Annual Conference is once again upon
us and time to take stock of what we
have achieved in the year and where
we are placed for the future. In general
we can look back on a successful year
that has laid the foundation for the
future. We have done that by facing up
to the realities that are before us and
recognising the need to change. Whilst
we have not escaped the turmoil of
the financial and economic turbulence
that has affected everyone, none the
less we have been able to weather the
storm better than most. Of course it
means we have to face uncertainty as
all organisations do but we have already
begun to lay the ground work that will
take us forward in a stronger position
than we have faced in the past.
What we need to recognise is exactly
where we are. All Regions of the Union
now operate a Regional structure and it
is generally accepted that the move to
Regional Councils has been a success.
Attendance is up, debates are more wide
ranging and meaningful, topics are relevant.
Now is the time to move from inertion
to action. Given the success of Regional
Councils we need to use this Conference
to change Rules to solidify that success
by eliminating Districts and moving to the
Regional structure that is in fact in place
now. On my trips around the Regions I have
found no argument against this reality so
here’s hoping Conference will similarly see
the inevitability of changing Rules to reflect
reality. I am sure they will.
That, of course leads us on to other
follow-on changes and it is here the
debate will take place in Bridlington and
beyond. The guiding principle has to be
the continued strength and independence
of the organisation, one fit for purpose
and in a position to not only continue to
give the first class service to members it
gives already – but to improve on this.
That can only be done by recognising
the need to change where change
is necessary to reflect reality and to
move resources around from areas not
functioning to areas that need attention.
It means recognising that we are in a
very strong position to control our own
destiny and that now is the time to make
these changes for our own benefit. It is
a luxury not many organisations have
and it could well slip away if we le this
golden opportunity slip away through
inertia or fear of change.
The debates in Bridlington in June cannot
be the end of the process. Rather they are
just the beginning. The Executive Council
has placed an enabling motion on the
agenda. If that is passed it will move us
from the myth of Districts to the reality
of Regions. No change for any members
at all, just an acceptance of reality. Then
the hard work will begin with debates
with members, activists and officials on
how we progress to make the union fit
for purpose for the coming decade and
more. That is a debate that cannot be
had in isolation. We need all members to
participate in that debate and we welcome
your views. It is your union, have your
Recruitment is one area that needs
attention and we have already made
moves in this area with our Induction
DVD. We are also revamping all our
training courses for activists to strengthen
awareness of organising and to build
confidence for this important task.
There is a need to ensure we maximise
membership in all sites where we have
recognition and this is a theme that has
run through this years Regional Councils
and will be highlighted at conference.
The Union has a strong financial base
that is used to ensure a first class service
to members. The Union is always
looking for ways to improve and expand
that service. That needs member’s
participation and we are looking at
ways of improving that through our new
membership systems and communication
One area that needs better advertising
is that of the Union’s legal services. I
am still amazed that we get letters from
Solicitors where members have gone
to ‘outside’ firms for their accident
cases. We are also noting an increase in
employers Insurers seeking to contact
members direct to ‘do a deal’ on accident
cases. Both these avenues are not only
dangerous for the member, they can be
cost negative. The Union’s free legal
service is second to none and is an
excellent example of a first class service
that takes all concern off the member and
ensures all compensation goes direct to
the member. We work hard to ensure that
accidents and industrial disease is kept to
a minimum. But where ‘accidents happen’
we need to ensure the peace of mind for
members that the union stands ready to
assist the member in claiming adequate
and fair compensation. The knowledge of,
and use of, union services is another area
we will be concentrating on in the coming
We all know our industry is going
through hard times, as is manufacturing
generally. But we need to beware
of the employer who uses this as an
excuse to undermine agreed terms and
conditions, negotiated over many years.
It is sadly a fact that, once the Union has
successfully negotiated improvements
in members’ terms and conditions of
employment, those improvements are
quickly forgotten. They become the
norm. It seems these terms have been
in place for ever and will remain so.
Far from it! As any negotiator will tell
you employers always seek to take back
what they have had to concede. And they
have only conceded improvements in
the first place because of the collective
strength of the union. That is the case
more now than ever. Many employers
are using the ‘recession’ to seek to
claw back hard won gains of the past.
They are not adverse to using fear as
a weapon in this war on past gains.
Fear of unemployment, closure and
redundancies. The unscrupulous will
play on those fears so that they can
reduce what they pay workers and
improve their profit margin-and who
gains from that?
It is nonsense to believe that all employers
are being badly affected by the recession.
Obviously some are and we need to deal
with that where it occurs. But equally
obvious is the fact that others are not and
are doing very well. That is the crux of
the matter. Many employers are hiding
behind the recession and ignoring the
‘ability to pay’ scenario. The Union in
its negotiating stance need to home in on
this ‘ability to pay’ issue to ensure that
workers are not being forced to pay for a
‘crisis’ they had no part in bringing about.
And to make sure employers who can
afford it meet their responsibilities to their
workers in
We are hearing more and more stories
about employers taking away things
workers felt had been won for good.
Attacks on premium payments, holiday
entitlements, cuts or freezes in take home
pay, reductions in sickness payments and
conditions and many more. Easy to do
where there is no organised resistance
to the power of the employer. Easy too
where some workers stand outside the
fight, hoping it won’t happen to them.
Such a forlorn hope! They are the easy
ones to pick off as experience shows
Terms and conditions benefits
gained in the past were hard won. They
should not be given away lightly. In
the economic situation we face today
workers solidarity is more important than
ever. That is another reason why union
membership is paramount. To those who
are not in membership reflect on this.
Who will defend your current terms and
conditions if you remain isolated?
We have a hard task to not only protect
what has been gained in the past but to
improve on existing terms and conditions
of employment. That will only happen
through strong union membership and
representation. Now more than ever is
the time to join the union to protect your
own position. One thing this recession
proves – being isolated and alone is no
Hope to hear from you.
[email protected]
Many people dismiss the idea of
making a will, especially if they are
relatively young and healthy. But a
will contains your wishes to be read
after you die and describes whom
you wish your belongings and assets
to go too.
You have probably heard stories about
what happened to people who did not
have a will; the cost it took to sort out
the deceased’s estate and who was
left feeling aggrieved. It’s a shame
that in many cases solicitors are only
called upon to sort out the mess when
estates are contested. If a will had
been drawn up previously by a legally
qualified person then such heartache
and cost would be avoided.
At present the Law Commission is
carrying out a review of the Intestacy
rules which will be published in
2011. They state that Intestacy and
family provision are important areas
of the law, affecting a large number
of families at times of financial and
emotional vulnerability. The National
Consumer Council also suggest
that more than 27 million adults in
England and Wales do not have a will
and that those who need one most are
the least likely to have one. For those without a will, Intestacy
law is supposed to reflect what the
deceased would have wanted, but
very often does not achieve this. The
rules include a fixed sum to be paid
to your spouse and your children if
they survive you. The remainder of the
estate falls into a trust which will end
on the spouse’s death. You may think
this is unnecessarily difficult especially
as, with a lot of families, the children
are born to different parents or you are
not married. A simple will prevents this
worry and can also appoint guardians
for your children. In addition, the
amounts paid to your spouse and
children may be insufficient. What if
your husband or wife only gets the
house or part of it and no money? Also
any dependents not covered by the
statutory Intestacy rules would have a
claim on your estate
So what if you still haven’t got a will by
the time you die? The people entitled
to your estate under the Intestacy rules
can draw up a will for you within two
years of your death to direct money to
relatives and / or friends not covered by
the rules. You may think this is ok, but
this means your relatives are put to the
task of thinking about what you would
have wished to happen. For example
it might be a case of “he would never
have forgotten his friend Bill?” or “She
would have left something for her
neighbour Janet wouldn’t she?”
If you want to make things simpler
then making a will is a must. It is a
simple process and will be done before
you know it. There’s no need to be
superstitious about wills ‘tempting fate’
– I’m now on my third will! Wills can
be changed as many times as you want
and they are not expensive to make.
Ideally this should be done when you
get married or divorced and of course
if you have children.
If you need more information and
advice on making a will, speak to
an expert at MWR Solicitors today
in strictest confidence. Call 01772
254201 or visit
Once again we have arrived at the
time of year when our delegates
will be gathering for Annual
Conference in Bridlington. Same
place, same time of year and many
of the same faces, yet I expect
this to be a conference with a
difference? Yes many of the topics
up for debate will be similar to
those of years gone by and many
of the arguments will have been
well rehearsed over that period of
With a minimum of 103 motions
already on the agenda we are
guaranteed that there will be no time
for resting on our laurels. Time will
be precious but not just because of
the number of motions, but because
of the content of the motions. I am
sure Annual Conference 2009 will
be seen as a defining conference,
one that will need to explode many
of the past myths and traditions
whilst at the same time planning a
winning path for the future of the
For many years now we have
suffered a steady reduction in
the numbers of people we have
in membership and it is clearly a
trend that cannot continue if we
are to remain the only independent
trade union for food workers. We
have to arrest this decline and
we have to do it now. We do not
have the luxury of time on our side
in our quest for change and that
puts extra pressure on the decision
makers at conference.
Over the past few months there
have been a series of meetings
convened in every region that
have been co-ordinated to gather
both individual and collective
ideas of how we see our future.
There has been talk of having
too many officials for the amount
of members, too many executive
members, too many districts for
a union of our size. But whilst all
these points have some validity
and some of these areas will have
to be seriously looked at, the main
problem is that we just don’t have
enough members for the structure
that we have. You can hide an
official or an executive member
in a membership of 5000 but you
can never hide 5 officials in a
membership of 1000.
Whilst we have to get the union
structure right as a matter of
urgency the overriding fact is that
we need to grow membership and
grow it now.
It is easy to take the nuclear
option and start handing out
redundancy notices as a short term
option but it only serves to meet
a demand at that particular time.
What happens if membership them
falls further because we have not
got the bodies to spend quality
time organising and recruiting, do
we then get the knife out again for
more savage cuts? The executives
preferred option is to go for growth
by releasing more officials from
industrial relations into organising,
working on the premise that with
more sales people we are in with a
better chance of a sale.
We are hoping that the talks
that we have had will help us
to achieve change successfully,
change that is done by consensus
and meaningful discussion rather
that imposition. There is very little
scope for other options that allow
us to meet our commitment to
independence and so the weight
of expectation on conference
delegates’ shoulders this year
is massive. I am sure that it is a
challenge that we all relish and
one that we can resolve together?
Of course whilst delegates are
voting on change every other
member of the union can play their
own part in our future by helping
recruit new members.
Maybe it is the person standing
next to you at work, maybe a family
member who works elsewhere;
maybe you have a friend who
works in an establishment that has
no union. It could be the person
who works behind the counter in
your local grocery store or behind
the bar at your local? It does not
matter who they are or where they
work, they have the potential to
become a member and you can
be the link between individual
and union. The line between
success and failure is sometimes
a little fuzzy but with the right
commitment and a little luck we
can and will succeed.
Talking of conference it would
be remiss of me not to mention
the fabulous Union Learner
Representatives conference held
in Docklands earlier this year.
Everything from the venue to
the level of debate smacked of
professionalism and I believe
anyone would be hard pressed to
find even the smallest fault. The
whole of the Learning Services
team, the ULR’s, the speakers and
guests can be proud of what was
delivered that weekend and for the
inspiration that it will bring in the
No wonder we consistently
surpass the targets set by the ULF.
The only problem is how do you
better it next year?
Ronnie Draper
At the end of the first year of funding
for the round 11 funding term, we have
seen many successes and achievements
across our sites. We should all be very
proud of this. The BFAWU Learning
Services Centre Strategy is effectively
supporting over 45 online workplace
learning centres and the good news is
that there are many more waiting to
come onboard. Both Northern Ireland
and Scotland have opened their first ever
learning centres and Wales continues to
progress in how they develop workplace
learning centres and their learning agenda.
It is very clear that our implementation
by Dorban Ippoma, National ULF Project Manager
of our centre strategy is working as there
has been a huge amount of interest shown
by partners also wishing to access our
national e-learning provision. We have
trebled the amount of learners accessing
our IT courses since leaving Learndirect
and this activity continues to grow,
which again illustrates the excellent
work being undertaken by learning staff
and ULRs. The e-learning provision
will shortly be enhanced again with the
introduction of Skills for Life (SfL)
courses, incorporating the National Test.
We will aim to emulate the same level
of success as the IT courses and build
on past achievements and recognition
that has been acknowledged from our
peers. The introduction of SfL courses
will benefit our centres across the UK in
offering a wider selection of courses and
a more productive progression route for
our learners. This will enable learners
on entry level courses to progress their
learning and acquire a national certificate
as part of their progression and continuing
personal development (CPD) supported
by the existing BFAWU management
systems and new systems of support
being installed, which will be ready for
the 1 June 2009. To maintain the high
standard of support, it is vital that learning
staff and ULRs acquire further skills to
meet the requirements of supporting a
national project with our outlook and
level of development. Therefore, any
changes that are introduced across the
project are done to enhance the learning
agenda and raise the level of learning
activity. This will apply to our e-learning
dyslexia awareness course were we aim
to take our existing format and develop
it with the addition of new equipment
and technology. The equipment will be
purchased in the near future and will
allow the project to explore and develop
course materials that will incorporate
the use of 3D imagery. This has not
been done before in workplace learning
and will open new doors for the project
and union to explore and experiment
further. Employers and other unions have
shown an interest in this development
by requesting that dyslexia courses be
run for their organisations on site. At the
ULR Conference in London (February
2009) a workshop was run illustrating
what this new technology could
actually do, which was well received
by delegates. If the project wishes to
continue to lead the way across the trade
union movement in how we support and
service members, learners and partners
in workplace learning, we need to keep
introducing and implementing new
innovative ideas to our already active
successful learning agenda.
I was invited to the European Parliament
in Brussels by MEP Robert Evans last
year and was only too happy to take up
his offer. I was taken around to see the
main sites and also had the opportunity to
sit through a sitting of parliament, which
was very informative. The duration of the
trip was over three days and excursions
were planned throughout the stay, which
made the whole experience extremely
enjoyable. I funded the trip personally
and also received a subsidy from Robert
Evans Office, which I willingly accepted.
It would be great if we could take a group
of ULRs on the same visit to Brussels,
not only would they enjoy the city of
Brussels, but it would also give them an
invaluable learning experience. If I can
arrange a further subsidy with an MEP to
make the trip possible I will let you know.
invited by Robert Evans MEP for Dinner in Brussels
Out of all the learning centre openings I
have attended in the past few years I have
never seen such an organised event as this
one. It was run with military precision and
the employees involved were excellent in
how they took small groups of people on
a factory tour and were very informative
in explaining the various processes and
products produced from the plant. I met
many members and employees from the
shop floor which was great as I had the
opportunity to listen to their comments
regarding learning and their hopes for
the new facility. The day just got better
when I was shown the learning centre,
which was superb in every way and is a
credit to the work of Joe Knapper, ULRs,
management and everyone involved. It
was a fantastic day and one that I will
certainly never forget.
Top right: Alan Rowe Unionlearn, Ed
Balls, Janet Goodwin Project Worker &
Dorban Ippoma Project Manager
Bottom right: Dorban Ippoma with the
Spice Girls at the Warburton’s Tuscany
Centre Opening
Men and women from across the trade union movement met in
Scarborough from 24th – 26th April for the annual TUC Black
Workers Conference. At the conference, representatives called for
more training opportunities for Black and Asian workers. According
to the Labour Force Survey 2008, 32% of Black and Asian workers
had not been offered training by their current employer in the last
three months. However, according to previous TUC research,
those who are members of a trade union are twice more likely to
receive training than colleagues who are not in a union. Union
representatives debated issues such as community cohesion,
challenging racism in the workplace and institutionalised workplace
bullying and harassment. Unionlearn, the TUC's learning and skills
organisation, is also in the process of releasing a film to celebrate the
achievements of Black and Asian union learning reps (ULRs), who
have helped to encourage over 200,000 people back into education
in workplaces across the country. Featuring interviews with Black
and Asian ULRs from Leicester, Leeds and Bradford, this film
highlights the benefits to business and employees when trade unions
and employers work together to increase skills levels.
Conference attendees – (left to right) Parminder Singh (ULR
RF Brookes Leicester), Norville Grazette (ULR Allied Bakeries,
Stevenage), Asif Karin (ULR RF Brookes Leicester), Dorban
Ippoma (BFAWU National Project Manager) and Guljinder
Purewal (ULR RF Brookes Leicester)
The administrator’s position has now been filled and Elodie Smith will be joining
the team on a three months trial period initially. We would like to welcome Elodie
and wish her well in her new role. For those of you who are attending National
Conference this year, Elodie will be there so you can meet her in person. This position
will enable the project to monitor and evaluate learning progression more effectively
especially with regards to tracking site contact mainly through correspondence. It
will also enable the call centre in London to run more efficiently due to more cover
in responding to queries from members, learners and partners. This addition will also
allow the Project Manager to be released to perform other much needed duties in
addressing project and learning issues across the regions.
Elodie Smith, BFAWU Project Administrator
Representatives from the BFAWU attended the above event
where John Denham, MP, Secretary of State of DIUS presented
an award to Joanna Szmit (a Polish bus driver from Metroline,
London), who was the 22000 ULR to be trained and represented
the group. The Rt Hon John Denham MP went on to say: My
warmest congratulations to the unions on successfully carrying
through this training programme. With their real-life experience
and credibility union learning reps are your best friends in the
workplace - colleagues who can advise, support and even coerce
you into doing the right thing. This is a fantastic return on the
Government's investment in union learning. Keep up the good
work and train many more.' It is quite evident that ULRs have
played an invaluable role in workplace learning and through
trade union support, have supported tens of thousands of local
people in the workplace to learn, progress and change their lives.
These ULRs have dedicated their time, effort and enthusiasm to
help others to engage with learning.
Pictured are, top left, John Denham MP (centre) and Joanna
Szmit ULR, cutting the celebration cake and, top right, ULRs
Jarek Belka and Kendra Walker with Les Flowerdew, Training
Officer, Hovis, Leicester and Dorban Ippoma, National Project
The Brian Hilton Educational Fund was created in 2005
and is predominantly there to fund ULRs who wish to
enhance their knowledge and skills. Depending on your
circumstances and the course you are doing, you may be
able to get financial help through the above fund to pay for
course fees. The BFAWU Learning Services would therefore
like to invite ULRs to apply for an Educational Award
through the fund to support attendance on an educational
course. If there is a huge demand for funding, applications
will be considered and awarded on merit. The fund is mainly
sponsored by the union solicitors MWR, Thompsons and
Watkins & Gunn with the addition of funds from the ULR
Conference raffle. If ULRs wish to access this fund please
contact Christina Christou ([email protected]) for an
application form.
It gives great pleasure in seeing our
ULRs grow in confidence and show
a level of commitment that can only
be to the benefit of the union. Our
centres are becoming well supported
from within the sites and many Branch
Secretaries have become involved,
which has enhanced the progression
of ULRs being supported in obtaining
release to perform their duties. The
learning services staff continue to see
ULRs supporting their learning agenda
with a more sustainable outlook to
becoming self-sufficient in supporting
their own site's learning needs. This is
what we aimed to achieve when we
reorganised the learning services and
agenda back in April 2004. It has been
well documented that the project has
come a long way in a short time and
continue to see our ULRs prosper with
others recognising the work they do.
However, we need to continue to
support and direct our ULRs to a level
that sees all our sites learning agendas
at an equal balance of representation
across the UK. We are currently
working with the GFTU to put in place
a more direct programme of ULR
training that will hopefully eliminate
the cancellation of ULR courses at short
notice. We will also be monitoring ULR
progression more closely to establish
a more efficient service in training
and supporting ULRs. Therefore, the
progression of ULRs development will
play a major role in how the project
and our sites we represent develops
in the future. I sincerely would like
to thank all ULRs for their input and
commitment and what they have
achieved and will go on to achieve in
the future. Well done to you all, you’re
a group of very special
people and a credit to your union for the
work you perform and how you have
progressed since the re-organisation
of the learning services. Never forget
that in times of frustration, when
overcoming hurdles in the workplace
is all you seem to come up against, be
patient, be tolerant and never give up
your objective in reaching your goal.
We at the learning services will do all
that we possibly can to support your
progression in achieving what you set
out to achieve
John Caradine Branch Secretary Hovis, Avonmouth Addressing the BFAWU ULR
Conference in London
Kendra Walker receiving her award from National ULR Chair Bill Adams
Rowena Rooney receiving her award
Congratulations to Mick Neville
and Alan Oaks who both received
a medal in recognition of their
contribution to reading.
Mick, Alan, Janet Goodwin and I
were invited to Downing Street by
the Prime Minister ’s wife, Sarah
Brown. This was a very proud day
for the ULRs and Learning Services
to be recognised in such a way and
see our ULRs shine when receiving
this award, which is fantastic for the
After the award ceremony at
Downing Street we were taken to
the Atrium Venue in Westminster to
attend another reading event, where
we met and chatted to MPs and
listened to guest speakers talking
about how successful the reading
programme had been across the
country. We were then taken across
London by a limousine, courtesy
of Downing Street, to the London
Gala Dinner were we met Labour
Party MPs and Gordon Brown. I am
happy to say we had another chat
with Sarah Brown about the brilliant
day we all had.
Mick Neville said. “I will remember
this day for as long as I live. It’s
been fantastic in every way, there
were moments I had to pinch myself
it was not all a dream. Brilliant day
and all the hard work and effort Alan
and I have put into supporting the
reading programmes is all worth it.
The award I received today was for
all our learners, Fletchers Bakeries,
the union and Learning Services and
I am very proud of what has been
achieved at Fletchers Sheffield. This
award has motivated me even more
in supporting reading and learning
in the workplace.”
I have to say these guys have been
great in how they have achieved
a lot in a limited amount of time,
congratulations to you both and you
fully deserve all the recognition you
have experienced to date.
Top: Janet Goodwin, Mick Neville ULR, Sarah Brown & Dorban Ippoma at the
London Labour Party Gala Dinner
Bottom: Learning Services engage John Prescott at the London Gala Dinner after the
ULRs award ceremony at 10 Downing Street
The ULR Conference was once again an excellent event with
a comprehensive agenda that captivated new methods of
learning, diversity and new learning initiatives. It gets harder
and harder each year to maintain the high standards in
keeping with previous years agendas, but Christina Christou
continues to organise a conference that captivates the
delegation and gets better each year. Delegates feedback
has been excellent and I thank you all for the many e-mails
saying how you enjoyed the whole event and we look forward
in seeing you at the conference next year.
It’s a day designed to focus the mind on remembering those
who have died in the workplace or as a result of a work-related
accident, disease or illness. It is also a day to support the
continuing fight for workers’ health and safety rights through
union organisations and trade union councils who are at the
forefront of the campaign.
Health and safety is often something which “other people
take care of” but it affects us all. Current legislation and any
future legislation has been, and will have to be, hard earned by
all campaigning bodies. Events such as the Workers Memorial
BFAWU General Secretary Joe Marino addressing the
event at Preston
Day serve to remind our fellow trade unionists and the public
at large of the continuing need for action as in this increasingly
competitive recession-hit times companies big and small
continue to look to cut costs.
Health and safety is perceived, wrongly, as a necessary evil
by many so Workers Memorial Day then is a chance to show
support for all who are campaigning for workers’ health and
safety rights and also to show respect to those who have paid the
ultimate price.
The BFAWU turned out in force for this year’s Workers
Memorial Day which was addressed by our General Secretary
Joe Marino, who spoke about how trade unions were
campaigning to force the government to be tougher on bad
employers, the importance of Workers Memorial Day and the
need to have the day recognised, and the forthcoming event
led by the BFAWU Parliamentary group that would see a cross
section of trade unions and MPs holding an event in the Houses
of Parliament on the 28th April. The day started off with the
handover of a torch from Chorley Trades Union Council who
had launched the Workers Memorial Campaign on Friday
evening. This is a new addition to the event and will lead to a
weekend of activities in future years to mark the occasion. The
representatives from Chorley Trades Union Council were led
in by a bagpiper, then the event in Preston began with Father
Lipscombe holding prayers for those who had died since last
year‘s event just by attending work. Other speakers, including
Mark Hendrick, Preston Labour MP, spoke about the need to
stop workers dying in the workplace and spoke of some of the
Government’s initiatives in this area. Sadiq Vohra of MWR
also addressed the event, speaking on the consequences that, as
solicitors, they have had to deal with and also gave information
relating to the statistics around issues of safety. There were also
speakers from local trade union branches who spoke alongside
the organiser Andy Birchall. There was then a release of 50
pigeons, a symbol of the deaths that had occurred in the last year
in the North West. There then followed a march to lay wreaths
at the statue of the Preston martyrs This statue commemorates
four workers – George Sowerbutts, a 19 year old weaver
from Chandler Street employed at Gardner’s Mill, Bernard
McNamara, a cotton stripper aged 17 from Birk Street employed
at Oxendale’s mill, William Lancaster, aged 25, and John Mercer,
aged 27, a handloom weaver from Ribbleton Lane – who on 13th
August 1842, at this end of Lune Street, in the presence of the
Chief Constable and the Mayor, were shot by troops of the 72nd
Highlanders. All four young workers died between one and six
days after the shooting. Their crime was to go on strike.
A plaque kindly donated by MWR solicitors has also been
placed at the site to commemorate workers who were killed.
The event finished with a social gathering at the Meadow street
Labour club. Geoff Higginbottom, a local folk singer and a great
supporter of the Workers Memorial Day, gave renditions of some
classic trade unionist songs which along with the company and
cheap beer is what makes the event such a special occasion. Let’s
hope next year’s event is to remember the dead and to celebrate
that no one else has died due to going to work.
Ian Hodson
Above: Father Lipscombe and the bagpiper at the head of the march of trade union
Below: The march showing the banners and
Right: The BFAWU banner
Approximately 3 years ago at the TUC
congress a number of Trade Union
leaders on the left re-launched the
Labour Representation Committee. The
organisation was intended as a counter
balance to the lurch to the right of the
Blair Labour Government and also as a
rallying point for activists on the left from
Trade unions and the Labour party. Over
this time the LRC has been very active
and built a large national organisation the
National organisation is headed up by
John Mc Donnell MP & Tony Benn and
other leading Labour Activists (including
our own Joe Marino having a high profile)
there have been 3 National conferences,
membership has increased significantly to
approx 1500 nationally, 6 National Unions
have affiliated including the Bakers
Union, many Regional LRC committees
have been formed, many Union branches
have affiliated (including Rathbones 558),
sister organisations outside the Labour
party have affiliated and the LRC have
started a full programme of campaigning
on behalf of the Labour movement and
started to begin the process of influencing
Labour party policy on behalf of working
people in an effort to reclaim the Labour
party for its roots.
I sit on the National Executive along
with Joe as one of the 2 Bakers Union
delegates, and I am active in the West
Yorkshire LRC. I have reported previously
on the LRC but we are now growing into a
formidable political organisation gaining in
influence across the left in Britain.
LRC AGM 2008
This year’s AGM was held on the 15th Nov
at Conway hall in London, It was opened
by Tony Benn & John McDonnell MP,
there were 200+ delegates, the conference
ran for a full day and we debated 20+
resolutions ranging from policy matters
through to current events and electoral
issues. The motions were from National
Unions, sister organisations and Union
branches, our branch Rathbones 558
raised a motion on the European Court
Rulings, the debates were stimulating
and ran to time, the motion that caused
the most controversy was one from the
Alliance for Workers Liberty calling
for the LRC to support Left candidates
against Blairite Labour party candidates
in elections, but this was soundly beaten.
We had two International speakers one
from Iceland and one from Norway both
spoke concisely on the issues of the day
and were very supportive of the LRC, there
was a discussion on the very successful
“Convention of the Left” that was held
throughout this years Labour Party
conference in Manchester and the LRC
voted to continue our support.
The day was excellent we discussed
many important political issues and once
again put the LRC firmly on the political
We at Rathbones 558 have affiliated our
branch and I want to encourage others
to do the same, you can do this by going
onto the LRC website at
uk or you can contact me at [email protected] and I will assist you in affiliating.
The LRC is an exciting opportunity for the
Labour Movement to begin the fight back
and reclaim the ground lost through the
Thatcher & Blair years an opportunity too
good to miss.
Tony Richardson
Rathbones 558
LRC National Committee Delegate
Bakers Union
On the weekend of the 7th/ 8th of February 09 I attended a
conference in Paris organised by the French Independent
Workers Party, I was invited by French colleagues I have worked
with on various Trade Union campaigns through the Labour
Party, LRC, and Trades Council. The theme of the conference
was the recent European Court of Justice rulings, Laval, Ruffert,
Viking & Luxembourg (that have done a great deal of damage
to European Trade Union rights) and the current economic crisis
and was attended by approx 175 delegates from 23 European
countries from all levels of the movement.
There were many contributions from all sections of the
European Trade Union & Labour Movement which were
particularly strong from the Eastern European delegates,
we took reports from delegates on the resistance in many
countries to the attack on workers and I had the chance to
speak and report on the recent strikes in Britain.
As the conference preceded the current Economic crisis and
the massive bailout of Europe’s banks was widely discussed and
the question asked “why have the billions been spent on rescuing
corrupt fat cat bankers and nothing for the workers”? I would
hope that members would agree that this is an injustice, and once
again it will be the working class, ordinary hard working families
that will pay the massive price for Capitalism’s failures.
During the weekend I had the chance to network with Irish
TEEU National officials, a delegate from the RMT (Alex Storey)
and colleagues running the resistance to the EU treaty vote in
Ireland, among others.
On the Sunday I attended a rally of the Independent Workers
Party, which had approx 4000 participants in the hall. The theme
of the rally was a continuation of the earlier conference and a call
to Trade Unionists and working class activists across Europe to
defend their rights against the onslaught of recent ECJ Judgments
and the EU treaty which if Ireland are forced into a “Yes” vote
will soon be implemented with possible disastrous effects for
workers rights in Europe.
I feel it was very important for me to attend the conference
we discussed many of the very serious issues facing Trade
Unionists across Europe, I had the opportunity to network on
our behalf, make valuable links and advocate for the Bakers
Union with our colleagues in Europe, ensuring our voice was
heard and our point of view considered in these very important
Yours Sincerely
Tony Richardson
West Yorkshire
By Ronnie Draper
Summer 2009
At a time when the BFAWU are actively campaigning for
increased resources for the Health and Safety Executive new
research published by Unite the Union would appear to
substantiate that under funding has led to a severe decline
in investigation into major accidents as well as injuries
sustained by members of the public.
The research shows that over the 5 year period between
2001/2 and 2006/7 investigations into major accidents
fell by 43% and in 2006/7 which is the last year for which
published statistics are available, only 10.5% of major
injuries reported to the HSE were investigated. Some of
the major injuries that workers suffered that were not
investigated included, poisoning, amputations, severe burns
and asphyxiations.
Another statistic that should set the alarm bells ringing is
the fact that over the same 5 year period there was a 69%
reduction in “over 3 day” reportable accident investigated as
well as a significant reduction in the number of dangerous
occurrences investigated by the HSE. The national health
and safety committee are looking into reports that there is
a move within some companies to bring people into work
with fairly serious injuries prior to the third day to avoid
having another reportable on their hands. Incredible but
true. Where does this fit with worker welfare? It has little
to do with rehabilitation and more to do with the good
name of the company.
and safety but there are still many who use the fact that they
are unlikely to have a visit from an inspector as a conduit to
short cutting health and safety in the workplace. We cannot
continue to allow workers to have their health, safety and
welfare compromised by unscrupulous employers who put
profit before people. Health and safety has to be made an
election issue and potential candidates have to be made
to commit to improving standards.
Why not write to your Member of Parliament to see where
they stand on the campaign for increased funding for the
Health and Safety Executive? If they require any further
information or would like to support the BFAWU campaign,
they can contact Head Office on 01707 260150
Despite the criticisms aimed at the Tories for the decimation
of the HSE during their years in power, the Labour
government has done little if anything to improve the
situation over the last 12 years. In fact between 2003 and
2007 the number of HSE inspectors fell from 1651 down
to 1389, a reduction of 262 and where the figure is now
is anyone’s guess?
If we are to reduce the amount of serious injuries and
fatalities then we have to have a massive injection of
resources to the Health and Safety Executive. The vast
majority of employers have exceptional records in health
Photo: Mick Holder
Every day we are faced with a
gloomier picture as companies are
hit financially and the unemployment
toll rises. As a result, British workers
may be feeling the pressure of the
credit crunch, working extra hours,
and worrying about job security and
whether the family budget can stretch
to cover routine healthcare such as
dental check ups and eye tests.
All of this can not only have a
detrimental effect on your physical
health, but also on your mental
health, as it can cause tiredness,
stress and depression.
In times of recession, people can
struggle to find the money to pay
for healthcare. Think back to the
healthcare costs you’ve incurred
within the past year – you may be
surprised at the amount you have
spent. Whether it’s an eye test, a
new pair of glasses, a filling at the
dentist’s or physiotherapy for back
pain, these costs can mount up.
A health cash plan can be a welcome
employee benefit for members as
it provides money back towards
the cost of everyday healthcare
such as dental treatment, eye care,
physiotherapy and chiropractic
When looking for a healthcare
solution for staff, employers will be
looking for value. From as little as £1
per employee, per week, employers
can purchase a cash plan for their
workforce, which can help them to
boost staff morale, motivation and
productivity, and also help to recruit
and retain staff.
Sheffield-based Westfield Health is
one of the UK’s leading health cash
plan providers. The not for profit
organisation was established in
1919 when hospitals were facing a
financial crisis after the First World
War. Now, the cash plan provider is
in its 90th year and is still providing
affordable healthcare plans to meet
the changing needs of employers and
greatly reduce the chance that back
pain will recur.
Westfield Health has been working
in partnership with the Bakers, Food
and Allied Worker’s Union (BFAWU)
for many years, to provide corporate
paid plans to its members.
The British Medical Journal claims
that if you miss work due to back pain
you could reduce your absence levels
by up to five weeks if you receive
prompt physiotherapy treatment.
Jim McLelland, Scotland’s BFAWU
Organising Secretary, said: “In the
past we have had some very positive
feedback from members who have
told us that their Westfield plan has
helped them manage absence as part
of a sickness absence management
So it ’s good to know that most
Westfield Health cash plans offer
a T h e r a p y Tr e a t m e n t b e n e f i t ,
which enables employees to get
physiotherapy quickly and claim back
the costs, up to set limits.
The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
claims that back pain accounts for
up to five million lost working days
every year. But early treatment can
A corporate cash plan is an excellent
risk management tool as it helps to
reduce sickness absence and reduce
the risk of musculoskeletal related
litigation. But it also protects against
stress related claims.
Evidence is already mounting that
pressures triggered by the recession
are increasing stress levels.
Samaritans have recently reported
an increase in calls from people
suffering from stress as a result of
financial worries and concerns over
job security.
Stress can cause sleep disruption,
changes in eating patterns,
anxiety and tiredness, as well as
physical symptoms such as chest
pains, dizziness and muscular
pain. Counselling can help to
break problems down into more
manageable portions and allow
someone to regain control, therefore
managing some of the debilitating
side effects of stress.
Many of Westfield’s cash plans
include a 24 hour counselling and
advice line, which enables employees
to speak to a fully trained counsellor,
lawyer or medical adviser at any time
in complete confidence. The service
is also available to resident family
In addition, some corporate cash
plans offer up to six face to face
counselling sessions.
Jim McLelland said: “Westfield’s cash
plans are a cost-effective way to look
after staff in an economic downturn.
The counselling line and face to face
sessions are an excellent means of
guiding people towards the help
they need.
“This benefit can play a big part in
making our members feel better,
sooner and in getting them back to
work as soon as possible, which is
beneficial for both the employer and
the employee.”
* G o v e r n m e n t T h i n k Ta n k , t h e
Foresight Group
CALL 0845 602 1629 OR
It is surprising how much can be achieved in such a short time if you
have the right contacts and the commitment to succeed? Campaigns
that we have been running for years without reward or movement all
of a sudden seem to have a little momentum. So what has changed?
Well the biggest single factor has to be the formation of the BFAWU
Parliamentary committee late in 2008. Comprising of 30 Labour
Members of Parliament, a few administrators and our two national
officers, plus the power to co-opt others, the committee has already
made significant progress particularly on our health and safety
For many years we have actively campaigned for the setting of
a maximum working temperature without success. We have had
motions before TUC and GFTU conferences; we have taken part in
studies at the Health and Safety laboratories, we have lobbied the
HSE head office at Rose Court and spoken at countless meetings
all without much reward. But in February 2009, the Chair of our
Parliamentary group, John McDonnell MP, raised an early day motion
that has engendered a response from the Minister James Parnell, who
in turn has written to the Health and Safety Executive asking them to
relook at this problem.
Through the committee we are renewing our call for Workers
Memorial Day to be recognised as a national day of remembrance
and for increased funding for the HSE. This will culminate in a special
seminar being held on April 28th 2009 (Workers Memorial Day), at the
House of Commons that will be headlined by our union. We expect
MP’s, trade unions and other interested parties to join us in calling for
successful conclusions to both these campaigns.
Realistically we will struggle to get another holiday commemorating
Workers Memorial Day as the motion to last year’s conference asked
for, but if we can achieve recognition by government in much the
same way as Canada has done then we will have moved mountains.
The reason we have combined the issue of increased funding with
Workers Memorial Day is to highlight the fact that less inspectors
means less enforcement and less enforcement potentially equates
to more serious injuries, increased occupational illness and more
Whilst the BFAWU committee is still in its infancy it is already
becoming a powerful lobby within Parliament with many issues to
campaign on. Starting with the campaign over the scandal at Lyndale
Foods and the perils of below cost selling through to the health and
safety issues mentioned above the Parliamentary group has made
an excellent start. Our sincere thanks go out to John McDonnell
MP, Simeon Andrews, Mary Partington, the associated Labour MP’s
and everyone else who has helped us highlight the injustices of our
industry at the very highest government level.
For more information on the BFAWU Parliamentary Group contact
Head Office
You will remember from the spring
issue of foodworker that from January
this year a new piece of legislation
came into force that greatly increased
the powers of the courts to penalise
those employers who flout health and
safety laws.
The Health and Safety Offences Act
2008 which covers the whole of the UK
amends the Health and Safety at Work
Act 1974 and significantly increases the
maximum fines that the Magistrates
Court can dole out from £5000 up to
£20,000 for those who breach health
and safety legislation. On top of the
power to raise fines the new law allows
for more offences to be included for
which a prison sentence could be a
possible outcome. Prison tariffs can
be up to 12 months in the lower court
and up to 2 years in the Crown court.
Another major difference is the ability to
hear cases in either the higher or lower
courts as opposed to the past when most
breaches could only be heard in the
lower courts. The effect of this change is
that unlimited fines can now be levied if
the trial goes before the Crown Court.
It is refreshing to hear Department
of Work and Pensions minister, Lord
McKenzie giving his views on the new
legislation when he said “It is generally
accepted that the level of fines for
some health and safety offences is
too low. These changes will ensure
that sentences can now be more easily
set at a level to deter businesses that
do not take their health and safety
management responsibilities seriously
and further encourage employers
and others to comply with the law.
Furthermore by extending the £20,000
maximum fine to the lower courts and
making imprisonment an option more
cases will be resolved in the lower
courts and justice will be quicker, less
costly and more efficient”.
Hopefully the increased penalties will
concentrate the minds of those who
are tempted to take the health and
safety shortcut?
There was a time when getting up to date information on
health and safety was a nightmare. Because it was not
always the sort of topic that inspires people into action,
any legislative change rarely makes headline news. New
health and safety laws unlike great sporting occasions
or a political scandal get very few front page column
inches, instead they are tucked away somewhere on the
bottom of page 15 or 26, just below the dog grooming
Since the days of the internet things have steadily
improved with many websites offering the most up to date
information on whatever subject you wish to research.
The biggest problem is that everybody puts their own
slant on what has been said and this can lead to even
greater levels of confusion when trying to unravel some
of the most complex legislation around.
Besides using the resources open to members through
the BFAWU health and safety, the TUC and General
Federation of Trade Unions and the specialist sites
developed for specific areas of health and safety such
as Asthma UK, there is now an excellent food section on
the Health and Safety Executives website. This has not
always been the case.
Yes the HSE has always had an expertise in all aspects of
health, safety and welfare, but in the past their website
was like unravelling spaghetti or wool after the cat has
had it. Looking for a specific item on the HSE website
could have been a lengthy procedure that did not always
lead to where you wanted to be or may have been a road
to nowhere. But now they have produced an easy to use
resource that has removed complexity and replaced it with
user friendly browsers and that is a credit to everyone
You name the subject and after a few clicks of the
mouse the answer should be at hand in a format that is
easily understood and easily used. Despite the criticism
surrounding the financial cuts inflicted on the HSE, this is
one area where they have done astoundingly well under
very difficult circumstances.
Besides covering the full spectrum of health and safety
issues likely to affect the food industry such as slips trips
and falls, falls from height, stress, occupational illnesses,
workplace transport etc, the food section now incorporates
an excellent live issues page that is updated every month
with the very latest developments and explanations of
how they apply.
To access the food section of the health and safety
executives website go to and for
the live issues and very latest information affecting the
food industry go to
h sec ily?
ur br your fam
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t wo de work
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Accid ident ou
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Incluidents w
The co
Qualit plete accid
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red un nt helpline
Free to
ion law
you –
free to
your f rs
00 58
Free quality monitored
legal services
Personal injury advice from
Free car hire if a road traffic
accident is not your fault
Cover for you and your family
Freephone telephone access
8am to 8pm Monday to Friday
BFAWU legal helpline
0800 587 7518
The State Pension age for women is
changing, and Department for Work and
Pensions wants to make sure that those
affected by the reforms understand what
the changes will mean for them personally.
Between April 2009 and January 2012,
they will be writing to approximately 1.9m
women to explain these changes. Women
affected will receive a personalised letter
telling them the date when they will be
entitled to receive their State Pension, and
a leaflet containing additional information
about the further changes that will make
State Pensions more generous and widely
available, and signposts to sources of
further information.Women will receive
their mailing between 12 and 39 months
prior to their 60th birthday. There will be
no need for women to contact us unless
their date of birth is incorrect, in which
case they should do so using the telephone
number in their letter.
Changes to the State Pension age
for women – key facts
l From 2010, the State Pension age for
women will increase gradually to 65, to
bring it in line with the State Pension age
for men
l The State Pension age for women born
after 5 April 1955 will be 65
l The age up to which customers will
be able to get certain benefits, such as
Jobseeker’s Allowance, Income Support or
Employment and Support Allowance, will
increase in line with the State Pension age
l The minimum age for claiming benefits
such as Pension Credit and Winter Fuel
Payments will also increase in line with
the State Pension age
l Customers will still need to meet the
necessary conditions to claim any benefits.
These mailings are the first element in a wider
communications initiative to ensure that
Date of Birth
Increase in SPa Dates when will
Date of
above 60 years turn 60 years
Notice period (i.e.
amount of time
between mailing
and 60th birthday)
12 -15 months
1 - 3 months
Apr 2009
6.7.50-5.10.50 3-6 months
6.7.10-5.10.10 Jul 2009
12 -15 months
6-12 months
Oct 2009
12- 18 months
6.4.51 -5.10.51
12- 18 months
6.4.11 -5.10.11
Jan 2010
15-21 months
6.10.51 -5.4.52
1 8 - 24 months 6.10.11 -5.4.12
Apr 20 10
18-24 months
24 - 30 months 6.4.12-5.10.12 July 2010
21 -27 months
30 - 36 months 6.10.12-5.4.13 Oct 20 10
24 - 30 months
36 - 42 months 6.4.13-5.10.13 Jan 2011
27 - 33 months
6.10.53-5.3.54 42 - 47 months 6.10.13-5.3.14
April 2011
30 - 35 months
47 - 52 months 6.3.14-5.8.14
July 2011
32 - 37 months
52 - 57 months 6.8.14-5.1.15
Oct 20 11
34 - 39 months
57 - 60 months 6.1.15-5.4.15
Jan 2012
36 - 39 months
everyone affected by the reforms understands
them, knows what action they need to take
and where to go for more information.
More information on the changes to
women’s State Pension age, and a calculator
that anyone can use to work out their exact
State Pension age, can be found at www.
Further changes will be introduced from
April 2024, when the State Pension age
for everyone born after 5 April 1959 will
increase gradually to 68 by April 2046. More
information about the Government’s wider
programme of pension reform can be found
We have contacted you because you told
us that you would like to receive information
from the DWP via the Publicity Register.
If your address details are incorrect, please
amend this letter and return it to: The COI
Publicity Register, LBM House, Atlantic
Street, AltrinchamWA145FY.
April – Increases to State Benefits,
introduction of new rights and
tougher enforcement of NMW
l A 5 per cent increase in the state pension
(based on the September RPI) despite RPI
now standing at 0 per cer cent, the biggest rise
since 2001. The pension will increase from
£90.70 to £95.25. Pension credit will increase
by the highest amount ever from £124.05
to £130 per week for a single pensioner.
Working Tax Credit also up by 5 per cent.
l Introduction of the Health in Pregnancy
Grant, a one-off payment of £190, available
from the 25th week of pregnancy, to help
support the general health and well-being
of pregnant women in the later stages of
pregnancy, and to help them meet some of the
costs in the run up to the birth.
l The child element of the Child Tax Credit
will increase by £75 above indexation from
April 2009. This includes the extra £25 which
has been brought forward from April 2010.
l A 7.3 per cent increase in income tax personal
l Child Benefit for the first child increases by
6.4 per cent.
l The right to request flexible working
extended to parents of children aged 16 or
l Tougher enforcement of the national
minimum wage, with a new automatic
penalty of up to £5,000 on employers when
they are found to be in arrears in addition to
any arrears of pay owed to the workers. The
most serious cases could lead to a criminal
sentence or an unlimited fine.
Special insurance
rates for members
BFAWU members and their families get the best of both
worlds with UIA. Solid principles together with insurance
premiums that will really suit your pocket.
• Home insurance
• Travel insurance
• Motor insurance
For instant cover, further information or your no-obligation
quotation call now on the number below quoting reference
0845 842 8421*
or save up to 15%** on-line at
Lines are open Mon-Fri 8.30am - 8.00pm and Sat 9.00am - 1.00pm *For quality and protection your call will be recorded. UIA exchange information with other insurance companies and the police to prevent fraud.**Compared to the standard
price you would be quoted if you called us. This only applies to home (buildings and contents) and travel insurance. BFAWU is an Introducer Appointed Representative of UIA
(Insurance) Ltd, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Travel Insurance is underwritten by Fortis Insurance Ltd. Motor Insurance is arranged
and administered by The OutRight Company UK Ltd. All these companies are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. BFUP/08
Death of Roy Connell
It is with great sadness that I have to inform you
of the death of Roy Connell. Roy died on the 30th
March 2009 and was buried on the 14th April
2009. Roy moved to Northampton in 1985 where
he started work at Telfers 357 branch where
he held the positions as Shop Steward, Branch
Chairman and Branch Secretary he was also a
regular District and Regional Board Delegate, he
also attended many Annual Union Conferences
and I’m sure he will always be remembered for
his contributions in debate. Roy was Chairman of
Far Cotton Residents also active in the successful
Save Delapre Abbey campaign (a beauty spot in
the middle of the town that the council tried to sell
off) Roy was also at the forefront of the campaign
to build the flood prevention scheme following
the floods in our town in 1998. Politically Roy was
strictly Old Labour and I am sure by this very brief
article you wil see he will be sadly missed not just
by his family but by the whole of our community.
May he Rest in Peace.
Dennis Nash.
James Flynn in receipt of his 40 year badge at his home in
Newcastle. Although jim has been retired for a number of years
he still has fond memories of working at the Carricks site which
was at Cowgate, Newcastle until two years ago. It is now a
housing estate. However, Jim is still fit and regularly goes out for
a drink, meeting old workmates. Well done, Jim.
Alan Milne
Institute of Employment Rights
Agency Workers: Ending their abuse
Redundancy and the law: Fear and economic uncertainty at work
Employment Law Update 2009
TUPE Regulations: Possibilities and problems
European Court of Justice Cases: Developing a strategy for trade unionists
Single Equalities Act
Occupational Pensions: Delayed wages subtracted?
The Health Agenda at Work
9. The Information and Consultation of Employees Regulations
IER seminars and conferences are of great interest to trade unionists, employment lawyers, academics and students,
equality officers, legal officers, NGOs and charities needing up-to date information.
The Institute of Employment Rights
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Sis Peace Ellah-ayree
Sis Ayesha Shaw
Bro Norville Grazette
Bro Norris Bob
Bro Vince Payne
Bro Cecil John
Bro Rod Fletcher
Bro Stan Brown
Bro Patrick Kelly
Bro Baljeet S. Gill
Bro K Ganeshamoorthy
Bro N Silvester
Bro J. S. Kaloti
Bro S. J. Singh
Bro Tajinder Chauhan
Bro Vinny Munoz-Cano
Bro Jason Moore
Bro John Caradine
Bro Kevin Moore
Bro Andrew Bryant
Bro Pat Rowley
Bro Alun Taylor
Sis Hayley Powell
Bro Bill Adams
Bro Stephen Hudd
Bro Colin Morgan
Sis Amanda Wakefield
Bro Robert McCourtney
Bro John Newman
Bro Philip Stephenson
Bro Phillip Robinson
Sis Gloria Martin
Bro John Martin
Bro John Harding
Bro Mark Merdith
Bro Stuart Jones
Sis Stacey Oakley
Bro Paul Crandon
Bro Barry Symons
Bro Mark Phippins
Bro S. J. Andrews
Bro Tony McDonnell
Bro Nigel Mitchell
298 AB Launceston
Bro Richard Theobald
301 Greggs Shops
Sis Anita Giblin
302 AB West Bromwich
Bro P. S Bhupla
302 AB West Bromwich
Bro Sham Bensal
303 Greggs Bakery
Bro Peter Cummins
307 Warburtons Bro Kevin Clarke
307 Warburtons
Bro Phillip Middleton
312 Fine Lady
Bro B Hanif
312 Fine Lady
Bro A Hussain
313 Hardings
Bro Raja Hussain
313 Hardings
Bro Haroon Rashid
313 Hardings
Sis Sandra Hogan
313a Hardings
Sis Ann Wilkins
318 U.B Frozen Foods
Sis Jackie Barnwell
318 U.B Frozen Foods
Bro Archie Amplett
318 U.B Frozen Foods
Bro Darren License
333 Fine Lady ss
Bro N.S Bal
339 Manor
Bro Martin Webster
343 RF Brookes
Bro Asif Karim
343 RF Brookes
Bro Parminder Singh
343 RF Brookes
Bro Marcin Hinz
347 Jacobs
Sis Mina Kamal
347 Jacobs
Bro Mark Brookes
347 Jacobs
Bro Mark Jayes
347 Jacobs
Sis Ruksana Jacob
349 Northampton
Bro William Thompson
352 RF Brookes SS
Bro Steven Greatwood
352 RF Brookes SS
Bro Hemant Shah
352 RF Brookes
Bro Guljinder Purewal
353 BB Leicester
Bro Balihar Sheemar
356 Midland Dist Br
Sis Marion Baker
363 Pennine Engineers
Bro Phillip Quanbrough
364 Pennine Foods
Sis Deborah Loy
364 Pennine Foods
Sis Ann-Marie Angell
364 Pennine Foods
Bro Andrew Scrivens
365 Warburtons EastwoodBro Lee Pepper
367 Watnall
Bro Dave Murdock
367 Watnall
Bro A Hardy
367 Watnall
Sis Kim Elvidge
375 Bakers Oven
Sis C. Edgar
369 Walkers
Bro Lee Rigley
388 Embreys
Bro David Clarkson
388 Embreys
Sis Julia Twiggo
390 Manor
Bro Michael Blundred
390 Manor
Sis Jean Morgan
390 Manor
Sis Diane Forrester
392 BWM Dis Br
Bro George Tittensor
3579 Gunstones
Bro Steven Miskelly
3579 Gunstones
Bro Paul Scothorne
3579 Gunstones
Bro David Sorby
405 Preston Dist Br
Bro John Williams
406 Crossfields
Bro Roger Brookens
409Nb Shadsworth
Sis Brenadette Delaney
415 Park Cake Bolton
Sis Yvonne France
415 Park Cake Bolton
Bro Arvid Patel
415 Park Cake Bolton
Bro Ronnie Myers
British Bakeries
Bro Peter John Fox
British Bakeries
Sis Kath Alder
British Bakeries
Bro TonySedgewick
British Bakeries
Bro Andrew Atkinson
Warburtons Bolton
Bro Ian Gregory
Warburtons Bolton
Bro Graham Carter
Warburtons Bolton
Bro Keith Tustin
Warburtons Variety Bro Desmond Pokrzywnicki
Warburtons Variety Bro Joe McSherry
Foxs Biscuits
Bro Roy Harrison
Foxs Biscuits
Bro Glenn Wilkinson
Sayers the Baker
Bro John Wade
Sayers the Baker
Sis Monica Watkins
Sayers the Baker
Sis Lynn Williams
Burtons (Bisc)
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Burtons (Bisc)
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Burtons (Bisc)
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Burtons (Bisc Staff)
Bro PaulWorrall
Liverpool Dist Br
Bro John Fitzpatrick
Liverpool Dist Br
Bro Michael Egan
Bro John Owens
Bro PaulDalling
Mcr District Br
Sis Phylis Hession
Mcr District Br
Sis Marilyn McCarthy
Bro Ian O’Donnell
Bro Duncan Boulton
Park Cake Oldham Bro David Gilmartin
Park Cake Oldham Sis Julie Summersgill
Park Cake Oldham Bro Mark Baker
Bro David Urmston
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Greggs Bro Ian Todd
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Sis Dorothy Shuttleworth
Kara Foods
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Park Cake SS
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Scotland District Br Bro Ian Moodie
Warburtons Scotland Bro Kevin Flood
Warburtons Scotland Bro Chris Plunkett
Warburtons Scotland Bro Mark McHugh
Greggs Balliol Park Bro Brian Morrow
Greggs Balliol Park Bro Mark Byrne
N&D Dis Br
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N&D Dis Br
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Kookaburra Foods
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Peters Catherdral
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Sis Monica Currie
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Bro David Darling
Allied Bakeries
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Allied Bakeries
Greggs of Cumbria
Greggs of Gosforth
Greggs of Gosforth
Greggs of Gosforth
Greggs of Gosforth
Greggs of Gosforth
Greggs of Gosforth
Pride Valley
Speedibake B’frd
Speedibake B’frd
Speedibake B’frd
Suma Foods
Farmhouse Potato
Speedibake W’Field
Speedibake W’Field
Rathebones W’Field
W.Y Dis Br
W.Y Dis Br
BB Bradford
BB Bradford
Warburtons W’Field
Warburtons W’Field
W. Jacksons
SY District Br
SY District Br
Greggs of Yorkshire
Greggs of Yorkshire
Greggs of Yorkshire
Greggs of Yorkshire
McCambridge Group
McCambridge Group
S.I. District Branch
Belfast District Br
Mothers Pride
Bro Jason Brown
Bro Kevin McClintock
Sis Lizzie Dinning
Bro Craig Olley
Bro Brian Ellis
Sis Joanne Wilson
Sis Vivien Lennox
Sis Marylin French
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Sis Geraldine Walker
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Bro Demetrio Carlini
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Bro S. Williamson
Bro Richard McDonald
Bro Edward Burke
Bro John Halliday
Bro John S Halliday
Bro Noel Mullen
Bro G. Hoy
Sis D. Creaney
Bro B. McManus
Bro G. Dealy
Bro D. Best
Sis Mary Jackson
Bro Radu Corche
Sis Laura Graham
1-Rule 1.1-Name, Objects and ConstitutionExecutive Council
That this Conference agrees that if the Union is to survive
as an independent trade union, then there is a need to move
from the present District structure to a Regional structure.
The number of regions to be determined by the executive
council after consultation. The number of full time officials
per region will be determined by the executive council subject
to consultation with Regional Councils and full time officials
2- Rule 1.1-Name, Objects and Constitution-No 2
Regional Council
That this conference agrees to support to delete the word
“minimum” and add the word “living”.
3-Rule 1.3-Name. Objects and Constitution-No 5
Regional Council
That this conference agrees that the restructuring of this
Union involves the abolition of Districts in favour of Regions
that District Branches be retained under whatever name they
Amendment-No 5 Regional Council
On line 1 insert the word “if” between the words ‘that’ and
4-Rule 1.3-Name. Objects and ConstitutionExecutive Council
That this conference agrees to delete “districts” and replace
with branches. Also to delete section (d)
5- Full Time Officers-Executive Council
That this conference agrees to delete all references to
Organising District Secretary, District Secretary, District
Officers and Regional Organisers and to replace them with
Organising Regional Secretaries.
6- District and Regional Boards-Executive Council
That this conference agrees to replace all references within
the rule book to “District Board and Regional Boards” with
Regional Council. This to include any abbreviations of these
bodies. Also remove all references to District Office or
7- District Committees-Executive Council
That this conference agree to replace all references to
“District Committees” with “Regional Committees”.
8- Rule 5.1-Contributions and Benefits- No 5
Regional Council
That this conference agrees and supports the principle of the
introduction of a reduced contribution rate of 50% less than
the full rate for weekend and workers that work less than
12 hours per week. Retail shop workers that such a reduced
rate to be linked to reduced benefits. Reduced benefits to
be suggested by the Executive Council and to be ratified by
Annual Conference in 2010.
9- Rule 5.1-Contributions and Benefits-No. 4
Regional Council
That this Conference agrees that a reduced rate for part-time
workers be introduced. There is a potential member increase
if this was introduced. Most other Unions provide this facility.
10- Rule 5.1-Contributions and Benefits-No. 3
Regional Council
That this Conference agrees that the contribution rates for
part time workers with a view of reducing their present level
of sick pay to a level linked to the reduction in the reduced
contribution rate.
11 Rule 5.2-Benefits-Branch 452
That this conference agrees that Rule 5.2, Benefits, needs
updating-and that the Rule is applied fairly and consistently.
The paragraph “Contributions are due for every week of
the year except in the case of members being certified sick or
unemployed. Members on long-term sick leave will, after 6
months, pay no less than unemployed members.”
Also the next paragraph “In the case of a member being on
Maternity Leave and having exhausted all monetary benefits,
then said member shall be allowed to pay contributions at the
same rate as retired members until they return to work”
12-Rule 5.2-Benefits-No. 3 Regional Council
That this conference agrees that the present 14 days deferment
period before union sick pay is paid, should be reduced to the
statutory minimum 3 waiting days, to recoup the cost to the
union of this change, the rate of sick pay can be reduced to
proportional level.
13-Rule 5.12-Unemployment Benefits-South
Western Postal Branch
That this Conference agrees: to delete Paragraph 9 of this
Rule and insert “Rule 5.2”
14-Rule 11.1-Complaints Procedure-South
Western Postal Branch
That this conference agrees: to add to the end of the paragraph
“in the event of a complaint being raised against a District
Secretary, the responsibility for calling these meetings shall
fall upon, either, the Regional Officer or, one of the Regions
other District Secretaries.
15-Rule 11.3-Conduct of Full Time Officers-South
Western Postal Branch
That this conference agrees to add: “Branch member(s)” after
complaint of misconduct from any Branch.
16-Rule 14.8-Shop Stewards-No 5 Regional
That this conference agrees that when Stewards step down
from their position as a shop steward unless it is through ill
health or domestic emergency that they are unable to apply
for two years for that position.
17- Rule 15-District Boards-No. 4 Regional Council
That this conference agrees that the time has now come
for this Union to abolish Districts and be run by Regional
Councils, with all Rules appertaining to Districts to be so
changed under Rule.
18-Rule 15- District Boards-No. 4 Regional
That this Conference agree, due to there being too many Full
Time Officials for the amount of members, to review the
policy on secondees.
19- Rule 16.1-Regions- No 2 Regional Council
No. 2 Region-“Consisting of the Districts of South Wales and
South Western”. Replace with “No 2 Region-Consisting of
20-Rule 16.1-Regional Organisers- Branch 505
That this Conference agrees that after ‘Regional Organiser’ on
line one insert ‘at the discretion of the Executive Council’
21-Rule 20-Duties & Payment of National Officers
& the Executive Council Management-No 7
Regional Council
Conference in view of the membership numbers which has
a direct bearing on the finances of the union and the forth
coming retirement of our General Secretary action needs to be
taken now on the structure of the union for the future. In order
to move forward Rule 20 should be amended to encompass
20.1 to read. The general management of the union
shall be invested in a committee of management termed
the Executive Council and consisting of a Chief Executive
Officer, two members from each region, the female
representative should be elected by the Executive Council
from the females elected to the Executive Council at their
first meeting following conference. In the case of a female
not being elected to the E.C, then a separate election should
be held for the position. For the purpose of this rule Regions
6 and 7 shall have only one position each on the National
Amendment-Branch 701 Belfast
The words “Chief Executive Officer” to be deleted and
replaced with the words “General Secretary”.
22-Rule 22.2-Nomination and Election of
Delegates for Annual Conference-South Western
Postal Branch
That this Conference agrees to delete the word March and
insert “December” the first and third paragraph only.
23-Rule 22.6-Power of Conference-No. 4 Regional
That this conference agrees that Regional Councils elect their
own Executive Council member at Regional Council.
24- Rule 22.14-Order of Business of ConferenceBranch 452
That this conference agrees to amend Rule 22.14 to read:
“Delegates are not to leave the Conference unless by consent
of the President. Any Delegate being late for the start of
Conference, or leaving before business is finished, or falling
asleep whilst in session, and Delegates must show their
Conference passes to the Doorkeepers when entering each
session at Conference. If not, will forfeit their £5 Delegates
fee for that day’s sitting.
“Delegates are on paid release from work so the
Conference Hall is our place of ‘work’ for the duration. It is
Delegates duties to represent their members in the workplace
and to take back information to the membership-this cannot
be done whilst asleep!!”
25-Union Structure-No 5 Regional Council
That this Conference agrees the executive Council, Full Time
Officer’s committee and others are authorised to discuss and
make recommendations with regards to the Unions structure,
make up and future.
26-Emergency Motions-Union structure-No 5
Regional Council
That this Conference agrees for this conference only motions
aimed at improving the finances and structure of the Union
to be allowed to be brought to the Conference floor as
emergency motions. We recognise that in the strictest sense
of the rule they may not be emergency motions but given the
situation we find ourselves in we need emergency measures to
be debated by Annual Conference.
27-Full Time Officer Replacement-No 5 Regional
That this conference agrees that if the restructuring of the
Union Full Time Officials will not necessarily be replaced- will
the Executive Council give consideration as to whether or not
to replace the General Secretary thereby leading by example
and showing and that decisions are relevant to all positions.
Amendment-No 5 Regional Council
On line one insert “in” between the words ‘if’ and ‘the’
28- Executive Council Minutes-South Western
Postal Branch
That this conference agrees to support that this conference
agrees that the Executive Council Minutes be sent to all
Regions immediately after the meeting subject to ratifications.
29-Trades Union Councils-No. 4 Regional Council
That this Conference agrees that we inform all Branches to
affiliate to Trade Union Councils.
30-Training and development-Branch 582
That this conference agrees that employers must annually
provide a reasonable percentage of their profit towards the
training and development of all staff to continue to meet the
demands of technological improvements.
31-Learning Agenda- No 5 Regional Council
That this conference agrees that the Union will make
provisions for the learning support agenda to continue if
funding through the Union Learning Fund ceases to find
projects so that learning will continue.
disqualified from owning or becoming a Director of any other
business for a minimum period of 25 years.
32- Young Workers-No. 4 Regional Council
That this Conference agrees that we develop policies in
relation to attracting young workers and that we explore
how we can work closer with organisations like connexions,
student unions and use our parliamentary group to encourage
the Government to encourage workers rights as part of the
education syllabus.
41-Ownership within the Energy Sector, Bank &
Building Societies- No.2 Regional Council
That this Conference agrees to support the Government must
review ownership within the energy sector, banks, building
societies and all money lending societies. The market must
be regulated and controlled, and the Government must hold
on to shares in the banks that they bailed out with taxpayers’
33-Apprentices Training-Branch 582
That this conference agrees that the State must enforce
employers to train apprentices to help narrow the shortages
in skilled jobs for the future and develop employment
opportunities for school leavers.
42-Public Services- No. 2 Regional Council
That this conference agrees to support Britain’s water, gas and
electricity-to be accountable public services, not source of
private profit.
34-Employment Rights-Branch 230
That this conference agree more rights for employees with
less than 1 years service. So many are cast aside within the
year and sacked for menial things by the employer, knowing
the employee does not have the same rights as someone with
over 1 years service.
43-State Benefits-Branch 230
That this conference sees the need to get more people off
Britain’s benefit system and back to work. A high number of
people and bleeding the country dry by claiming benefit and
refusing to work. The sooner something is done the better it
will be for the country.
35-Shift Premiums-No. 4 Regional Council
That this Conference agrees to protect premiums obtained
for night workers and shift workers and to oppose the
equalisation of pay that companies are trying to impose on our
44- Centenary State Pension-Branch 505
That this conference agree that in the light of the economic
situation this conference calls upon the government to
Introduce the link of earnings to the basic state pension with
immediate effect.
36-National Minimum Wage-South Western
Postal Branch
That this conference agrees that the minimum wage highest
rate should commence at 18 years of age.
45-Council Housing-South Western Postal Branch
Conference agrees to support government must lead and fund
a council house building programme.
37-Trades Union Congress-No. 4 Regional Council
That this Conference agrees that regional Councils receive
updated information in relation to forwarded BFAWU motions
put forward to the Trades Union Conference.
38-Financial Crisis-Branch 582
That this Conference agrees that the Government must
provide the same level of financial aid and security to
those struggling to meet their mortgage requirements and
repossession of their homes as the financial institutions whose
self-indulgence has led to the recent financial crisis.
39- Low Wages- No 7 Regional Council
Conference agrees that it is vital that the government of the
day conduct an inquiry into low wages (minimum wage) in
many cases that are paid in the food industry. Given that in
most cases food suppliers are held to ransom by the large
retailers whose profits continually grow bigger as a result of
their strong arm tactics.
40-Company Liquidation-No. 4 Regional Council
That this Conference agrees that any Director who takes a
company into liquidation or receivership is automatically
46-Council Collections-Branch 582
That this Conference agrees that local Councils return the
collection of wheelie bins to a weekly basis.
Health, Safety & the Environment
47-COSHH Regulations-No. 4 Regional Council
That this Conference agrees large fines to company’s who brake
the COSHH Regulations and a yearly MOT to be given to the
Health & Safety Executive.
48-Working Time Regulations-breaks-Branch
That this conference agrees that the allowance for tea breaks laid
down by the “Working Time Regulations” are improved to help
reduce the increasing threat of stress related illness at work.
49-Working Time Directive/Reference Period-No.
4 Regional Council
That this Conference agrees the Union will strive wherever
possible to observe the 17 week reference period set out
within the Working Time Regulations 1988.
50-Smoking Ban-No. 3 Regional Council
That this conference agrees that in light with the ban on smoking
in public places, clubs etc., that steps are taken to ensure that
a smoking room is set aside in all those places for all those
who wish to smoke, if this resolution is passed then it should
be taken to the Trades Union Congress as a submission to the
60-Drink Driving-No. 4 Regional Council
That this Conference agrees that the Government enforce zero
tolerance on the amount nof alcohol and driving limits.
51-Disability Discrimination Act-No. 4 Regional
That this Conference agrees more automatic inclusion to
Disability Discrimination Act.
61-Retail sales of alcohol- No 4 Regional Council
That this Conference agrees that supermarkets and shops sell
alcohol in a separate part of the store-and the sale of these
products is enforced and restricted via tight control.
52-Health Care Lottery-Fox’s 568 Branch
That this conference agrees to lobby the government that the
lottery postcode they run our health service on wants stopping.
You should not have to be facing an uncertain future because you
live in the wrong place and they should not have the right to say
who can and can’t be treated.
62- “Bags for Life”-452 Branch
That this Conference agrees that we all have to play our
part in recycling and green issues, but should pressure the
Supermarkets, through the Government to also play their part.
All Supermarket Giants are now pushing “Bags for Life” and
jute/canvas bags and are making us pay for the service!! The
bags offered are varying in size and price-and at the same
time they are restricting/removing the free carrier bags.
53-Hospital Parking-No. 4 Regional Council
That this conference agrees to ask the Government to look
into the cost of hospital parking fees. The price they charge is
a disgrace. If you have to be there all day as a patient or with
relatives it is costly. It is about time this was sorted out.
54-Prescriptions for Asthma Sufferers-Branch 452
That this Conference agrees to free prescriptions for Asthma
sufferers and the Government of today should provide free
medication for these people as they need it just to stay alive.
55-Cannabis-No.4 Regional Council
That this Conference agrees to lobby the Government to
legalise cannabis for medical purposes and to be supplied on
56-Prostitution Protection-No 5 Regional Council
Branch 561 (British Bakeries) would like this conference to
support a motion to bring about changes to the current legislation
regarding prostitution and brothels to protect people who are
forced to work against their will in this industry but also not
forgetting people who work in this industry of their own choice
and are members of the trade union International Union of sex
workers (IUSW) affiliated to the GMB.
57- Trade Union ideology-National CurriculumBranch 582
That this conference agrees that trade union ideology must
be incorporated into the national curriculum to support future
generations to understand and challenge the threat to workers
and the environment from the culture of profit at any cost.
58-Healthy Lifestyle-No. 4 Regional Council
That this Conference agrees to help families and new parents
to follow a healthy living style-example, to teach families and
new parents to introduce healthy foods to their children to
stop obesity as some parents cause cruelty through ignorance
on healthy diets.
59-Sport in Schools-No. 4 Regional Council
That this Conference agrees that all sports are free for under
17’s. The Government and National Health Service are telling
us that the youngsters are getting obese and things are getting
progressively worse-assist families by making facilities free.
63-White Ribbon Campaign-No. 4 Regional
That this Conference agrees to support the White Ribbon
Campaign. This is the wearing of a white ribbon by men
to end the violence against women, especially domestic
64-Labour Party Constitution-Branch 505
That this conference calls upon the Labour Party to
reintroduce the original Clause 4.
65-Election of Labour Government-South Western
Postal Branch
Conference agrees to support all members of our union
and Labour Party members to go all out to elect a Labour
Government at the next General Election. The alternative is a
Tory Government that will destroy all what Labour has achieved
over the past 11 years especially the Health Service where David
Cameron has promised to cut employers contributions and return
it to the employer and employ extra staff.
66- E.U Policy- No 7 Regional Council
Conference agrees to adopt this motion and to take it to the
next labour party conference. E.U policy should be in place
that prevents member states offering greater incentives to
companies that are already set-up within the E.U.
67-Trade Union membership-No 5 Regional
That this conference agrees to lobby the Government to
actively encourage trade union membership to promote and
protect fair working conditions for all workers.
68-Paternity Leave/Pay-No 4 Regional Council
That this Conference agrees that fathers get more time off
with their new families and paternity pay is at 100%
69-Paternity Pay-No 5 Regional Council
That this conference puts pressure on the Government to increase
payments for paternity and increase equality.
70-Supermarkets and religious Holidays-No 5
Regional Council
That this conference puts pressure on the Government to stop
supermarkets and department stores opening on Religious
holidays and observe peoples Religious rights to time off at
Christmas and Easter.
71-Regeneration of Seaside towns-No 4 Regional
That this Conference agrees that when a town/city becomes a
Grant area and the need for Government to understand that sea
side towns are not just fish and chips and bars of rock, they also
have manufacturing areas that need help.
72-Energy pricing/Renationalization-No 4 Regional
That this Conference agrees to lobby the Government to
renationalize the energy companies and to stop the exorbitant
price increases that the privatized firms are charging.
73-Pre-payment meters-No 4 Regional Council
That this Conference agrees to lobby the Government about the
energy companies charging the most vulnerable people in our
society more for gas and electric when people have pre-payment
74 Cold Weather Payments-No 4 Regional Council
That this Conference agrees that cold weather payments should
be payed for each day and not as it stands at present waiting 5/6
75-Pensions and Social Security-No 5 Regional
Branch 561 (British Bakeries Bradford) would like this
conference to support the motion that the Union pressure the
Government that when the new pension legislation comes into
effect in 2012 where employees are required to join a pension
scheme unless the employees opts out that the final pension is
guaranteed to be considerably greater than if the employee had
not joined it-but due to social security benefits etc their income is
the same as someone who paid into it. We at 561 Branch do not
want this good legislation to be used as a way to reduce social
security entitlement.
76-Care Homes-No 4 Regional Council
That this Conference agrees more help for families to keep the
elderly out of care homes.
77-Pension Credits-No 5 Regional Council
That this conference agrees that the 4.6billion pounds built
up through lack of information held by the Government in
unclaimed pension credit entitlements is a disgrace. That the
Union concludes to ensure this information on claiming this
benefit is made available as widely as possible.
78-Concessionary Passports-No 4 Regional Council
That this Conference agrees to lobby the Government of the
day to introduce free or concessionary passports for all old age
79-Rail Discounts-No 5 Regional Council.
That this conference agrees that the Executive Council negotiates
with passenger service providers for British Rail discounts for
our members and their families.
80-British National Party-South Western Postal
Conference agrees to support campaigning against the British
National Party to prevent further electoral gains.
81-Pedestrianisation of Schools-No. 4 Regional
That this Conference agrees on the pedestrianisation outside
of schools-to ensure that our children can enter and exit school
82- “Swimming for All”-Branch 452
That this Conference agrees and welcomes the Government
imitative of “swimming for all by 2012”, but why should the
majority of us have to wait until then? This initiative applies
immediately to the under 16’s (isn’t this already on the school
curriculum?) and to the over 60’s. In today’s society, obesity
is on the increase, and we are being told that our lifestyles and
behaviours are costing the NHS thousands of pounds. This
Government needs to act now-for the good of all- not wait till
83-Abuse of Emergency Services-No. 4 Regional
That this Conference agrees that individuals who misuse the
emergency 999 service are penalised and dealt with through the
law. The emergency services have the individuals number and
this should be followed up.
84-Police red tape- No 5 Regional Council
That this conference support a motion to put pressure on the
current Government to cut the amount of red tape that the police
have to deal with when arresting criminals so that it gives them
more time to do what they are supposed to do which is policing
and reducing the ever escalating crime on our streets.
85- Death Penalty-Branch 230
That this conference support the reintroduction of the death
penalty in Britain. Too many needless deaths are committed and
the guilty party are living off the tax payer in these so called
tough prisons. People should be punished to the degree of the
crime and if they are guilty murder then they should be sentenced
to death.
86-War on our streets-Fox’s 568 Branch
Conference agrees that the government is not doing enough to
support the victims of the gangs that are roaming our streets
which is affecting many people and making them prisoners in
their own homes.
87-Anti-social Behaviour-No 4 Regional Council
That this Conference agrees that a stronger enforcement in areas
that anti-social behaviour is being committed and more support
for the victims of this act.
88-Review of Judicial System-Branch 452
That this conference agrees to pressure the Government to
review the whole judicial system and to ensure that sentences’
reflect the seriousness of the crime!! The UK is fast becoming a
“laughing stock”. Some of the sentences currently being dished
out are no deterrent to would be criminals and are a disgrace
to the victim’s families. Some of the fines for trivial motoring/
parking offences are often not much lower than those dished
out to individuals who have carried out far worse offences and
attended court.
89-Training of Social Workers-Branch 452
That this conference agrees to lobby the Government to look
at the training and recruitment of social workers. I bring this
forward in light of “baby P” and the scandalous way this whole
issue was dealt with.
90-Social Services Procedures-Branch 582
That conference agrees that the tragic events that led to the mismanagement and death of baby P must not be allowed to happen
again and that procedures must be implemented to regain the
trust of the public.
91-Human Rights Bill-Branch 452
That this conference agrees to lobby the Government to overhaul
the Human Rights Bill. We are Trade Unionists and do support
Human Rights, but this law is being used to make us a laughing
stock of the world.
92-Euthanasia- No. 4 Regional Council
That this Conference agrees that the government should legalise
euthanasia. If this is monitored and correct procedures are put
in place-it can alleviate an individual’s anxieties- and give
the individual their right to dignity. Also that the insurance
companies pay out on this criteria.
93-Regulation of Politicians Expenses-South
Western Postal Branch
Conference agrees to support and calls for the regulation of the
House of Commons and Members of Parliament expenses. Also
applies to Euro-Parliament and farming subsidies. The present
situation is unacceptable.
94-State Funerals-No 4 Regional Council
That this Conference agrees that the union make our feelings
known to our Government that this evil women Thatcher should
not get a State funeral.
95-Guantanamo detention centre-South Western
Postal Branch
Conference agrees to support that the United States Military
Commission trials at Guantanamo should be abandoned. The
military Commission process is deeply flawed and does not meet
international standards of justice.
96-Israel attack on Palestinian children/use of
phosphorous Bombe-No. 3 Regional Council
That this conference deplores the vicious attacks by the Israeli
army in January 09 on the Palestinian people, including the
indiscriminate attacks that killed over 500 children and the
use of phosphorous bombs which are banned by the Geneva
Convention, the UN and all civilised societies. These deplorable
act should be taken by our Union to the TUC and Labour Party
97-The Plight of Africa’s Hungry People-No.2
Regional Council
That this conference agrees to support calling on all
Governments of the developed world to press on with the plight
of Africa’s hungry people. Meetings alone are not enough, whilst
millions of people are dying every day.
98-Venezuela-South Western Postal Branch
Conference agrees to support the democratically elected
administration of Venezuela.
99- Bolivia-South Western Postal Branch
Conference agrees to support the democratically elected
administration in Bolivia.
100-Missile Defence Shield-South Western Postal
Conference agrees to support increased tensions between
Poland and Russia require Missile Defence review.
7 – 10 JUNE 2009
Head Office (email: [email protected])
Mr. J. Marino, General Secretary
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Mr. G. Johnston – Regional Organiser
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South Wales
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