Don’t Ignore These Eight Male Organ Problems

Don’t Ignore These Eight Male Organ Problems
Most men are very well acquainted with their own member. However, just
like other relationships in a man’s life, there are always some unknowns.
Most especially, when it comes to members at least, little things can pop up
that can be surprising and even a bit worrisome. Some of these issues can be
health related, and most can be seen physically. Let’s talk about eight male
organ problems that a man shouldn’t ignore to maintain optimal male organ
health, all which require a trip to the doctor.
Male Organ Problem #1: Lean into the Curve
A tumescent member with a subtle bend is completely normal. However,
when that bend is 20 percent or greater, it could be Peyronie’s disease.
Peyronie’s is an accumulation of hardened scar tissue and when left
untreated, it could lead to pain during intimacy, a more dramatic member
curvature, and a heightened risk for a broken member. Treatment options
vary, depending on how severe a man’s case is.
Male Organ Problem #2: Patch Problems
There’s a new accessory on the head of the member, but it’s definitely not a
desirable one. It’s reddish and oddly velvety. If it’s painful, it could just be a
bit of chafed skin; however, if it’s not painful and a man hasn’t had relations
lately, it could be a sign of cancer of the male organ. Get to a doctor ASAP.
When caught early, it can be taken care of easily. Ignore it for too long and
part or all of the unit may require removal. Is that enough of a motivator for
a man? You bet!
Male Organ Problem #3: Is It Shark Week?
There’s blood in the water, and it has nothing to do with Jaws or that male
time of the month. It could be an indicator of several things, such as kidney
stones, an enlarged prostate, or bladder cancer. Get that checked out
Male Organ Problem #4: Bumpy Moments
Feeling hard, painless bumps on the testes? It could be testicular cancer,
which is most common for men between the ages of 20 and 35. When caught
early, a whopping 99 percent of instances are curable. Be sure to check the
entire area of the male sensual organs monthly to make sure the member has
the all clear.
Male Organ Problem #5: Invasion of the Discharge Monster
Noticing some discharge and a fiery peeing experience? It could be
urethritis. This happens when the tube between the bladder and the end of
the member gets inflamed. The most common cause of urethritis is
gonorrhea and non-gonococcal urethritis. It is seen most often in younger
men, particularly men who are intimate with other men. Get tested
immediately and do not have relations until a doctor gives the okay.
Male Organ Problem #6: Houston, We Have a Problem
The trouser rocket is not ready for takeoff. This is probably one of the most
known male organ problems, probably thanks to a little blue pill. Male organ
dysfunction happens when a man is unable to get or sustain a hard-on long
enough to have relations over 25 percent of the time. Lots of things can
contribute to male organ dysfunction, including circulation problems,
diabetes, and low levels of androgen. Other lifestyle-related issues can also
contribute to it.
Male Organ Problem 7: Lumpy Little Guy
Is the road a little lumpy down the old member highway? It may be warts.
Caused by HPV, they can be removed by freezing, surgery, or laser
treatments. The underlying HPV, however, is still incurable.
Male Organ Problem #8: A Bit of Spotted Dick
No, it’s not the very interesting British delicacy, it’s a spotty member. It
could be an allergic reaction. If a man is feeling pain, it could be a partnertransmitted infection like herpes or syphilis. It may also be a reaction to
prescription medication if a man has recently added something new. If the
pain lasts more than two weeks, see a doctor.
How can a man avoid male organ problems? One of the first ways is to
avoid risky relations and make sure to practice safe relations with latex
protection or other barrier methods. A man should also perform a monthly
self-exam to get ahead of any new bumps, lumps, or oddities that may arise
on his member. A man should also have a daily cleansing and member care
ritual. This includes thoroughly cleansing and rinsing the member, as well as
giving it time to air dry and “stretch.” For those men looking to really
improve male organ health, a specially formulated male organ health creme
(health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been
clinically proven safe and mild for skin) should be used to lock in
moisture and keep skin healthy. It should also include vitamins A, B, C, and
D, to protect and rejuvenate the member.