Fast Results Personal Trainer Brooklyn

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Fast Results Personal Trainer Brooklyn
2615 East 16th Street, suite 1A
Brooklyn, NY 11235
(347) 897-9267
Category: Sport Club, Fitness class, Personal trainer, Women's Personal Trainer, Physical fitness
9 a. m to 9 p. m
All cc, cash
Electro-fitness is a revolutionary and increasingly popular method of training that combines active
gymnastics with muscle electro-stimulation impulses, getting an intense workout similar to any other type
of anaerobic training, but considerably saving time and energy.
The electro-fitness scheme is a combination of the benefits of conventional training along with muscle
electro-stimulation (EMS), which allows conducting a high intensity training session in just 20 minutes. It
stimulates more than 300 body muscles, achieving immediate and lasting results from the first session,
saving time and energy.
Electro-fitness activates all types of connective tissue fibres and is beneficial in sport, aesthetic and health
areas. It works through muscular contractions produced by controlled and directed electrical impulses,
and the effect is similar to that of other types of physical exercise, but with a great advantage of
requiring less time.
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