Window And Door Manufacturers NYC

Window And Door Manufacturers NYC
149 Centre Street, Suite 888
New York, NY 10013
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NYC Glass Works specializes in designing, manufacturing, an installing custom glass for commercial and residential
premises. We can handle any type of a custom architectural glass project, custom storefronts, doors and walls. We
also make custom mirrors, shower enclosures, shelves and tabletops. We assure you full satisfaction and top
service for all your custom glass needs.
Custom glass manufacturers offer support and guidance through the entire process of deciding what glass fixtures
are the perfect ones for a particular building. If the client is looking for a glass door, the design team will be able to
give advice regarding types of of glass that fit within the customer's budget, while also possessing appropriate
amounts of strength and aesthetic appeal.
Styles for tabletops and shelves can also be discussed between the design team and the client, as well as different
glass options for these fixtures. If a customer wants a custom glass mirror, the size and shape of the mirror will be
specified.Once the design team knows exactly what the customer wants, the project specifications are sent to the
custom glass manufacturers. The glass will be cut to the appropriate dimensions that the project demands.
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