releases of Country records for
North & Central America: Caribbean: South America:
Asia/Pacific: more coming soon for information visit
the recently added page at
Also updates are:
1901 England Census.
Australian Death Index1787-1985.
Australia Electoral Rolls 1903-1980
Campaign to Open Historic Civil Registers
There is a campaign to get the Historic Birth, Marriage
and Death registers open to the public without having to purchase certificates. This could be done by either
transferring the centralised registers held by the GRO
to the National Archive or by transferring the registers
held by superintendent registrars to the County Record
Offices. In addition a number of commercial
companies would be willing to digitise the registers
allowing them to be available online and also available
at the archives free of charge.
See for further details.
If you are a member of the Society of
Genealogists or a Family History Society, please
contact them and ask them to support the
campaign. It would be worthwhile signing on with
[email protected]
Apathy will destroy any chance of success. These
registers are your heritage. They are archived for your
information. Please help to make it Easier and Cheaper
to access them.
Cheers Guy
(Submitted by Jenny Myers) WYONG FAMILY HISTORY GROUP
John Cann on 22nd March at 2.45-3.45 will be
presenting State Records Greatest Hits for the Wyong
Family History Group. This talk will feature an
examination of many popular series retrieved in the
Kingswood reading room and their value to family and
local historians. Phone 0408233885. Cnr Anzac Ave &
Margaret St Wyong2259
Our next meeting will be held on 19th April 2014
The Hall will open at 10am for the use of resources.
Meeting will commence at 12.30pm.
You are reminded that the Hall is always open for the
use of resources on the first Wednesday of each month
from 2 pm until 5 pm.
“Dugullumba Times”
Journal of Logan River& District Family
History Soc. February 2014.
“Dust of Ages”. Journal of Armidale Family
History Group. February 2014.
“The Argyle Bulletin”. Journal of Goulburn
& District. FHS. February 2014
“The Fig Tree”. Journal of Manning Wallamba
FHS, Taree. February 2014.
“Voices from the Past”. Newsletter of Inverell
Dist. FHG. February 2014.
“Ballarat Link”. Journal of Ballarat & Dist.
Genealogical Soc. February 2014.
Articles: “Tom Popple 1859 - 1929” by Graham Popple.
“100 Years Ago – The Weaver Family” by Val Watson.
“Have I Hit the Jackpot” by Heather Radley.
“Annie Eileen Lamb – some of her recollections” by Lesley Barnsley.
“The Life & Times of Samuel Hampton” by Elizabeth Cheeseman.
Articles: “75th Anniversary of the Founding of the University of New England”
by Robyn Crossle.
“First World War Memorial in Central Park” by Robyn Crossle.
“Useful Family and Local History Resources in Armidale” by Robyn Crossle.
Articles: “A number of short articles from old Goulburn Newspapers “
Cobb & Co went out with a Bang” by Roger Bayley.
Articles: “Class Matters” by Joan Ransom.
“Henry Gore 10-11-1824 – 9-8-1915” by George Sawyer
Articles “Suspension Bridge” by Judy Pischke.
“Inverell’s connection to the ill-fated crew of Lancaster 111 JB-607, AR-N,
Leader in WW2” by Ann Hodgens.
“People from the Past – Sydney George Davey” by Julie Regan.
“Jack Gaukroger’s Legacy” by Megan Gaukroger
“The ‘Kurrajongs’. The sad story of one Inverell soldier” by Judy Pischke
Articles “Ordinary People” by Joan Hunt
“What is in a Name”.
“The Parramatta Packet”
E Magazine of Parramatta FHG.
March 2014
“Tree of Life”. Journal of Wyong Family
History Group. February 2014.
“Genie Allergy”. Journal of Coffs Harbour
FHS. March 2014
Journal of Newcastle Family History Society.
March 2014.
Genealogist”. Journal of the S A Gen. & Her.
Soc. Feb 2014.
“Journal of Renfrewshire Family History
Society. February 2014.
“Kith & Kin”. Journal of Cape Banks Family
History Soc. March 2014.
“Family Ties”. Journal of Bundaberg
Genealogical Association. March 2014.
“Cedar Log”. Journal of Richmond-Tweed
Family History Soc. March 2014
“The Tamworth Family Historian”. Journal of
Tamworth & Dist. FHG. March 2014
“Ances – Tree”. Journal of Burwood & District
FHG. March 2014
Articles: “A Complicated Case” by Brenda Gardiner.
“Two Female Machine Breakers – Mary Hindle and Ann Entwistle”
By Beth Matthews.
“The Heat Wave”. Cumberland Argus, January 18, 1896.
“Mr G A Ferris”. SMH 30June 1934.
“First Parramatta Hotels – The Old Record”. Sourced by Marie Jones.
Articles “Tree of Life”. Journal of Wyong Family History Group.
February 2014. 28-02-14 – “The South Australian”
Articles: A number of short articles of interest
Articles: “The Funeral of H.J. Connell” by Ken Shilling.
“Robert Bricknell Whicker” by Ken Shilling
“The Extreme Penalty of the Law” by Jane Ison.
“It’s Better to be Late than Arrive Dead on Time” by Stan Thompson.
“An Undertaker’s Lot” by Marie Shilling.
“Convicts and Commandants: The Early Colonial Art of Newcastle”
By Ian Hoskins.
“A Young Life Taken – Samuel Carley” by Ron Goodhew.
“Surgeons at Sea – Voyage of the Tottenham 1818” by Ken Shilling.
“A Gloomy Death” by Frances Bowen.
Articles: “Eugene Salas: Australia’s First Deaf Missioner” by Robert Salas.
“Joseph and Catherine Boase” by Marlene Carver.
“A Wild Goose Chase: Hatter or Hutter?” by Carmel Floreani”.
“Young and Hardy” by Michael J Fitzgerald.
“Mount Lyell Mining Disaster: Its Repercussions for Two Families”
By Robyn Knight.
Articles: “The Ninians in Renfrewshire” by Elizabeth Irving.
“The Forgotten Hero of the South Pole – Henry ‘Birdie’ Bowers 1882-1912”
By Drew McKenzie.
“Arthur Henderson, V.C., M.C.” by Jim Smith.
Articles: “A Family Sorrow” by Eileen James.
“My Father went to War” by Daphne Stitz.
“Finding Uncle Mick – The Story of Mick Lacey” by Linda McIntosh.
“William Yabsley 1812-1880” by Jenny Nance.
“Numerous short articles re WW1”.
Articles: “Ten common research mistakes” by Val Messer.
“Chinese Settlers in Bundaberg”.
“Interesting short articles from local papers.”
“One step ladder to another” by Val Messer.
“Child migration to Australia”. NAA
“World War 1 Letters Home” by Gail Downie.
Articles: “Fundamentals for Genealogical Success” by Frank Harvey.
“Searching for a Missing Nun” by Margaret Schmitt.
“Knowing the Date: Telling the Time” by Carol Baxter.
“An Arsonist…but Not Guilty!” by Dawn Lotty.
“Diary of a War”. Timeline of important Events during WW1.
Articles: “Currabubula Railway Station” by late Syd. H Ware.
“Patience, Grit and Determination” by Margaret Wake.
“Extract from Sands’ Pastoral Directory for NSW 1930
Tamworth Pastures Protection Board.
“Who was Who on the Liverpool Plains – 1841” by late Syd Ware.
“Extracts from Northern Daily Leader” by John Whinfield.
“Extracts from the Maitland Mercury” by Shirley Cridland.
Articles: “The 1850s Immigrants to Eastern Australia from Frauenstein
in the Duchy of Nassau. Part 3” by Jenny Paterson.
“Walter Huggins” by Judith O’Shea
“Robert Howden” by Marguerita Carey
“Trooper George Steele – Boer War Memorial” by Bill Steele.