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We realize one of the initial concerns our customers might have, is the thought of harsh chemicals being used in and around their home, family,
pets and business. Will the process or eliminating the bed bugs make us sick? Thankfully, Bed Bug Treatment and Removal will never use any of
the harsh chemicals our competitors use with their pest removal services. All our pest control products are environmentally friendly and safe to
use in and around your home, place of business, family and pets. Once the pests and bed bugs have been safely removed from your home, you
can go to bed at night with peace of mind!
The second concern people have is, how much will the removal of bed bugs or pest control affect my monthly budget? We are one of the most
affordable companies servicing in and around New York City. Don’t let money be the reason you delay calling us to help you with your bed bug
infestation! Quick response is the most important thing when it comes to exterminating a bed bug infestation. We want to help you eliminate
the bed bugs quickly and in a way that won’t break up your budget!
Another question people usually have is, how do they detect the bed bugs that we can’t see? We set ourselves above the rest with our
approach to not only the accurate detection of the bed bugs that are visible in your home or business, but we also treat all the areas where the
bed bugs like to hide! Other company’s only treat the specific areas bed bugs are commonly found. Without treating the entire home or
business, there is a greater risk of a bed bug reinfestation.
If you have just discovered beg bugs or have been dealing with them for a while, we are here to help! Call us at Bed Bug Treatment and removal
today for an appointment.
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