Rug & Carpet Cleaning Fort Greene

Rug & Carpet Cleaning Fort Greene
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Brooklyn, NY 11205
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With Antique rugs, you must be very difficult to ensure you don’t tear or damage the materials; Choosing the
proper repairs for your rug is important. If a repair is not skillfully executed or inconsistent with the quality of the
rug, it can take away from the rug’s beauty and value. We are capable of all sorts of rug repairs from minor touchups to more intricate restorative repairs. We also offer antique rug cleaning services.
Your rug is an investment, or it may be a family heirloom, but either way, you want it to be clean and beautiful. If
you have noticed that your rug is dirty, faded, or it smells, it is time to reach out to Elite Rug Care of Brooklyn. We
offer you the fastest and most professional rug cleaning services locally and we have been named number one
because we can get your delicate rug spotless and odorless.
When you call us to have your rug cleaned, we will send a specialist out to your home to provide you with a
complimentary consultation and free estimate. During the consultation, our specialists will identify any areas of
concern and offer suggestions for them.
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