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Best Chiropractor & Physical Therapist Middlesex County
10 Parsonage Rd., Suite 208CZ
Edison, NJ 08837
(732) 253-4065
Mon-Fri 8am-8pm
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Our highly skilled specialists, headed by Dr. Eric Freeman, a Board Certified, Fellowship Trained
physician, have dedicated their lives to the treatment of patients with various spine and pain disorders.
Using the most advanced minimally invasive treatments, our goal is to handle your pain management
safely and effectively.
Dr. Eric D. Freeman is the medical director and founder of Redefine Healthcare; previously known as
Freeman Spine & Pain Institute. He is board certified and fellowship trained in Interventional Spine and
Pain Management, as well as Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Dr. Freeman specializes in minimallyinvasive spinal procedures as well as non-surgical orthopedic care. His expertise is in treating patients
with all types of pain conditions with a focus on spine disorders, degenerative and herniated discs as well
as arthritic joints and sport medicine injuries.
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