The Healthy member Diet - Foods for a Better Intimate Life

The Healthy member Diet: Foods for a
Better Intimate Life
It happens every hour of every day. Men turn down sensual advances
because they’re feeling bloated, tired, and just not in the mood due to a food
decision. Whether it was an avalanche of cookie dough ice cream or 45
buffalo wings during the big game, the wrong foods can completely smash
drive. However, there are plenty of foods that do the opposite. In some way
or another, they make a man feel and perform like Don Juan. For men who
want a healthy member and a healthy intimate life, look no further than
adding these superfoods from the healthy member diet.
The Manhood Diet: Drive Boosters
Let’s start where it all begins – the drive! There are several foods that keep
drive running on high. Here’s a few favorites, some may surprise you:
 Broccoli – These tree-like crucifers contain high levels of vitamin C
which increases drive.
 Avocados – The trendiest fruit-vegetable-whatever comes with a
healthy serving of folic acid and vitamin B6 which give men energy.
B6 also regulates prolactin which is like kerosene on the sensual fire.
 Brussel Sprouts – The much-maligned veggie is an unassuming drive
stoker. They contain a compound called indole-3-carbinol which
reduces estrogen and boosts androgen. The best thing? They have
immediate affect after being eaten.
 Raspberries – Black or red, it doesn’t matter, both contain
phytochemicals which get a man in the mood.
 Oysters – Known the world ‘round as a popular aphrodisiac, it boosts
drive due to their high zinc content. Not everyone is down with the
smell/taste/look of them raw so they can be cooked or swapped for
cashews which also contain high levels of zinc.
The Manhood Diet: Hardness Enhancers
Looking for a stronger soldier? Add some of these foods to the daily mix to
get him upright and hard.
 Bananas – It’s the most phallic of the fruits, but that’s not all. First,
they provide bromelain, an enzyme that thins the blood and increases
androgen. Then they give a one-two punch with potassium, which
helps blood circulate and “summons” the soldier.
 Garlic and Onions – While they can kill the mood if a breath mint
doesn’t follow, these two are full of allicin. It thins the blood, relaxes
the arteries, and improves circulation of blood to the member.
 Beets – High in nitrates, beets are excellent vasodilators, which open
up the blood vessels and stimulates blood flow.
 Peanuts – A favorite snack at baseball games and steakhouses waiting
areas are hardness energizers. They contain the amino acid I-arginine,
which helps relax and expand blood vessels, increasing blood flow.
This next part is pretty cool; once l-arginine is consumed, the body
converts it into nitric oxide, a major compound in Male performance
enhancers. The plain peanut will save on those $5 per tablet helpers.
The Manhood Diet: Performance Prowess
Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. These are foods not to be missed for a
more pleasurable intimate session.
 Celery – It’s the veggie everyone knows has sensual prowess. The
strong smell that emits from celery actually derives from two steroids
called androsterone and androstanol. When eaten, the aroma attracts
partners and puts them in the mood. Like peanuts above, it also
contains l-arginine and offers all its benefits.
 Figs – These wrinkly little guys increase pheromone secretion,
attracting partners from all around!
 Chilies – Of course they bring the heat! Capsaicin, the chemical in
chilies, raise heart rate and excite the nerves. They also release
endorphins and dopamine which heighten intimacy.
 Chicken – This highly-eaten protein source has vitamin B-3 which
increases blood flow to the skin and mucous membranes, making
intense points more intense. More chicken enchiladas, please!
 Greek Yogurt – This breakfast go-to is high in potassium, which
regulates sodium in the body preventing bloating and boosting
circulation. This leads to hardness longevity and increased sensual
The Manhood Diet: Apply Vitamins on the Outside too!
In addition to eating the right foods, men can increase their sensual prowess
by adding some vitamin and nutrients to the male organ directly. Men who
want to take that extra step to keep their members ready for action anytime
choose to use a specially formulated genital health creme (health
professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically
proven safe and mild for skin). With vitamins A, B, C, D, and E, a
member gets everything it needs to stay happy, hard, and healthy for years to
come. Add in extras like L-Carnitine and L-Arginine in a Shea butter base, a
man is sure to have a healthy member and intimate life!