Coolsculpting what are the risks and side effects

Coolsculpting what are the risks and side
Coolsculpting, is one of the most innovative and innovative techniques to achieve body
remodeling without going through the operating room, it is enough that the
Coolsculpting Doctors uses a device to freeze the fat cells under the skin and, once
destroyed, the liver It decomposes and is gradually eliminated from the body.
Thus, although research is still limited, it is considered a safer (and non-invasive) fat
reduction treatment than traditional procedures, such as liposuction.
However, the side effects of the procedure must be taken into account, although they tend
to be minor and occur only around the treatment area. For example, it is normal to
experience numbness or loss of sensation in the treatment area about one month.
Contraindications of Cooltech
The majority of these contraindications of Cooltech are common to most body treatments
and in this case they add those related to the use of cold and the suction to which the
tissue to be treated is subjected.
We went on to break down what these contraindications are:
-Diseases related to cold (hives or hyper sensitivity due to cold, Reynaud’s disease,
 Coagulopathy or use of anticoagulants: Since the suction technique required by
this procedure could cause bruising in this type of patients
 Hematomas present in the treatment area
 State of pregnancy or lactation
 Febrile states and acute infectious processes that are in progress when you
want to perform the treatment: In this case we have to wait for the infectious
process to finish in order to carry out the session
 Presence of hernias if the treatment is performed on the abdomen
 Characteristics in the treatment area
The most common side effects are redness, pinching, tingling, swelling, tenderness,
bruising, stinging, numbness, skin sensitivity, mild pain or muscle cramps.
The risk of side effects and complications often depends on the Coolsculpting
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In addition, other common side effects , which may last a few weeks, are itching,
especially a few days after the procedure; diarrhea, since dead fat cells are removed
from the body; or feeling of fullness in the throat after treatments that involve the
neck or the region of the chin.
On the other hand, there is a series of less common complications, but they can occur
after undergoing a Cools sculpting treatment, such as pain after treatment; changes in
skin color; or reduced production of saliva and dry mouth.
Also, it can also cause frostbite or burns, dizziness; Stunning, sweating, nausea or
hyper pigmentation of the skin.
For this reason, it is essential that patients make sure to choose Best Doctor for
Secondary effects of the Cooltech
 The side effects caused by Cooltech are generally very bearable and do not
usually cause any problems to lead a completely normal life immediately after
the procedure.
 We went on to describe the side effects that have been described related to the
 Redness of the treated area that can last from minutes to several hours (very
 Occasional localized hematomas associated with the suction process: They do
not require any special treatment.
 -Alterations in skin sensitivity (numbness) in the treated area, which can last
up to 8 week