Rug Repair & Restoration Flatiron District

Rug Repair & Restoration Flatiron District
Address: 50 Lexington Ave,New York, NY 10010
Phone: 646-693-0747
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All restoration services begin after a complete cleaning is done to the rug. Without being cleaned, it is
impossible to see true discoloration in a rug. As well, hidden damage might be revealed after debris and
dirt are removed.
Since certain factors like sunlight, urine or other liquids can affect rug dyes in a permanent fashion, colors
will need to be restored. We offer a highly-specialized color restoration service in NYC with the
knowledge and unique tools to restore the appearance and value of your Pakistani rug.
We mix vegetable dyes to find the perfect match for your rug’s colors. When we find it our highly-skilled
rug dyers go to work. Their color restoration service uses the best vegetable dyes available to bring back
your rug’s color and beauty.
A treasured rug with sunspots, pet marks and discoloration from food stains does not need to be retired
to the garage. Our restoration services can bring it back to life, and let you show it again as a gorgeous,
valuable part of your home’s furnishings.
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Hours: 24 hours
Payment Accepted: cash, check, all cc
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