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U.S. Department o~.
Homeland Security
Commanding 0 fficer
United States Coast Guard
United States
Coast Guard
Air Station Cape Cod. MA
Staff Symbol: MWR
Phone: (50S) 96S·66S3
Fax: (50S) 968-6686
MAR -1 :"'
(a) CG Morale~ Well-Being and Recreation Manual, COMDTINST M1710.13 (series)
I. PURPOSE. This instruction establishes the policies and procedures for the operation ofthe
Temporary Quarters Wings lIm, Building #5204, at Air Station Cape Cod (ASCC). The
Coast Guard ASCC Morale, Well-Being and Recreation (MWR) Department manages the
Wings Inn through the Temporary Quarters Activity.
2. ACTION. ASCC MWR employees shall ensure the Wings Inn is managed in accordance
with this instruction.
3. DIRECTIVES AFFECTED. AIRSTAINST 7010.3 is hereby cancelled.
a. The Wings Inn is operated by the MWR Department, Temporary Quarters Activity, for
the benefit of eligible MWR patrons. The Wings Inn is located on the Massachusetts
Military Reservation (MMR) at 5204 Ent Street.
b. Current rates are posted at the Temporary Quarters desk and are available online at Rates are set by the MWR Director and the Temporary Quarters
Manager based on comparisons to local lodging rates. As a locally owned and operated
facility~ rates charged at ASCC may not be the same as rates charged at other DoD or
USCG facilities.
c. All reservations for the facility are handled through MWR's Temporary Quarters Activity
located in the Wings Inn Building #5204 on the MMR~ (508) 968-6461.
d. Patron eligibility will be in accordance with Chapter 3 of reference (a).
5. PROCEDURES. The following procedures and regulations are established to ensure the
successful operation of this program. For future infonnation on the facility or availability
during a specific time period~ call (508) 968-6461.
a. Reservations.
(1) The Temporary Quarters office shall maintain a reservation log and provide
reservation confirmation to all authorized patrons requesting accommodations,
subject to room availability. A copy of Military Orders and/or a valid ID card must be
presented at time of check-in.
(2) Active Duty members with orders, followed by civilian employees on TAD have
priority of room reservations for periods requested.
(3) PCS personnel are authorized to make reservations ninety (90) days in advance or
upon receipt of orders. Initial reservation is made for up to four (4) weeks.
Extensions are made on a case-by-case basis depending upon the housing waiting list
and incoming PCS families. Reservations will be held with a Government credit card
equaling one night's stay.
(4) TAD/TDYpersonnel may make reservations up to sixty (60) days in advance. PCS
personnel will be given priority if a conflict exists. Personnel on permissive orders
are classified as a vacationer. Reservations for TAD/TDY personnel will be held
with a Government credit card equaling one night's stay.
(5) Authorized patrons desiring or finding it necessary to stay longer than thirty (30) days
must have written approval from the MWR Director.
(6) Vacationers may make reservations thirty (30) days in advance for check-in dates
beginning 01 June through 30 September, and forty five (45) days in advance for
check-in dates beginning 01 October through 31 May. A credit card deposit will be
required when the reservation is confirmed. The patron's credit card will be charged
for one night of rental to secure the reservation.
(7) Vacationers are allowed to stay up to ten (10) days, then space available afterwards.
(8) Accommodation Priority: Confirmed reservations will be based upon availability of a
room(s) at that time. A priority list is established for the assignment of rooms. If
there are two or more members on PCS orders awaiting accommodations at the same
time, the junior member will receive priority. The retention of occupancy or
reservations will be based upon position on the priority list.
The priority list, in descending order, is as follows:
(a) All Branch of Services, Officer and Enlisted personnel, on PCS/TLA with
(b) All Branch of Services, Officer and Enlisted personnel, on TAD.
(c) Civilian/Government employees on official business with the Coast Guard.
(d) Other MWR patrons as outlined in reference (a).
b. Payment.
(1) In all cases, payment for the entire reservation period is due at check-in.
(2) If PCS or TADITDY personnel experience financial hardship which prohibits
payment in full, the patron should notify the Temporary Quarters Manager
immediately. Requests for other payment arrangements must be submitted in writing
to the Temporary Quarters Manager and authorized by the MWR Director. If
payment is not made as agreed upon, the tenants will be evicted and the account will
be turned over to the Commanding Officer, or Officer-In-Charge of the members'
home unit for administrative and/or disciplinary action. In addition, the patron will
be placed on the "Do Not Rent" list.
(3) Once payment is made, refunds will not be provided for changes in the reservation
period unless the situation is due to an emergency beyond the control of the patron
(i.e. changes to military orders, operational necessity, hospitalization and/or death in
the family). In these cases, payment will be refunded; however, proof of the
emergency will be requested.
c. Confirmation of Reservations. Patrons will receive a confirmation letter with the
approved dates through U.S. Mail and/or email if desired.
d. Operations. MWR reserves the right to revoke privileges to any patron who does not
maintain good order and discipline.
e. Check-in/Check-out.
(1) Check-in time will be coordinated at the time of reservation confirmation. The
check-in time will also be noted on the confirmation letter.
(2) Late check-ins will be assessed a $25.00 fee.
(3) Late check-ins will not be available after 2000. Guest services will not be available
between the hours of 2200-0700. The JOOD can be reached after hours for
URGENT issues only at 508-968-6331. In case of emergency, dial 911.
(4) Check-out time is 1100 on the last day of occupancy. A late check-out request must
receive prior approval from the Temporary Quarters office. Any patron who checks
out late without prior approval may be charged additional nights' stay, will be
charged the $25.00 late check-out fee, and lose the privilege to make future
Cancellation of Reservations.
(1) MWR shall be notified immediately if a patron will not be able to utilize their
reservation. Vacationers must notify Temporary Quarters at least 14 days prior to the
reservation in order to receive a refund. All patrons will receive a cancellation
number from the TQ office when a cancellation is made.
(2) Refunds will not be approved if notification is not received within 14 days of the
reservation, and if the patron cannot provide the cancellation number, unless the
situation is due to an emergency beyond the control of the patron (i.e. change in
orders, hospitalization, death in the immediate family, etc). In these cases, payment
will be refunded, however, proof ofthe emergency will be requested.
(3) Patrons who have paid for a reservation, but fail to show up for the dates reserved
without notice to Temporary Quarters, will not receive a refund. Temporary Quarters
will hold the reservation for only 24 hours if the patron fails to show or fails to
contact Temporary Quarters.
g. Occupancy.
(1) Quiet time will be observed from 2200-0700.
(2) The Cardio Room is to be used by individuals 18 years or older. Patrons will use the
Cardio Room at their own risk.
h. Termination for Cause. The MWR Director, Temporary Quarters Manager, Base
Security and ASCC Command reserve the right to terminate use of the facility at any
time deemed necessary. The occupants will be required to vacate when so directed. This
action can be taken as a result of failure to follow this instruction or when environmental
conditions, including bad weather, endanger the occupants of the building.
Improper Use. Facilities at the Wings Inn will not be used for any illegal, improper, or
immoral purposes.
(I) Visitors are not allowed in the Wings Inn building after close of business.
(2) Patrons are responsible for the actions of their children.
(3) Children are not allowed in the Cardio Room.
k. Pets/Smoking.
(1) Pets are not allowed in the Wings Inn or on the premises, including parking lots.
(2) Smoking is not permitted in any government facility. This includes the Wings Inn.
(3) Violation of either policy will result in immediate eviction. Patrons will be held
responsible for the cost of repairs for damage and/or additional cleaning costs.
6. RECORDS MANAGEMENT CONSIDERATIONS. This Instruction has been evaluated for
potential records management impacts. The development of this Instruction has been
thoroughly reviewed during the directives clearance process, and it has been determined
there are no further records scheduling requirements, in accordance with Federal Records
Act, 44 U.S.C. 3101 et seq., National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)
requirements, and the Information and Life Cycle Management Manual, COMDTINST
M5212.12 (series). This policy does not have any significant or substantial change to existing
records management requirements.
not have any of the following: significant cumulative impacts on the human environment;
substantial controversy or substantial change to existing environmental conditions; or
inconsistencies with any Federal, State, or local laws or administrative determinations
relating to the environment. All future specific actions resulting from the general policies in
this Instruction must be individually evaluated for compliance with the National
Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), Council on Environmental Policy NEPA regulations at
40 CRF Parts 1500-1508, DHS and Coast Guard NEPA policy, and compliance with all other
environmental mandates.
8. FORMS/REPORTS. The following form will apply and can be supplied by the ASCC
MWR Department or Temporary Quarters activity.
(I) Guest Policies for Wings Inn (Rev
Captain, U.S Co st Guard
Coast Guard A' Station Cape Cod
Encl: (1) Guest Policies for Wings Inn
Enclosure (1) to AIRSTAINST 701O.3A
(508) 968-6461
Welcome to the Wings Inn. If you have any questions about the base or surrounding area, please
feel free to call us at the above phone number or come by our office. Our office is closed on
National Holidays and in accordance with base closure instructions.
Wing's Inn suites and rooms are provided for families who are waiting for base housing,
personnel on TAOrrOY orders and vacationers. We hope your stay is a pleasant and
comfortable one. Please help us maintain the quality and cleanliness of the facility for the
convenience of all our guests. Our guidelines are as follows:
Full payment is required at check-in.
Late check-outs must be approved by the Temporary Quarters Manager and are subject to a
$25 charge. If not approved, you will be charged an additional day. Check-out time is at
You have 24 hrs upon check-in to inform employees of any unclean conditions or prior
damage. After that, you forfeit any claim about the pre-existing cleanliness or damage of
your room.
There will be a $75.00 charge for any rooms that require extensive cleaning.
Absolutely NO PETS and NO SMOKING is allowed in the Wings Inn, including the
parking lot. If you are found in violation of these rules, you will be evicted immediately and
charged an additional $75.00.
There is a $30.00 fee for any lost keys. This is NON-NEGOTIABLE.
Alcohol use is restricted to the rooms only and NOT allowed in the lounge or outside the
building. Those who consume alcohol must be 21 years or older.
Quiet time is observed from 2200-0700 hours, this includes the use of the Cardio Room.
There is no phone service in our rooms; however, there is a phone in the hallways for local
After business hours please call the JOOO at 508-968-6331 for urgent issues only. For true
emergencies, dial 911. For issues with your reservation please call 508-274-9586 and leave a
message. Please note that guest services are not available between the hours of 2200-0700.
Maid services are completed by 1400; any exceptions will need to be approved by
management. Extended stay cleanings are mandatory, no exceptions. There is no maid
service on National Holidays or base closure.
We ask that you take out any excessive trash; the dumpster is located at the back of the
building. Recycle bins are located in the vending room.
Candle burning is prohibited. Cooking and heating elements are also prohibited.
The Temporary Quarters Management reserves the right to access rooms without notification
for the purpose of safety and inspection.
HOLD HARMLESS: As users of this facility, I/we agree to reimburse, indemnify, and hold
harmless the Coast Guard, the Coast Guard MWR Program, its agents and employees from
any and all claims and causes from my/our use of the Coast Guard MWR equipment or
Enclosure (1) to AIRSTAINST 7010.3A
Signature of Guest:
-----------------Date:- - - - - - - Thank you for your cooperation! We hope you enjoy your stay with us!
Rev 04-13