Income Tax And IRS Audit

Income Tax And IRS Audit
2484 West 1st Street
Brooklyn, NY 11223
About Us
Tax Management Inc. is full-service accounting firm that specializes in all of your tax and
accounting needs. We also provide consulting to both individuals and businesses throughout
the five boroughs in NYC.
Irene Kostetsky, EA, CES, is licensed to practice before the IRS and is a Certified Estate and Trust
Specialist. She is your solution to any and all tax and accounting issues that you may run into.
She has over 26 years of experience in accounting, tax preparation, and business management.
Irene allows her skills and expertise to shine as she helps you navigate through the difficult
world of finance and taxes.
In addition to her many years of experience, Irene is licensed to practice before the IRS and is a
member of the National Association of Tax Professionals or the NATP, the National Association
of Enrolled Agents or the NAEA, and she is a Notary Public.
Irene has extensive experience in some of the most difficult tax cases to include tax audits for
both individuals and corporations. There is no tax issue that is too difficult for her to handle and
you can count on her to represent you professionally and tirelessly.
Whether you live in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, or the Bronx, or in any other US state,
Irene is able and ready to work with you to ensure your taxes and accounting needs are
handled swiftly and efficiently.
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Hours: Tue – Fri 11 a.m – 7 p.m
Payment Methods: Cash, checks, all cc.
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