How To Setup Adobe Photoshop CC On PC-converted

How To Setup Adobe
Photoshop CC On PC?
Setup Adobe Photoshop CC On PC?
So you are looking for help regarding
Photoshop Installation? Don’t worry because
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you bought a Single-App plan or a complete
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Now use the steps given below to download
and setup Adobe on your device.
Follow Steps To Setup Adobe CC
➢ Visit
op.html and click on Download next to Photoshop.
➢ Enter your Adobe ID and password into the given
fields and then select Sign In.
➢ The Download will now start and can take some time
depending on your internet speed.
➢ Once the download gets finished, navigate the
Photoshop icon in the Apps panel and then select
Follow Steps To Setup Adobe CC
➢ Alternatively, you can also install the Photoshop app in
a similar way as any other app. You can find the app
file in the Program Files folder on your computer.
➢ Now you can also download other versions of
Photoshop app such as Photoshop CS6 using the
desktop app you just installed.
➢ To download and install Photoshop CS6 on your PC,
select the Creative Cloud icon from the taskbar.
➢ Now click on the Apps tap above on the screen and
navigate Photoshop from the list.
Follow Steps To Setup Adobe CC
➢ Select Update/Install and then click on Other Versions.
➢ Find Photoshop CS6 from the list and select Install next to
➢ The application will get downloaded and installed on your
PC but can take some time depending on your internet.
➢ Note that the installation of other versions of the same
Adobe product would not delete the other version and you
can have two different versions of it installed on your
device simultaneously. Only the Adobe Acrobat XI and
Acrobat DC cannot be installed on the same device and
would delete the previous version from it.
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