IELTS Information Sheet Registration Process

IELTS Information Sheet
Registration Process
You can easily and quickly register online
You can also watch a webinar (English version/ Urdu version) how to register online.
However if for any reason you are unable to register online please follow the procedure below:
Download an IELTS Application Form or obtain it from designated branches of Standard Chartered Bank.
This is to notify you that as at 1 January 2014 candidates are no longer required to provide photographs with
their IELTS Application form. All photographs for use on the Test Report Form and candidate records will be
captured on your first interaction with us i.e. either the speaking test or the written test.
Upload your Identification Document:
To complete your registration upload a clear valid copy of your CNIC/Passport using this service. Please upload
the relevant document you are registered with. If you are registering with CNIC, upload both sides of this as a one
document. *Note – This facility is not to be used to upload photographs
Test Fee:
IELTS test fee is PKR 19, 000.
Kindly note that for IELTS test dates from 01 September 2014 the revised IELTS registration fee will be
Rs 20,000. The test fee for any test date from now until 01 September remains Rs 19000
Pay online using your
Pay in a bank
Complete your registration:
If you are registering online and also paying online than there is no need to visit the bank or courier any document
to us.
If you are paying in a Bank , please submit below mentioned documents to your respective British Council Office
within 5 days:
1. IELTS Online Application summary page
2. Copy of valid ID Document if you are registering offline
3. IELTS registration Fee: Standard Chartered Bank Deposit Slips/Demand Draft in favour of British Council
Offline applications will be processed on first come first serve bases, subject to the availability of seats.
* You must follow the procedure laid down in the Notice to IELTS Candidates attached to the application form to
ensure that your application form is processed without delay. Incomplete application forms will not be processed
and candidates will be informed about the reasons for objection.
Notice on IELTS Security Enhancement System
Effective from January 2012 all test locations in Pakistan will use a new enhanced security system of test day
The IELTS security system is very sophisticated having gone through more than 20 years’ development and
improvement. For this reason the fairness, authenticity and authority of the IELTS test is widely recognized in more
than 6000 receiving organisations around the world.
The introduction of test day photography reflects our ongoing commitment to customer care, test integrity, and
efficiency benefiting all who value the test.
You will be pleased to know that British Council has introduced this enhanced security system to further facilitate
IELTS candidates. This system will include test day photography of candidates. That is, we will take each
candidate’s photograph at the test venue. There will be a specialized team at the exam venues for this purpose.
This photograph will appear on the IELTS Test Report Form and will be used to confirm the identity of candidates
when they return to the test venue for their remaining module of the test. IELTS will also require candidates to
provide their finger scan on their first appearance for test, refusal to comply with IELTS identity verification will
prevent candidates from taking the test and they will not be eligible for any transfer or refund.
Candidates’ digital photographs constitute data and this data will be used only for the purpose of the IELTS test
and will be treated as highly confidential in accordance with Pakistan, British Council UK and international data
protection law.
Should you have questions on any of the above, please contact us through our toll free number 0800 22000 or
write us at [email protected]
Registration Acknowledgement
You will be acknowledged through email within 10 working days after the receipt of application form at British
Test Venue Details
Candidates will get their test venue details 4-7 days before the test. If you do not receive this information with in
the stated time, you must contact your respective Centre at least 3 days before the test.
Please note that the Speaking interviews may be conducted up to seven days before or after the writing test.
Test day information
i) Timings
Candidate reporting time: 1215 hrs.
Test start time: 1300 hrs.
Approximate test ending time 1600 hrs.
ii) Late Arrivals
Candidate who arrives late (after 1300 hrs.) will not be allowed to sit for the exam and also not eligible for refund
or test date transfer.
iii) Proof of Identification
You must bring your original and valid Computerised National Identity Card OR Passport (the one you registered
with) along with the venue letter.
Except CNIC and Passport no other type of ID document is acceptable. Any candidate without an original and valid
ID document will not be allowed to take the test and will be marked absent on the test date and will lose their full
test fee.
Important Note * You should bring the same ID document to the test the one you have quoted on your
application form. If you fail to do this you will not be allowed to take the test. In case you lose your ID
document after applying for the test and at least one day prior to the test day, please immediately inform
British Council for further guidance. No result will be issued to candidates who are involved in
impersonation and/or misconduct. IELTS Regional Team and Receiving Organisations named on the
application form will also be notified of this action.
Special Arrangements
If you require a modified version of the test please contact us with at least three months' before your test date.
This notice period is necessary for the modified test version to be prepared.
If your circumstances require special administrative arrangements to be made, e.g. extra time, you must contact
us with at least six weeks' notice. You will need to provide a medical certificate issued within the last two years at
the time of registration to the office.
Transfer of Test Centre
Please inform the Centre at which they initially registered at least 30 working days prior to the test date if they
may wish for their test Centre to be transferred, for which PKR 500/- will be charged as administrative fee.
Requests will be processed on the availability of seats at the new Centre within Pakistan only. A confirmation of
successful transfer of Centre request will be communicated to you via Email.
Transfer of Test Date
A request using the Test Date Transfer Form for transferring of test date (i.e. postponement to another date must
reach the centre in original and at least five weeks prior to the test date. An administrative fee of
PKR 4,750 is payable by the applicant which must be paid along with the application for transferring of test date.
The allotment of the next date of test will be at the sole discretion of the centre and subject to availability. No
request will be entertained after the cut-off period i.e. less than 5 weeks prior to the test date.
If you wish to transfer your Test Date to a date more than three months after your original Test Date, you should
apply for a refund and then re-register for the test nearer to the relevant time
Cancellation of Test Date
All applications for cancellation and refund must be sent to the centre using the Test Date cancellation Form with
the original yellow receipt of payment of test fee. If the application for cancellation is received five weeks prior to
the test date, then an administrative fee of 25% will be deducted from the examination fee and the balance amount
will be refunded to the applicant within three weeks from the date of receipt of the application. No request will be
entertained after the cut-off period i.e. less than five weeks prior to the test date
Late Requests for transfer of test date or cancellation under Unavoidable Circumstances
Late requests for transfer of test date or cancellation can be accepted by the centre up to five days from the test
date only in the case of one of the following extreme unavoidable circumstances:
• Serious illness – linked to hospital admission or other illness making the candidate not able to sit for the test. For
example typhoid, jaundice, eye flu, infectious disease, surgery etc. Please note that ordinary illnesses such as viral
fever, cough, cold, stomach upset etc will not be considered.
• Serious injury – linked to hospital admission or injury such as fracture of the hand used for writing etc.
• Loss or bereavement – death of an immediate family member, i.e. spouse, parent, sibling or child.
• Victim of an accident
• Military Service
If applying you must also send original following respective documentary evidence in support:• Medical certificate signed by a registered medical practitioner
• Hospital admission certificate
• Police Report / FIR
• Death certificate signed by a registered medical practitioner
• Signed and dated letter from organisation on their letterhead
If you are applying under these terms you must provide all supportive evidence.
The acceptance of the form is subject to approval of the test centre.
Refund of Overpaid test fee
Refund requests of overpaid IELTS test fee will only be entertained if the overpaid amount is Rs 1000 or more,
If the amount deposited is less than Rs 1000, no refund will be possible due to the administrative costs involved
Post Test information
i) Test Results
Test results are dispatched on the 13th day after the written examinations and also available online.
As British Council always steps ahead to provide excellent customer services, so in line with our standards we
have made arrangements to make our IELTS Test Report Forms (TRF’s) delivery smoother, by delivering the TRF
personally to the candidate on the address entered on their IELTS application form.
No enquiries regarding the declaration of the result are entertained over the phone or by email.
Candidates are entitled to receive only one original IELTS TRF, duplicate TRFs can not be issued later to
ii) Delay in test results
A delay in receiving your results may occur due to Quality control procedures. Please note that the declaration on
the IELTS application form includes the following: 'I understand that my results may not be issued within 13 days of
the test day if any of the Test Partners deem it necessary to review any matter associated with my test.'
iii) Additional TRF Request
Free TRF Requests for any institution within one month of the test date:
Five original TRFs can be dispatched by the British Council free of charge through registered mail to the
institutions mentioned by the candidate in their application form or if a request is made with in one month of
the test date.
Additional TRF Requests for any institution after one month of the test date:
Candidate requests for an additional TRFs to any institution after one month of the test date (within two
years of the test administration), will be charged an Extra TRF fee of Rs. 500 per TRF. These TRFs will be
dispatched by the British Council free of charge through registered mail.
Tracking number cannot be provided against registered mail. However, if you would like us to send your TRFs
through a track able courier service DHL/FedEx, you must make an additional payment of Rs.1000 per TRF.
iv) Enquiry on Results (Re-mark facility)
An Enquiry on Results - re-mark facility is available for a fee of PKR 10’980/- payable to the respective British
Council office. Candidates wishing to request a re-mark of the results must complete the IELTS Enquiry on
Results Form. You must attach your original Test Report Form and Standard Chartered Bank deposit slip / bank
draft with this form.
A request of Enquiry on Results must reach British Council within 4 weeks after the announcement of result. The
remark of your work is done by senior examiners in the British Council UK office and It normally takes 6-8 weeks
after the receipt of a request in UK. Enquiry fees will only be refunded if the result is changed.
Validity of IELTS TRF is two years only.
Official IIELTS Practice Material
Test yourself to see if you are ready for IELTS. These materials include sample tests for all modules: Listening,
Reading, Writing and Speaking, and answers with examiners’ comments. It also includes a CD for the Listening
test. You can get this book from British Council after making a payment of PKR 975/- in a bank or through a bank
draft in favour of British Council Pakistan. Your request will be processed within three working days after the receipt
at British Council.
British Council bank account details
Candidates must fill out a British Council deposit slip, available at Standard Chartered Bank branches . Please
write the purpose of depositing fee on the deposit slip. For example:
If you are depositing IELTS test fee, tick IELTS test fee and write month.
If you are depositing CIE registration fee, tick session May/June or Oct/Nov.
If you are depositing Edexcel registration fee, tick session Jan/Feb or May/June.
If you are depositing fee for IELTS Official Practical Material or Attestation or Certifying Statement, tick
the relevant box.
We appreciate your comments and suggestions regarding our services. Please send your feedback at
[email protected]
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