Starting a Yoga Practice

Starting A Yoga Practice
Yoga is the union of the mind, body and spirit expressed in motion,
sound, meditation and community. This ancient practice of asanas
(poses), meditation and gentle ritual will enrich your life and
deepen your knowledge of your Self, while opening your spirit
toward the world around you.
Once you decide to develop your home practice you will need the
following :
The Main Staps
1. Yoga Mat
2. Yoga Blocks
3. Yoga Strap
4. Yoga Bolster
5. Meditation Cushion
1. Yoga Mat
Sticky yoga mats are best, you
can also use a pilates mat if
you prefer a thicker surface to
stand on; some prefer to do
yoga on a cotton blanket, it is
entirely up to you. The
important thing is that your feet
do not slip all over your yoga
2. Yoga Blocks
These foam blocks are used to
bringing the floor closer to your
hands to enable you to maintain
proper alignment, which is much
more important than how far you
stretch. You may also sit on the
edge of a block to properly align
your pelvis during seated poses.
3. Yoga Strap
This is a thick cotton strap, similar to a Judo
belt and is used to assist the yogi in
challenging postures; most often used for
hip opening poses and seated forward
bends. Straps are also used for bound
poses. The strap is held in the hands and
usually wrapped around the foot, essentially
acting as an arm extension. You can
purchase straps at many yoga studios,
online; or you can use a belt or a scarf.
4. Yoga Bolster
Bolsters are cylindrical cushions about two
feet long, usually filled with cotton.
Bolsters are used for forward bending
poses, for many restorative yoga poses,
and as modification for certain relaxation
poses. You can purchase yoga bolsters
online, many yoga studios will have
bolsters available, and may be able to
order them for you if there are no yoga
supply retailers in your area.
5. Meditation Cushion
A zafu or meditation cushion
is not necessary but it is a
nice item to have, sitting on
the edge of the zafu is ideal
for proper pelvic alignment
and ease of posture when
meditating. If you do not
have a zafu, a firm cushion
or pillow will work as well.
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