Small Male Organ Humiliation - A Few Facts

Small Male Organ Humiliation: A Few
How many men worry that they have a small male organ? It’s hard to say for
sure, but one indication: a survey of men and women found that 85% of
women were perfectly satisfied with the size of their partner’s manhood –
but only 55% of those same men were satisfied with their own male organ
size. A small male organ has nothing to do with male organ health, of
course, and within reason has little to do with sensual satisfaction of a
partner, either. And sometimes a man enjoys a situation known as small
male organ humiliation – and it’s perhaps time to get some of the facts about
small male organ humiliation out into the open.
Figures difficult
First, it has to be admitted that hard-and-fast statistics about small male
organ humiliation are difficult to come by. Not surprisingly, it’s an area that
has not attracted intense scientific study, especially in terms of hard
numbers. That said, there are some basic facts that can be stated about small
male organ humiliation. These include:
 Small male organ humiliation is just what it says. More or less. It is
a process by which a person who believes he is in possession of a
small male organ undergoes humiliation directly related to the size of
his manhood. Sometimes the humiliation comes from one person,
sometimes from multiple; in some cases, the humiliator may be a
woman, in others another man. It may occur in person, over the
phone, online, via email, etc. Although much humiliation is strictly
verbal, there can be a physical component to it, such as “spanking” the
manhood or locking the member up in a male organ confinement
 Small male organ humiliation is frequently stimulating. Many men
who undergo small male organ humiliation get a sensual thrill from it.
For them, it is a fascination. However, some men do not receive
satisfaction from it, and for them small male organ humiliation is
degrading and distressing. Those who find it stimulating may
gratify during the humiliation or may use it as foreplay leading to
partner-based play.
 Not every man who enjoys small male organ humiliation actually
has a small male organ. This is perhaps the most surprising fact
about small male organ humiliation. And for purposes of clarification,
small male organ should be defined. The average size of the soft
manhood is about 3½ inches; the average tumescent member is about
5.2 inches long. A small male organ might be defined as one that is
less than two inches soft and less than four inches when hard. But
there are plenty of men who sport a manhood of a perfectly
respectable size – sometimes even one that is of exceptional size –
who participate in small male organ humiliation. Sometimes the man
truly believes his member is small; other times, he knows it is of an
acceptable or larger size but enjoys being berated as if it were small.
 Small male organ humiliation may be combined with other
fascinations. For example, men who like to be cuckolded may also
enjoy having their male organ size degraded. Or a man with a mother
fixation may enjoy role playing that his mother catches him selfpleasuring and berates his male organ size. Many obese men who
enjoy fat shaming also have a small male organ humiliation obsession.
 It’s hard to tell who will enjoy small male organ humiliation.
Although one might think that wimpy guys were natural candidates,
often it is large, muscular men who enjoy the humiliation the most.
There are many more facts about small male organ humiliation, but
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