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Dangers of an Old tyre: How
to Know if You’re Buying an
Expired tyre
One of the most unfortunately bad habits that we often commit when buying a
pair of new tyres is not checking the expiration date. We’ve had a fair share of
popping tyres or tyres that simply fizz out right in the middle of the road as we
drive. To avoid such accidents from happening, let us give you some tips on how
we do it here. Here are some professional Jims mobile tyres repair tips that you
should always consider when buying a new set of tyres.
Find the Manufacturing Date:
The expiration date is very easy to spot. Though there are tons of labels around
the tyre, you can find that the manufacturing date around the inner circle of the
tyre. A manufacturing date is often a four-digit number. The first two numbers
specify the week of the year it was manufactured, and the last two digits refer to
the year. Tyres don’t often come with an expiration date but knowing the
manufacturing date will already give you an idea of when your tyre is bound to
Never Used but Expired Tyres:
Though you have a piece, a pair or even a set of brand new tyres that have
expired, an expired tyre is high-risk. Do not underestimate the expiration date of
a tyre because it becomes very volatile and you don’t know up to what extent it
will fizz out. Some tyres will eventually get flat in just a couple of uses, but some
tyres will result to pressure build-up within and explode. You need to remember
that more expired tyres explode while you are driving.
Expiration due to Deterioration:
Tyres are made of rubber and rubber degrades in time. Whether or not you use
rubber, eventually it will dry out and deteriorate. If you try keeping a rubber
band hidden for just a year or even just a couple of months in your closet, you
will find it stiff and fragile. Once you hold the stiffened rubberband, it eventually
crumbles in your hand. This is the same with rubber tyres, over time, even if it
has never been used, it deteriorates.
Take Note of Your Repair Dates:
An expired tyre doesn’t just refer to the degradation if a tyre in time. It also
applies to the point where your tyres have completely maxed out. Tyres are
among one of the most overworked parts of a vehicle. At some point, your
rubber tyre will burn out even before it meets its expiration date. Exterior
inspection of your tyre won’t be much of help. You need professionals to help
you determine whether or not your tyres are still fit to hit the road. The exterior
of your tyres may look fine, but most of the wear and tear will surface in the
inner lining giving you a hint of the actual condition of your tyre.
Vehicular accidents are the most common forms of accidents around the world.
And taking precaution is among the best things you can do to avoid being in
one. To get a trained eye in inspecting the condition of your tyres, Jims
mobile tyres repairs are just a call away.