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May 2013
The “Perfect” Ingredients?
Bay Village
Jack McClellan
Executive Director
Alec Weitzel
Chief Operating Officer
Christina Wizba
Chief Financial Officer
Denis O’Connor
Dir. of Dining Services
Bill Seigh
Dir. of Maintenance
Laura Pitcher
Dir. of Marketing
Larry Buczkowski
Dir. of Housekeeping
Cathy Petz
Dir. of Health Services
Kris Rutherford
Dir. of Res. Services
Ann Aldrich
Dir. of Human Resources
Rev. Dr. Chuck Moffett
Our Mission Statement
Established on Christian principles,
Bay Village of Sarasota, Inc.
offers a dynamic, secure and comprehensive
residency for older adults, providing meaningful
community life with continuing care.
It’s that time of year again! Time to honor our
exemplary group of volunteers with our annual
Volunteer Luncheon. Each year, Bay Village Volunteers
give tens of thousands (no kidding) of hours of time
running everything from the Library to the Gift Shop to
the Country Store.
This year, our theme is “Our Volunteers Are the Perfect
Ingredients!” Even if you don’t cook, everyone knows
what happens when you combine all the “perfect”
ingredients when creating a favorite recipe, right? A
delicious combination working together with one goal
in mind: SUCCESS.
Join us on Thursday, May 30, at 12:30 p.m. in the
dining room for another DELICIOUS lunch and some
fun surprises. Everyone who volunteers in any capacity
should receive an invitation in the next two weeks.
Don’t forget to drop the R.S.V.P. card in the basket by
the Resident Services office! If you volunteer and do
not receive an invitation, please call us at ext. 4005 so
we can get you one!
Village Vibes
History of
Memorial Day
Memorial Day,
originally called
Decoration Day, is a
day of remembrance
for those who died in
our nation’s service. It
was officially
proclaimed on May 5,
1868, by a general. It
was first observed on
May 30, 1868, when
flowers were placed
on the graves of
Union and
Confederate soldiers
at Arlington National
Cemetery. At Bay
Village, we honor our
fallen soldiers during
our annual Memorial
Day Ceremony. Join us
on Monday, May 27,
at 11 a.m. in the
Following the
ceremony, our
Memorial Day picnic
will be held in the
dining room at noon,
2 p.m. or 4 p.m..
Reserve your time
soon by calling ext.
2113! Happy
Memorial Day,
Entertainment Programs
Entertainment Programs
On Thursday, May 9, at 7:30 p.m.,we
welcome the “Three Divas and the Dons”
back to the Bay Village stage! Featuring
Bonnie Caplan, harp; Lorraine Murphy,
lyric soprano; Amy Connours, mezzo
soprano; Steve McCoy, piano; and Tim
O’Connor, baritone. All professional
performers, this group “knocks our socks
off” each and every time they perform.
Expect to hear everything from Broadway
favorites to Gershwin to a classical
number or two. Bonnie can even play “In
the Mood” on the harp! This is May’s
“must see” show for sure, so arrive early
for the best seats. You can find out more
about these well educated and
experienced performers at
May Is for Moms
Tell all the mothers you know “Happy
Mother’s Day” on the second Sunday in
May. Bay Village will have a special menu
in the dining room today with seatings at
noon, 2 p.m., and 4 p.m. Call ext. 2113
for reservations!
Classical guitarist Dean Miller
will perform at the 4 p.m. seating
on Mother’s Day. Dean is an
exacting and excellent classical
guitarist and receives positive
comments each time he performs.
To learn more about him or hear
the type of music you will enjoy
today, visit www.deanmiller.com.
Since the countries we will visit
this month are Spain and Greece,
we will show movies that take
place in these countries. Our
“GREECE” movies include “Zorba
the Greek” starring Anthony
Quinn; The James Bond thriller
“For Your Eyes Only” starring
Roger Moore; “Captain Corelli’s
Mandolin” starring Nicholas Cage
and “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.”
On Mother’s Day, we’ll show the
charming musical “Mamma Mia,”
which not only takes place in
Greece, but is a good story about
mothers and daughters. It stars
Meryl Streep.
Our “SPAIN” movies include
“Beyond a Pale Horse” starring
Gregory Peck; “Man of La
Mancha” starring Sophia Loren;
“The Mission” starring Robert
DeNiro; and the hilarious “City
Slickers” starring Billy Crystal.
The Village Vibes
Day Trips and Travel
We had to change the date for our EPCOT trip for the “Flower & Garden
Festival.” The new date is May 16 and you will receive a flyer in your mailbox with
more details soon, including lunch plans at a new wine/tapas bar in the ITALY
pavilion and a wonderful dinner in the FRANCE pavilion. This trip “counts” as a
credit in the “Walk Across Europe” wellness event!
We will also head to ECHO in Ft. Myers again this month. ECHO stands for
“Education Concerns for Hunger Organization.” They focus on educating
community development volunteers with the skills and knowledge they need
when they go to assist in poor countries. They even have a seed farm that provides
free samples to poor farmers. This trip has been well received by our group in the
past, so if you haven’t been to ECHO and would like to learn more about what
they do, join us on May 22~the departure time will be listed on your flyer.
B.I.L.L. Series News
Our current series is a documentary
by Ken Burns, “The Tenth Inning.”
We hope you will join us for this
unforgettable series whether or not
you are a baseball fan, as this is also
a lesson in recent American history.
Combining extraordinary highlights,
stunning still photographs, and
insightful commentary by players,
managers and fans, The Tenth Inning
interweaves our national pastime
with the story of America. Each
session begins at 7:30 p.m. in the
auditorium. Warning: each DVD in
this series is roughly the length of an
average movie, so plan on spending
more than 90 minutes for most of
the sessions.
Bill Crowe will hold another 4-week
iPad class on Fridays, beginning on
May 24. There will be a class for
“beginners” and a class for
“intermediate” users. This is being
provided by our partners in learning
at “Adult and Community
Education.” We will have iPads
available for you to borrow, like we
did last time, so you can decide if the
device is something you might want to
purchase for yourself after taking class.
If you would like one of the 13 spaces
available in the BEGINNER class, sign
up for the first class, which is at 9 a.m.
If you are an INTERMEDIATE user,
sign up for the class that begins at
10:15 a.m. PLEASE note if you own an
iPad or you would like to borrow one
in the margin when you sign up. We
have limited availability.
Welcome New Residents!
• Bud Snell and Fran Hillier moved
in to apartment 339 on
March 28.
• Roger and Ruth Woodrow moved
in to apartment 639 on April 2.
• Irene McCallister moved in to
apartment 502 on March 26.
Please update your directories and
welcome them warmly!
Charles M. Schulz
created one of the
most popular and
recognizable comic
strips of all time,
“Peanuts,” which
tells the story of
Charlie Brown and
his friends.
Schulz did all the
art, lettering and
inking of the strips
himself, which is
unusual for a comic
strip creator.
During the nearly
50-year run of the
strip, he only once
took a vacation—five
weeks in celebration
of his 75th birthday.
Almost 18,000
total strips appeared.
Schulz requested that
no new strips be
made after his death,
so only reruns have
appeared since 2000.
Schulz hated the
name “Peanuts.”
He stated, “It’s totally
ridiculous, has no
meaning, is simply
confusing, and has
no dignity—and I
think my humor
has dignity.”
May 2013
D=Dining Room
C=Card Room
W=Wellness Center
B=Bus Service Provided
CR=Craft Room
RT=Rooftop Terrace
BD=Board Room
M=Meeting Room
GR=Game Room
FLiCRA Meeting
Be sure to join us for
our annual FLiCRA
(Florida Lifecare
Residents Association)
meeting on Thursday,
May 9, at 2 p.m. in the
auditorium. This meeting
is for all current members
as well as potential new
members. We will have a
special guest speaker as
well as refreshments.
CHATS meetings will
be held on Thursdays,
May 9 and 23 at 10 a.m.
in the auditorium.
Breakfast 4 Books
Our “Breakfast 4
Books” fundraiser for our
library will be held on
Thursday, May 16, from
9-11 a.m. in the dining
room. We will be serving
an array of goodies this
morning and have new
books on display!
Reminder No. 1: Bring
your checkbook!
Reminder No. 2:
Donation is tax
9:00 Ladies’ Shuffleboard
9:30 Crafts, Coffee &
Conversation (CR)
2:30 Wal Mart Bus (B)
7:00 Progressive Bridge (GR)
10:30 St. Thomas More
Catholic Service (Bd. Rm)
7:30 Movie: “City Slickers”
10:30 St. Thomas More
Catholic Service (Bd. Rm)
Noon, 2:00 & 4:00 p.m.
Mother’s Day Dinner is
served. Dean Miller on
Classical Guitar will entertain
at the 4:00 p.m. seating.
7:30 Movie: “Mamma Mia” (A)
10:30 St. Thomas More
Catholic Service (Bd. Rm)
3:00 Suzuki School of Music
Recital (A)
7:30 Movie: “The Sisterhood
of the Traveling Pants” (A)
10:30 St. Thomas More
Catholic Service (Bd. Rm)
7:30 Movie: “Man of
LaMancha” (A)
9:00 Ladies’ Shuffleboard
9:30 Crafts, Coffee &
Conversation (CR)
2:30 Wal Mart Bus (B)
7:00 Progressive Bridge (GR)
9:00 Ladies’ Shuffleboard
9:30 Crafts, Coffee &
Conversation (CR)
2:30 Wal Mart Bus (B)
7:00 Progressive Bridge (GR)
9:00 Strength Stars (W)
9:30 SPLASH (P)
10:00 Craft Class (CR)
11:30 Sit N’ Fit (A)
2:00 Wii Lessons (W)
2:00 Residents’ Council (A)
7:00 Hand & Foot (C)
7:15 Venice Theater (B)
7:30 B.I.L.L. “The Tenth
Inning” (A)
9:00 Strength Stars (W)
9:30 SPLASH (P)
10:00 Craft Class (CR)
10:00 How Novel (BD)
11:30 Sit N’ Fit (A)
2:00 Wii Lessons (W)
2:00 Wellness Lecture: Dr.
Chait- Nutrition (A)
7:00 Hand & Foot (C)
7:30 B.I.L.L. “The Tenth
Inning” (A)
8:30 Men’s Breakfast (D)
8:30 SPLASH (pool)
9:30 Strength Stars (W)
10:00 Craft Class (CR)
11:30 Sit N’ Fit (A)
2:00 Wii Lessons (W)
2:00 Wellness Lecture:
Cardiologist Dr. Aldrich (A)
7:00 Hand & Foot (C)
7:30 B.I.L.L. “The Tenth
Inning” (A)
9:00 Ladies’ Shuffleboard
9:30 Crafts, Coffee &
Conversation (CR)
2:30 Trader Joe’s Bus (B)
7:00 Progressive Bridge (GR)
8:30 SPLASH (pool)
9:30 Strength Stars (W)
10:00 Craft Class (CR)
11:30 Sit N’ Fit (A)
NOON- Dine Out at Cafe
L’Europe (B)
2:00 Wii Lessons (W)
7:00 Hand & Foot (C)
7:30 B.I.L.L. “The Tenth
Inning” (A)
Calendar of Events
8:00 Men’s Shuffleboard
9:00 Breakfast at the Beach
10:00 Bible Class (A)
11:30 Sit N’ Fit on Video (A)
1:30 Line Dance (W)
2:30 Popcorn & A Movie:
“Beyond a Pale Horse” (A)
6:15 Duplicate Bridge (GR)
6:45 Player’s Theater (B)
7:15 BINGO (A)
8:00 Men’s Shuffleboard
9:30 Walking Clinic (W)
10:00 Bible Class (A)
11:00 Posture & Balance (W)
11:15 Episcopal Svc. (C)
11:30 Sit N’ Fit (A)
1:30 Line Dance (W)
2:30 Popcorn & A Movie: “The
Mission” (A)
6:15 Duplicate Bridge (GR)
7:15 BINGO (A)
8:00 Men’s Shuffleboard
9:30 Walking Clinic (W)
10:00 Bible Class (A)
11:00 Balance & Posture (W)
11:30 Sit N’ Fit (A)
NOON~ Lunch Out: The
Breakfast House” (B)
1:30 Line Dance (W)
2:30 Popcorn & A Movie: “For
Your Eyes Only” (A)
6:15 Duplicate Bridge (GR)
7:15 BINGO (A)
9:30 Tai Chi (W)
10:00 Writer’s Group (M)
11:00 Posture & Balance (W)
11:30 Sit & Fit (A)
1:30 Hand Exercise (CR)
3:30 Vespers (A)
6:15 Duplicate Bridge (GR)
7:00 Canasta (C)
9:00 Strength (W)
9:30 “SPLASH” (P)
11:30 Sit & Fit (A)
1:30 Aqua Fit (P)
2:30 A Salute to SPAIN! (A)
9:00 Strength (W)
9:30 “SPLASH” (P)
10:00 CHATS (A)
11:30 Sit & Fit (A)
1:30 Aqua Fit (P)
2:00 FliCRA Annual Meeting
7:30 “Three DIVAS & The
8:00 EPCOT (B)
9:00 Breakfast 4 Books
Library Fundraiser (D)
11:30 Sit & Fit on Video (A)
8:00 Men’s Shuffleboard
9:00 Strength Stars (W)
9:30 SPLASH (p)
11:00 Balance (W)
11:30 Sit & Fit (A)
1:00 Sarasota Ballet (B)
9:30 Tai Chi (W)
10:00 Book Club (A)
11:00 Posture & Balance (W)
11:30 Sit & Fit (A)
1:30 Hand Exercise (CR)
3:00 Shabbat (Terr)
3:30 Vespers (A)
6:15 Duplicate Bridge (GR)
7:00 Canasta (C)
8:00 Men’s Shuffleboard
9:00 Strength Stars (W)
9:30 SPLASH (p)
11:00 Balance (W)
11:30 Sit & Fit (A)
9:30 Tai Chi (W)
11:00 Posture & Balance (W)
11:30 Sit & Fit (A)
1:30 Hand Exercise (CR)
3:30 Vespers (A)
6:15 Duplicate Bridge (GR)
7:00 Canasta (C)
23 9:00 iPad Class-Beg. (A)
10:15 iPad Class- Adv. (A)
8:00 Men’s Shuffleboard
9:00 Strength (W)
9:30 Tai Chi (W)
9:30 ECHO Trip & Lunch (B)
9:30 “SPLASH” (P)
11:00 Posture & Balance (W)
10:00 Bible Class (A)
10:00 CHATS (A)
11:30 Sit & Fit (A)
11:30 Sit N’ Fit (A) On Video
10:00-Noon the Watch Doctor 1:30 Hand Exercise (CR)
1:30 Line Dance (W)
3:00 Shabbat (Terr)
2:30 Popcorn & A Movie:
11:30 Sit & Fit (A)
3:30 Vespers (A)
“Zorba the Greek” (A)
1:30 Aqua Fit (P)
6:15 Duplicate Bridge (GR)
6:15 Duplicate Bridge (GR)
2:30 “A Salute to Greece” (A) 7:00 Canasta (C)
7:15 BINGO (A)
7:15 Jazz Juvenocracy:
Rhapsody& Romance (B)
8:00 Men’s Shuffleboard
9:30 Walking Clinic (W)
9:00 iPad Beg. (A)
10:00 Bible Class (A)
10:15 iPad Adv. (A)
9:00 Strength (W)
11:00 Posture & Balance (W)
9:30 Tai Chi (W)
9:30 “SPLASH” (P)
11:30 Sit N’ Fit (A)
11:00 Posture & Balance (W)
12:30 Annual Volunteer
1:30 Line Dance (W)
11:30 Sit & Fit (A)
Luncheon: “Our Volunteers
2:30 Popcorn & A Movie:
1:30 Hand Exercise (CR)
Are the Perfect Ingredient”
“Captain Corelli’s Mandolin”
3:30 Vespers (A)
6:15 Duplicate Bridge (GR)
6:15 Duplicate Bridge (GR)
7:00 Canasta (C)
7:15 BINGO (A)
8:00 Men’s Shuffleboard
9:00 Strength Stars (W)
9:30 SPLASH (p)
10:00 & 1:30 Evelyn Kraft
Piano Recitals (A)
11:00 Balance (W)
11:30 Sit & Fit (A)
4:00 Ebony & Ivory Piano
Recital (A)
8:00 Men’s Shuffleboard
9:00 Strength Stars (W)
9:30 SPLASH (p)
11:00 Balance (W)
11:30 Sit & Fit (A)
1:30 Sarasota Children’s
Orchestra (A)
“Village Vibes”
We’re continuing
the “Walk Across
Europe” everyone! We
applaud your efforts
so far! Our first
wellness outing will
be a “Breakfast on the
Beach” event on
May 1. Join us as we
head to South Lido
Park at 9 a.m. for a
walk and a breakfast
picnic. They have
plenty of picnic tables
and we can drop off
everyone fairly close
to the picnic area, so
if you don’t want to
walk, feel free to come
along just for the
picnic if you wish!
On May 22, we are
taking a trip to tour
Echo (Educational
Concerns for Hunger
Organization) Farms
in North Fort Myers.
Two Wellness
Lectures will give you
another chance to
score points by
May 14, we have
Dr. Chait talk to us
about Nutrition and
have some healthy
DEPARTMENT! These wonderful staff
members are at the ready to assist you!
Whether you need help on a
continuous basis, or just a few days of
assistance after a hospitalization, this
is your BEST solution to provide the
help you need at a reasonable price!
Kathy Rautio is the supervisor of this
department and can be reached at
ext. 4111.
SHOWERS for any person who feels it
necessary to “borrow” items such as
newspapers or books from other
people’s baskets outside of our
RAINBOWS for our housekeeping
department! Everyone who visits here
notices how CLEAN our beautiful
building is, and we owe it to these 25
dedicated staff members for being so
fantastic at what they do!
SHOWERS for library newspaper
stealers. Also, don’t take a portion of
the paper and leave the remaining
sections. Our newspaper subscriptions
are purchased so everyone can enjoy
the entire paper. Thanks!
entertainment programs! We
enjoyed everything from bagpipes to
viola, vocals to Highland Dance!
Thanks for attending and enjoying!
May 21, Dr. Aldrich will speak
about “Oh, My Aching Legs.” He will
discuss causes of leg pain and
treatment for Peripheral Artery
Disease and Peripheral Venous
A salute to two Mediterranean
countries, Spain and Greece, will be
another possibility to have fun, score
points and learn about the countries.
Over 100 residents are
participating in this program and
you can still join the crowd.
Come to the Wellness Center and
check out the big map of Europe to
see where the pin with your name
is located.
From the Dining Services Director
I cannot let the Resident Council year end without expressing my deepest
gratitude to your hardworking Dining Services committee. This committee, who
met monthly with me and my staff, was chaired by a great lady. Thanks to the
guidance and leadership of Mrs. Lorraine Hester, this group reported all of your
feedback on your Dining Services program. Each and every committee member
presented a report from their respective floor providing valuable and constructive
suggestions. As a result of this hard working group, Dining Services received a 95%
satisfaction rating in the recent Resident satisfaction survey. On behalf of my entire
staff, I wish to again thank Mrs. Hester and the 2012\2013 Dining Services
committee members for all their efforts. My staff and I really appreciate it.
MAY Anniversaries
May 16
Ken and Phyllis Fake
May 19
Jay and Eleanor Flagg
May 24
Frances and Joan Maxwell
May 31
Walt and Betty Sherwood
MAY Birthdays
May 2
Francine Buhl; George Haas
May 3
Robert Van Zant
May 4
Ray Berta
May 5
Susie Wallach Bailey
May 10
Verlyn Smock
May 11
Jackie LeClaire
May 12
Irene Palmer, Judy Shanower and Agnes
May 15
Shirley Willms and Ethel “O” Strowski
May 17
Grace Ellison, Geraldine Stanwood and
Larry Whittier
May 19
Lorraine Hester
May 21
Theresa Phelan and Ed Brown
May 23
Vitmar von Langendorff
May 25
Don Kraft, Louise Porter and Marlene
May 26
Pat Hoeffler
May 27
Irene Peale
MAY Vespers Ministers
May 3
Rev. Dr. Chuck Moffett
Bay Village Chaplain
May 10
Revs. John and Wendy Vanderzee
Daughter/Son-In-Law of Babe and
Barbara Baptist
May 17
Rev. Dr. Chuck Moffett
Bay Village Chaplain
May 24
Rev. Dr. Chuck Moffett
Bay Village Chaplain
May 31
Rev. Dr. Chuck Moffett
Bay Village Chaplain
The Village Vibes
Employee of
the Month
Elvira Esparza, one
of our fantastic servers
in the dining room,
was named
“Employee of the
Month!” Not only is
she a fantastic server,
Elvira is also the
creator of Elvira’s
quesadillas! Every few
months, she switches
uniforms and spends
her day in the kitchen
creating delicious
quesadillas. Yum!!
Keep up the good
work, Elvira!
Wear It for
Like the gardens
and grass of spring,
May’s birthstone, the
emerald, dazzles with
a brilliant green.
Some believe wearing
an emerald brings
wisdom and patience.
Orchids are in full bloom, as you can see
by this photo taken by Walt Sherwood.
Thanks to Walt for teaching himself how to
attach a photo and email it to Kris so we
could share it with you in “Vibes.” Thank
you to Bennie Komarek for using her
“Orchid Expertise” to make our garden
look so gorgeous!
A Note of
Ehsan Shah for
Another Great
Presentation at
the Book Club
May 2013
Chaplain’s Corner
Rev. Dr. Chuck Moffett
Thursday, April 4, 2013, at 4 p.m. a plane landed in Gulfport, MS. It carried only military personnel.
Two important passengers deplaned.
One passenger was my son, Dave, returning stateside after 8 months active duty service with the U.S.
Navy Seabees in Afghanistan. The other passenger was Nick Monteforte, retired U.S. Army, returning
stateside after a family vacation in Germany.
Dave was returning to celebrate life. While I could not be there to greet him in person, I was told later by
family who were there that he looked great. That was confirmed for me at 4:30 when I heard his voice on
the phone. JOY!
Nick was returning to face death. Nick is the son of Sam Monteforte here at Bay Village. Nick knew his
dad’s health was declining and was in hopes of arriving before his dad died. There was no one at the airport
to welcome Nick and his wife, Cathy. Only later did Nick learn that dad had died while Nick was en route.
Dave and Nick, on the same plane together, but neither one knew the other, nor the reason for each of
them being on that flight. It only was later in separate conversations I had with Dave and Nick that I felt
the poignancy of unintentional missed connections. How I wish they had connected on that flight to have
been a support to each other. I hope sometime they will meet.
May we find ways to change missed connections into intentional connections of support and care.
12345 Sample Address
City, ST 00000
Current Resident