Supplemental Feeding-Infant Nutrition Products for Babies

Supplemental Feeding: Infant Nutrition
Products for Babies
Time and time again, we are reminded of the full benefits of breastfeeding. As
mothers, inasmuch as we want to breastfeed our children, some of us are just not
capable of exclusively nursing our babies for the first six months of their lives. With
a growing number of mothers with low milk supply, most would introduce
supplemental feeding by getting infant nutrition products for babies. Though it is
true that the most common reason why most mothers would wean or introduce
baby milk to their babies earlier than expected is due to lack of milk supply.
What Causes Low Milk Supply in Mothers?
Biological Make-up. Some moms just don’t have enough milk ducts to
produce milk for their babies. However, difficulty in breastfeeding occurs only
in the first pregnancy because every pregnancy increases the production of
Hormonal Imbalances. Low milk supply may also be attributed to
hypertension, diabetes, thyroid imbalances, and common hormonal
Surgery and Medication. Breast surgeries and certain medication can
affect milk production significantly.
Benefits of Supplemental Feeding
Supplemental feeding is introducing baby milk to infants and alternating it with
breastfeeding. Though we know that there are tons of benefits for both moms and
babies in breastfeeding, supplemental feeding also has its perks.
1. Milk Contains Vital Nutrients:
Depending on age groups, milk contains nutrients that are essentially needed by
your infant in certain age groups. Baby milk is complete with vitamins and minerals
all essential to the continuous growth and health of your baby. This way, you don’t
have to worry about giving your infant vitamin supplements.
2. Multiple Milk Types to Choose from:
You can easily find a milk version where your child is not allergic to. Baby milk
comes in soy-free, dairy, and non-dairy versions.
3. Babies Tend to Get Full Longer:
Babies milk is much heavier and requires more time to be digested compared to
breast milk. Organic Baby milk and breast milk contain casein and whey where milk
contains more casein. Casein takes more time to digest allowing you more time in
between feedings.
4. Convenience for Working Moms:
Baby milk gives plenty of time for moms especially to those who are working. Other
people like your spouse, friends, and other relatives can feed your baby. This also
allows your child to have a bonding experience with other people making them
more social.
Infant nutrition products for babies are not at all something that moms should
be judged about. Though it is a decision to introduce milk to your infant,
supplemental feeding is one way of providing your little one everything they need
to grow.